2009-06-10 (PreU) Delegation among ranks.

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Delegation among ranks.


Who: Devi, Felicity
When: June 10th, 2009
Where: The UR


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Devi is sitting at the bar, a beer in hand, her shoulders rocking to the music that is playing through out the UR. Looks like she's got beat. She sings softly along with it, her voice sweet and tender, the oppesate of what most would think of her. 3 shot glasses sit filled next to her, and it looks like she'll be getting to those in a minute.

Felicity poofs into existance. It's a new trick she's picked up along the way. The wide catlike smile across her face only shows just how proud she is of this relatively minor achievement in the 'mazoku' type world. Conveniently, she's poofed rather closeby to Devi. Perhaps it was the draw of her power that made it so. Whatever the case, Fee finds this no less amusing. She raises both brows on seeing the familiar woman. "Well well, how serendipitous. Such an unlikely meeting....Heavens! What is this sorry state you are in?" She is minimally concerned though she does so love to ham.

Devi turns her head slowly, although her body doesn't move to look at her. Her face brightens and one with a wuick mind could see emotions being shoved to the side. Devi answers with her own face-splitting grin. "Ah, the Victoran girl right?" Devi morphs into the small form of Allison. "Perhaps you'd be more comfortable with this form?" Her eyes glint, and she changed back. "Tough. So, what's the Master got you working on, Sweetcheeks?" She's avoided the question... and she's good at it.

There is a certain freedom in finding a kindred spirit. Up until today, she had no way of being certain if she'd only dreamed this all. Meeting with Blivy and now finding a supposed colleage cements this in mind. "Well,I am no more a victorian girl than you a child but you are not entirely mistaken. I WAS once that girl." She settles in at the table across from Devi and makes a reach for one of the girl's shots. "This and that," is her answer to the question.

Devi arches an eyebrow as Fee reaches towards her shot, but she says nothing, grabbing the other one, and shooting in it time with Fee. "This and that? Oh." Devi grins, and puts on a dramtic face. "Shall we be the underlings that battle for top spot? Oh! or we could despise each other so much that our plans fall through because we never belive in team work?!" She laughs. "Sorry, one to many bad movies."

Felicity nearly chokes on her shot but not from the strength of the chosen poison but from Devi's comments. She finds them humorous. Fee never expects anything but the best from herself so competition is not unheard of. She is no dunce, however. She knows quite well that others have been at this game longer so it is not at all in her best interest to strike up rivalries now. "Is that -all- you can think? I should think that there are much more provacative prospective bonds....." She leans across the table and waggles her brows for good measure. "You forget looooverrrsss" This is said in a completely unecessary French accent.

Devi laughs. "Well, no offence Fee, but unless you're sporting a cock under there..." She trails off, leaving it hanging. "I'm strait. And a virgin, though I don't think that that particular piece of information should be spread around. Who knows when this world will turn into High School." She shudders at the thought, two fingers coxing the Barkeep over and refilling the shots.

Felicity says, "Reeeally?" It would seem that the victorian young lady is actually surprised by this knowledge. Not that she expects every attractive lady to have crossed that bridge at once but at the same time, this land seems so much more liberal and given that at this point it doesn't matter at all, well. "REALLY, now? Well that -is- a shame. Perhaps some day you will see things differently. Men are not all they are cracked up to be, trust me on that. You may find yourself disappointed when the time comes. And don't waste your time waiting for the 'right one' either. You may as well wait for him to come astride a unicorn while he showers you with jewels and poetry. At any rate....I was only joking. You're not my type." She says this looking down her nose at Devi slightly and yet has the audacity to wink. "You. What is it YOU do for his great and terrible lordship?" Sarcasm remains a Felicity staple.

Devi arches her eyebrows. "This and that." She grins impishly, ignoring the pain that talking about Men bring her. "Actually, I do have my tasks.. Though I'm very busy to be able to finish all of them. You could help me out of a tight spot, perhaps?" She fingers the yellow crystal on her neck, tossing down a shot after her question.

Felicity doesn't ask if one of these is also for her. Either she assumes that it is or she simply does not care to ask permission. She takes it and drinks it down. She grins a little at Devi's reply. She should have expected that sort of thing and if anything it makes her like her a little more for having a cheeky side. "Help you?" She asks, quirking a brow high. "Whyever would you need help?" She's cautious here because trust is something that doesn't come easily. She's curious enough to ask, however. "What sort of help?"

Devi says, "Well, certain obligations have gotten into the way of my orders. And while I -could- fulfill them, I know that Oblivion has a taste for Flare. Something I can't afford to show. I'd be willing to make it worth the trouble, of course." She tilts her head at her Comrade, watching her reations to it.

Felicity says, "What obligations could you possibly have that are worth compromising orders?" Funny that even as Felicity says these words, she finds the irony in it herself. Why, half a year ago she would have spit on the idea of taking orders. However, powerplays are like chess and you must know how to advance in ranks smartly. Never bite the hand that feeds...until you can bite it and its twin off completely and right off the bone. "Nevermind. I don't care anyway. What are your orders and what have you to offer me?"

Devi says, "My obligations are my own, but the orders are to make Mei's life bothersome, without harming her or her child." Her hand rolls out from her wrist. "And because this is the first thing I've asked from you, I will let you pick what you will, within reason and power, for your payment. Not only do I have an assortment of Magical Items that will give you an edge on things you can't or don't know how to do, I can also offer to teach you whatever you like, assuming I know it, of course. Which, after training with Teacher and Oblivion, isn't much of a small amount."

Felicity blinks a couple of times and then laughs, "To make Mei's life difficult? Is that all? Seems a pointless endeavor. Has he really enlisted you to such a thing? Oh very well. It so happens that shant be a problem. I've been working closely with Mei for some time now so it is little distraction from my own work. Very well. I shall help you. I agree to your terms. However, I should like to say that I withold my request until a time in which I deem it necessary. You will be in my debt."

Devi nods. "So long as we agree the price is within reason. There are some things I will not, or can not give. I do not want to get trapped in a debt that I can't or won't repay."

Felicity says, "Naturally. I would not hold you to unreasonable expectations. All's fair. We can assume that all pay shall be equal to the work. I am not one to waste a happy alliance. However....if I am to find that you have pulled me into something far more complex than what you have led me to believe...Expect the demands to be met on equal terms."

Devi nods. "That is fair. But I will warn you. Mei has powerful people protecting her. And I'm not just talking about Skeeve. Caliga, and Cale, Caliga's son and Lakshmi's half brother. Cale is my Teacher, and will wipe the floor with you and I. But he is fair, and reasonable, and pray that you never cross paths as either's opponents. Either way, you should be able to slip around them, so long as Mei and the child don't come to harm." She looks VERY VERY serious.

Felicity nods and seems to understand. "I've been in this place long enough to know that I am not at the very top of the food chain, dear lady. Also, I should say that I stand to gain nothing from Mei or her child's demise. To be sure, they will be properly rattled but relatively unharmed, as it should be. Do not worry. She trusts me. Many of her friends trust me. We are, after all, friends."

Devi shakes her head. "Not relitivly unharmed. One hair on their head -must not be harmed-. Perhaps you undersestimate the repercussions of that action. I don't mean to sound like a broken record, not at all love, but Caliga and Cale will fuck you up. While Caliga cares for the both of them, Cale cares only for the child. Last thing I want is both Teacher and Master bitching at me, and utterly destroying my mind." She takes one last shot. "Thank you, for taking this from me. I think our Master will be pleased, yes?"

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