2009-09-24 (PreU) It was a dark and neon purple rainy night...

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It was a dark and neon purple rainy night...


Who: Ami, Carla, Lina_Inverse
When: September 24th, 2009
Where: Twisted Street

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Twisted Street, home to strange dimensions, wandering travelers, and chaotic weather. Which has decided today to be drizzling neon purple rain, splashing down its cold drops onto the general existence of the world, though it does break clear now and again to reveal a giant egg shaped sun of lavender! Moving down the street is a young girl with blue hair, not looking very happy about the rain. Her clothing is more or less soaked and threatening to sag off of her, often using her hands to keep them from doing such. Trinune is walking along behind and to the right of her, her face not showing any emotion upon it for the moment, but she is wet too. "Eh?" The girl says, glancing back and Trinune, the wings on her back flapping to shed some neon rain, "Oh, eh, probably...I mean, I think we're getting the hang of how things work here, ehh, well, I mean, ya know, at least, as much as anyone could get ahang of them, right?"

It's also home to people like Lina Inverse, people who seem to be making a way of life in this place where a way of life is never the same from day to day. Currently, she's walking toward you and your companion with her cloak closed up front. It seems to be handling the rain just fine, though her hair is wet and she doesn't particularly seem to be ejoying herself. Once she looks up and sees the approaching pair she slows, stepping off to one side to get a look. "Hmm?"

Dragoness Carla shrugs her shoulders at Trinune after a few moments, although Trinune doesn't seem to be talking. It's either a mental link, or they are both insane! "I suppose. Mmm..." She nods and turns, glancing up at the sky and glaring towards it with anger, her tail swishing behind her, "Mou, I wonder if I should start working on weather magic again...it's not like it'll mess up the weather patterns here n stuff." She says as she continues walking again, yanking her clothing into place. "No." She says, glancing back at Trinune, "No." She says again, then stops and turns fully, glaring up at the other woman, hands clenching into fists, "No!"

Lina wouldn't normally inerject in a conversation between two people but... only one of the participants is talking! "No... Wait, what?" No again? She kind of deadpan stares at you, even when you bellow at your companion. She can't help it now. She's gotta comment. "You gripe just like someone I ran around with once." She considers, speaking to Cale for the moment, "Actually, haven't I seen you around? You're come kind of... surveyor right?" Squint. Ah... she should remember better but it's been awhile!

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks and starts slightly, hopping back and almost slipping in a puddle, but her wings and tail flap and wave wildly, letting her keep her balance despite having to make sure her clothes stay on properly, "Er! Eh heh! O-oh! H-hey!" She stammers, giving a fanged smile and rubbing the back of her head, "Ah, eh, w-well...ehhh..." She glances over at Trinune briefly, "S-sort of, I s-suppose! Eh heh, w-we're kind of like, mapping out how, ya know, Twisted's magical structures work n stuff, l-like, how magic works differently d-depending on which dimension you're in, y-ya know?" She nods her head, then blinks, tilting her head to the side. She recognizes that red hair and that face! She probes her memory, but can't find a name...maybe it was someone from another dimension that looked like her, or some dimension duplicate, probably. She'd ask Trinune, but she's angry at her right now, though that comes and goes as often as the chaotic weather around here.

Lina would be offended if you'd actually admitted to forgetting anything about her! Nobody wants that, though so good call! Anyways, she goes on, giving you a dubious look at your stammering, "I thought so. Ah, how to say... Ah!" Ahem. "Have you learned anything conclusive about making usable portals here? I've taken a few stabs at it but things keep zeroing right in on them and coming out at me... or they just explode." She spreads her hands, looking a little sheepish, "I'm kiiiinda tired of killing things that come through trying to eat me. Any suggestions?"

Dragoness Carla blinks. She glances over at Trinune again briefly, "Eh, well, I mean...like, portals to other dimensions?" She wonders, pushing some wet hair out of her eyes, ugh. Her tail sways idly behind her, flicking at the puddle she stands in, "W-well, I kind of make them all the time n stuff, I mean, well, I guess not all the time, but when I come in and out n junk. Er, ah, s-sorry!" She says, realizing she forgot to introduce herself! She kind of gathers up her clothes and gives a bow! "I am.." She hesitates a second, remembering which gender she is right now...right, rain..girl.. "..Dragoness Carla Charis, nice to meet you! Eh, this is Trinune, my sword." She says, nodding over towards the woman standing next to her. Trinune nods her head and says, "Hello." Back to you, in a voice that seems to perfect to be real, so perfect in fact it makes one think it might be fake...as odd as that seems!

Lina kind of stares s'more, wondering. Jeez, you ramble alot! She doesn't say it but the look on her face... "Yeah, I'm either looking for a conduit to a slightly more familiar place or at least someplace that's a bit more, er... Stable? I- Oh!" She pats a closed fist into her palm, "Name's Li-" She stops again, looking slightly bothered by some statement or another, "Sword?" She scuttles back to introducing herself, "Lina Inverse..." The sword thing will bug her. "And... Yeah. I'm really kind of tired and playing hide and seek with my bed." u_u

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops, "Er, y-yeah! Trinune's totally a sword, ne Trinune?" She says, looking over at the woman with blue within blue eyes, who gives a nod of her head in response. Carla gives a big fanged smile, seeming very pleased with this! Her tail sways a bit higher up and even stops dipping its tip into the puddle for a time! "Ahh! Lina Inverse!" She says, and snaps her fingers, her smile getting even bigger! "I totally know your name n stuff! I think I might of met you once, or er, eh heh..w-well, not you, b-but...w-well, someone else...l-like...w-well..n-nevermind! A-anyway, I g-guess you want a portal that like, is always around or something? Mmm, I'm not sure if we're supposed to do that n stuff, because I talked to this one girl awhile back, ehh, what was her name..? Lalorit...Lalothrnt....Lablorien, I think, she was a high elf n stuff, a-anyway, she was like, ya know, don't go into those red portals n stuff, and only do blue portals, and if they're not marked don't go in them at all! And like, ya know, don't contaminate the dimensions n junk...I didn't really get a lot of it, eh heh...b-but, I think she wanted me not to go playing with the portals around here n junk, I mean, I could, but ya know...w-well, ehh, still, it's bad not to have a place to live, ya know? Or at least sleep...mmmm...have you tried the Usual Restaurant n stuff? There's this owner girl named Aquariu, and I know that there's rooms in the back, she might let you sleep there n stuff if you do some waitressing once in awhile n junk." She says, nodding her head!

Cue one Mizuno Ami, walking by with an umbrella. Of course she'd have an umbrella. It's raining. Nevermind for how long. She looks startled by part of the conversation as she walks by, and turns to look at ... Lina. Not Carla. "Hide and seek with your bed? That's amazing, do you mean to say that you actually have ambulatory furniture?!" She looks pretty impressed with the idea of an intelligent bed. Wings, people that are swords, and neon purple rain don't seem to be causing her any alarm. Nor does the talk of multiple versions of oneself, portals, dimensional contamination. All perfectly sensible, really. But ambulatory furniture. Well, that's just altogether strange.

She peers at Lina in curiosity for a moment, and then pauses, takes stock of her situation, and realizes she just barged into a conversation. That's ... terribly embarassing. Her face slowly colors, and she coughs once, lifting a hand to cover her mouth.

"Oh, I'm... ... Excuse me, I didn't mean to interrupt, I just..." She just meant to exclaim her amazement. In an interrupting fashion. No, she can't really talk her way out of that one. "...My apologies." She tries to shrink down three sizes smaller, so that maybe they'll forget she said anything, and she can just sort of disappear.

Lina finds her hands coming up and reaching out to Carla. All the talking. She can't help herself! "Okay, I get it! Bad idea! I just..." Er. "You see, I was going to..." Sweatdrops, then she turns accusingly to Trinune, "What the hell did you feed her?" She's about to continue when someone passing by cuts in. "Ah..." As if on cue, a bed skulks out into the road which she points out before covering her face with her hand. "That right there is why I want to figure the portals out! And short of torturing it out of demons or whatever this place has I thought I'd torture someone slightly more flesh and blood first." She turns back to Carla, eyebrows raised. Uh ohhhhhh~

Trinune shifts her gaze over towards Ami as she enters the area and then the conversation, eyes moving back and forth from each person as they speak in turn, she tries to answer Lina's question though, since it was asked of her. In truth, she has fed Carla things before, because she's provided food for her. Is she then asking what the last thing fed to her was, or does she want a list of everything she has ever fed her? It is a difficult decision, and after coming up with about thirty other answers to the question, she finally picks one, "A strawberry italian soda." This was the last thing that was summoned into Carla's hand, and thereby fed to her by Trinune. Carla sweatdrops over at Trinune, "A-ano...I.." She then glances over at the bed, sweatdropping even more! Ohman...she looks over at Ami and gives a nervously fanged smile, "Greetings!" She says, and gathers up her soggy clothes so she can perform a somewhat ungraceful bow! "I am Dragoness Carla, nice to meet you!" She then straightens, shifting her footing a bit, "Eh?" She says, looking back over at Lina, "Er, t-torture?" She says, sweatdropping yet again and taking a step back, her foot splopping down into an even thicker puddle, leaving her slightly unbalanced, her tail flailing wildly to keep herself from tumbling over!

Ami smiles a bit awkwardly at Carla, and bows her head. "H-Hello, it's nice to meet you Carla. I'm Ami." Well that was a simple enough introduction. It seems that the two of them are too distracted by other things to realize how rudely she just jumped into their conversation, so she can probably just slip awa-- Oh dear. Ami's eyes fall upon the bed as it skulks out into the road, and she crouches down a bit, carefully holding her dress so that it doesn't slump into the neon purple water. Which doesn't seem to have even touched her feet, despite her wearing sandals. Funny thing, that. Ami says, "Why hello there... what's your name?" She beckons to the bed, her eyes full of shine. Apparently she thinks it's kind of cute. Or she wants to ask it about a dozen philosophical questions about the nature of its existence. It's kind of hard to tell with her.

Lina is at this point kind of resigned to the weirdness of the situation. A drenched overenergetic dragon in human form, a sword in human form... A crawling bed and the girl that looks like she's about to enter into a very involved conversation. She decides at that point to step under an overhang and speak a little word that pushes all of the water on her right off, leaving her nice and dry for the moment. She starts having sympathetic thoughts for the pair of not-really-humans when the bed, as Ami approaches, just scuttles forward and tries to snatch her into it's 'maw' using bed dressing as a tongue! ... Oh no! Being uncomfortably smooshed between a box spring and matress!

Dragoness Carla is saved from possible torture by Lina as she retreats to an underhang...she watches the spell go off closely, tilting her head to the side. Interesting, interesting... "Ne, Trinune, di..what, really? Oh, well...I mean, I know we didn't...yeah but...couldn't...but..." She narrows her eyes and pulls her foot out of the puddle, getting onto dry cement. She exhales, her clothes are totally soaked and probably stained from the rain now...bleh! She glances over at Ami talking to the bed and blinks, "A-anooo..you should b-be careful, stuff around h-h...ahk!" She exclaims as it moves to consume the girl! Not good! But, what do you use to stop a bed....? She hesitates for a moment....

And Ami's eyes go a bit wide, as the bed seems to just sort of, open up and try to eat her. Not exactly a normal thing for a bed to do. "Oh my." She blinks, and has just enough time to raise a hand and ... try to tap the bed on the top of its 'tongue' sharply, just once, like one might reprimand a dog that was trying to bite them. There's a sudden and brief chill as she sends a flash of cold through that finger, and if she succeeds, the bed will flash freeze, just for a brief instant, halting all movement. It will wear off exactly one second later, just enough time to halt and shock something, hardly enough time for the shock to actually harm anything, living or otherwise. That's ... way outside the speed, convenience, and scope of her normal abilities, but noone's here to question her on that just now. And pets need to be disciplined. Does an animated bed count as a pet? ... Maybe.

Lina pff. From her dry perch, she watches the bed make it's grab attempt and wind up frozen. Oh, good. So she isn't going to have to wrestle with blankets to peel someone out of the thing. Still... "Dil Brand~" And the ground beneath the bed bursts violently, hurling the whole thing skyward. She calls after, "And you better stop running away!" Ah-hem. Now that she looks slightly less crazy, "Nice move, freezing it like that. Hopefully I didn't break it, huh?" Eh-hem! "So..."

Dragoness Carla isn't really sure how to deal with this whole bed thing, she can't set it on fire, freezing it might be dangerous if Ami gets caught in the spell. She has to have something to deal with a killer bed! Not lightning...teleport...? No...ah! Ami froze it! There we go! She gives a fanged smile, "Eh heh, n-nice!" She says, wondering if that was magic or not and checking with Trinune, who can tell such things by, well, looking really. "S-so, I..." She stops as Lina casts Dil Brand and the bed is sent hurtling off into the sky. She watches it go, blinking as lightning strikes it when it gets high enough, BOOM! "Eh heh!" She rubs the back of her head, then blehs as it comes back neon purple...this better not stain her blue hair the wrong color... "Er, y-yeah, s-so! Eh, wh-what were we talking about? Ehh, o-oh yeah! Portals n stuff...it's probably not safe to make a permanent one n junk, maybe though, if you talked to Lalifecup. I think she lives in that big floating tower thing." She says, gesturing over towards it.

Ami just makes another surprised sound as the bed rockets off into the sky before the spell wears off, and she hopes it doesn't hit anything on the way up. She hadn't expected that. She sways backwards in her crouch, just a little, but manages to maintain a hold of her skirts and not fall over. She decides it might be best to stand up, however, and she looks upward just a little, as much as her umbrella allows. . "...I think it should be alright. The freezing effect wears off very quickly, so the bed is probably fine..." *Thoom* That lightning strikes the bed, and Ami's eyes widen. "... No... ... probably not now." She gives a nervous little laugh, and glances at Lina and Carla. They both seem to be pretty unique. For Trinune's eyes, the freezing was magic, but not a specific spell so much as an innate elemental control.

Lina looks on along with everyone else as her target soars skyward, gets lightning bolted to probably a few thousand pieces... and scatters all over the nearest few blocks of twisted cityscape. "I think I'll grab a room at the Usual afterall!" Good thing she didn't leave any of her things behind. That would have been typical for all of her money to get blown up, stolen or scattered all over the city. "So... right. I don't think they need to be -permenant-. Just stable! I go in, I hopefully come back out. Preferably someplace without tree-sized creatures with tentacles? That'd be great!" She asides to Ami, "You alright? I had to resist the urge to clip you with that spell. Bad habit and all~"

Dragoness Carla shakes her head, giving a fanged smile over at Ami as she's looked towards, "Eh heh, Twisted is always a little dangerous, I guess that kind of stuff happens. Mm..." She looks over at Lina and ahs, nodding, "I see, I see! So you just want one that will open and then close afterwards, right? Like this kind of thing?" She asks and holds her hand out to her left side. Blue energy gathers around the palm of her hand, trailing along it like lines of paint before flooding outwards in a twirling motion that spreads out to form a large blue swirling portal next to her. "Ne?" She says, her smile slipping into a grin, "Well, I mean, I don't really know the spell that I'm using to do this, ehhh...it was kind of a curse a long time ago from this evil wizard guy..but, eh, I managed to get contorl of it n stuff. Mmm...I might be able to try and write the spell up that will duplicate it though maybe...or, eh, maybe make an artifact or something that will cast it somehow...hmm..." She waves her hand, the portal swirling closed as she ponders that, scratching the side of her head.

Looking between the two of them, Ami looks very confused for a second, and wishes for her visor so she could see exactly what was going on. But if wishes were horses, she'd have a great many ponies by now. And yet it seems she doesn't have any. "Ah.. I've never seen someone send someone else flying with a spell before. That seems very... useful." She picks her words carefully and tries to shrink doen just a little bit further. "But I'm fine, thank you for your help..."

Lina finds herself getting kind of distracted by Carla again, almost to the point of ignoring the other two present when the woman pulls a portal out of the air so apparently effortlessly. It would seem brute forcing one is very inefficient. Grr. "Making portals is a curse? Or not knowing what spells you're using...?" The latter gives her chills when she cites her own mental rolodex of magical megatonnage. Then, to Ami as Carla starts carrying on like a zealot again, "Oh, you bet it is! I have a..." She lowers her voice, "Kind of a problem-person that keeps finding me. It's about the best way to get a head start on her that I know~"

Dragoness Carla doesn't seem to notice Lina not paying attention overly much, she got lost in thought for a moment while she tried to come up with something that Lina could possibly use in the future. "Er, eh? O-oh, the...w-well, I used to be sent hurtling through random dimensions n stuff, as a curse, b-but, I eventually managed to control it like I can now, so as long as I go through one once in awhile, I'm okay n stuff. Ehh...I'm kind of prone to attracting curses, eh heh..." Like all over the place, she has at least three she can think of right off the top of her head, though she's sure there's more if she bothered to keep track, but at some point you just stop counting them...it makes her less angry. "A-anyway, w-well, I should probably get going n stuff before I catch a cold or something bad like that, ehhh, I'll think about your problem n junk and see if I can come up with something!" She then gathers her clothing up and does another bow! "It was nice to meet you both, though!" She hops through the portal, which swirls closed after she enters it. Fwoosh!

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