2009-05-30 (PreU) What do you get when you cross..

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What do you get when you cross..

Summary: So Caliga is being a naughty monkey and stiring the pot! The entrance of a new Jedi.

Who: Arali, Bellerophon, Bishop, Caliga, Jason_Talben
When: May 30th, 2009
Where: Jedi Enclave

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Bellerophon's Room

A simple room, with a single full bed. Clean cream colored sheets, and gauze thin light blue drapes decortate the room, along with a small boquet of flowers on a side table. A door leads to the bathroom.

Belle has camped out in a seat near her window, knee lenght skirt dry from her swim earlier in the day. Her feet are bare, propped upon the windowsil, book in hand. Long red hair is coiled up in a messy bun, held only by a pen and she seems kinda engrossed in in it. Every few minutes, she scribbles something on the note pad underneth the book.

A soft breeze slowly starts to gather in the center of the bedroom, causing a small cyclone of dust to appear on the floor. The dust cyclone vanishes after a few seconds, before another picks up in its place. A teenaged boy in a red jacket comes into view, perched precariously on the edge of the bed. He lifts his right hand in greeting, smiling like the child he is. "Yo!"

Belle yelps and jumps, her book spilling onto the floor as she moves away from the bed. Her skin falls a few shades whiter, but her color comes back after a second. She stares at the kid for a moment, not sure what to say. "Um, Hello there.... Can I help you?" She's a nice girl all and all, so she'll ask questions first. One of her hands dips into the folds of her skirt however, and she mantians the distance from the boy.

The boy moves forward, pearing off the edge of the bed at Belle, a look of concearn crossing his face. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to startle you onee-san!" He quickly moves off the bed and offers his right hand towards the girl to help her to her feet. "I only came because this is the place the snake woman spends her time... I've come to warn her nakama of something terrible..." The concearn on his face is now mixed with a bit of worry, as he continues to hold his hand out towards Belle.

Belle gives a warm, but obviously nervous smile, her hand reaching out to helped up. She straitens her skirt, and moves over to pick her book up, setting it and the notepad onto the sil. She doesn't know what onne-san means, but somehow she understands the basic primise of Nakama. "The snake woman, you mean Mei?" She motions for him to take his seat back as she moves the chair to face the bed. "Warn us about what?"

"Are you one of her guardians, onee-san?" The boy seems to be nervous now as he perches back on the edge of the bed. "She is in danger, so I must speak with those who have chosen to protect her.. Please..."

Belle says, "Well, I'm her friend. I'm not sure if she actually has guardians, but surly if she's in danger my Master will protect her." Her brow nits in concern as she looks at him. "So would I, if I could."

Some where in the enclave Jason's become aware of some disturbance, some sort of force void. The last time he encountered something like that was when he fought Darth Nihilus. Naturally this has him concerned as he takes his saber in hand and starts to rush up to the stairs homing in on the source. Jason does not simply knock he opens the door and enters into the room with out warning his eyes looking instantly on the young boy, "Belle Are you alright?"

"Your master?" A look of relief crosses the boys face, that is before he's scared by the newcomer, and instantly moves towards the far edge of the bed. "Are you one of his spys!? DID YOU COME TO STOP ME?! I WILL DELIVER THE NEWS OF HIS PLOT TO HER GUARDIANS, EVEN IF IT COSTS ME MY LIFE!" He seems to shake a little as two little swirls of air start to encircle his hands.

Belle springs up, postitioning herself inbetween Jason and the boy. She places her hands on Jason's chest. "I'm fine, Master, it's fine." As the boy screams, she turns towards him, her hands waving back and forth. "No no, it's ok, this is my Master, the one I just spoke of. He is one of the good guys." Belle eyes the both of them, before turning back to Jason. "Please, Master Jason, put the saber away. You're only scaring him, and he's come to tell us something about Mei."

Jason holds his saber tightly as he looks at the boy and then listening to Belle he nods once slowly putting his lightsaber on his belt hooking it in place. and he says, "Alright Belle, If you are sure he means no harm..." and he stands there still concerned, "Forgive my intrusion, Your appearance caused me concern." He stands there trying to relax.

It's not long until another force-sensitive notices the new presence; Arali appears in the doorway behind Jason, her newly constructed lightsaber in hand. The hilt is curved (not unlike Dooku's), though the blade is not on at the moment. She peers over Jason's shoulder, a slight scowl upon her face as she tries to determine who the heck is in Bell's room...

It takes the boy a few moments to settle down, before taking a deep breath. "I'm sorry... Its.. just so hard to trust anyone anymore, but he has gone to far this time. He's even running around, pretending I'm him, just so that everyone will believe I'm lying to them, only to think I'm.." He goes silent as tears start to roll down his cheeks. "Tch.. I can't believe this has me so worked up I'm crying.." He lifts his left arm, trying to wipe away the tears. "Please believe me. There is danger to the snake woman. My father would stop him... but there is too much danger on our homeworld.. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Cal Satanas, son of Cale Satanas, King of the afterlife. My grandfather is Caliga Satanas.. The snakewoman's husband.. My grandfather is using this situation to pretend he is me, so he can move forward with his plan to kill the snake woman, and take the child.. who would be my aunt.."

Belle waves her hand at Arali, in an it's ok motion. She moves over and kneels down in front of the Cal. She lays a hand on his shoulder. "It's ok. Master can protect her if he knows what's going on. And he can rally more people if need be. What is he planning against Mei?" The force flows from her, as she tries to calm the boy down. Her vibe(for lack of better term) is one of soothing and truth.

Jason listens to this Cal Satanas and his words are worded carefully, The absence in the force makes it hard for him to determine the truth. "I assure you I will do my best to protect both Mei and Lakshmi." he explains. AS Jason looks over to arali, "It's alright Arali I do not think there will be a fight today." Unable to fully sense the boy he listens to his words, the tone of his voice, and his own gut instinct to see if there is truth to what is said, or any sort of pre-rehearsed speech, or such. "Do you know any specifics of this plan, anything at all that could help me protect her?" he asks.

Arali blinks, a large frown appearing on her face. Someone wants to kill Mei? She bristles visibly, her lekku lashing a bit in obvious agitation. "I will never let ANYONE harm Mei." The gorgon girl is so amazingly kind, who could want to kill her? She clenches her blade, not sure if she can even trust the boy...especially when she cannot use the force to determine the truth behind his words.

"My grandfather, has stated in two days time, he will come to take the snakewoman's life himself, and take the child to find out the secrets of how she lives.. He doesn't understand it. My father has told me there is a reason why, but won't explain it.. It is one of the forbidden stories of my world, so I have had to come to accept that there are secrets regarding my grandfather that I will never be told. Please.. I beg you. Stop him. My father has killed him once, and my grandfather returned. By my familys standards, I am not fit to carry the name of our clan... So I will go against the founder to protect my aunt if that is what it means..Grandfather has said I am merely a human, with no trace of the demon lineage." Cal lowers his head, as the tears start to flow freely once again. "Protect them, for this is the best I can do..."

Belle pats Cal's shoulder and rises, folding her arms over her stomach. Walking towards the pair, Belle senses at least one untruth, but says nothing of it. "Well, Master, shall you accept the challenge as it were? I know I do, she's a good woman, and shouldn't fall prey to the whims of a psycho-man. No offence intented, Master."

Jason nods as he says, "Of course I will protect Mei and her child. I have no intent on letting a mad man harm a child." he says and starts to think processing what has been told to him. "AS for how it will be done will remain secret only to me for the moment." Jason has an idea how to protect Mei and her child, one that should direct most harm towards him, and away from Mei and her child. "We will need to get in touch with Mei as soon as possible."

"My father would easily dispatch my grandfather. But.. He's to busy dealing with an invasion of our universe. About the most I can do is this..." The boy starts to float in the air, before landing softly on the bed. "I've masted the bukujutsu, and a few other techniques.. but this is why grandfather said I was more like a human.. He claimed I lacked talent when he tried to train me." Cal takes a deep breath and looks towards Talben. "In two days time, my grandfather will come. He will find the snakewoman, no matter where or when she is, due to a link or something like that. I'm sure you wondering how I found it out... He told me during one of his many recent visits about his plans. He waited for the Icer fleet to attack one of the planets in our world, which would force my father out to defend it, so he could move without worrying about the one person who could kill him, doing so to prevent this.."

Belle paces the room slightly before sitting back down in her chair. She frowns again. "Well, the best we can do is keep a close eye on her, stay next to her until he attacks. Hmm." She looks to Jason for his wisdom in the matter, to see if he has any better suggestion. "I promise you, Cal, that we will do everything in our power to make sure this doesn't come to pass. Mei is our friend and has done a lot for all of us. We will not look away in her time of need." Man, she sounds more convivted then usual.

Jason listens to Cale as he knows something is going on, "I assure you I will do all I can in my power to protect Mei. I am not with out tricks of my own." he listens and bites his lips. "Don't worry I will do All I can to protect Mei, I assure you." he listens and starts to plan. A link perhaps, but one that might be able to be disrupted. "Have you told Caliga's enemies about this? I am sure they would be most willing to deal with Caliga if they got the chance." He already intends to inform TASK about this ASAP

The Twi'lek tilts her head to the side, staring Cal down, obviously not trusting of him, but willing to listen. "I won't let her come to harm...that girl is kind, and doesn't deserve the fate that awaits her." She still clenches the lightsaber hilt...

"Enemies? My.." The boy shakes his head as he sighs loudly. "Of the people in my realm, only one person was able to stand against my grandfather. That is my father, Cale. All others who have thought they were capable, have died. From what my father has told me, he still holds the same record here as well.. He's even a member of something called TASK. Even he really didn't know what that meant. Why my grandfather would join something is still a mystery to us."

Belle says, "Well, he hasn't come up against Master Jason yet. Hope is the light for our life, we will figure out something." She smiles reassuringly to Cal. "Perhaps if you told your Father, he could offer some kind of suggestion. Surly he'd be able to help, even if he can not come to stop him. He might know something that would help. A weakness or a flaw in his attacks, something that could aid us?'"

Jason nods to Belle as he says, "I am not undebatable, I may be strong, but not undebatable. If my plan works, it should discourage Caliga. I would like to know more of Caliga's powers, their source and how they work, would give me a better chance to deal with him." Jason says, "I will need to talk to Skeeve as well."

Arali crosses her arms, remaining silent as the others converse. She knows her course of action...she'll never let anyone hurt the snake girl.

A slight grumble comes from the boy as his form suddenly changes to that of a handsome man in onyx armor. "All right. Note to self. Jedi are slightly retarded. Except for you. I like you." The man in the armor points at Belle, before looking towards Talben. "You have two days to prepare. I will come, kill Mei, and take my child, and give her to my son for training. I figured if you guys honestly believed there was a threat, you'd be spurred into action. I guess I have to rework my plan on this. Words and actions are completely and utterly seperate things. Show me in two days time, how you plan to protect my wife and child from those who may do her harm. Its a lot easier to just kill her, give the kid to my son for protection, and go on about my business." He leans down on his right hand, the elbow resting on his right leg. "And yes, I am actually Caliga Satanas, Dai Kaioshin of Death, King of Hell, Member of TASK, Lord of the Dancey Dance, The Blue Thunder of Furinken High, and keeper of the Powerlevel over Nine Thousand. Now, questions? Comments? And so help me if one of you asks why, you will be dropped into a volcano. Ask Kaldrath. It gets quite toasty in them."

Belle jumps back, hand vanishing into the folds of her skirt, hand tightly griping her light saber. She eases it out of the hook it hangs on and looks very taken back. "What is the purpose of you killing Mei? What do you have to gain from it?" Her dark eyes flash, as she controls herself enough to ask the questions versus strait out attacking him. That's for cowboy's and people with no self control.

Jason narrows his eyes at Caliga and says nothing. He takes no insult from Caliga and says nothing not wishing to tip his hands, "Very well, We shall see if you complete your goal Caliga. Nobody is invincible, not me, not you Caliga. We will be ready for you that I assure you."

A shimmering sound makes itself known as Arali's lightsaber flares to life, already flying through the air as Caliga announces his name, aimed at the man's head. In the same moment, Arali is up the wall, using the force to help her feet stick to the wall, as she aims a heavy force push in his general direction. She doesn't care for her own safety...she won't let Mei be harmed.

As the lightsaber nears his head, the man reaches up, and grabs the tip of it with his fingers. "Really? Seriously?" There is a slight flash as the lightsaber hilt suddenly cracks and falls apart. By the time the girl lands on the wall, she'll notice her little toy is no more. "What? By taking Mei to a Red Portaled world? Seriously? I can shift my form, mimic any form of energy, and pretend to be anyone. Even a certain green muppet. It's really not any trouble for me at all. Lemme put it this way. I'm doing this for reasons that will become clear in the end. You, on the otherhand, need to train your kids better Talben, or else next time? I won't break their toys." There is a slight *WHUMP* on the wall behind Caliga, as he shimmers slightly, unmoving from where he was. "Lemme make this clear. None of /your/ lives are in jeapordy. Only that of a friend. What I want to see, is how her declared 'guardians' will handle a threat upon her life. Words and actions are two seperate creatures, and you of all beings should know that Jedi Master Jason Talben."

Belle grinds her teeth, but remains still. "Why go through all the theatrics then? She's fine as she is. Worried and lonly but she's ok. Why create problems? Why invite trouble? Why cause her -more- pain then what she's recived? You aren't doing her a favor by doing this. You're just being a headache." Oddly enough, she doesn't sound angry, just confused and grasping to undestand the motives to this little drama.

Jason looks over at Caliga and he watches AS Arali is knocked back and shakes his head, "Arali, that was foolish." HE looks at Caliga and he starts to approach him, "I do know that, I already suspected That was you to begin with. If this is simply a test to test our resolve all you had to do was ask for it. To challenge us to a fight. But if you are serious about harming Mei, you will find I am not taken lightly. And yes CAliga, I know the difference between words and actions. You will find that I know a lot of tricks." and he has a feeling this will not be an easy fight.

Reaching her hand out, the pieces of her lightsaber fly back to her hand. Arali doesn't care that her saber has been destroyed on it's first try...she can make another one. She lands on the floor in the corner of a room. "I would give my own life to protect her from harm." She hisses this out, readying herself to aim another push at him. "She is a good person...she loves her daughter more than anything else. More than I can say for you, who would destroy your own daughter's life for your own personal gain." She doesn't act again just yet, but she's ready to rip into the man if she must.

"Because a long time ago, I entrusted the safety of my universe to a group of people who claimed they wanted to protect it. I trained them, taught them forgotten secrets, and even enhanced their abilities to be better suited for the job. Of them, only two have decided to continue upon that path. Assisting them is my son. The others, have fled, claiming they are bored with it, or its just not worth it." Caliga sighs deeply. "Here I am, in the same predictament. The only thing I did not do with them, was truly test their resolve myself. This time, I will not make the same mistake. So I will test this new batch, who claim they want to protect that which I care about myself, with my own hands, to ensure they are up to /my/ standards. I will keep my word, as I always have in the past. So, it is up to you how you choose to react."

Belle muffles her reply, walking over to Ara to lay a calming hand on her arm, urging her to calm down and not be so rash. "I have to wonder, Caliga Satanas, Dai Kaioshin of Death, King of Hell, Member of TASK, Lord of the Dancey Dance, The Blue Thunder of Furinken High, and keeper of the Powerlevel over Nine Thousand, if you were here dealing with your wife and child if she would need an army to protect her."

Jason looks at Caliga as he says, "If you want to test us and our resolve, then so be it. Leave Mai and her child out of this. Because Caliga if you do harm her, I will not stop until I have found away to destroy you. Gambling with innocents is one way to earn my Ire." he says clearly serious about this.

Arali allows Belle to calm her, glaring daggers at Caliga. She's tense, still, but she won't attack him. But today's happenings have caused a change in her...and not one for the better. At this point, she would do anything to protect Mei from Caliga, or anyone who would bring harm to her...a sense of desperation, as it were, to keep the one person she has slowly grown to care for safe. Anything...

A loud laugh comes from Caliga. "You are a sharp one my dear. If I were able to remain here, and protect them full time, then there would be no need. However.. I am heading to a place where I may never be able to return from. The lord of that realm are very very finicky, and like to claim things in their name. Like the hospital a while back. One of the denizens of their realm is.. causing problems up here, and even has targeted my wife and child. I can't allow this. If you wish to protect her, then I will go through with everything I have to ensure you are able to stand up to whatever may come your way. If not, then Mei and the child will be removed from your lives forever. That is my final resolution."

Belle bows slight to Caliga, looks to Ara and Jason. "Fine, Caliga, we will do our best to rise to your challange. Now, if you would please get out of my room please, so that we -can- prepare for your impending doom?"

Jason has sensed the shift in Arali and knows it is not the good type as he can not fault her for her protectiveness. There he says, "You heard her, would you leave her room, and the next time you meet us."

Arali remains tense, glowering at Caliga. "Yes. Leave." Her mind is racing with thoughts, though she's protecting them from being viewed...they're not very happy thoughts.

"Sure. After one tiny thing...." A sly grin slowly starts to spread upon Caliga's face as he snaps his fingers, a soft *SHEEN!* and a white flash of light filling the room. Standing next to the far wall is middle-aged white man with emerald green eyes, wearing the uniform of an imperial knight. A silver extended hilt lightsaber hangs neatly from his belt. "I'd like you to meet Jedi Master Bishop Guyan. Or is it just Bishop Guyan now these days?" He slowly climbs to his feet, and bows. "There is always a reason for any action Master Talben." He suddenly vanishes, leaving a small box with a little notecard atop it. The note reads, "Sorry I broke your toy. This may help in making a new one. Love, Cali-chan."

Belle breathes a sigh of relief that Caliga's gone, and she eyes the new comer. "Welcome?" She feels him out with the Force, to see how he feels, (His emotions, that is). "Pardon me for sounding rude, but who are you and why are you here?"

Jason narrows his eyes as Caliga leaves and the appearance of Bishop is cause for concern as he almost has to worry if this is another Plot of Caliga's and there he exhales turning his attention to Arali, "Arali, calm your self, I know you are upset, but you can't simple beat a bring like that with raw power. You have to be smart about it. I have an idea how to do so, so you will need to trust me." Jason then turns his attention to this commented Jedi master as he looks at him, his own senses opening up as he inspects the warrior. "Sorry about that, seems he has a dark side to him and is playing a very deadly game, and whom might you be?"

Bishop raises an eyebrow, calm but seemingly slightly annoyed, "I really dislike that guy..." He looks over at the three and rubs at his clean shaven face, "I am no Jedi, though I used to be. My name is Bishop Guyan, current elected leader of the Outer Rim Confederacy and Grand Master of the Confederate Knights." He studies Jason's face for a moment, "Interesting..." He turns back to the note that Caliga left, his cape flowing gently from the motion. He picks up the box and offers it to Jason, "WOuld anyone care to tell me what Caliga has planned that he brought me away from a strategy meeting?"

Arali breathes quietly, leaning against the wall and closing her eyes. "Yes, Master...I apologize." She does a small meditation ritual, calming herself visibly. She opens her eyes then, peering at the box and slowly stalking over to it, reading the note card before picking up the box, feeling it out wth the force; should it feel safe, she opens it to see what is contained within.

Belle sighs softly. Bowing slight towards the newcomer, she says, "Then welcome Master Bishop, if that is you are not planning on ruining my evening studies as Caliga there did." Remembering her meger placement in the order of things around here, she falls silent letting Master Jason talk with him. She does take her chair however, sitting and crossing her legs as she watches. Maybe to much she's assumed that she should open her mouth.

Jason leans against a wall his head down as his mind races with possibilities and ideas. He pinches the bridge of his nose and says, "Caliga is intending to harm one of my students, Mei, Kill her in fact. Then take her child away to be trained by some one else. He's charged us with protecting her and trying to keep her alive, apparently testing our resolve to protect twisted, with Mei's life at stake." and he thinks, "I have an idea on how to deal with Caliga, I need to see Skeeve and Tyler As soon as possible. Well former jedi or not Mr. Guyan, I hope you won't mind me enlisting your help in dealing with Caliga. " Jason has no real idea what to do then this course of action he is planning. "This little stunt of his has us all rattled. I just hope he realizes it may cost him his life."

Bishop switches which eyebrow is raised, "Can I hear this plan? From my experience with him he can move planets and ships across the galaxy at a whim. From observation he seems to be a being of energy. He is not something you can kill." He crosses his arms over his chest plate, "You seem awfully...intent on killing him for a Jedi." He smirks just a tad, "I'm all for helping someone, but I've never seen Caliga harm someone without immediatly fixing what he does. He does seem to have an inflated ego, and wants to teach the universe lessons. He's bad at it."

Arali silently examines the content of the box, nodding silently. She sets the box on a table, and rummages through her old saber, managing to salvage the purple crystal from the mess. She then seats herself, crossing her legs and beginning the construction of her new blade, using the parts provided by Caliga...

Belle darts into her bathroom, returning momentairly in her usual floor lenght skirts. She fiddles with reattaching the saber, and sits back down. She's a lot more comfortable in her long skirts around people she doesn't know, or are still kinda uncomfortable with.

Jason listens to Bishop, "Only if it becomes absolutely needed, I would rather not harm him too much. The only thing is I have no idea exactly what will happen if I can get my plan together. So I dun know what's gonna happen. How ever as much as I would love to tell you, look at this from my perspective. CAliga Shows up, threatens the life of one of my students, some one under my protection. He teleports you in, for all I know you are a sith lord working for Caliga, or Caliga himself." He says "Then again I'm paranoid."

Arali remains silent, using the force to carefully put her blade together. This is her third blade, sad though it is...Grievous still possesses her original blade. At least she'll get that one back when she kills him.

Bishop just stares at Jason for a moment, "I can assure you I'm not a Sith Lord. Use your senses instead of letting paranoia rule you." He shakes his head, before training his emerald eyes back on Talben, "Caliga brought me here most likely because his warped sense of justice says you need help for some reason." He sighs, "The Republic and IMperial Remnant are closing in on the Outer Rim, each trying to force their ideals on a government that the people selected. If I had a choice I'd definatly not be here." He does seem quite annoyed.

Belle immediatly throws up her guard, walls popping up over her mind, and emotions. Quite a few comments have popped into her head, and it's in her best intrest to keep things to herself. Eyes down, mouth shut, ears open, and one can learn a lot.

Jason rubs his forehead and says, "You may be right, but twisted has thrown me quite a few screw balls last few months. Everything from finding out some of Nihilus assassins were out there. I've learned that at times it's quite necessary to not rely on the force and trust things with one's natural senses. Just as the force can open one's eyes it too can cover other abilites one never knows they had with the force. I am sorry if I offended you."

Soon, Arali finishes the construction of her new lightsaber, which floats to her hand. She also takes the pink crystal, pocketing it for future use. For a brief moment, it flares to life, as she ensures that it has been properly constructed. When she is satisfied, she flips the lightsaber off, placing it on her belt.

Bishop shakes his head, "No offense taken, but if I recall the teachings of the Jedi teach you to follow the will of the force. And to also meditate on issues. You are getting dangerously frazzled. I may not be a Jedi anymore, but I still follow the light. I sense some dark thoughts in you, Exile. I have no love for the Jedi, for they used me and then tried to sever my connection, and I'd have no issue with striking you down if you fall. That is the only thing I'll discuss about combat. It's time to use our heads. We can't beat Caliga, but there are ways of protecting someone without hurting the threat. Misdirection, diplomacy, and ingenuity are stronger weapons than a lightsaber and a strong push with the Force."

Jason thinks, "Form Zero, yes I am frazzled, I am tired and exhausted. I been /busy/ as of late, as Kyle one of my students said, I have been pushing myself hard. Perhaps too hard. AS for dark thoughts, don't judge me until you know me better Weapon Master. If you have better ideas on how to deal with Caliga I would /love/ to hear them." Jason is totally honest in that respect. If his padawans and Bishop tune their senses to the Jedi Master, he's run himself ragged, "Well I know not of the jedi order you are from, so I can't judge how you were treated..."

Bishop uncrosses his arms slightly and sighs, "A jedi is always busy. You need to relax and focus yourself, Master Talben." he looks at the two Padawan, "you're also taking on quite a task with raising at least three Padawan learners." He clasps his hands at his back in a very obvious habit from long military training, "Caliga is an energy being. All energy has a frequency. Can we not set up shields to block and interact against said frequency? Layer them around whatever we are to protect, each shield at a different frequency. Each shield would be smaller and there for thicker and harder for him to pass through. Modulate the shields as he begins to come through and simply invert the frequency as best we can to try to shove him back. Fortify the location, set up guard, and make it a place that others do not want to come to. Hide the location. If it is well known, move it first." He shrugs, "These are just a couple of options. First we have to know what we have to work with, and what resources we have available."

Jason thinks of that and says, "I am not sure, that would require a lot of shield projectors. We only have a few, and those I do have in semi abundance are personal shields. We could never secure the Entire enclave, it's too big. Also, Caliga also stated that he's wanting to test our dedication to protecting personally. Your idea may work, but what about including energy dampeners. We also have to contend with the possibility in two days he may just teleport you, me, my padawans, Mei and Lakshmi to some place and tell us to defend her. As you stated he's energy, energy can not be destroyed but can be converted." Jason "The issue is that I am not sure what he is after, how he is testing us. Is it physical combat, testing our resolve in a hopeless battle. I do not know." As he comments on his padawans, "I have handle multiple padawans before. This not as easy as before, mainly because I am suppressing my ability to for force bonds." Jason asks, "Belle, Arali, do you have suggestions?"

Belle rises out of her chair. "Might I suggest that we call it a night? We could gather and plan in the morning. Master Bishop, I could lead you to a room where you could take your rest? I'm sure some peace and some sleep would help us all calm down and re-center ourselves." They do have 2 days, and thinking on no sleep or fryed nerves will not help a mind work at all.

Bishop nods, "Thank you, and that is a very sensible suggestion, though I'll only need a quiet place to meditate, Padawan...." His emerald eyes look at her in askance of her name.

Arali stands silently, nodding to Belle's suggestion. "I agree with Belle...we should all rest." She closes her eyes, waiting to ensure that there is nothing else to be said...

Belle lowers her head slightly in respect. "Padawan Bellerophon. Most call me Belle though, as I'm sure it's easier to say on a regular basis." She'll wait to see if Master Jason agrees, and if so, she'll then broach leading Master Bishop to a place that meets his needs.

Jason rubs his forehead and says, "Very well, we can talk in the morning about this. There are empty chambers upon the top floor, A meditative room upon the ground floor. Please make your self at home Bishop. I will retire to my chambers as well, attempt to rest and meditate.

Belle nods, smiling. "I'm sure everything will look brighter in the morning, Master Jason." She hugs Ara softly. "I promise things will look better in the morning Arali. " She turns to Master Bishop, and asks, "If you would follow me, Master, I'll be happy to lead you to a place where you may meditate."

Arali hugs Belle back, closing her eyes, though she doesn't say anything in response. Before Belle can lead Bishop out, she turns to leave, wordlessly. Her head is swirling with thoughts and emotions, problems and solutions...today has not been a good day for Arali, and it doesn't promise to get any better, any time soon.

Bishop bows to everyone present and makes to follow Belle before he stops and turns to Jason, he says low, "Make time for yourself, Master Talben, never forget to meditate. Jedi have been in wars for long periods of time with no chance to rest and still make time to center themselves or face the consequences. It is a grievous error to over exert yourself and fail during battle or a critical time." He turns back to Belle and smiles, "Please, lead the way, young lady."

Jason will leave Belle's quarters as he heads for his room to get some rest as best he can.

Belle smiles, and nods, leading the way out, and downstairs into one of the comfortable mediation rooms. "Here you go Master Bishop." She pulls a blanket and a pillow out, setting it on the edge of one couch before standing in the door way. "Just in case you change your mind. Before I take my leave, is there anything else I can get for you?"

Bishop studies her for a moment, "Not as of right now. Though I'd like to ask you a few questions at some point. For now, you should go and meditate on what you've seen today. Your master seems intent on violence, let us develop a plan that deals with somewhat less blood, shall we?" He crosses his legs under him and takes a breath before dropping into a deep meditation.

Belle nods. "Yes, Master Bishop. I shall see you tomorrow." And with that she takes her leave, silently moving back up the stairs and into her room, sighing at the evenings events.

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