2009-09-25 (PreU) A single footprint in the sand, changes the course of a wave...

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A single footprint in the sand, changes the course of a wave...

Summary: The beginnings of a massive story arc on Twisted begins.

Who: Concordance, Forinfel, Guarlesia, Senior_Diablo
When: September 25th, 2009

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The Place -

The Twisted Street - One Way One way down the Twisted Street brings you to a bit more color and a bit less greyscale. There's more solidity here and there along the road, and lots of buildings don't even seem to shift in and out of time. Multipe doorways line the road, fadining in and out of the dimension, each one open and revealing a path to a new time and place, or right back to where you are. There is no end to the doors, and no end to the road. The wind continually blows in one direction, pulling at your clothes and hair. Dark clouds roll above, though occasionally the sun and moon will collide into a bright flash of light. The road is cracked, and now and then dimensional doors will open up and expel a person, building, or a whole world, sometimes swallowing you up in the process. - The People - Concordance - Goddess? Woman? Angel? No one knows what or who Concordance is or where she comes from, but only that she is more or less the leader of The Council on Twisted. Desc coming soon, picture for now: http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/concordance.jpg - Guarlesia - Supposedly, a six winged girl created by Concordance and then given 100 Seals immediately after her first breath. Guarlesia is always at least 8 feet from Concordance. http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/guarlesia.jpg - Forinfel - An angel messenger who delivers messages to the living and the dead, for a small fee. http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/forinfel.jpg A picture is worth a thousand words, or a real cheap lazy desc. - The Story -

Concordance has been wandering the streets of Twisted for some time now since she Focused upon this world, when Diablo came and demanded her attention. Concordance has spoken to many people through her travels, some care for nothing, others care for much. Some expect things of her, to some she asks things of...her footsteps come, one after the other, clicking upon the black stone of the street, moving past broken lampposts, half formed cars merged with half formed animals. As always, Guarlesia is her shadow, walking with her. A cloud rolls across the street, a few people move across her path, a shadowy crow lands on the street in front of her, caws, and flies away. And then, she stops.

Guarlesia has been trailing behind Concordance as her...mother? Creator? She doesn't know what to call Concordance anymore, wanders around. Sometimes it's interesting, like when there's booze! At times like this where they just walk and look at stuff, it's boring. Well, if she could really be bored, it's more of a general state of unrest than boredom, that emotion having been Sealed away, part of the 100 seals resting on her. Concordance's sudden stop makes her collide into the other women, all six of her wings ruffling as she blinks and steps back. She looks around the area, trying to spot whatever it is that has made Concordance stop walking? Seeing nothing in particular, she asks, "What now?" She misses when Concordance was a lifeless doll she could go around with, now she's stuck following instead of leading.

"It is enough." Concordance says, and looks over and up to Guarlesia, who stands slightly taller than herself. She made her that way on purpose, but most things she does is for a purpose, like her wandering. "I have gathered enough information while being Focused here." She says, her white wings fanning out, giving rise to the faint sounds of harps in the distance with the sound of a choir singing unintelligble, yet beautiful words. "There are not enough denziens who desire the same thing."

Guarlesia blinks and brushes off her clothing as she steps back from her creator. Concordance doesn't usually talk to her, other then to tell her no or something like that. It's a little awkward for her. She fidgets, her upper wings branching out, lower ones cinching in, and middle one's softly flapping. Should she give a response? Wait, if she's gathered enough information... "Does that mean you're going to unFocus?" She says, what passes for hope coming out in her voice, though that emotion too is more or less sealed.

Concordance shakes her head and her left hand opens, a long black scythe made of carved wood and a horrifying blade at the end comes into existence through a series of rigid lines that outline themselves and then fill in, almost like the drawing of an artist on a page. "No. The denziens must all be of the same desire for me to know my place." She says, though it's not true, it only takes a good amount, but speaking in absolutes is something people expect of her at times, and she knows Guarlesia will not understand much of this anyway, she has Sealed away most of her reasoning and logic as well. It was important, because Guarlesia was special. Her eyes look up to the sky, and the clouds roll back of their own accord so that she might see upwards better, turning shades of purple in the hope that Concordance will like it. There, flying across the sky, is Forinfel. Concordance lifts her right hand up towards her, palm flat, and bends her fingers inward in a come gesture.

Guarlesia blinks, her middle wings stopping their flapping and tilting sideways, the upper to arcing downwards. "Oh." She says, wishing she knew what Concordance was talking about. "What does that mean?" She asks after the gesture, turning to look up towards Forinfel as well, her long white hair starting to flap in one large wave as the wind picks up for a moment.

Forinfel is indeed flying through the skys of Twisted at the moment. A dangerous thing to do, in general, since the weather of Twisted is so chaotic, one might suddenly run into a mountain that has been ported in from nowhere, or a sea, or a sun, or any number of things. But, her job requires her to traverse dimensions, heavens, and hells, so weather is no bad thing for her. When one has a message to deliver to afterlifes or other worlds, she does it, plain and simple. And it's fun, seeing new places, new heavens...some of the hells even, are not so bad. She's on one of these trips, delivering a message from a young child who's mother recently perished, when she noticed Concordance and Guarlesia below, and the wave. She furrows her brow, wondering if she reocgnized either of them...but can't say for certain. Her wings arc and she lands down near them both, nodding her head, "Well, hello." She says, and gives a smile, "Do you need something? I am a bit busy at the moment."

Concordance doesn't answer Guarlesia's question to her, since her creation doesn't need to know the answer right now. Instead, she waits for Forinfel too land. She could see what she was from where she stood, and had been told by a few people here on Twisted that there was an angel or perhaps a winged demon delivering messages to anyone in anyplace. While she could travel to such places herself, this situation at this time, requires she send a message rather than deliver it personally. Fate and Destiny would interfere with her, otherwise, and she does not enjoy those conversations. "I am Concordance." She says to Forinfel, and lowers her hand down, reaching into the depths of her clothing and pulling out a black envelope with a red wax on it, a seal of a pair of wings crossed with a scythe and a halo resting above them pressed into it. "Deliver this to Senior Diablo, in Hell." She says, and offers the letter out towards the woman.

Guarlesia frowns briefly at being ignored, but the momentary feeling of sadness at her own creator ignoring her passes quickly. She never gets to hold onto one emotion for very long. Sometimes she wonders if she'll be able to ever have an emotion longer than a few minutes! She fake yawns and puts her arms behind her head, watching the interaction now instead of commenting on it.

Forinfel arcs her head, wondering at the women's name. It also sounds familiar, has she heard it somewhere? She can't be sure, probably from around this area, though. Well, whatever, she wants a letter delivered to Hell, that's her job, her speciality! She nods her head and takes the letter, turning it over to read the front to make sure it's addressed correctly, then offers her other hand out, "I will need payment of some kind from you. What do you give me in return for the delivery?" She asks, eyeing Concordance over. The woman has wings and a scythe, some kind of death angel? But, there's a halo...is she from Heaven? Why isn't she there now? Very strange. Still, she should be able to get something good from her for this delivery.

Concordance pulls her hand back as the letter is taken. Payment. So many different things believe that payment is one thing or another. Does she offer a world? A universe? A simple smile? There are many things she could give to such a being. She considers pushing into Forinfel's mind, or trying too at least, and taking what is inside to find what she would want most, so she could make the best payment, but knows that playing that way will bring Right down on her, and she hates him.

"I will tell you a story as payment." She says, and all the area of Twisted around her grows immediately still and silent. A dustbunny stops its roll in midair, a flickering lamplight stops mid flicker, a demon about to eat the soul of an anteater stops, and the anteater does not try to escape. Sound stops itself from working. The world of Twisted waits for more. "Long ago, there was a great weapon." She begins, and the street manifests up an ordinary, if at least well crafted looking sword, "This weapon was wielded by a hero." A man rises up, taking the sword. The demon runs over and the man slays the demon, magic rippling out from the sword as he speaks words of command. "The hero and sword lived together for hundreds of years. In time, the hero's friend taught his sword how to speak. Then, in time, the sword began to think." The man and the sword dance around the street, weaving through monsters and creatures that explode their ways out of dimensions and portals, at times, the two seperate, the sword fighting by itself, aiding the hero as he does battle with magics from a distance. Other times, the two flow together, working as one.

"The two were inseperable, one could consider them one being." Concordance continued, "Then, the hero's life was placed in peril." The hero is shown wounded, dieing, reaching up towards the sky. "The sword did not have power of its own to save the hero, and so, the sword opened the dimensions wide and drained millions of universes of life to destroy that which threatened the hero, so great was the swords love." The sword spins into the sky of Twisted, and portals twirl open, one after the other, thousands of different colored portals surging into existence, streams of colored magic rip out of these portals, flowing into the sword. "The hero, however, did not want the sword to do what it had done. To sacrifice others life for the hero's own was not right, but the sword could not fathom existence without the hero, and so would not heed his cries to stop." The portals die out, one after the other, some snuffing away, others exploding into great supernova's. "The sword ignored the damage it had done, and the hero and sword left the battlefield, but always would the hero have a sadness in his heart, knowing that the sword which journeyed with him, did not understand the value of life." The hero and sword wander away, moving through a portal. "Neither understood what was happening where they had left. A footprint in the sand can cause a wave to shift for eternity."

The portals in the sky, which were once all snuffing out or exploding, begin to join together, some colliding into massive explosions, others smoothly sliding one after the other. "The dieing and dead worlds would not just fade..." The massive group of portals and explosions flood together, swarming this way and that, wavering and flashing, and soon, a shape begins to emerge within the chaos. "...for there was a new place the sword had left in its presence...one it did not know existed...for it did not understand what it truly was." The shape continues to form, a long back twisting street amid the chaos, that grows more and more real.

Concordance smiles, and all of the visions, if they were that, for the demons and monsters were real enough, fade away. The street begins its course again.

Guarlesia just stares at everything moving around her, ducking now and then at a stray demon that comes romping towards the group, only to get slain just in time by the sword or the hero. It's a little nervewracking, being Sealed and all, she isn't able to properly defend herself. She stares at the sky even after the vision fades though, trying to puzzle out what just occured, feeling like it's just beyond her understand, but if she thinks on it just a little bit...oh, that's a cool looking cloud! Her mind wanders.

Forinfel listens and watches the story as it unfolds, nor intterupting at all, in truth, stories are one of her favorite prices to demand. Either the woman here was reading her mind, or she simply wanted to tell a story. Either way, she nods her head and pulls her hand back, clasping the letter tightly, "I am paid in full it seems." She says, spreading her wings out, "Once I finish my current delivery, I will see to yours. And, if you ever have need of another to be sent, call on me...your payments are well worth it, it seems." She says, and then steps back, nodding at Guarlesia and Concordance, and taking to the sky once more, disappearing behind some jelloy texture grey clouds.

Concordance nods her head as Forinfel departs and looks over at Guarlesia. She rests the end of her scythe on the road of Twisted, and a deep, low, gutteral moan like of a beast buried in the depths of a mountain sounds from the single stone it's placed upon. "Get ready, Guarlesia." She says, staring towards the six winged girl.

Guarlesia blinks, all six of her wings arcing in different directions, obviously confused as they buzz like insects for a moment, "Ready? For what?" It's not like anything major happens around Concordance. At least not very often. There's only so much that is going to go on around this place. It's chaotic, yeah, but there's not that much of the chaos focused at all. She then giggles, and says, "Going to remove my Seals?" She says, knowing the response will be the same as it always is, that is to say, a big quick and final sounding, no.

A smile comes across Concordance's face, and the hand around her scythe tightens as she says, "Yes."

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