2009-07-13 (PreU) When two of the same world power meet.

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When two of the same world power meet.

Summary: So, two people are bored.. What do they do? Fight and then go grub together. It's the stuff friendship is made of right?

Who: Alessandra, Devi, Lina_Inverse, Morrigan
When: July 13th, 2009

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(OOC Note: The scene was done in 2 incriments 12 days apart, so Morrigan and Alessandra kinda poofed away there.)

What's someone like Lina do when she's not out Doing Her Thing? Sometimes, she gets really contemplative. She sometimes devises new horrible spells to hurl upon her enemies and others... she just lazily sits about and stares up at nothing in particular out of sheer willpower crushing boredom. Poor thing! She hasn't had a decent bit of excitement for a couple of weeks, at least! At this point she'd almost prefer someone like Felicity or Naga or anyone came along to be a bother!

Ah, how sweet. 2 beings tired of being bored out of their mind. Devi D sits on a tree branch, her foot idling swinging back and forth. The new tattoo on her back is healing nicly and will stay on her even if she drops the Mazuko power to camp out on the Asteral plane. Since getting back from Lessons with Teacher, Devi's been going out of her mind. She's not a hermit anymore, and craves some kind of action. What's the use of having the power to destroy a planet if she can't even get a decent work out? "Shit." She sighs heavily.

Lina looks up at the tree that just said 'Shit.' and squints 'till she sees... Oh. "Shit." She echoes, though she's a bit less enthusiastic about it. "Really. How is it that you people always find me no matter where I go and try to relax?!" Well, at least she's too comfortable to really do more than complain a little and make her presence known.

Devi rolls an eye downward, eyebrow shot up in suprize. "I -must- be getting slow. I usually notice people around." She rolls off the limb and falls on her feet, hands thrust in her pockets. "I'm bored, Lina, will you entertain me?"

Lina waves a hand about in the air, closing her eyes, "It's still hot and I don't feel like it. Besides, what the hell do I look like?" Clearly, she's none too concerned with your boredom. That's probably a shame, since someone's bound to do something to spark some kind of special effects from her. It always happens. Currently, the arrangement of bodies is as follows: Lina is kinda stretched out on a bench. She's seated 'properly' so that someone else could sit too, though she's slouching horribly and her crossed feet are blocking the walk in front of her. Or at least part of it. Devi is nearby, hands in her pockets, addressing Lina. (For Alessandra's benefit!)

Devi oocly nods, her palms turned outward and fingers wiggling. As she drops back into IC, she smirks. "Well, you look like a little kid with no chest to speak of, but I'm sure you don't want me going into that." She wiggles her eyes, hands twitching in her pocket. Bright green eyes sparkle at her new mark, even if it is just for fun, Devi is hoping to set her off.

Lina twitches at the outright insult. Although, rather than respond with screaming and unintelligible ranting she points her right index finger at you, "Dil Brand~" Ever so casually named off! Then the earth at Devi's feet gleams briefly and explodes! The average person is almost guaranteed to be tossed into the air and roughed up pretty good but it's hardly a serious lethal spell. Just one of her casual 'spank rays' that she doesn't mind using when it's hot outside!

Devi is launched upwards as the ground goes boom, hovering at the peak of the blast, coughing and dusting off her clothes. She cackles and points her finger back at Lina, not bothering with her words. The bench under Lina's bum starts smoking as she superheats the stone, stopping the rising tempature and holding it before the bench shatters. "Not to shabby! I really should have picked a fight with you sooner, I think this'll be fun!" She sounds WAY to happy to be doing this.

The conversation doesn't go unnoticed. From the path, a young woman cautiously ventures forward, her green eyes focussed on the two girls. Mentally, she assesses the situation, noticing the stance of both women, and chooses to err on the side of caution. And for good reason, too! First, there's an explosion. Then a floating lady! Then the bench starts smoking! "..." Keeping a safe distance, Alessandra stops, and sits on the ground, hugging her knees. This is insane...and so cool at the same time.

Lina wasn't quite arrogant enough to assume the matter was concluded, though she did kind of mean that little 'toss' of a spell as a kind of painfully dismissive gesture! The bench under her heats suddenly, she starts to react... then she's dumped onto her ass as the whole thing shatters! She looks up, eyes wide and alert, "You just -had- to piss me off! Burst Rondo!" Lots of pretty, bright and more importantly dazzling little pops and explosions fill the air! Mostly harmless but very difficult to see in! Meanwhile, she picks herself up off the ground and starts wondering how seriously to take this!

Devi flashes next to Al, grinning impishly as she lets Lina think. She doesn't want to hurt her, just get a good work out, so it's best to let her think it out. "Here. You might get thirsty." A bottle of Aquafina and a box of Popcorn appear as Devi vanishes to take her proper spot back in Lina's cloud of Don't See. "BWAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE COPPER!" Once the air clears from Lina's smoke, Devi'll be wearing a pinstripe suit and matching Fedora.

Lina isn't deaf! She hears Devi from over in the bushes, starts to fling a fireball... Only to see someone holding a bottle and popcorn? Her face goes totally deadpan and stays that way when she looks up. "For being so powerful you're pretty dumb. Tch." She makes a grouchy face and points, "I dunno what you're playing at trying to pick a fight and not even taking it serious." Not that she's really serious. She's fanning her face with the corner of her cape!

Devi pouts. "Aw, you weren't supposed to see. Ruin my attempt to make you feel good about this." She pouts and sighs. "Ah well.." She smirks slyly and poofs down to sling an arm around Lina's shoulders if she doesn't move out the way. "I'll take you mostly seriously, does that make you feel better?" She honestly thinks she doin a nice thing there!

"Well how's this for entertainment...who needs TV?" Alessandra grins, getting a bit more comfortable in her spot in the grass, at a fairly safe distance. Now she has to decide who to ask for training when this is over. She's already had Skeeve teaching her a bit of magic. She could learn faster with more teachers, perhaps. The girl in the pimp suit is pretty awesome, but somewhat...strange. The one who looks like a kid seems like a more likely candidate, she seems a bit more...approachable? She'll see once this fight ends.

Lina doesn't move! In fact, she uses it as an opportunity to try and loop her own arm around Devi's neck and yank her down into a surprisingly strong headlock. "You're kidding, right?" If she manages the headlock, expect her to grind her knuckles against scalp. "I've dealt with things that would eat you and all your friends for breakfast." Perhaps it's an exaggeration...? Then she goes to violently shaking Devi if, again, she's allowed to pull off headlockings. "And YOU EXPECT ME TO TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY WHEN YOU KEEP THIS UP?" She calms, "I want to kick your ass, sure. Only problem is you just aren't threatening enough." Then she lets go. Ooooooh.

Devi cackles as she allows Lina to move through thr motions, even going so far as to let the noggies get done. Once Lina lets go however, Devi seems to shift, her body position getting tense and obviously serious. "You have no idea what I'm capable of, Lina. And while I could beat your ass into a bloody pulp...." She shifts back, loose and normal. "Teacher would skin me alive!" ^_^ She smiles and her hands start glowing as tiny balls form in her palms. "Should I show you? Eh?" She laughs lightly, and releases her energy balls, both of them hitting at Lina's feet, melting through the concrete. She makes it a point that she doesn't hit Lina though. "Should I get serious and show you how threatening I can be?"

Alessandra is sitting in the grass a safe distance away, playing spectator to the fight. She's even pulled a bag of snacks out of her purse, and is munching on them while she watches. She seems extremely entertained...just so long as she stays out of harm's way, at least.

Morrigan poofs herself to Alessandra and rather inappropriately bends over so she's face to face with Alessandra.. "Hello there little girl.. A piece of candy?" she extendds a perfectly wrapped lollipop that has a bat emblem on it! "Oho no you're a woman.." she bends herself over a little more and grins, offering the lollipop again! "Its delicious, take it kid!" light poke with the candy device is applied.

Lina aha. It's coming out! "Maybe you're right. Maybe I'm not that keen." She lifts her shoulders in a bit of a shrug, "So you can't go all out on me because of someone else?" That's a little confusing but eh. "Sounds like your problem, not mine." Then comes the inevitable display of power, which results in the concrete before her getting some holes put in it. "Well, if you really want a fight you aren't going to get it by ruining the park~"

Alessandra blinks, backing away from Morrigan just a bit, her gaze switching from the weird bat lady to the lollipop. She lifts a hand in a 'stop' motion, shaking her head. "I don't eat candy, as a rule. Not very good for your health, and I was never that into sweets." She smiles at Morrigan. "You have nice hair. And those wings are pretty cool, too." She smiles. "I was just watching the fight over there...it's pretty cool. You can sit and watch too, if you like!"

Morrigan snorts "Without sweets you'll stay a flat, boring little tart." she offered, quietly, her ears twittering a bit "Humans. pft." she flops back, her ears flicking as she takes a candy to nibble on herself, making sure to do it as wrongly as possible.

Smirking, Devi curls and uncurls her hand, more small balls of energy forming. "Well, I'm not worried about the park. It heals itself all the time. I think it's Twisted. oh well. If that's not the way to pick a fight with you.. How about some direct attack?" The two balls are slung at Lina's mid section. If they hit, it won't do what it did to the concrete, but will destroy the clothing in that area.

Lina looks up, angry though not really sure how else to handle someone like this without trying to work her a little emotionally too. "So you're getting serious?" The next attacks that come she meets with her own, "I guess not! Fireball!" The idea, to make the attacks meet in the air and explode! Since, afterall, hers would probably do worse than burn away a little clothing. She shifts a few steps and plants her feet, starting to cast something with a little more punch~ Whatever she's doing, it seems to be drawing on the energy of the environment if you're sensitive to that kind of thing~

Devi rides the wave of the explosion high, staying in the basic same place. She vanishes and appears behind Lina. "But this isn't serious!" Devi giggles, high pitched and childlike. "If you feel that you really need to attack so harshly.." She senses the feeling of the place change and flow as Lina draws on it. Grinning, she sets herself up in a casual martial arts stance. The L shape if you're farmiliar with it. "How about this? I won't use my energy attacks." She wiggles her eyebrows.

Lina hates being toyed with! She's had more than enough of her fill being messed with by someone who's got some kind of crazy advantage. Especially this apparent speed! She whirls, fully expecting an attack- nothing? Just you in an unfamiliar martial artsy stance. She's a 'capable' fighter in that she could probably beat up a few street thugs on her own, though all of that's completely elementary and hardly her forte. So, she opts to simply finish her spell~ Using spells of this brand isn't really what she's good at, either, but they still pack a whallop~ "Elmekkia flame!" The idea is to hit you with a pillar of spectral 'fire' that attacks your spiritual energy more than your physical body. The kind of thing you'd use to incapacitate a person, blow up a demon with only an astral body~ This case, it'd probably just hurt alot if it hits!

Devi grins impishly and fades out, only to return, cussing and glareing. Her clothing is tattered and torn. "Tch. Damn. You're the first person to figure out how to actually hit me in a non corperal form." Devi shrugs off the coat she's wearing, leaveing her in her tank top, back bare and pale in the light. It's a stark contrast to the large black Kanji on her back. "Good job. But I promise that you won't get to hit me again." Her eyes ting red, and she settles down into the former stance. "On your mark.. Get ready.."

Lina tch. Just like all the others, so she's not terribly surprised that such an attack worked, though she isn't about to try it twice. Now that she seems to really have your attention, she pulls out the stuff she's good at. "You got it. Dynast brass!" The area fills with lightning, as though a thunderhead just dumped all of it's energy into one small area. Though with it, you at least would be privvy to a familiar sensation even if the attack fails - that came from a mazoku, albeit one much nastier than you, if somewhat distant from this plane. The nature of the attacks origin, additionally, makes it more complicated to avoid than just leaving the physical plane and that will probably be immediately obvious. As for Lina, she's already casting again! This time, her little ornaments are glowing~

"Go." Devi's eyes light up, her entire eye glowing a bright red. She runs towards Lina, breathing deeply. Her form shimmers as she teleports behind Lina, dodgeing a nasty strike of lightning, fist balled up and glowing purple. She charges towards Lina, her fist striking out for Lina's lower back, the purple energy ready to cast itself through Lina's body and shutting down nerve centers if she hits. "How'd you do that? You don't feel like one of us." Devi's eyes narrow. That's just odd, and now she's curious.

Lina hit! She staggers forward several steps, having started to dodge... so at least some of the blow is carried into her forward momentum but it's enough to nearly leave her breathless, though she manages to get her feet under her and turn toward, "Zelas Brid!" Not only is she invoking the power of mazoku, you'll probably recognize the names she's calling out as she attempts again to strike out at you, only this time the attack is a bit more insidious and deceptive, as it darts out at you from her index finger seeming like nothing more than a straight on attack!" Your response is rather disturbing, though she also seems somewhat resigned at this point. She's never going to escape being harassed by these demons, it seems! As a clue, the spell is still very much connected to the caster, even though it's incanted and inbound."

Devi's image shimmers and fades away, and if Lina turns around, Devi is standing off to the side behind her. "No answer?" Devi waits calmly. She's being careful to no go up into the Asteral plane. If Lina can hit her there, she might be able to actually cause a bit of damage. It's best for Devi to just try what Teacher has taught, and stay on the corperal plane.

And that's the real fancy part about her black magic. It works on prettymuch all of the wavelengths, even the meaty physical one! Which may be a concern as Lina starts to catch her breath, that beam turns right around suddenly and stabs back at you again! Though she honestly was hoping to catch you pressing your attack. At least this'll keep you moving around for a little while she coughs up her voice and yells, "One of -you-? Dammit I should have known you were a mazoku!" Here, she bluffs a little while she tries to keep you entertained with the smarty-lightbeam, "Your peers and superiors let me do this! Why? I guess they like destruction a little too much. Even if it means seeing one of their own bite it."

Devi snorts, as she dodges the beam. She flickers and whispers into Lina's ear. "I may have the power of the Mazuko, but I am not of -your- world." She emergages again in Lina's view. A hand is thrown open at her side, a portal into a dark sky appearing and hiding Devi totally. "I'm not just Mazuko. I've studied other arts." She breaths deeply and the portal vanishes. "Kamehameha!" A ball of bright gold power flys at Lina.

Lina guh! Leave it to someone like this to decide to change their mind about using energy attacks, spells or whatever! Not that she expected it to last. So instead of seeking Devi out with her attack, she breaks it off to instead intercept that attack which should result in a very jarring explosion from her part of it, anyways! For the rest, well, she decides to throw up a magic barrier and weather the rest of it the old fashioned way. "Dammit!" Only a few options left!

Devi slides in the concret as she lets the power fall away. Her hair whips around as though she was standing in a gale of wind. "Am I serious enough for you now? I only wanted to something to occupy my time. I'm not here to bully you Lina, but you really should look into the Hero complex."

Lina snaps back as she lets the shield drop, "Hero complex my ass! You come here, pick a fight and just expect me to take it lightly because you say so? Huh! So you can't handle a little taunting, pff! Not my problem, chick. Also not my problem if you keep pushing me." She laces her fingers behind her head, becoming very aware again of what's probably a fist-shaped bruise above her kidney. Grrk. x_x

Devi says, "No? I seem to remember noticing that you were just as bored as I was. And you started it." Devi pushes off the ground, leaning back on thin air. "Well, I suppose if you want to forfit, we'll call it a day." >.>

Lina can't help a little bit of wounded pride, though she doesn't really object once you decide to stop fighting. The only way it was going to go at that point anyway was mega hardcore and that's usually never any fun. Not to mention the cost of all that food...! The thought makes her stomach growl and she starts jumping up and down, kicking rocks and cursing! Now she has to spend more money on food! For shame!

Devi's eyes widen at the flailing. "Um... did I break you or something?" She moves back a pace or 3 as she watches. "Did you forget to take your riddlin?"o.o;;;

Lina looks up, actually surprised to still see you here. "Fine, you owe me dinner. Three times." She holds out her hand, showing you three digits emphatically. "So let's go!"

Devi says, "What, now?" Devi arches her eyebrows. (*I owe her dinner?*) "Only if you eat one of those at Eat or Die. It's a killer Chinese joint."

Lina instantly cheerful again, "Sounds like a winner to me!"

Devi shrugs. "Alrighty, come on short stuff." She drops down to ground level, and starts walking away, and back towards the Street. "I'll tell you what though, avoid their thai menu, it's not good.. at all..."

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