2009-09-30 (PreU) I would like to date with you!

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I would like to date with you!

Summary: So, Concordance decides to seek out Caliga for once, and things get quite interesting...

Who: Caliga, Concordance, Guarlesia
When: September 30th, 2009
Where: ZekuKari


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Center Street (Town Square) Although not really a square, you stand inside the center of town. Here are all the most expensive and higher class shops and buildings in the area. Somehow, standing here, the area just doesn't look quite right. As if the place where simply an illusion. Each street that connects here seems to almost be forced together, as if in a weird dream...

ZekuKari, a land of mystery to some of the denizens of Twisted, but a well known playground for some of the older and more distingushed residents of the chaotic street. Of course, it still holds many secrets, some that intrest one of the larger elements of the world. Caliga walks through the empty streets, stopping every so often to pick up a stone or random piece of debris, setting it in a black pouch on his belt. He kneels down infront of one of the stores, pulling out a small knife, only to scrape away some cement dust from the ground. "How is it all connected.. Neo Tokyo.. Metropolis.. then this world..."

The deep sound of a giant stepping across the stones of the street sound, though the ground does not shake or any such thing, since it's only Concordance's steps that are making such noise, when moving from here to there, the places around her tend to begin to exaggerate themselves in order to please her. She keeps most of it reigned in, but it can be hard to stop all at once, well, not hard as more trouble than it's worth. The womans, if that's even a proper defintion, eyes fall onto Caliga, and walk over to stand near him, her steps changing from the sounds of giants back to normal footfalls. Her scythe is in her left hand, and when it moves, there is a blur around the blade, as if it is moving out of synch from the rest of the weapon. Guarlesia is beside Concordance, though she's quiet, and just looks around the area about them both as they come to a stop.

"This is a first." Caliga scrapes some of the cement powder into a pile, then pulls out a small vial, gently scooping the powder into it. He places the vial into the pouch, and slowly rises up. "You never seek me out Connie. What do I owe this pleasure to?" He turns his head slightly, glancing at the formerly unoccupied husk, smiling slightly. "And a good day to you Guarlesia. I hope you've been doing well."

Concordance nods her head at Caliga as he speaks to her, not correcting him on her name. She has so many in so many places, there's nothing wrong with having yet another here! She wonders if she likes it or not, perhaps. She'll consider it later. "I am here to see what you want from me." She says, the grip on her scythe shifting as she rests the butt of it on the ground next to her. A small crack appears in the cement where it is set. - Guarlesia stops looking around the area to look towards Caliga as she's spoken too. "Hello." She says, in her usual lackluster tone of voice, her six wings fluttering before settling into different angles, making them almost look broken behind her, "Not enough wine, yet." She says a moment after, as if it's an afterthought occuring to her.

"Not to be so stupid really." Caliga turns and moves away, only to kneel down before a small weed growing between the cracks of the pavement. "You want to play King of the Castle with a world, made up of many beings from all different backgrounds. The Council, was a smart step to begin with. However, you perverted it. In order for someone to help guide the Twisted Street into a sense of balance, you require they submit themselves and a part of themselves to you." He sighs as he once more stands up fully, only to turn and stare directly at Concordance. "We both know that the council is not the creator of the Twisted Street. Trinune is. Wether she is fully aware of it or not is left up to debate. You merely tried to bring a sense of order to the chaos. Which is commendable, I suppose..."

Concordance's head tilts to the side slighty, and her halo flashes from gold to red momentairly as she's referred too as stupid. In her passive phase after Focusing, things like that won't get much of reaction out of her, but that phase is turning over into another. "You know more than I wondered." She says after some silence passes between them. The crack underneath her scythe continues to spread, moving out like spilled ink through the cement. "I am about to begin the slaughter and salvation of Twisted." She lifts her scythe up, and the ink cracks stop spreading as she gestures the blade towards Caliga, though in a pointing fashion rather than threatening, "Will you court me now?" She asks. - Guarlesia puts her hands behind her head and begins rocking back and forth on her heels, her wings flexing every few rocks. She really wants somewhere to sit down and balance on. Maybe soon those Seals will start coming off, Concordance said they would soon...

That startles Caliga. Of course, he tries to keep a straight face, before chuckling slightly. "Concordance. First you say the slaughter and salvation of Twisted, then ask me to go out with you." He runs a hand through his hair, trying to make sense of all of this, before smiling slightly at the woman. "If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought to be a joke.. However.." He sits down on the ground next to the weed, and rubs his chin. "May I ask you something first Connie?"

The scythe turns and the butt is set back down on the cement as Caliga sits down. The cracks that were in the cement before chaning from just cracks to glowing red lines, like trails of blood. "Ask." She says simply, pulling her scythe from the ground and resting it against her shoulder before the red lines completly fill the cracks. - Guarlesia blinks at Caliga and Concordance, she wasn't paying a lot of attention to Concordance, but now she realizes just what her maker asked Caliga. Wait, "Hey, shouldn't you ask if I want a dad, first? If you are my mother, I mean." She says, directed at Concordance of course, who ignores her for the moment.

"Why the slaughter? Why must you destroy Twisted?" Caliga simply asks this before motioning for Concordance to come sit infront of him. "There is a way to make Twisted prosper, while keeping the Hell Council in check." His voice is calm, yet gentle, as if he were speaking to Concordance like she were his own.

Concordance shakes her head, "You do not understand." She says, her left wing twitching slightly, the air next to it taking on a rainbow colors. "Fate, Destiny, Time, and I have our places in each existence, I have sought what I seeked, but the differing is too great. None are of one mind or desire, and none can choose what they wish of me. They will, soon." Slight pause, "Will you court me?" - Guarlesia frowns as she's ignored, she looks over at Caliga and doesn't like him trying to talk Concordance out of whatever it is Concordance has planned, afterall, if her Seals get to be taken off, she'd do just about anything. Nah, not just about, she would do anything.

Caliga laughs slightly as he climbs to his feet, and moves to stand directly in front of Concordance. "If I were to court you, my dear Concordance.. Then I would not have you destroy something that has so much potential." He sighs loudly, then looks directly into her eyes. "How long would we have? If you are to destroy Twisted, then I assume you would try to destroy me as well."

Concordance looks up at Caliga as he comes over and speaks to her. Obviously, he doesn't understand anything. It is rare that they do, some of the worshippers, they understand sometimes, she had hoped he would. Should she explain further? "I am not destroying Twisted." She says, then switches her scythe to rest on her other shoulder. "Answering questions with further questions is as bad as speaking in prophetics and vauge sentences. I have told you I dislike both of these." She adds, staring into the depths of his eyes. Perhaps she should of asked Myra... - Guarlesia says, "Murr." And shakes her head, sitting down to look at the weed, flicking at it with her finger.

He laughs and moves to gently pat Concordance's head. "That you have. Know this. I will court you. However, I am unable to submit myself like you ask of your council. I do so of my own free will. I would like for you to explain what your full intentions are.. But I did say I will get you to go out with me someday.. Didn't I?" He smiles softly towards Concordance, and then holds his hand out to her once more.

Concordance let's her head be patted, though the halo flickers in and out of sight as she is, her hair feels just like silk, no, perhaps even beyond what silk has the capability of feeling like. "I didn't ask you to join The Coucil." She says, then glances to the hand. She reaches out with the one not gripping her scythe and takes ahold of Caliga's. She then smiles in kind, "Do you see me as a woman, a girl, a monster, a demon, an angel, a goddess, a caretaker, a punisher, an enforcer, or something else?" She asks, her features growing slightly softer, and her demeanor shifting away from its usually stiff posture. - Guarlesia rolls onto her side, six wings arcing straight behind her now as she sneers some, "Can I get my Seals off now? You said I could." She asks.

"Nor would I want to. Too much trouble there." Caliga grins slightly at that only to turn his gaze towards Guarlesia, before looking back to Concordance. "I see you as a lot of things. A woman, a girl.. Someone with quite a bit to learn about." He then grins once more, "What do you see me as, Connie?"

Concordance shakes her head, "I hate your answers to my questions." She says, looking over at Guarlesia, "Yes." She says, but does nothing of the sort as she looks back to Caliga, "You are Arrogance." She says with a nod of her head, sure of her answer to the question. She tries to pull her hand away from Caliga's own now and take a step back, "I must speak with many others." She says casually. - Guarlesia gets up to her feet, dusting herself off and giving a wave as Caliga looks towards her. She stands there, ready, expectant, all of her wings vibrating in the air behind her. Off they go! Off they go! Wait, what? Man, come on... "Is this teasing?" She wonders at Concordance, but doesn't get an answer.

"Just so you know, I will be traveling to Chronos after I have finished with my investigations here. And no, I won't be going as a member of TASK. There are things there that I wish to find out. Like how the Black Dragon managed to steal some women from there. Was it before TASKs inception? Was it after? There is much left to be learned." He smiles as he takes a step back, carefully watching the two as he releases Concordance's hand. "I may be arrogant, but I am kind, and caring as well Connie. Of course, I'm sure you already have an idea about that." He moves towards Guarlesia, and gently ruffles her hair. "I look forward to what the future holds.. It promises to be interesting no matter what."

Concordance nods her head, "TASK will not pursue you for breaking the portals laws from now on." She holds up a finger, and the air around it grows black and misty, "Be cautious, Power rests there at times, don't wake it up. I will be missing you." The blackness around her finger solidies into a black feather, which she tosses towards you, "This is my Rememberance, keep it with you as a sign of our courtship. Will you give me yours?" She asks, bringing her scythe back into her left hand. -- Guarlesia blinks and shy's down as her hair gets ruffled, but she smiles really big after he does it, "Me too! She says she's going to take off my Seals! She's never said yes since I remember! I'm going to drink so much wine!" She says, very excited! Just think, what if she could actually be seperated from Concordance?! That blows her mind!

"Lavos." A simple word Caliga says as Concordance mentions the power that sleeps there. He doesn't quite understand why he knows that, but then he has more then just his own memories floating about in his head thanks to the Maniac. He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a small crystal on a chain, which he moves to wrap around Concordance's left wrist. "If you wish to see me, merely focus on the crystal, and I will try to come as soon as possible." He grins at Guarlesia, and chuckles slightly at her comments. "Becareful.. With your seals gone.. you may suffer from a hangover.. Which is quite painful."

Concordance considers Caliga's word Lavos and wonders if he refers to the same as she. It's possible, if so, he once again knows more than she can wonder of. She looks down to the chain bracelet and crystal on her wrist. This is a good exchange. The black feather is smooth and always slightly cold to the touch. With a nod of her head, she reaches over and squeezes Caliga's shoulder firmly for a moment, before turning and beginning to walk away, lightning crackling in the sky above at her passing. Guarlesia hurries to stay within her eight foot roaming range of Concordance, looking back at Caliga, "I can't wait to feel pain though! I hear it's amazingly strong!" She waves.

"Yet not always fun." Caliga holds the feather up, then fashions a chain from the air around him, which he ties onto the feather. He places the chain around his neck, watching Concordance and Guarlesia leave. He looks down at his right hand, and chuckles at the ring on it. "Things are going to be very interesting from here on out..."

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