2009-09-29 (PreU) Hehe, you said Pianist...

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Hehe, you said Pianist...


Who: Devi, Stratta
When: September 29th, 2009
Where: The UR


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Devi sits at the Piano that's unexplained in the UR, dressed to the 9's in old Beethoven style. Her fingers move gracefully over the ivory keys, 'Moonlight Sonata' ringing in the otherwise silent place. The scutters sit in audiance, holding white cloths in their mouths(?), just a drop of oil leaking from thie eyes. She sways softly, eyes closed and looking peaceful.

Stratta just cant resist this one. As she hears the music playing from out in the street, she decides to investigate. She locks on to the instrument and its player as she walks in, but otherwise says nothing..... yet. Just listens. She also listens for the sound to come from somewhere else, such as a tape recorder, or CD player, or something.

Devi quickly moves into another piece, Fur Elise, as she moves deeper into the music something odd starts to happen. Her period style clothing start to fade or rather, dissolve off her, pieces solidifying as she moves into slower tempo parts. The kanji of Hell is now seen on her back, ever more visable the more she plays.

Stratta blinks as the clothes change and kanji appears. Weeiirrdd. However, she is undaunted! she leans against the wall and continues to listen, just cause. always good to know what the competition is playing, after all. Musicians hafta eat, too!

Devi grins impishly and eyes Stratta. Wriggling her eyebrows she goes into yet another piece, although Stratta may not recognize this one, Devi can only hope she will. Fantasia in F minor for piano four-hands, which Devi straitens her back and manages to play beautifully, aside from the fact that... it's meant for piano duos.

Stratta watches the keys, to see if any are 'playing themselves'.

They of course are not, but mid chord, Devi blurs and a second piano phases out from her, being played by a doppleganger. They smile at each other and continue with obvious gusto.

Stratta snickers, and shakes her head. Magical powers doing the work for her, is Strattas guess. If the piano isnt real, as theres no proof it is so, there could be a music player hidden somewhere, and no one would be any the wiser.

The Devi's finish their piece, standing and bowing in sync before phasing back into one being. Through the course of the music, Devi's been put into her outfit, complete with leather trench, the kanji splashed on it just like on her back. "Enjoy the show?", she asks, arching an eyebrow.

Stratta snickers "Bah. Ye used magic to play ya music. Minus ten points right thea". She goes over and tries tapping on the piano still there to see if its real. "Plus, ya dont have a drumma ta add a lil spice". An aussie she is, and a blunt one at that.

Devi gives a throaty laugh. "The hell I did." The piano is real enough echoing slightly as she knocks on it. "And Drummas don't belong with Classic." She rolls a shoulder in a half hearted shrug. "But what do you know about it?" A light glints in her eye as she asks.

Stratta gives a toothy smirk in response, almost like 'baring her fangs' kinda toothy more than anything. She reaches into her jacket, and pulls out her stickz "Ima drumma, and you can add percussion ta almost anythin!". She puts the sticks back in her coat "Just a matta of havin the right drumma, mate".

Devi shakes her head. "So you've got little talent, I'll just mark that away in shit to remember later." Devi as always is Devi, abrasive and uneededly rude.

Stratta says, "More talent than you, since i can play my instrument without any of that magical enhancement stuff ya just touted" Stratta isnt much better, so Devi is in good company!

Devi says, "I used magic to create a secondary piano, but no magic can surpass the beauty of actual talent."

Stratta looks highly amused at this statement "Ha! THATS the bloody spirit! No fancy schmancy distortion effects, magic, or other crap. Just plain old technique and talent. You pass. Get over to that bar and have a round on me". She flips a coin to Devi worth a little more than a drink.

Devi grins and catches Stratta's coin. "Maybe next time, I'm afraid I've got an appointment with someone. But as a parting gift!!!" She vanishes in a cloud of smoke, leaving behind a small music box, when opened plays something called Lilium. Inside it, a small ballerina spins.

Stratta hhmms, and nods, putting it in one of the pockets inside her jacket carefully to avoid damaging it, and heads back out to wherever she had originally been heading.

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