2009-05-30 (PreU) Honey, did you leave the toilet running again?

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Honey, did you leave the toilet running again?


Who: Caliga, Skeeve
When: May 30th, 2009
Where: Skeeve's Apartment


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Skeeve is, for the moment, sitting at the desk leafing through a spellbook. Other than that, the apartment is quiet... almost too quiet.

The silence in Skeeve's apartment would leave many to think no one was home, that is until the toilet in his bathroom suddenly flushes itself. It flushes itself a few more times until a steady pool of water slowly starts to creep out from beneath the door, being absorbed rapidly in the carpet surrounding it. The sink on the counter suddenly starts gurgle loudly as water flows up from within the pipes, easily overflowing onto the tiled floor. A teenaged boy in a red jacket seems to come into view on the right arm of the couch. "Yo Skeeve. Long time no see."

Skeeve raises an eyebrow at that, shutting the spell book and sliding back in his chair. "Well, that's a new one." Serious expression on his face, he stands up, sliding the chair back under the desk. "You have me at a disadvantage. Have we met?"

"Sorry about the water. Tends to creep up on ya when you really aren't payin' attention, ya know?" The boy grins as he slides off the edge of the couch, his arms moving to rest behind his head. "Aww.. And here I thought you'd be in on the secret too Skeevie. Maybe this'll give you an idea." A sly grin appears on the boys face as a silohute of Mei and her daughter appear behind him. "What? Don't you notice the resemblence between me and the rugrat? Or has Mei been working on keepin' that a secret?"

Skeeve ahhs lightly, vaguely amused look on his face. "You'll have to forgive me. The last time we spoke, you were a lot older. So what can I do for you?" He folds his arms casually.

"Well. The bodyguard Mei has hired is on guard, so I figured I'd let the other so called 'guardians' know as well. In two days time, a man who is as handsome as a god, in black armor will come to take her life, and take the child. To be honest, I don't think Master Zarek will be enough to fend him off..." Caliga seems to feign worry over this.

Skeeve raises an eyebrow at this news, mulling it over for a few moments. "Interesting. So why warn me?"

A sly grin creeps onto Caliga's face as he looks straight into Skeeve's eyes. "Didn't you say you'd protect her? Why, you even made a promise to me about it. Of course, if you would like her to die, and the child's secrets be stolen, then by all means, don't react."

Skeeve acutally laughs at that. "So, am I honestly expected to believe you're giving me this warning for *her* benefit? Or is it mine? You know, this is the most sloppily executed trap I've ever been subjected to."

"Oh, its no trap. If no one protects her, she will die. The child will be taken, and you will lose a friend. I merely am giving you the benefit of having advanced knowledge. You can choose to warn her, so she can go into hiding, but no matter where or when she is, she will be found. The link will never be severed between the two. Anyways Skeeviekins.. I must be going. So look at it like this. You can give your power to protect her, or she will die, because I won't do a single thing to save her, or the child." He waves cheerily at Skeeve, before the faucet on the sink suddenly starts to gush cold water, sending it spraying across the apartment. "Later Skeevie."

Skeeve brushes a spray of water out of her face, and Sarah waves, wiggling her fingers. "I'll see you in a few days, I'm sure."

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