2009-06-01 (PreU) This is not a log, it's a sandwhich.

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This is not a log, it's a sandwhich.

Summary: Well, it happened. Caliga attacking Mei's home, and everyone on the muck except Kats and Charis in one room... That was beautiful.

Who: Bellerophon, Bishop, Cale_Satanas, Caliga, Devi, Lina_Inverse, Mazurek, Mei, Tyler, Vincent, Zarek
When: June 1st, 2009
Where: Tidal Citadel - Entrance

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[Tidal Citadel] Entrance

The walk way is jagged granite, that has suffered some blows, but once you touch it, your body adjusts and breathes well enough. Although the water may still make it a smidgeon hard to walk and do fast movements due to resistance. The walk way is line with glowing orbs that hang from elaborate white scultures, each one having an aquatic fair folk on it. The sun from above ripples through when the water is above. its always day here, it seems, as the palace is ocassionally revealed to the air above during low tide. The doorway to the palace, that is mostly white, with its high towers being capped in domed rooms. A banner hangs visibly over the door, a gorgoneion. It seems that all are not welcome here, afterall.

Bishop bishop stands in his read plastoid armor, his black cloak's hood up, covering his close cropped white hair. He nods solemnly as the last of turbolasers go functional, the second on the front of the castle and the sixth over all. He waves an ok sign to Tyler as he dusts off his hands next to the Turbolaser. Bishop turns to Mei, "Alright, Mei, that should be the last of our defenses for the outside. That'll make two capital ship shield generators with a varying frequency to try to work against Caliga's form, a series of energy disruptors are in place between here and the throne room, each one meant to go off as we leave the area, hopefully messing with Caliga enough to disrupt his plans. There's also the original shield put in place by Tyler to try to keep out such beings as Caliga. In the throne room we have two room shield generators amped to as high of power as possible, making them around 15 feet thick when activated. All shields have been modified by Tyler here. Also we have a tunnel from the Throne room leading to an escape shuttle that I pilfered from Grievous. I also managed to take a small battalion of Grievous's droids and with Tyler's help created a droid controller. The droids are stationed throughout the castle, some with e-web blaster implacements. Tyler, did you have anythign to add?" He turns to the armored Technopath as he decends next to the Grand Master.

Tyler nods, "Yes, Mei, my armor is made partially from the Ruins of Zeal, so it's incredibly powerful magically. I want you to pull magic from it to amplify your own to create some Magical defenses as we go. My weaponry is useless against Caliga so I'm here to act as an Engineer and a conduit for you. Also, Bishop hid a few surprises. He's obviously dealt with base defense before." He smiles as his helmet slides open, "Don't worry, Mei...this stuff would keep out an army."

Belle has picked up her skirts to help, as it where, the short more funtionable skirt on. She's wearing the long tan silk robes that Mei gave to her, to help protect her a little more. She's not sure she can do to help, but she will do all she can. Her back is straiter, and eyes a bit more cold then usual, her heart against the abandonment of Talben and Arali, who's no where to be found. She hides her discomfort well though, and stands by Mei, making sure she's alright.

Mei mms a bit her hands tying her hair down as she adjusts the floral kimono, the under kimono having a faint sheen ; moon silk, magically good for soaking damage and known for boosting magical ability. She pins an emerald gem in her hair and takes a deep breath. "I am.. very nervous." she takes a moment "I will do my best and well.." she leans over, moving to gently hug Tyler. She takes out her compact, letting her illusion drop, her scarred face showing. "Lets just.. do our best." Mei adjusts her equipment, tucking a small metallic tin into her kimono. "You both did get the notice that I hired a bit of help. I'm sorry I'm a bit frazzled." she offered, putting in a special pair of purplish pink floral earrings. Plum blossoms! Well you know.. at least this time Mei has an excuse to be nervous.

Zarek lays as silent as the grave against the main doors themselves, bowler hat slumped over... One would think he's dead, but he just does stuff like this a lot... Cane clutched in a death grip on his hands, he calmly speaks in a wavering, raspy voice. "An army, oh yes, indeed, an army would be stopped, so loud, so noisy, so strong, indeed very strong..." He rambles on, gibbering a few other statements just under his breath before leaning forward, pressing is fairly expensive suit up to his knees, one arm supporting his back with his cane as he tilts his head, unseen eyes staring at everyone and no one at once "But no, it is one man, so quiet, so silent, so easy to get in, so easy to get out, then the screams, oh the screams, so lovely, so pitiful. Oh an army kept out, yes, yes, but one man? We will see, indeed we will, for when he makes it past your defenses, oh and he will, for he is one, not many, only a single man of course, of course. Then we will see him bleed, and bleed he will, so bloody, so many stains, a new suit for me must be added to my fee, indeed it shall..." Zarek seems to be in high spirits today, falling back against the door with a soft (WHUMP) and returning to his silent as the grave position.

Vincent sit's off to the side as well, lighting himself up a cigarette. "An army's nothing...Hell, some can be stopped with a single bullet." He mutters low, sending out a puff of smoke. Easily noticable in his hands are his twin pistols, eagerly waiting to give out some punishment.

Getting paid up front with room and board, food -and- money? Lina Inverse is no fool, she knows this must be pretty serious. She nevertheless prepares at her own pace, not hurrying to do anything too hastily. On her way up front she drops her usual warding spells, mostly fields that resist the presence of powerful astral beings - enough to serve as a warning probably, not much of a barrier versus anything more than a minor demon or spirit. She finally gets to the entrance and opens a door - luckly the one Zarek's not leaning against - and peeks her head out curiously, "We about read-" After taking in all the others, her eyebrows come up. "Jeez." Well, at least they'll buy her time if she really needs to pull out the hefty magic. She comes through and politely shuts the door, leaning back against it with her fingers laced against the back of her head. All that bothers her, really, is that she's not at all familiar with the whys and hows. Short-notice jobs are always like this. Gah!

A loud crackling sound fills the entire ocean surrounding the Tidal Citadel. The bioluminescent jellyfish that light the water swim away only to cause pitchblack darkness to fall. The crackling grows louder as the only light to be given in the area is from the shields that have been erected within the citadel to protect it. The crackling dies out, leaving the only sound to fill the ocean the heartbeats of those who have gathered, the soft hum of the shield generators and oddly enough, the sound of a droid shaking slightly within the citadel, worried that it may end up having to be recycled like the previous RogerRoger relayer. This of course doesn't even seem to matter as an invisible force starts to violently slam against the shields, then come to a stop. The cause stands infront of the first shield, his head hanging low as he places his gauntleted right hand upon it. "Oh? You've been preparing quite well, haven't you?" Caliga slowly starts to rise in the water, vanishing into the darkness. A bright glowing orb appears within what one would consider the sky, as it seems the ever persistent headache decides to finally raise his serious meter a level.

Bishop looks back over the group, "SOMEONE GET THE BACK UP LIGHTS ON!" As the lights come on he addresses the true defenders, "Everyone to your places. Tyler, make sure that shield holds, as long as the equipment runs the shield will be 100% effective!" He turns giving a quick signal to a pair of droids in a window. They each aim a pair of devices towards the ball of light in the sky, "As soon as that orb comes towards us drain that energy and throw it into the backup energy store!"

Tyler nods as his helmet snaps closed his senses reachign towards the generator for the first shield layer, reading an energy display for Caliga's current wavelength and making sure everything holds. He glances at Mei, "Now might be a good time for any nice spells..."

Mei's hands go out, infront of Tyler, her left eye giving off an eerie glow. Her fingers wash out a faint white light, a quick spell. Of course, her entire left side of her face is twitching involuntarily. A flash goes off, forming a sliver of crescent over the citadel. "I really can see far better when its like this." she mumbled, her hands still working to create a protection barrier somewhere else. She holds out her other hand, focusing to quickly throw up a back up on the shields, just another larger less efficient shield. ( The smaller shield is on Lakshmi and most likely noise proof so she doesn't wake up.) "Yes yes I'm on it." she mumbled, backing up.

Belle settles her lightsaber into her hand. She reaches out with the force to feel where Caliga is by the lack of presance. She's very quiet, save for a glance or 3 at the people that she hasn't met, but she stays near Mei, watching and waiting.

A sigh escapes Vincent's lips as he moves to where he was told to go. Along the way, he snaps off the well hidden safety caches on those pistols. "Time to earn that pay..." He says, voice not betraying his icy cool and calm in the situation.

Zarek gives a sigh of contentment once the lights go out, nary a sound but the deafening silence. "Ah, I seem to have died, so dead, so peaceful. Oh dear me, picked off first, so very first, so quick so painless. Now to rest, such a long sleep, so busy, so tiring..." Then everyone goes and spoils Zarek's death by proving he is in fact alive. Especially once the lights turn on. "Oh so I am not dead, indeed I am not, then I suppose I shall protect her, I am paid, paid very well, so I must earn it, indeed I shall, so lovely miss snake and mister jacket to pay me, indeed they pay." He rambles on a bit further, once again just out of audible range before moving to stand up, resting almost his entire weight on the cane, gripping his bowler tightly to his head with the other hand. "Oh dear oh dear he's gone again, so quick, so boring. Won't you come out and let me kill you, dear little electric man? Oh such fun we shall have."

Lina finds that these are some of the times she misses her own rockheaded bodyguard. Maybe not the extra cost he puts on the food bill but, eh...! The impact against the shields gets her attention, causing her to squint towards the source of the voice. Sounds so familiar, yet... Sigh, stretch. "Sorry if it doesn't look like I'm doing much. Anyways, how hard is it to get through those barriers? Er..." She watches Zarek playing dead with the light going in and out, "You just... Are you okay?" Maybe she doesn't want to stand next to the ramblin' man. Then again... Meat shield! "Oy, you. Make double sure to keep whoever that is off of me!" At Zarek, of course.

The glow in the sky suddenly starts to become even brighter, rapidly gaining in size as it seems to be getting closer. Once more there is impact upon the the shields, as the energy is suddenly diffused and absorbed by the shielding equipment. "Oh.. I see..." This does not make for a happy Caliga. Its not often that he sees mortals smart enough to try this tactic first, but when they do he has to get even more serious. "All right..." He dives down, blurring, then vanishing entirely. The entire complex rocks violently, causing fissures to appear in the ground around the citadel. Standing once more at the shield covered entrance, his eyes start to glow brightly. He places both hands on the shields, slowly taking a deep breath. The water starts to swirl violently around him, splitting, leaving a small pathway cleared of dry land. The dry land, even though it is damp slowly starts to smoulder. "Here. Have some more energy..."

Bishop smirks slightly, "Heads up! Use the energy he's feeding to send a reverse pulse back at him! Hit him with his own power!" He waves a signal at another droid as the energy suddenly focuses all the energy Caliga is feeding into it back at Caliga in the form of a giant blast.

Tyler nods at Bishop as he recalibrates the shielding, making sure his own energy readings are remaining steady.

Mei pauses, looking at her friends and hired help "Do you need more light?" she asked, moving to brace herself in the citadel's doorway. her back agianst the door, her ears go down, she can see what he's up to fairly well, so she casts a barrier around Belle and Tyler. She seems to be watching closely, her eye twitching still, slowly settling back into just a faint flicker every so often.

Mei pauses, looking at her friends and hired help "Do you need more light?" she asked, moving to brace herself in the citadel's doorway. her back agianst the door, her ears go down, she can see what he's up to fairly well, so she casts a barrier around Belle and Tyler. She seems to be watching closely, her eye twitching still, slowly settling back into just a faint flicker every so often.

Belle jumps at the sound, but holds her ground, a hand white knuckling on her saber. It's obvious that she's a newbie to hardcore battles, but her resolve is also firm. Her body tenses as she waits to be able to help.

Zarek remains standing, his position being held. Hand tightly on his bowler as the other hand clings, leaving his weight on the cane as he reguards Lina's questioning him "OK? No, no, my dear miss fire hair, I am neither O nor am I K, I am Zarek, indeed it is my name, not OK, no not at all, such a foolish young woman, so silly." He comments, his blonde hair shifting slightly as he gazes to where Caliga makes another attempt on the shield "Ah, so boring, so very boring. Miss snake, could you perhaps make me a cup of tea, so lovely, some delightful tea would be so nice. Shields are so boring, so inconvenient, so typical. I do hope Miriam can make it through the shield, for I have new things for her, new things, lovely things, dear sister."

Vincent looks over towards Belle, shaking his head, which sends cig ash flying. "Since when do they let kids fight..." He mutters, still eyeing the area.

Lina doesn't like what's going on. Good, a defensive barrier that can soak up alot of damage but where she's from that kind of thing really only buys you the time to catch your breath or think of a different way to execute the plan. Here, though, they're mucking with the thing trying to use it as a weapon. "Oh, no, I'm fine. Here!" She cups her hand and tosses a pale white wisp of light into the air, leaving it to hang and offer some additional illumination. At Zarek's muttering she snaps, "Foolish my ass! Keep it down or I'll nail that goofy hat to your head!" Pause. No, she could make a request for something but she's at least mostly sane! "Besides, you're bothering the others! Hey, you're not even listening...!"

The feedback manages to knock Caliga back, flying off into the distance. There is a loud crackle once more, as five seperate beings, who all are similar to Caliga slam into the shields, each one feeding in energy, all on seperate wavelengths. Caliga himself reappears, only to dive down and slam his hands into the top of the first shield, slowly starting to tear a hole in it. He glances towards Zarek, grinning slightly. "I know your creator, Z! And he's a really wacky guy!" Once the word 'Wacky' leaves Caliga's lips, the very bottom of Zarek's cane slips from the floor, causing the additional weight that was put on it to become subject to gravity.

Bishop frowns, "Alright, do a pulse, all directions and prepare the second shield! Modulate frequency on the second shield to our little surprise!" He motions to a droid, causing it to flip a switch activating an immense pulse, pushing the shield outwards as a second wave of energy comes from all around the cavern, pushing a wave if energy in towards the expanding shield. He turns to Belle, "It'll be ok, relax. Getting so tense isn't good for you. Watch the battle, use the Force and feel the flow of energy around us. A lightsaber won't help us in the situation, so be prepared in other ways." He smiles and then turns back towards Caliga, "Alright if anyone has any nice attacks or defenses that'll get our point across to Caliga, let me know so I can adapt it into a plan. Remember the goal isn't to try to kill him! He's too strong for that, lets just make sure he know Mei is protected!" He makes another sign to Tyler.

Mei's hand goes out, her hand hefting up, once she spots Zarek slipping, she pushes him back to his feet with levitation, and then for shits and giggles, a tea cup with tea floats infront of him. "The red head is an infamous sorceress." she called to Bishop, her weight moving a bit to move her arms so they are out of her sleeves on both sides, allowing more mobility.

Tyler nods, "Alright then." He sends a command signal to the droids in the turbolasers, each anti-capitalship grade turret aiming at Caliga. He monitors the readings and sighs, "The multiple wavelenght approach is tricky...I'll set up a device to set up 'pocket shields' at their point of attack!" He pulls several devices from his armor and reshapes them quickly.

Belle breaths and nods, putting her lightsaber away, breathing deeply. Vincent is right. As far as war goes, she is just a kid. She'll wait to see if Caliga breaks through the barriers closest to the group, and use her force power then.

Vincent looks over to the guy in charge. "Depends on if you can use a half-breed who can overcharge his guns to hit with the force of a 50 cal." He states, tossing the spent cig to the ground, while pulling out and lighting a second one.

Zarek was about to go down for a nice nap and everything! How convenient of mr. electricity to tuck Zarek in with such a nice gesture. His lurching forward is cut short however, thanks to Mei's quick thinking. Rocking back and forth on his heels akin to one of this punching dolls, he stops abruptly as the tea is offered, taking it up and moving to sit indian-style on the ground, his cane resting right beside him as he takes a sip "Oh how kind of you, miss snake, so kind to present it to me so swiftly. I must ask another favor, indeed two is too many, but I must. Do alert me when he breaks the shields, oh and indeed he shall. Such a foolish waste of time, so very silly. He should be dead, so very dead, and we must wait for his dead, so tiresome."

Lina makes a fist as she runs over the list of potential spells that she can use in a closed-in area... Not a great selection by any means! Being ignored by Zarek is annoying, to be sure, but she'll give him a boot on the tail about it later. Now, she has to get Mei, "Infamous?! Why does it always have to sound so bad?" Grumble. To the one starting to come through the shield, she points a finger and he may or may not notice as her astral aura flares up to be big, scary and all kinds of colorful, "Zelas Brid!" Crack! A beam of light leaps from her fingertips, aimed right for the breach in the shield. It's not her nastiest trick but it's strong enough against even a strong astral presence to hurt like a good punch to the face if nothing else!

Two more Caliga-clones appear, one on either side of the real one, as they start ripping into the shields as well, making the breach almost large enough for the real one to slip in. Hanging from their waists however, are two very large lightsaber hilts, almost as if they were challenging them to start firing the blasters. The real Caliga merely opens his mouth, letting loose a large beam of energy which collides with the beam of light heading towards him, causing a thick cloud of smoke to arise. He sticks his head through, grinning like The Maniac himself, screaming loudly, "HeReS JohNNy!"

The two massive waves of energy slam together, canceling out the first shield as Caliga sticks his head in. The clones are all annihalated in the wave of energy, but Bishop doesn't allow himself any rest as the second shield snaps into existance, "DAMNIT CALIGA! SHE'S OBVIOUSLY WELL DEFENDED! LEAVE!" He lets out a breath and turns to those gathered, "From here we can either go farther into the castle and hold our ground inside, or set up various forms of things to discourage him. Since I don't know what each of you can do, I'm willing to hear ideas." He looks at everyone once as he pulls back his hood.

Tyler sighs and sends a command to the first shield generator, causing the nanites to repair the shield quickly, maybe they could trap Caliga between the two shields. If a lightbulb could appear over someone's head, it would now, "Maybe there's a way we can trap him? Some kind of holding device?"

Belle runs a hand through her hair. "We could put the heavy fighters, like Bowler cap man, and Gun guy, out front and postion ourselves behind them. Attack him at once?" That much power attacking him at once should make him do something, right?

Skeeve returns to the scene of the defense, coming back after having checked in on Lakshmi, shaking his head lightly. "I'm not sure if we have anything capable of holding him for very long. Focusing fire might be a better idea."

Mei's ears twitches as she listens to the people. She eyes Skeeve, and leans over, kissing his cheek "Thank you." she whispered, her cheek rubbing his shoulder as she eyes Caliga's progress, her hands going out to move wide.. A strong magical amplify spell going off.

Zarek's tea sipping is cut short, his unsettling grin widening as he hears Caliga's finally arrived. "Ah Mr. Electricity is here, he is indeed. How useless, so futile. Now we shall begin the dying, oh the dying time has come. So long, so boring without it." He says, setting the cup of tea down, and becoming a blur, quite literally, spinning in a swift circle only to stop, his cane resting against his left hand, right hand on his bowler now, a stance wide open, and clearly unstable. But that's how Zarek likes to fight after all. "Hello, hello and goodbye Mr. Electricity. I am paid to kill you, and so I shall, so much blood, please do not scream too loudly, for the child is sleeping, so peaceful, so oblivious." Now whether the child is sleeping or not is up for debate.

A new arrival to this little get-together comes in the form of a dark brown colored reptilian figure. It is that of a humanoid iguana that has four arms and absolutely nothing but soft flesh to show for it. Yes, this one has no scales to speak of.

Devi peers from the top of the fight, her eyes taking everything in. She grins impishly, and settles in to watch the fight. Devi has no intention of actually joining the fun, but she does like to watch Teacher's father work.

The iguana's attention is grabbed by the words flowing about. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it allows this reptile a chance to approach to see what is going on. Is there a fight? Or is this just a show going on? What's the setting like, anyway?

As the first shield fails, and his clones are delt with, Caliga seems to smile brightly at this. "Oh? You've held me back this much? I guess I should get a little more serious.. But not to much." He holds out his left hand, placing it against the shield. The shield seems to crackle slightly as his right hand is extended behind him. He stares directly at Zarek, seemingly growing quite eager for this, as a large black vortex suddenly appears behind him. The energy he absorbs is immediatly sucked into this vortex, which seems to be pulling in quite a bit of the water as well. The energy checks in, but it doesn't check out. Of course, where its ending up, theres sure to be one drenched King of Hell..

Skeeve, as Caliga renews his attack, slowly draws his sword, and just looks down at Mei for a moment. He squeezes her shoulder, then turns his attention back to Caliga. "This is going to get messy... I hope you're not expecting the security deposit back."

Mei pauses "My barrier? You can get out of it, but he can't get in, instantly. You should be able to cast a spell through it." she yelled back, her hands moving to smooth down her kimono, the under layers of moon silk showing as she rights it. Her barrier spell is pretty basic. "He'll probably be through it quicker than the other though. He's a nasty. I would ... hesitate dishing any attacks that might kill your lovely payment provider who promised you a bonus if she lives.". She pats Skeeve and holds both hands to Skeeve's back, amplifying his magical ability and casting a haste spell on him. Something is whispered to Skeeve, althouth her face gives away that a little bit of the worry has left her. Not all of it. "Just remember, we're trying to repel, not kill." she reminded no one in particular.

Bishop motions for Mei and the Padawan to fall back, "Go ahead and fall back to the throne room, the shuttle is prepped but lets hope it doesn't come to that. Everyone else, lets just buy some time. Tyler, you go with Mei as well." Tyler nods and moves closer to Mei, "We'll wait till everyone is through and Caliga begins to travel through the castle proper, then we'll activate all the energy drainers to weaken him."

Mazurek, not knowing what is going on at the moment, heads over to the only one that he sees that is not involved in this. That someone would be Devi and he moves to join her to ask, "Pardon me, but what have I just swum into?"

Vincent stares and...grins. "How much time?" He asks rather plainly, spinning his guns a few times on his fingers before snapping his hands closed, surprisingly with the barrels aimed towards the ground, in complete readiness to fire.

Zarek grits his teeth eagerly, shifting the weight of his cane now. Gripping the hilt of his cane with his right hand and holding the body with his left... Similar to a person preparing to draw a sword. Curious. "Hurry up, do hurry, please hurry, I'm ever so bored in here, and this will be such nighmarish fun, so horrible, such pain I shall bring." Once again Zarek disappears into a blur of black and yellow, getting right up to the edge of the barrier, as close to Caliga as is possible, sitting on one knee as he rests both hands and his chin on the cane, as he waits. "Do hurry, yes, hurry do before the others interfere with my job. Other assassins, so pesky, such a burden. I may have to kill them as well."

Devi smiles as the Lizard swims up to her. "It would look like a fight. That guy there, Caliga? He's trying to get in, and those people don't want him to." ^_^

Belle stands there next to her friend, pushing against Caliga with all the force she can muster. Granted, it's -just- the force pushing against him, but Belle isn't trained enough to be more effective. Her eyes twitch as she tries to take in everyone's movements.

Lina decides she can't test Mei's barrier like that, especially not with Caliga directly attacking it now. So, rather than get too crazy she winds her thoughts around something else. She tries her warding spell, this one aimed in particular at Caliga's connection with Mei's shield rather than the attacker himself, "Flow break!" The idea is to, if not interrupt that connection, then to simply slow it down for a moment or two so she can wind up an actual attack to cover a retreat! And, unfortunately for Zarek, she catches just enough of his muttering to decide it wouldn't be a total loss if he got in the way when she finally -does- decide to nuke something.

Mazurek looks off in the direction that Devi indicates (somehow) to him. The gills along the side of his neck become more obvious from the side view. A nod is given before he asks another question, "What happens if he does get in? Who is he?"

Devi laughs. "He's a very naughty monkey. I don't know what'll happen, but that's the main reason I'm up here, and not down there. I have a feeling that this is just the floor show."

Mazurek smirks, one eyeridge rising, "That wasn't very helpful. Don't tell me you're usually the crytic one that forces others to try and decipher what you say?"

Devi says, "God no. But I don't know how else to tell it to ya, kid. Caliga is the naughty monkey trying to get in, those people don't want him to. I don't know what will happen if he gets in. Would you like for me to give you his life story in triplicate and in coil binding? It'll cost ya though."

Mei watches Skeeve, "Don't die. If you die I'll restore you to life and kill you." she warned, backing up to the door to open it, the thick door getting opened, her hands going into the sleeve as she waits for Belle and Tyler to go in, She looks at caliga with an annoyed face. "Just what the fuck is it you're up to old man.." she takes a deep breath and sighs, eyes closing for a brief second, "In you go." she grabs Belle by the belt and pushes her into the door way before slipping in herself, Tyler will know to close the door, afterall. Her kimono is fairly nice, afterall. "Belle, go pour water into the silver dish in the middle of the throne room." she called out, obviously planning on watching the fight from the relative safety.

Mazurek snort-chuckles with a shake of the head, "I'll pass on that. I don't have anything to pay anyone to start with. Well, unless the payment comes in the form of service and not some sort of monetary value."

As the shield suddenly dies down, Caliga's right foot blurs forward, aimed directly for Zarek's face. The vortex behind him closes, its purpose having been served. Of course, the ward Mei put up catches his foot, causing it to come to a complete stop. "Heh.." He phases backwards, then vanishes, appearing up next to Devi. "No selling my story. Unless you plan on a movie deal." He laughs loudly, divebombing down at the entrance, slamming into the ward with his full strength, causing it to splinter, then shatter violently, sending shards of pure magic fluttering through the air, disapating after a few moments. "It's showtime! Show me what you guys are made of! And remember, don't disapoint <3" He gives a thumbs up towards those left in the room, obviously making this more flashy then it deserves.

Bishop nods and takes a breath, his eyes closed, he opens them as Caliga enters into the shield. His green eyes flash as the water around him ripples and warps, causing a bubble of air to surround him. He focuses, his eyes closing as he focuses all of the Force energy into his body and then throws his palm out, releasing a massive Force push straight at Caliga, causing a massive wave of current on either side of it as it forces its way through the water.

Tyler closes the doors behind Mei and the others before taking off after them, checking his own camera feeds.

Mei watches Skeeve, "Don't die. If you die I'll restore you to life and kill you." she warned, backing up to the door to open it, the thick door getting opened, her hands going into the sleeve as she waits for Belle and Tyler to go in, She looks at caliga with an annoyed face. "Just what the fuck is it you're up to old man.." she takes a deep breath and sighs, eyes closing for a brief second, "In you go." she grabs Belle by the belt and pushes her into the door way before slipping in herself, Tyler will know to close the door, afterall. Her kimono is fairly nice, afterall. "Belle, go pour water into the silver dish in the middle of the throne room." she called out, obviously planning on watching the fight from the relative safety. ( THERE PROPER LOCALE.) Once in the throne room she's likely to sort of kneel on the floor and watch the silver tray

Mazurek rubs his muzzle a little when Caliga pops in beside them only to return to the field of battle, eying the...monkey?...inquisitively, "Huh. He doesn't seem all that bad if he just comes in here and returns down to them without doing a thing. I don't quite get who's on what...erm....side here."

Skeeve takes a deep breath, simply drawing in energy for now, and raising his sword up into a ready position. "One way or another, Caliga, you know this is going to end here." His blade starts to hum, with a light purple miasma, glances sideways at Mazurek for a moment. "It's all of us stick him."

Belle grinds her teeth, but allows herself to be pulled into the room. Quickly moving around, she fills the basin that Mei asked her. "God... I've turned into the cheerleader. SIS BOOM RA!"

Vincent growls as he see's the shield go down. He had expected it to last a bit longer than it did. Still, he raised his twin guns, started his channeling, and makes a note to be presice in his targetting, making it a point to diable before devistate.

Zarek's grin fades quickly... but only because of the barrier blocking it from truly hitting Zarek a good one. He does enjoy a good smack or two in the heat of a battle... Mostly because he can't feel anything. A zip away and Caliga is back, this time shattering the barrier. And now Zarek spins in a quick circle, moving into a standing stance as he does. All in the blink of an eye. "And now you die, dear sir, so dead, such fun, so quickly." A bit overconfident but can one be overconfident when they're clearly not all there? Whatever the case, Zarek moves to dash inches from Caliga if he can do so unimpeded... with full intent to draw the hidden shortsword of his cane from its now-escrima-stick-scabbard while simultaniously drawing the sharp end of the blade along Caliga's stomach. Y'know. Battojutsu at lightning speeds. He likes stuff like that.

Head-on! Apply directly to the forehead!

Lina knew that she wouldn't be left out here on her own with the Big Bad Man, though she didn't count on Skeeve being here too. Zarek, sure... but he's crazy and doesn't count, does he? She glances to Skeeve, "Well, if you two can keep him tied up for a little while I can do something, otherwise get that guy and clear out!" She stands by, undecided due to the possibility of causing dramatic collateral damage rather than the fun, comedic kind. Nevertheless, she's not gonna run just yet, as evidenced by her next little incantation that sets her four talismans aglow with multicolored light. Pretty!

As Bishop launches the 'Force Cannonball', Caliga suddenly vanishes when it would hit him, then reappears right where he was standing, allowing the force users attack to sail harmlessly throughout the ocean. The corpse man however, will be pleasently surprised as his target once again is missing from his line of sight, having bent backwards in a quite unnatural fashion, his left foot rocketing upwards towards Zarek's jaw as the target moves to do a handstand from his bent position. His body spins around, flipping into the air to land back onto his feet once again. "And to think, I'm even wearing such heavy armor.." He turns his gaze towards Skeeve, and winks. "I told you it'd be a man as handsome as a god, in black armor, didn't I?"

Mazurek headshakes, calling down to Skeeve, "I'm not going to join in a fight when I would be the only one that does not have any flashy power to throw around. I am a straight out brawler without any sort of special moves or whatever. If the big guy that was just up here would be wanting to duke it out with just natural weaponry, then I might be so inclined to join in."

Devi grins at Maz. "Well, even then, I'd still like to see it. I know what that man can do, it's not something to Sneeze at."

Skeeve just smirks a little, raising a hand to point at Caliga. "Yeah, I do see a certain resemblance to Haephestus, now that you mention it..." Letting himself float upwards a little on the current, he murmurs a quick word framed by bubbles, and a pale yellow beam lances out of his fingertip towards Caliga. Mazurek's reply slides by without comment.

Bishop eyes Caliga as he begins to call upon the force, this time going into a floating lotus position. The Force simply moves through the area, bolstering everyone fighting against Caliga, making them stronger and faster than they would normally be.

Mei's hands go together as Caliga is suddenly buffeted with pulses of water. coming directly from the citadel. It doesn't seem to be targetting anyone but Caliga.

Belle peers over the tray, watching the battle, her hands wringing together. "I hope this turns out alright. I'm sorry I wasn't any help Mei."

"Impressive speed..." Vincent says low, returning to his icy self again. He welcomes the increased speed and strength from the jedi, and locks his sights on Caliga's back, namely between the fourth and fifth vertibrea. Once lcoked, Vincent shows just how good a shot he is, firing off three rounds within seconds of each other. "You should be honored to be felled by the rounds of the helf-demon assassin."

Zarek is unmoved by the fact that Caliga has dodged his clever slash. It's a rather obvious one after all. Only the fat rich guys fall for that one in this day and age. Zarek however IS moved by the powerful kick to the jaw, sending the deceased assassin up.... however, as he flies up, he also spins. Either Caliga put some serious backspin on that kick or Zarek is taking his own initiative. A handstand is clever, but Zarek prefers a bit more style, landing on all fours akin to a crab, his head perking up as his grin widens (Albiet missing a coupla teeth now.) "Oh so clever you are indeed Mr. Electricity, so very very clever." He says, one hand gripping his shortsword as the other grips his weighted stick. And just like that, Zarek is springing up, once again a blur of speed as he pauses inches from his goal of drawing the sword against Caliga's face... Then, with speed that only the quickest of speedsters can muster, he turns in mid-motion in the opposite direction, cane-stick aimed for Caliga's gut. This also proves to be a feint as he finally spins about again, going full force to drive both blade and stick at Caliga's knees, sword on the right, cane on the left. He pays no mind to Vincent's bullets, even being reckless enough to let them hit him if he's in the way. Yeah he's crazy that way.

Mazurek finds himself turning his attention to Devi while the fight plays out below, "You'd still like to see what? If you're wanting a spar or something I can do that, though I have a feeling it wouldn't be right doing it right here, right now."

Lina picks up the pace with her own magic, holding her hands up, fingers outstretched as she skips over one of her favorite spells in lieu of something a bit more serious. Hoping she has time to be careful with this, she starts to chant, almost immediately having a visible effect as black lightning starts to pop and sizzle between her fingertips, "Lord of Dreams That Terrify; sword of cold and dark, free yourself from the heaven's bonds..." The energy or, upon even cursory inspection, lack thereof starts to take on an ovoid shape as it continues to coalesce. This one's gonna cost that girl! "Become one with my power, one with my body and let us walk the path of destruction together!" She grasps as if taking hold of a large hilt and the thing forms an irregular wavering blade of, literally, nothingness that she holds out in preparation to attack. She charges up and into the fray, then and swings it it a downward cleaving motion while trying to be -very- careful of everyone else nearby, "Ragna Blade!" Thanks for that speed boost! <3

Devi says, "No no, you against Him. I'd like to see how long you lasted." She arches an eyebrow and starts eating some popcorn. Yes it magically appeared in her lap and there is no explination for how it's not soaking wet.

Using the confusion from the undead assassin's attack, Caliga falls to the left, allowing the cane to strike at his knee. The sound of clanking metal fills the air, having moved his leg just enough to cause the allowing Caliga to roll backwards, dodging the oncoming bullets aimed towards him while a small yellow crystal rockets up from the ground, intercepting the magic launched at him from Skeeve. He takes a deep breath, noticing the on coming attack from Lina. He flips upwards into the air, before vanishing once again. When he reappears, he's standing atop Zarek's bowler hat, nodding his head. "All right. Bishop, thats enough. Anymore and I'll really have to stop holding back so much."

Bishop just states calmly as he uses the Force to increase the abilities of those around even further, "You tasked them with protecting Mei, they are doing so. As am I. I do not like to bring violence into it, but you're forcing it. You're in no danger, while we are in great danger. I think we've successfully proven to the best of our abilities we can defend her, and you've not really even entered the true heart of the spider's web."

Tyler sends the command to the droids handling the power siphon guns to train their sites onto Caliga.

Mei's weight lifts, moving to hug Belle, her ears twitching "I'm very sorry you had to be put in danger, Belle." she leans, kissing the other woman's cheek warmly and settling to lean a little bit, her weight moving to get a pot of tea. She soon serves Bell some tea, and sits back in her throne, watching the fight, her graceful poise showing.

Mazurek smirks even as he looks down to the popcorn that is suddenly there. He doesn't take any for himself, though, "If you're interested in that, perhaps you might be able to schedule such an encounter between the two of us? Yes, I know he is more powerful than I am, but that doesn't really matter to me."

Skeeve, despite the haste spell on him, seems to be biding his time, simply drawing in yet more magical energy from the surrounding environment. He raises his free hand again in Caliga's direction, and starts to chant his next spell. A swirling ball of energy starts to form, crackling lightly, but his spell isn't finished yet.

Belle nods and takes a cup of tea. "I just hope this ends well. Maybe he'll take Bishops word, and let it end."

Devi laughs. "I highly doubt Caliga has any room in his travels to listen to anything -I- have to say. You'll have to approach him yourself, I'm afraid."

Vincent stares, a bit shcoked. "He dodged it..." He says low. His face turns into a scowl, and he aims again, throwing targetting to the wind. "27 rounds left..." He says again, aiming to prove another part of his myth in his home...a wind of bullets.

Zarek isn't much against armor, after all. He relies on his speed, after all! Ah, the bullets are gone and gone. At least Zarek got a hit in "Oh ho, first blood to me, indeed it is, so very true." He sings cheerily.. even though blood wasn't drawn, he at least got the first actual HIT. Returning now to the present, Zarek doesn't bother to look up. Or even consider the fact that doing such a movie would be suicidal by normal means. Nope, Zarek steadies his shortsword and drives it up, through his own skull in an attempt to stab at Caliga's foot. Never trust the undead ones "Ah, a new hat, a new hat to my fees will be in order indeed, such a pretty new hat, not bloody, not messy." He somehow manages to mumble out, albiet a bit harder to understand with a sword in his skull. Don't try this at home, kids.

Mazurek chuckles, "Okay. I'll have to do that sometime, then. In fact..." He rises to his feet and goes to approach the perimeter of the battle, "Hey big guy! When you're done here, think we could go somewhere for a little match of our own?" Is he actually interrupting a fight just for this?

Devi says, "I'll warn you. He's got the power to wipe the street with your face...." One should always warn others of the danger that they will put themselves in. Devi cheers for the dead guy, and continues her watch.

Lina really put the ass into that swing! The black blade cleaves into the floor, tearing a great gash through it with almost no effort, which incidentally throws her off balance thanks to all that extra speed and power she was temporarily granted. "Ugh!" Rather than risk falling on the damn thing, she lets go and lets it dissipate while she gets her feet back under her. Clinging to it would have been a waste of energy and with Caliga now standing on the crazy guy... Grrk. She covers her mouth when he puts his own sword through his head. "Oh, just go get a shot at his foot...? And I thought I had a sensitive ego." She edges away, anyways, not so oblivious that she doesn't notice she's close to being in the line of fire. ... No, to hell with that. She flat ass runs to get under Vincent's aim and Skeeve's spell, whenever it may be coming!

"I've only gone up to serious level two, yay!" Caliga holds up his left hand, extending it out only to hold up the victory symbol. His body blurs as he starts dodging the bullets being fired at him atop Zarek's head, "If I were to go past level four, then you'd be pretty screwed. You don't even want to know what ten looks like." He starts laughing loudly, before vanishing, and reappearing next to the door thats guarding Mei, wincing slightly as Zarek shoves his sword through his own skull. "It seems I picked well, didn't I Cale?" His voice carries through the walls of the citadel, like they weren't even there. His form suddenly shifts, no longer being the man in the armor, but that of a teenaged boy in a red jacket. The teenaged boy reaches into his jacket, and pulls out a cigarette, which he then places between his lips. "Anyone got a light?"

Mazurek looks back toward Devi and grins, "Wiping the street with my face would only be half the fun! From what I've been able to see from watching this, the rest of the fun will be trying to figure out what he'll do next."

Devi laughs. "Well, I'll grant you that. But I'll pass myself. He'd beat the hell out of me."

Bishop opens his slightly as he senses something, he begins to chuckle, "Why don't you go right on in, Caliga. We'll show you how dedicated Mei's protectors are."

Mei's hands go down to the water suddenly. Mei seems to be breathing soft, her hands going to her knees if she sits down "I regret nothing." she mumbled, quietly, taking a sip of her tea before sleepily rubbing her eyes and yawning.

Skeeve, as Caliga reappears back near the doors to the keep proper, whirls in place and, with a wordless shout, casts the crackling sphere at the boy, the intense power of the magic evaporating the water that trails behind it as it arcs through the space between the mage and his target.

Vincent doesn't take the time to gawk as he missed. In truth, he half expected it. So instead he's slapping in two clips of more ammo. "how the hell is he doing that..." he growls lowly. He once again takes aim, but takes more time to match movements, and fire in anticipation.

Mazurek inclines his head toward Devi, "He'll beat that out of me as well." He then furrows his brow, "Or would that be into me in this case?" He shrugs and turns back around, watching to see what happens next and going so far as to rest a hand on the barrier keeping non-combatants out...if there even is one.

Zarek wastes little time in drawing the knife back out of his head. Hmm, no blood from the wound, although the sword is a bit bloodied up. A quick slash across the air to send the blood away and he's already charging at lighting speed for the door, arms at either side of him to guide the quick running assassin, not terribly caring if is sword (held out on his right arm) or his stick (left arm) clip anyone along the way. He's gotta kill that guy or he don't get paid. Well, not that he particularly CARES if she dies, but Miriam needs some new shtuff. Oh and he'll probably run out of magic and re-die again.

Lina manages to get out of the shooting and spell flinging unscathed, partly due to the fact that Caliga likes to pop around like he's been doing. Good! She stops when she gets a good look, recognition dawning on her face, "That little brat from the restaurant?!" She grabs her head and stomps a few times, "Felt me up and tried to stiff me with the bill! Bastard!" She holds out her hands, palms facing one another and a burning red orb forms between them, quickly coalescing as she prepares to hastily cast one of her signature spells, "Dragon slave!" Right in behind Skeeve's own attack, though... here comes Zarek, too. Too late to turn back now! The command words uttered, the sphere breaks apart and stabs outwards toward her intended target. Oh yes, it's going to boom loud and hard. Sorry!

Yay! Dragon Slave! This one is pretty fun. "HA!!" Caliga suddenly thrusts his right hand forward, causing a white orb of energy to fly forward, enveloping the two magic attacks flying towards him and merely negate them. He then mutters loudly as he looks towards the rapidly rushing assassin, his right hand suddenly glowing brightly. "All right. Enough. Z, your target's gone. You still get paid." He reaches into his jacket, pulling out a silver lighter which then uses to light the cigarette resting between his lips. "Why Bishop? So I can see my son standing on the otherside, charging his energy and ready to blast me?" He grumbles loudly, taking a long drag from the cigarette. "Fine, but I'm going to go in there in style." He reaches into his jacket, and pulls out a pair of sunglasses, that seem defy all logic and awesomeness. He places the sunglasses over his eyes, and opens the door, ready to face whatever is coming.

Devi's ear perk at that conversation, and she sits a bit higher to see if she can catch a glimpse of her illustrious teacher.

Cale_Satanas does indeed stand there, two fingers pointing straight at Caliga's face as a brilliant dot of energy forms. His form is shadowy, covered in a deep red aura that slowly coils about him, two glowing red eyes peer from the dark form the sharingan glarringly obvious. HIs power is oppressive and he's barely keeping it restrained. He stays there for just a moment before lowering his hand, "Nice call. I'd not want to break Muten Roshi's sunglasses." He grits his teeth before baring his fangs, "I may not know Mei or my sister, but I will not allow /YOU/ of all people to destroy another family. I've killed you before, asshole, and I'll make sure that others will be able to contain your power if you EVER threaten my sister's way of life again." He grips his fist so tightly that the pop is audible from his knuckles.

Devi grins impishly and gathers just outside of the firing range, as it were to hear this speech. More pop corn is shoved into her mouth, legs crossed over one another.

Bishop raises an eyebrow, "So that's his son. Interesting." He doesn't drop his boosting of those around him...just in case.

Mazurek actually follows Devi to where he can also see what will be happening next..

Mei takes a deep breath, shaking at the sound of somewhere nearby getting nailed. Those things tend to make things shake pretty bad afterall. Mei's hand goes up to her mouth. "I really hope she slept through that.." Mei mumbled, looking down the hallway suspiciously, as if slightly afraid. Out of nowhere a small black haired girl appears dreased in blue pajamas with little bunnies on them, a bunny hanging in her hand. In an agitated state the little girl screams "BEEEEEEEEEEEE QUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTT SLEEPIES TIMES!" And with that .. a gigantic.. huge enourmous, horror filled sight appears. Yes. Lakshmi has summoned a wave of very pissed off Cuccos and Cale and Caliga are in the way. Very in the way.

Vincent was about to shoot, but instead had a thought. From behind him would emerge two wings, bat-like in origin. Somewhere, a chior was singing, but yet it could be heard. He took aim again, and once again fired a full wind of bullets, 30 rounds of .45's in the air, and seeking out caliga.

Zarek comes to a dead halt as Caliga professes that his job is done, drawing a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the blood from the sword fully now. He slides the shortsword back into the stick, returning it to its cane status, just in time to be riddled with vincent's bullets, leaving sizable (And quite nasty looking too!) holes in the woul-be assassin, causing him to fall forward.... only to land in a laid out position on his side, not unlike someone about to take an afternoon nap. "Ahh, such easy work, indeed it is, so very easy, such child's play. I suppose I should take a bath, good water, lovely water, it soothes and re-energizes, yes, indeed it does, so comfortable, so energizing." Wow. Even if the fight's not over, it helps that you're also the guy who hired Zarek calling him off, doesn't it?

Lina looks on, rather angrily still... then eventually lets the jets cool. The spell didn't work, of -course- but it was good to let out some of the rage! And... pause. A child comes forth amidst all of the other goings on, along with swarms of... chickens? She doesn't stop to think about it and simply levitates herself off the floor and out of the way. Hopefully. "Who keeps chickens in a castle?" What kind of place -is- this?! These people are crazy!

"Blah blah blah." Caliga starts waving his hand dismisivly towards Cale, merely catching each bullet that tears through Zarek as it nears him. He then vanishes, and reappears next to Mei. "So. Yeah. You obviously got the wrong impression, as always Cale. But thats okay. I'll forgive you. Its what a parent does. They forgive the stupidity of their children." He leans forward, and whispers something into Mei's ear, before moving to kiss her forehead. "Nice job on stepping up to protect them. Even if it was from me. You're the last one I suspected to show, but hey. Thats what family does." He blinks as he watches the sadistic creatures flock towards them. "Yeah. Um." He vanishes and reappears behind Cale. "Quick! PROTECT ME! I BLEED EASILY!"

Cale_Satanas frowns as he hears the chickens, "WHere the hell are Goz and Mez?" He growls and grabs Caliga, "We're finishing this where it's safe." He waits just as the chickens over take them to snag a couple before teleporting Caliga and himself back to their home dimension.

Mei's cheeks pinken, just a bit. Before he leaves, Mei's hand goes up and quite firmly swings at Caliga's face. A slap! A girly slap, but a slap none the less before he leaves "How dare you needlessly put my friends in danger, or even me. You owe all of them except the redhead an apology." Lakshmi picks up a chicken moving to Mei, holding up the most likely inbred monster to show her "Look what I did. Joos ?" she asked, putting the chicken down before looking at the people gathered and yawning wide enough that her fangs show. Mei considers and holds out her hand, a red juice box forming and she hands to Lakshmi.

The red head? Belle hopes that its not her that's getting left out there... She didn't do anything wrong, right?

Wings....got to love them. Vincent uses this advantage and moves to get over the rushing horde of.....chickens!? "I should really charge double..." He says, dropping more empty clips, slapping new one's in, and light the third cig of the evening.

Zarek's break is cut short by an onslaught of very miffed chickens. "Oh my." is all Zarek has to say before the wall of angry cuccos envelop him.... Several chicken-related moments later, Zarek is no worse for the wear (Aside from a few scratches and pecks... But he had bullets in him moments ago, so he'll be fine! And a handful of feathers in each hand. "Oh, how delightful, so very nice, Miriam shall have a new feather pillow to go with it all, oh yes, so nice, so comfortable." He gibbers on and on for a bit, before sitting up slowly, once more going back to putting his weight onto his cane now "Dear miss snake, I shall go make use of your lovely pools, oh so lovely and soothing. Please do not die while I am in there, for I would no longer be paid, such a burden, so irritating."

Mei blinks a bit "Yes, help yourself, Do you want me to remove the blood from those feathers for you?" she asked, voice quiet. She reaches down, carefully picking up Lakshmi "Are you still sleepy?" she asked, pressing herself nose to nose with the tot, smiling warmly, "ah, Skeeve left you a present, did you find it?" she eyes Belle "Would you like to stay here tonight, you may borrow our guest room?" she asked, watching Zarek. She blushes, her ears twittering as she smiles, getting a little kiss from the toddler in her arm before she works on important business ; like that juice box.

Mazurek, with the fighting having ended, finally swims into the field to join the others. He is careful to avoid the chickens milling about, "That looked rather interesting, if I may say so."

Bishop drops to the ground and sighs. He goes to find Mei and Belle. He bows, "Seems we managed it...with a little help at least." He checks the padawan as much as Mei, "Are you two alright? How are you feeling?"

Belle smiles softly and makes sure everyone is ok. After making round among them, she sighs. "I'm tired, and I feel kinda sucky, but I'm ok." Patting Mei's shoulder, she says, "I'm going to go home. I'll be back in the morning to help clean up." She smiles saddly and takes her leave, quietly slipping back up to the Housing district.

Vincent lands on his feet sighing. "I definately should have asked for more..." He mutters, sliding his guns into their holsters. He dusts off the suit, and the wings vanish again.

Lina eveeeeeentually comes back down, peering around cautiously to make sure that he chickens are indeed cleared out. Good! Now, that that's settled... She's gonna have to go find Mei and shake her down for payment so she can get the hell outta here! First, to get the rest of her things~

Mei looks to Bishop, her head against Lakshmi's eyes squinting closed. "Relieved. A little woozy but relieved. vastly relieved." she offered. Lakshmi looks to Bishop and in greatting pats him on the face. with an open palm, being a bit more rough than intended. Its a happy warm greeting. Lakshmi pauses and waves bye-bye to Belle. Mei moves back, sitting in her chair to rest Lakshmi in her lap, petting her little girl. "Thank you, so much for helping me. I very much appreciate your kindness." she offered to Bishop, voice a little wavering in tone. Its genuine appreciation though.

As everyone starts to figure out their next plan, be it shake down Mei for money, or just go home, there is a blur, as Mei, Belle, and even Lina feel themselves get groped. Standing next to the door once again is Caliga, who waves cheerfully. "I'll see all of you later." He then vanishes yet again, going back to his own realm to have a talk with his son.

Mei seems oddly unreactive to getting groped. Probably Skeeve's fault.

Bishop nods, "Absolutely. It was my pleasure. If you need any monetary help I'd be happy to help you in that way too. I just need to figure out how to transfer credits into gold." His face darkens a bit as Caliga reappears, "He was very obviously toying with us...." HE sighs, "I'll be at the Enclave if you need to get in touch with me." He bows low and heads out to the meditation chamber at the enclave.

Mei ers a bit "Do you need some compensation to hold you over, Mister Bishop?" she asked, holding out her hand, "For helping me, and for Belle." she focuses, a small sack of gold appearing infront of Bishop, her expression cheerful and soft.

"Well, that was a nice little distraction..." Vincent mutters, but high enough for everyone still there to hear. He takes a few steps forward. "Oh yeah....that reminds me.....about my fee..."

Bishop stops and shakes his head, handing the gold back to Mei, "I'll be fine. I need very little. Thank you though." He offers a smile and then officially leaves the castle.

Tyler lets out a sigh, "Do you need me to stand guard with the droids tonight, Mei?"

Mazurek raises one hand, "I can guard if it isn't too much trouble. I need no payment."

Mei's hands draw the money back "I paid you ahead, dearest." she commented to Vincent. Who'd of thought the girl who runs around in worn out clothes, touching untouchables and healing the sick and injured of twisted had enough cash to never work another day? "No, Caliga was messing with us. If you'd like though, you're welcome to a shower and a guest room, There is soup in the refrigerator." she offered, leaning to watch Tyler "I'm sorry to of inconvinienced yoou so much." she offered, voice gentle and quiet. "You've all been so good to me, I appreciate it." Lina will most likely find an extra payment of 250 gold in her pocket with a thank you card on it.

Vincent shrugs. "Meh...can't say I didn't try to get an extra paycheck." He says, shrugging his shoulders. He then slowly strides out of the castle.

Mei smiles, giving Vincent an extra 250 gold via floating money bag. "Don't complain so much. I paid you handsomely to begin with." she offered, voice soft. Her fatigue is showing juuust a little bit as she slumps on her throne like a doll.

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