2009-06-30 (PreU) Succubus at work. Move along!

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Succubus at work. Move along!

Summary: Warning : Log contains flirty and generally awkward come ons. If the idea of this bothers you, go on ahead and skip this log.

Who: Hrist, Lina_Inverse, Morrigan, Skutters
When: June 30th,2009
Where: The Usual Restaurant, Aensland Castle

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The Usual Restaurant You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Morrigan is.. as ever, sitting on the bar, drinking a mug of something, legs folded very neatly. Actually, given her profile she could get mistaken for someone else, she however is amused, her fingers running along her mug, amusedly. Men are most likely starring at her, its pretty normal.

Lina happens to be on her way in! Again! She's always -just- coming into this place, always jingling with freshly looted coin and smug as she could possibly be. Another good day, a whole lot of really loaded outlaws down and no longer anyone's problem! ... She's probably not making friends in Hell with all the paperwork she's probably causing! Aaaanyways, she nudges the door open with her boot, spying around and almomst choking at the sight of someone sitting on the bar that looks like...! Wait, no, that's not her. Oh thank god! Completely relaxed at such great news, she saunters on in and decides to take a table nearby so she can bunch her money-laden cloak around her body and hug it. Money! <3

Morrigan watches Lina, creepily for a moment, somewhat floating to sit beside Lina "Ah gold gold. THAT kind of human." with agile, nimble fingers she flicks her wrist, holding up one of Lina's money bags, grinning lopsidedly. She examines the amount "Ach about a thirty pounds. Good haul I suppose." she holds her hand out to very gently offer it back.

Lina gradually starts noticing that stare. She doesn't even have to look to know something's up, even when she looks up at you as you sit, "Wh- What are you on about?" Tch! Great! Some kind of demon. Wait a minute! She snaps back up to her feet and tries to plant a punch square to the top of Morrigan's head before taking back her money! "Hmph! Damn right it's a good hall! What the hell do you think you're doing putting your hands on it anyway?!" She drops the bag into a more jingle-proof pocket. One that won't give anyone a chance to fool around with it again. "Who the hell are you?" Peer.

Morrigan's reaction is to dip out of the punch and plant a hand on the table, her leg swiftly kicking out at Lina. Afterall, Lina threw a punch! Morrigan is fast, nastily fast afterall. She plants a hand to her breasts, rolling away so she doesn't jiggle out of her top. "Ach. I'm Morrigan Aensland, Queen of Makai, general trouble maker. And who the hell are you?"

Lina oof! That's something she's not used to! Taking a swift kick anywhere when she swings at someone...! She slides a couple of steps back with the blow, at least keeping herself from being winded. "You put hands on -my- money and have the nerve to ask who the hell -I- am?" She points, apparently unfazed by your apparent speed. "Good to know. Lina Inverse. Makai eh?" Hnf. Leave it to bimbos like that to brag about that kind of thing, "Cause trouble all you want. Just keep your damn grubby hands off of my money you cow!" Biih!

Morrigan blinks "Why would I want your money? Its a material posession." she grins, taking a moment to split in two and dart for Lina's cape "Although if a child like you is looking for a lesson, I'd be more than happy to hand it over to you. I like you. You're interesting!" And with that Morrigan's fist is swung at Lina. Yes she likes Lina so she's trying to clobber her. Well.. Its uh.. Scottish for Hello!

What's this? Now there's... two... Shit! She scrambles back a few more steps, not sure what the hell is going on anymore other than she probably ought to defend herself. Still, two...! She's only going to have time to attack one! She swings an arm up from her side and shouts, "Dil Brand!" The floor immediately before one of the rushing Morrigans explodes upwards! It's a -mostly- low damage spell, though, so it should slow the charge down or stop it but not much else. She can't keep up with both, though and turns to try and slip in a desperate dodge but... still winds up with a fist in her already tender gut. "Like me my ass...!" She manages to groan out before thudding to the floor. >_< She's hurting, sure... but it's apparent that she's more pissed now than anything!

Morrigan guhs and reattaches by herself at the spell, her hands going together. "You've got some damn impressive skills." Morrigan does however thoughtfully hold out an icepack at Lina, grinning. She smiles a bit " You could be faster, girl. Well you're not a girl, you're an adult, and a sorceress. So rare in the human world." she commented, taking out a small bag of coin from her breasts. She offers it to Lina "Let me buy you a drink, You could, with a bit of work, rank as an S class human.. not the best, but you could definantly work your way through A class, B class, and C class demons.. Possibly with luck an S-class like me... " she murmured thoughtfully.. "But you'd really be working off high level spells if I'm not mistaken."

Lina grunts as she crawls to all fours after that. Oh damn...! She looks up at you with renewed curiosity, especially as she sees that you're holding an ice pack? She swipes it, stands and holds it up to her stomach while she kind of indignantly struggles to get her breath back in order for a few moments longer. This leaves you plenty of time to talk her up without her interjecting. Then finally, after she works a bit of minor healing magic, "What the hell is that? I like you- And then... You attack me?" She glances to the smoking hole in the floor, "So you are a demon..." Hnf. "Listen, I don't usually go picking fights with demons, mazoku... whatever you prefer to be called around here. I kill them when I need to and avoid the ones I can't." She sits again, looking up at the money pouch you'd offered, then calls up, "Hey! You!" She scoops up a salt shaker and bounces it off the can of a skutter that's lifting some woman's skirt. "Get your ass over here! We're ordering!" Hmm? Oh, "Yeah, high level... You're not kidding. That spell I used is about the most minor of the minor. Probably the simplest earth spell I know."

Morrigan snorts a bit "I really would prefer not to find out if you could kill me, but don't ever throw a fist at a darkstalker. Its bad for your body." she settles down, "Ya do know they don't have asses, yes?" she murmured, properly offering her hand to Lina. " Morrigan Aensland. Owner of the big castle in the residential area." she offered. "Queen of Makai, bored as hell succubus." she chuckled out, eying the lifted skirt to flick her finger at, sending a thread at it to yank the skirt up higher.. "Ehg.. cellulite.. .. 6/10." she mumbled, dropping it. "Tch."

Lina holds her hands up, "Hey, listen. I've kind of got a no-terms truce with the demons from my world. They mostly stay out of my way and I don't have much reason to interfere with them lately. Well, not since I wound up here at any rate. Ah..." She deadpans at you. "Of course not. It's a..." My word. "Yeah? Well I don't own anything here and it doesn't bother me at all! If I did, I'd have to sit around making sure it doesn't get.. yeah. Lina Inverse." Succubus huh? Guess that explains the udders. =_= And the uh... She watches as you lift that skirt -more-, a look of horror on her face. "Wh-what are you...!"

Morrigan blinks a bit "I told you. I'm bored and beinig a pervert is damn amusin'." she watches Lina "Bet you'd love to hve all the money in the world. Or maybe its power that gets you off. Or maybe you're like me and enjoy strong, dim witted men." she teased, taking a moment "Another Red Wine, and two mugs of ale. whatever the girl wants. She's with me today." she muses aloud. "You ever thought about bounty hunting ?"

Lina stares at you very dumbly. She just doesn't get it. "I don't think I've ever..." Hmph! "Half the fun of having money is getting it in the first place! Hff!" Even if she loses a good portion of her spending money to the various hazards of being herself~ "Power? I've got about enough of that, I think, I..." Kgh! "N-now wait just a second! What do you mean..." That there's the truest thing Morrigan's said to her yet! "Whatever your best stout is~!" She considers you at that, looking up. "Bounty hunting? Well, I have kind of done that. It's so much work though." She lounges in her chair, putting boots up on the chair opposite her. Clearly, not always the most eager to run around and work hard.

Morrigan chuckles "You should try darkstalking. You'd be good at it." she reaches over, tilting Lina's chin. "You've got a killer instinct bout you. and you're damn strong I can tell. You took a punch from me and didn't fall over." she offered, casually. "Ya got skill kid. a lotta skill. Trust me. You could be a threat to an s-class if you learned a few tips and tricks." she gently taps Lina's chin with her fist, not attacking this time.

Lina looks confused, "What's that supposed to be? Do I -look- like some kind of freak burglar or a ninja?" She flails when she gets chin tilted, not something she'll probably ever get used to- It's kind of disruptive to the conversation, too! "Kgha! You knocked the wind out of me didn't you?!" She just... This kind of conversation totally has her off balance. How is she supposed to react to someone praising her for that kinda stuff?! Then the light tap on her chin. She explodes! "Stop treating me like a little kid! I hate it when people patronize me like that!" After her outburst she yawns, "Y'know, I should probably get some shut eye. Sorry about leaving you hanging~ And if you were wanting to pay me to do something, look me up. There's bound to be someone somewhere keeping an eye on me." With that she gets up, favoring her stomach just a tiiiny bit so she doesn't look like a total wimp. With that she turns toward te door and starts marching, tossing a wave over her shoulder.

Morrigan eyes Lina.. "Would you rather I hit on you?" she asked, laughing She leans back, drinking her drinks and settling in. She reaches out, once Lina is standing and attempts, heartily to slap her on the ass, a goofy grin showing on her face..

Lina isn't even slightly creeped out by Morrigan. Something about that woman is far, far more wrong than any Mazoku she's ever dealt with. Even the pratical jokers like Xellos. She goes a little blue in the face and starts to hurry... then the smack on her ass makes her bolt like a jumpy horse. "Waaaaah!" Zoom~!

So, after all that Morrigan's been discussing and left alone the moments of quiet are disturbed as the doors open up revealing someone else wandering into the UR, and who is this someone? A girl named Hrist, who looks about in mild interest taking in whoever may be about tonight.

Morrigan's taking sweet time to take big glubs of something, camly watching as she lifts a hand to wave hello. Her arms shifting as she wraps her arms around a beer mug.

Hrist pauses seeing the other person in the resteraunt, raising her own hand up to wave back looking to morrigan with a bit less veiled curiosity, before nodding to something, and slipping hands in her pockets, looking for a palce to seat herself.

Morrigan pats the seat behind her her boot heel, her legs refolding as she takes a deep draw of her mug. Her accent rises when she sings. "By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes, Where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond Where me and my true love were ever wont to gae, On the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond."

Hrist quirks an eyebrow at that, reaching up to press a button on the visor, the blue crystal covering her eyes dissappearing, moving to take the offered seat, "Interesting song. Not familiar with it." Looking Morrigan over a bit more closely now.

Morrigan's lips purse into a grin "Its a damn famous human song.." she rises back up. "Oh! Ye'll take the high road, and I'll take the low road, And I'll be in Scotland afore ye, But me and my true love will never meet again, On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond." she sang out, pausing a bit "S'with the eyes. ain' never seen a succubus before?"

Hrist smirks, "Famous Human song? Perhaps where you'd from. Never heard it before." a shrug as she looked to one of the skutters, "Mead please." before leaning back, "I've seen some, but they were a bit less...human looking than you were, so it makes me curious."

Morrigan leans over, quietly breasts right out in the open "Well what do you want to examine, misseh?" she asked, lopsidedly grinning and taking another gulp of her ale, her grin showing as she blows a small kiss at ya goofily.

Hrist tilts her head a bit, "Now...are you a little tipsy? Or are you playing with me hmmm?" She leans back tapping her chin, "And I doubt the propreitor would enjoy a thorough examination..."

Morrigan chuckles a bit "I do believe I'm messing with you, girl." she pauses, her hands going behind her, curves showing as she presses in cleavage laughing "oho, what kinda examination would that be...?" she reaches over stroking the other woman's cheek with a grin.

Hrist hmms, "I gathered." she leaned into the hand, letting Morrigan stroke her cheek before leaning in, "Well, clearly clothes would get in the way of a thorough examination of the body, and perhaps bloodsamples to determine DNA and mystical tests to determine why you look so human."

Morrigan snorts a bit "Because I'm a S-class Succubus?" she offered, she pauses a bit "Although if its for science I suppose I could take you to my laboratory. It could be fun." she laughed out, her expression calm and warm.

Hrist says, "Well, you see most Succubus I've met look much more touched by their darker aspects...even the S-class ones." another eyebrow quirk, "And you're certain bringing a stranger to your lab is a good idea? I could be quite dangerous if I knew where such a secure place would be..." she winked before accepting her own mug from the skutter, lifting it to her lips./

Morrigan snorts a bit "I'm quite sure I can handle you, girly. Besides. There's two of me you know, always watching, waiting.." she winks, grinning a bit oddly as she shifts over. "Besides, do I look like a woman interested in science?" she asked, her arms wrapping an arm over Hrist, casually, taking her glass of wine now, well it changed, must be the twisted effect, to sip upon it. "If it'll amuse you, I'd be more than happy to let you see ll you'd like to see."

Hrist hmms, "I don't know many succubi interested in science." she winks, "And I'd be curious to know who would get more amusement out of what you suggest." she leaned in conspiratously, "An upstanding member of Jurgand like myself flirting with a non-human? It's be quite a scandal."

Morrigan snorts a bit "Whats wrong with being non human? I'm a damned queen." she murmured, snorting in amusement. "Now I'm amused. A pretty girl like you, interested in women. Quite a rare thing." she chuckles, her body changing into her human disquise, a white blouse, red slacks, high heels, gratuituous cleavage. A few bats clinging to her shoulder, and cleavage. "So.. my darling, why would it be a scandal?"

Hrist shrugged, "In a way I'm already a social pariah. We isolated ourselves from the world centuries ago to keep ourselves supposedly 'clean' of supernatural aspects getting into the gene pool." another sip of the mead, not seeming to note the sudden change, "Of course, then they started splicing all kinds of things in to make each member of our society specialists in some area or another. Me? I'm meant to be a field operative, so I look pretty normal for the most part."

Morrigan snorts. "Why not come work for me then?" she asked, grinning lopsidedly "Its good diplomacy to stay in the good graces of royalty afterall." she shifts her chair to wrap her arm around Hrists' shoulders. "And if you think I'm shy about being nude, yer a damned fool, lovely." she grins, poking Hrist firmly in the chest, laughing cheerfully.

Hrist says, "Oh really?" she laughs a bit, "I'm not sure. Aside from...the nudity what would the benefits be of such employment? If you don't mind my asking." she doesn't seem uncomfortable in the least.

Morrigan mms a little "Payment, lodging, nice comfortable beds, ye know.. a library.. a dungeon, if you're into that sort of thing.. an active garrison, and guards. You'll never suffer an attack in the night at my castle poppet." she murmured, grinning. "I seem to collect highly intelligent women and house them."

Hrist leans back in her seat thoughtfully, closing her eyes, "Protection isn't so much an issue...nor is money. But then, born and raised so it gets a bit boring to do the same routine over and over...."

Morrigan chuckles a bit "Why not come and see if you like the atmosphere, now that I have none of Makai to upset, I strive to surround myself with interesting people." she whispered, rubbing her cheek on the stranger's shoulder, chuckling, warmly.

Hrist cracks her eyes open at the nuzzling, "I don't think that could hurt. A simple peek, and perhaps a decision then..." She looked down to Morrigan smiling a bit.

Morrigan claps her hands "Good, because I survive on being stimulated." she taps her head. "Not so much the other way." she sits up. "Aensland castle, its not far off, I can take you there anytime, poppet."

Hrist says, "Well...now's as good a time as any...or at least, once I finish my drink." she takes another gulp, "Since I've not been given any new orders tonight..."

Morrigan ohos. "I Don't think you'll regret working for me if you choose to. I'm suprisingly well mannered, Miss..." she pauses.. "Your name again for me?"

Hrist says, "Hrist. We don't have last names, so, just Hrist will do." she then offered a hand, "And your name Queen Mystery?"

Morrigan chuckles a bit, taking the hand, turning it to kiss the knuckles politely. "Morrigan Aensland, Queen of Makai." she offered, chuckling as she takes note of the name, very gently lifting the woman up to raise on her wings, soon in the skanky black number, effortlessly zipping out!

[Aensland Castle] Approaching The moon hangs low and bright in the sky at all hours of the day. A forbidding dark stone arch is raised with a gargoyle leering down at you at the base of the hill. A wall prevents simply waltzing around it. The road is rocky and remniscent of the Scottish highlands. The castle, if one can call it that is two joined structures. The first, the portion you enter, is a classic circular citadel. The center appears to have a total of three towes within it. Splitting the two structures is a bubbling black body of water with a swift current. The bridge between the two. is high towards the smaller structure. The base is a giant grinning skull. A pointed tower rises from the base.

Hrist followed, glancing down as she was lead by the hand, then back up to Morrigan, before they arrived before the castle. Gazing up and letting out a whistle, "Certainly a home fit for a Queen." Morrigan grins and leads her in, further, deeper, her grin showing as she draws her friend in. "Of course." she whispered.

[Aensland Castle] Main Citadel The main Citadel. Archers' dummies are set up, showing much use. The wall around the citadel is loaded with perpetually marching demon archers. One would assume any assailant would be laid waste to fairly quick should they stumble in. In times of peace there is general activity occuring here, places to rest horses, or other rides. Up to the size of your avergage dragon! Livestock ocassionally is about, obviously to feed those within the castle. Now, the main towers start as one tower and simply bridge off, over the entrance to the main hall is a large banner with the Aensland Crest. A portcullis is inplace for infront of the great hall's large heavy metallic doors. Towards the bridge is another Portcullis.

Hrist says, "And quite the active troops...are they just to keep trouble out? Or in too?" she teases, reaching up to once more cause the visor to appear.

Morrigan mms a little bit.. "Oh they're here because they came with me." she offered. "We appeared here during the Magijen incident.. well after it I suppose. I'm not sure what Jedah Dohma is up to. Lord Dohma .. is very powerful." she murmured, quietly, unaware he'd been beatten.

Hrist says, "I am quite unfamilair with the events here...I've been trying to learn all of what I can about it myself." a shrug. Looking about, "But it certainlly seems a bit archaic...no offense."

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