2009-05-30 (PreU) Offer and a Test.

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Offer and a Test

Summary: An assassin seeks out General Grievous with an offer.

Who: General_Grievous, Vincent
When: May 30th, 2009
Where: The Wastelands

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The place is the wastes of Twisted, it is also not empty. There is a small group out here, machines by the look of it. A small portable outpost is here as a large machine group is out here seemingly getting readings of the area. The largest among them wears some sort of cloak, and is walking around with three maybe four other robots in their own cloaks following him around as if body guards.

Off in the wastes sits an all black GTO. It's owner is already moving as fast as he dares towards the outpost. As to the reason why, he had heard about the recent attack on the city, and decided to pay the one responsible a visit, and what better place to start the search than the outpost coincidentally left behind.

The Place is not left behind it's very new recently up and running. Sadly when the GTO comes racing out it will most likely be on the scanners of the droids. This will not be alerted to. The droids have been given The order not to let the fool know he's being tracked until he's in the trap. When The GTO gets with in five hundred yards the trap will spring as Vulture droids will barrel down on him, and a number of STAP with droids on them will enter the area as a radio message will come, "Surrender or Die." if there is no response Grievous will order his Vulture droids to destroy the engine of thise primitive transport device.

There is definitely a response. The owner of the vehicle brings it to a sudden stop and then steps out and holds his hands high. Planted firmly in his lips sit a lit cigarette. "Machines? I suppose it saves on food and clothing costs." He then diverts his attention to the message. "Geeze...you could be a bit nicer to your guests..."

The main /robot/ comes out as he snarls showing he has organic eyes of sorts, The vessel he comes in hovers above the ground as he disembarks. stepping down as his magna droids follow him as he looks down at the figure and he commands in that deep voice, "Identify your self, and your intentions human." his robes cover his massive frame.

Vincent blinks as the large cyborg approaches. He takes a careful drag of his cig before addressing the man. "Name is Vincent. Intentions are to meet the guy responsbile for the recent attack on the city...which I'm guessing is your handywork."

General_Grievous looks at Vincent with cold unblinking eyes. "Then you have found who you are looking for. Why have you sought me out human, have you come to pledge your self to my service?"

Vincent smirks. "Straight to business, eh? I respect people like that. As to 'pledging' myself to you.....as long as you can pay me good enough, you've got a hitman."

General_Grievous looks down at the human, "Pay you, An assassin from the assassin's guild? As for Pay what would you consider payment for your services?" and he knows that such a being would serve him well but their loyalties are a fickle thing.

Vincent moves his hand to hold his cig. "Assassin's guild? The hell is that? I'm freelance, and the best at it. Add to that these little numbers..." He trails off, revealing a pair of black wings, and also carefully revealing his runed pistols. "As for pay? Let's say your looking at at least 30k."

General_Grievous looks down at Vincent as he says, "thirty K." he's not too sure what terms this form of payment is. "You are speaking to someone not from here, I suggest you make your self a little more clear, my patients are not exactly what you consider very good." and the droid General finally opens his robes to show his massive armored frame.

Vincent chuckles a bit. "Rather obvious now. I mean thirty thousand dollars, rupies, pounds, or whatever you call currency." In the back of his mind, he wonders just how much easier it would be to plug the cyborg with a few rounds and drag him back to town for a reward.

General_Grievous chuckles, "And would this be a retainer's fee, or for one mission. And exactly how often would you expect payment?" he looks down at the human as if sensing his intent, "And if you think you can collect the /bounty/ on me, you are more then welcome to try assassin. I have slain both Jedi knights, and Jedi Masters, you should prove an interesting diversion. But given the primitive technology of this transport, I doubt you would prove much of a challenge."

"It's usually a one time fee, but looking at you, I'll say retainers. Besides, anyone able to have that kind of body has done more than a few things right." Vincent says, revealing his more dark sense of humor.

General_Grievous looking at the human he chuckles darkly, "Then I will test your skills assassin, if you survive you will have your fee, if you succeed you shall have a bonus as well. If you fail you might die, thus have no need for your money, if you escape you will have proven your worth at escaping situations. If you succeed in your task, I will offer you double that which you ask." he says in that near hollow mono tone of his.

Vincent smirks. "What's the test?"

General_Grievous says, "the Jedi Enclave in the City, you will enter it. Find the chambers of their head master, Talben I think his name is, Kill him if you can, Bring me his lightsabers. Do not underestimate the power of this jedi... If you can not kill him, bring me something of the enclave to prove your skill."

Vincent smirks darkly. "I never underestimate a target. I'll be done in 48 hours."

General_Grievous says, "we shall see. You will be allowed to depart once we have finished our scans of the area. Return here in 48 hours weither you succeed or not, if you are still alive, I shall employ you."

Vincent nods. " Well, looks like you've bought yourself a legend."

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