2009-05-31 (PreU) An 'egg'splosion!

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An 'egg'splosion!


Who: Bellerophon, Bishop, Mei
When: May 31st, 2009
Where: Jedi Enclave


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Enclave Garden Nestled just outside of the enclave is a complex, neatly organized garden. The plants are kept neatly but somewhat unweeded. A wooden deck with a bit of an over hang has a wooden plaque listing the plants and what they do. Everything from medicinal herbs to cilantro to simple roses. Despite the weeds peaking in the garden is well kept.

Small fae float in and out because well, its what the fae do. A shed houses supplies off to a side. The smell of the garden is somewhat intoxicating and welcomes you to stay. A large plant with enourmous leaves is set up to make a garden seating area for human-sized visitors, a large fragrant bloom functioning as the table.

Off to a side are beautiful springs with somewhat green tinted water. Hot and perfect for healing aching muscles. The water should one need it, does infact soothe weariness and wash away aches. In the dusk hour, small lanterns light by a magical force and keep the pools well enough lit to have a pleasant atmosphere and invite conversation.

Mei is, sitting in the garden, looking troubled, her hand on her chest.. Actually, she looks startled and pained. A nice breakfast is set up, with .. some variety of chocolatey liquid. Mocha maybe?. Its one of those days where Mei looks her softest.. her green kimono looks pretty old today, worn in places, definantly well loved. Lakshmi is talking to some of the fairies. Why? Because thats what Lakshmi does, and she hasn't quite figured out they aren't all like Jensa yet.

Earlier in the morning, Belle curled up in her bed, fingers twitching as she dreams. She sees the force in her minds eye, a never ending web, patterns and colors making her friends, Master. Her eyes leak tears as the web shorts out and consumes her friends, and family on her home planet. Peace. Serenity. Center. Her breathing stabilizes, and her body relax again. The never ending web of the Force in her minds eye. Intricate patterns and colors make her friends, and her Master. Belle gasps, and jolts up to her feet, wide awake, tears still fresh on her face. Her door is thrown open and she races up to Jason's room. Belle reaches out with the force, feeling for her newest Master in the realms of Twisted. The force mocks her though, his pattern no longer in the area that she feels. "He's gone." She lowers her head, shuts his door and starts walking down the stairs to the kitchen. She crys as she goes, randomly stopping to wipe her eyes.

Mei's hand reaches, quietly to suddenly take Lakshmi in a tight hug, her arms squeezing quite softly. She releases and moves, taking some of the calla lilies ( They're associated with death) from the garden to make a bouquet. "Lami, take this upstairs and put it infront of Jason's door. Do not open the door." she whispered, quietly and gently, sending the child with the bouquet. Once Lakshmi is headed up and away, Mei quietly took her hankercheif out of her sleeve to hold over her face, crying softly herself over a friend being so suddenly gone, afterall such a sudden harsh 'gone' feeling usually means death, although on Twisted, it can mean forcibly being removed and thrown somewhere else which.. is kinda like death.

Belle walks into the kitchen and leans on the counter. After a few big deep breathes, she gets herself a cup of hot tea, and starts meandering out towards the Garden. As Lami walks by, Belle smiles sad and soft, and sees Mei. She just stares at her for a moment, not sure what to say, tears rising to settle in her eyes as her throat gets tight, and she starts to shake. "Mei."

Mei's child is running around soon enough, carrying a ball before tackling into Mei's legs, her expression chipper. When Mei spots Bell she lets Lakshmi go and moves over, carefully wrapping both arms around the other woman to stroke her hair "Shh its okay you'll be okay." Mei even gently kisses Belle's forehead. Her hands move to Belle's back, rubbing soothingly. A bit of her own energy put into soothing her friend. Lakshmi however is back to bothering the cute lil fairies. and organizing a fairy tea party, apparently.

Belle sets her cup down and curls up against Mei, her grief flowing out like a river. She lets it go, crying for the Master's and friends she lost when Grevious attacked her home, doubled and brought back to the surface of her mind making Jason's death a harsher blow for her. After a few minutes, she sits back, wiping her eyes and folding her legs. "This isn't fair."

Mei's fingers move up, gently stroking the other woman's hair. "Life isn't supposed to be fair, if we didn't work for what we want, it wouldn't be worth having." she strokes her fingers in along Belle, quietly continuing to soothe her. "You'll be alright." Mei whispered, rubbing gently eyes closed. "Its not the best of omens, for this, the second day.. but.. we'll manage." she offered, voice and emotions not giving away her own worry. She works in, carefully, putting pressure on Belle where she's tense. "All these things.. can make you stronger.. or they can own you, Belle, let them make you stronger and continue molding you into the woman you are destined to be." she whispered, softly, her voice staying warm and gentle.

Bishop had slid into the garden silently. He stands against the door way with a pained expression on his face, empathizing with Belle. He strides forward, "No, life isn't fair. I don't think he's dead. If I recall my history there was a period of 6 months to a year where the Exile was just...Gone. No one could find him and the new Jedi Order was in dissarray. Then he promptly returned, and seemed confused. He spoke about places that were too fantastic to believe. He also tried to get back...I think he's been returned to his place in time.." He sighs.

Belle shifts to put her back toward Bishop, pride getting the better of grief. She picks up her tea and sips it silently. "How many Masters must I go through? And how many losses will I face in my time? I watched my home get destroyed and ravished. I felt my Masters, my fathers get massacred. And now this." She shakes her head and seems to pull back into a protective shell, sipping on her tea and watching the water of the springs. She'll be ok, if she's left to deal with it.

Mei's hands pat Belle when she moves away. Mei herself sits back at the small table and makes a plate of food, which causes her tot to run over and sit in her lap. "Its okay." she head bumps with the child and takes a small piece of something to pop in the little girl's mouth. Lakshmi seems happy enough as Mei makes a plate up for her. "Good Morning." she offered to Bishop, putting on an attempt at a happy chipper smile. It isn't coming off quite right due to her own worry. She watches Lakshmi for a moment "use the spoon and fork, sweety.. Not the butter knife.." she works on eatting her breakfast, seemingly letting her meal calm her spirits. Her expression gives away that the child is probably talking a mile a minute and won't shut up within her head.

Bishop bows slightly to Mei and sighs again, "Life is fluid, but it has purpose as long as you allow it to." He stops for a moment gathering his thoughts, "If you want, we can have a ceremony or rememberance of him once this is all over. I've gotten quite a bit of steps in place to try to make Caliga's attempts annoying enough to maybe prove that Mei is well protected. We'll do everything in our power. If it fails..." Bishop calmly takes a piece of toast and take a bite before saying, "The padawans will take Mei and her child fromt he Castle and run while I stand against Caliga."

Belle stares into her cup, eyes red and puffy, face pale. After a minute, she stands up, striding back inside the enclave and up to her room. She changes out of her nightgown and into her clothes, the long skirt, and tunic. When she comes back to the garden, she looks a little bit better, having brushed her hair, and made herself look presentable. She sits down next to Mei, taking a bit of toast as well, and munching on it quietly.

Mei shakes her head "I can't allow that, Bishop, suicide is not acceptable for a man." she leans her weight on Belle. "If it should come to that.. I would feel better doing my best and defending myself for once." she offered, quietly Her hands fidget. Belle might catch on that Mei's tone is hinting its important to her. "I .. cannot keep counting on everyone's kindness to keep me afloat. Besides, what if Caliga really does want me dead? He won't stop because we're running. He'll one shot you and keep pursuing." she fidgets.. "I .. am however considering requesting a favor from someone whom I've never met to make sure none of you get harmed." she fidgets her fingers.. "A very powerful person." she murmured..

Bishop nods, "I don't consider it suicide, I consider it being able to focus and go to my full level of abilities. Also, in the past, Caliga doesn't seem to be focused on killing." he shrugs and finishes his toast, "Who is this person? Is it the one from the note? And as far as protecting yourself, I had some questions about your level of magical ability. Tyler had an idea but needed to know what spells you knew."

Belle leans back on Mei, taking comfort from her. "Well, regardless, I'll still be there. Just beacuse you want to defend yourself doens't mean I can't be there to help you." If you want it.

Mei mms a bit "Well.. to be honest I don't think anyone fully knows my abilities. I've been learning quickly out of necessity from Skeeve and.. from Lakshmi in an odd way." The child seems to of found a swing and taken to entertaining herself "I can dispell very quickly and I'm very good at that. I'm also good at putting up protection now. Because of Lakshmi.." she clears her throat ".. No, not from the note.. Someone I've heard about in name and had described to me, as someone I should treat kindly if they visited." she seems to be all over the place.. "NO YOU MAY NOT TAKE A SQUIRREL INTO BED." she points at the child and sorta squints before rubbing her head.. "Sorry, she is.. chattering away to me right now because she's uncomfortable talking to you." she offered to Bishop. "I am also able to do some manipulation with water. I'm not terribly advanced in magic, but, I can restore life and keep it from going over the brink of death.." she offered. "Lakshmi however.. has already figured out how to Call. Which is why I needed to learn dispell and unsummoning skills so quick. Do you have any idea how frightening it is to have your child bring large, powerful monsters into your home and having to figure out how to get them out?" she asked, chuckling "Belle, I appreciate your offer with all of my heart, just its hard to accept that he's put all of my lovedones in danger."

Belle says, "Then I will stand and wait until you are on the brink of death, but I will not abandon you in your time of need." She noms down another slice of toast. "Aside from that Master Guyan says that he's never seen Caliga do some this large without fixing it immediatly afterwards. And in addition to that, when Caliga showed up and gave his speech of imending doom, his story changed. It went from him killing you and taking Lami, to testing us and killing you and taking lami to just testing us." Belle sighs. "I told you something didn't add up."

Bishop nods, "Then who? Also, I think the protection bit might be handy. Tyler mentioned acting as some form of a turbocharged conduit of Magic. he thought a more powerful version of his shield might be able to go in place if it's Magic." He looks to Belle and nods in agreement, "Caliga just seems concerned. He's thrown me and some of my forces for a loop a few times, but no one was ever harmed." He strokes his chin and snags another piece of toast.

Mei mms a bit "I can actually heavily boost magical effects, and so can Lakshmi..". Her hand rubs her arms as she takes out a note book, writing neatly in common for Bishop. 'Amplify' 'Heal' 'Cura' 'Replenish' 'dispell' 'unsummon' 'summon' ' Counter' 'Miasma' 'marshmallow body' 'levitate' 'shape shift'. Those are her categories. She slides the paper over, neatly, to Bishop, so he has a list of things she can do and how well she can do them. summon, being the weakest, as she can only call inanimate objects for the moment. Lakshmi however seems pretty damn good at it.. Miasma seems to be noted as a natural ability and not magic.

Bishop nods as he takes the note, "Marshmallow body?" He shakes his head and chuckles, "I'm going to go find Tyler to finalize some things before tonight." He stands up and pats Belle on her shoulder, "It'll be alright. I'm going to request when this is over to stay here for a bit to make sure you're all through with your training. Now if you'll excuse me." He bows, pivots on his heel smoothly, and strides from the garden.

Mei eyes Bishop.. "It make the body like marshmallow, making even the most brutal of physical blows inefficient. I kind of created it when I was pregnant and barely able to make it down stairs." she offered, grinning.

Belle nods as Bishop leaves, sighing into her cup and looking to Mei. "How are you taking it?"

Mei shifts, her arms leaning on Belle, her ears twitching as she watches Belle "Taking the loss? It hurts." she pauses "The death-threat that Caliga threw ? I'm neutral." she murmured, warmly.. She reaches to gently rub her shoulder. "People come and go, Belle, but.. what they leave us with is memories that you will adore your life through." she offered, voice soft and loving.

Belle sighs again. "I'm just tired of it. I've managed dealing with the loss of my home, and of my family. And then Jason comes along, saves my life and a mere month later, after I get to trust him, and poof. I shudder to think about how Ara will take it."

Mei pauses, "Assuming Bishop and I are correct, after this is all through, I want to take you two somewhere fun to relax and heal." she leans to kiss Belle's cheek " I know, it hurts but.. look at it this way.. no one can take his teachings from you."

Belle nods. "I suppose." She stands up, dusting off her bum, and popping her knees. "I'm going to go meditate. Try and get myself back under control." She hugs Mei and goes off to the chamber.

Mei mms a bit "Wait, Belle. Those robes I gave you.. Wear them today. They will protect you." she rubs her arm, not mentioning they're expensive as hell.

Belle says, "Yes, Mei, I will."

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