2009-10-12 (PreU) The Puppy master Returns?

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The Puppy master Returns?

Summary: So, there is more activity on the Grid. More people need to log on as see if we can't get this thing back into full swing. Some of us REALLY REALLY miss RPing with the rest of you buggers.

Who: Devi, Johnny_C
When: October 12th, 2009
Where: Domain of the Lost

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Domain of the Lost: Reception Area You see around you what at first appears to be an abandoned house. The windows are boarded up, and the floor is covered with bits of trash and other more unidentifiable objects. Except for an old chair, a desk, and art table with a mirror on the wall behind it, the room has no real furniture aside for some empty crates that the owner of the house has fashoned into stools, shelves, and other odd things. The room's celing is the most dominant feature as dozens of baby dolls have been hung from it by their necks. A dozen or so more have been nailed to the walls. What kinda loonatic would live here?

The lights are on in Johnny's house. Of course, with all the stange things that goes on within this isn't much of a surprise. This time however each light comes on with an acompaning shadow - a figure moving from room to room turning on lights and turning them back off afterwards. In other words, someone is home. Maybe someone new is camping out inside it. Fools seem to do as such when they don't realise how far this house has fallen into insanity but this one seems diffrent. For one thing the pattern doesn't make much sense. For another, there's a heavy sound of something be dragged from room to room. Suddenly there's a loud crash and a massive blade is plunged through the wall of one room. The subsequent laughter proves it - Johnny is home.

Devi has a lot of time on her hands. With no more training on her list of shit to do, she kinda floats around either picking fights, or just looking in on people to see what their doing. One of her most frequent stops is House 777. Why? Well, no worries, it just is. >.> Either way, her scope of attention is caught by the lights, as most people who've been stupid enough to sqwat in that house never turn on the lights. She forms herself on the sidewalk, wearing her baggy cargo pants, purple tank top, and her new bitchin black trench, the Kanji of hell on her back. Arching an eyebrow, she knocks on the door. Answering doors is not what sqwatters do either...

From inside something crashes over. Unintelligable cursing can be heard. Then that dragging sound again. This time it gets closer and closer as it approaches the door. It's like a heavy sheet of metal is being shoved or drug towards the door. Just when it reaches it's loudest the noise stops and a heavy THUD hits the wall beside the door. The knob jitters as someone inside fumbles with it. Suddenly a series of three sharp blades plunge through the side of the door sending splinters everywhere. The door is yanked open and there stands NNY, the claws held in one hand as he glares angrily at the now destroyed door frame. Without looking up he begins to speak, "Mmmmmyeeeeeeesssssss??" His eyes finally gaze on his visitor as his jaw drops open. "Uh... oh hi!" Yep, nothing out of the ordinary here.

Devi says nothing for a moment, before eyeing the Great Knife. "Um, Avon Calling?" She looks quizzically at him. Her hands remain shoved in her pocket, and for a moment, she almost feels like she did before... Ah well, those times are long past.

Johnny follows Devi's look at the Knife leaning against the wall and grins at her response. Then he follows the trail of destruction he's caused further back into the house. The floors have been torn up from the weapon being drug around. Beneath the floorboards some kind of black blood-like substance is pooling up. The walls have been stabbed and some of them have gaping holes that lead into darkend hallways instead of the rooms behind them. Johnny himself is covered in that black substance from beneath the floor. Glancing down at himself, and then the claws on his hand he suddenly flings the hand held weapon to the side and steps back. "Come in! Come in! Sorry about the mess, I wasn't expecting visitors." Pffft. That's all he has to say after his 'death' and unexplained return? Typical.

Devi arches a brow and steps past him. "Unpacking?" She's used to Nny's house and person looking weird, but she's actually more concered if he's going to attack her again for being a figment. She's not quite sure what she's doing here, considering her last meeting with him, but her curiosity has gotten her into worse situations.

Johnny lets the door fail to close as the remains swing outwards on it's own. Wiping his gloves on his already dirty clothes, he gets enough of it off to push his hair out of his face comfortably. "Yeah, pretty much. Just the usual stuff. Weird vortexes, closets that produce puppies... I think I killed a book a minute ago. Screamed like a puppy. Maybe it was a puppy." He ponders this a moment before adding, "I hope it wasn't a puppy." He looks around at mess and sighs realising that this house is a better representation of his mindscape than anything he ever saw in Hell. "I'd burn the place down but I'm kinda scared it would set my hair on fire..." Grabbing an overturned chair he flips it around and sits on it backwards. "If you can find something to sit on feel free. So how's the wife and kids?"

Devi would normally just perk on air like usual, but Nny being Nny would flip out. "Well, actually, I keep a general eye on your house, and was kinda wondering when you got home. Having been... uh.. gone and all." She eyes the mess and can't manage a comment on it, only a slight shake of her head. "You seriously need a housekeeper, man."

Johnny grins broadly, "I just need a shrink. I understand that now. See this house? It's me. I'll probably just be convinced I'm lying tomorow." He sighs realising he's telling the truth. "I think KNOWING your crazy makes it worse - especially when you like to overplay it to fuck with people." The maniac wipes some muck off of his boot as strugles to keep things in his mind together. "Apparently when Caliga fucked up my head, he managed to make me keep living. I wasn't dead, but I was. I had no direction, no reason to focus my energies. Hell was kinda fun, though. I found that bitchin' blade you where looking at." Bitchin'? "Took me a couple of weeks to hunt one of the bastards that had it down and kill him for it. Totally worth it. I should take you to there on vacation some day. You'd love it! I heard rumors of a library that's to DIE for." Johnny chuckles to himself before frowning. "Caliga pulled me outta there too. I can't remember it right - something about cheese. My mind keeps coming and going..."

Devi asks, "So, does this mean your on the level now? Versus being on the line of screaming at me that I don't exist?" Devi is crazy as well, but not the same flavor as Nny. She's also fully aware where he got that thing, as only 1 creature carries it. "It's quite impressive that you killed a Pyriamd Head though. Alessa keeps her minions fit enough to wage war on Gods." Devi doesn't bother explaining her knowledge and knows that Nny will ask of shrug it off. What's the point?

Something in the house crashes down. From the sound of it something heavy, like a stair case. Of course in this place that could mean anything from the house caving in to another house taking it's place. Or worse. Johnny grins at her question, oblivious to the noise - or just not caring. "On the level? Eh heh... I'm more focused. Does that count? I can remember some things a little better than I could before. Did you know I liked toaster pastries? I didn't know that. Apparently I used to because I found a few dozen boxes in the freezer once I cleaned the frozen chiuaua out of it." His hand reaches for a dagger that isn't there and Johnny frowns glancing at where he used to wear it. "I'd say I'm better. Maybe I just need a roommate or something. Y'know, something that I didn't create who could just sit around and remind me when I'm acting crazy again?" He laughs, "I guess that'd be all the time, though. I-I think I miss my bunny..."

Devi shurgs and spreads her hands. "I'd help but I don't know if you'd listen to me." For more reasons then one, she thinks. It would be nice to help Nny back to something like normal, but she doubts he'd let her anyway. She'd just freak him out with her non-human-ness.

Johnny raises an eyebrow to the statment. "Hey, now. That's not fair. I always listened! I... I just didn't always believe what I heard. I mean, come on. HOW long did I stalk outside the bookstore before I came in to talk to you?" He leaves the question in the air a moment before going on, "I think my problem is I stay alone too much. My thoughts are dangerous, Devi - and in this house they're real..." He sighs again, where was he going with this conversation? "Can I intrest you in dozen or two puppies? I've got a room full of them!"

Devi laughs. "No, no puppies for me. And you didn't always listen. You can't when your muttering under your breath about how I need to vanish into your mind and leave you the hell alone." She says this with a grin, and light humor. Her face shifts back to serious though. "Your right, I think, about being alone to often. And," She can't help but grin again. "You need to get out more. Twisted isn't so heavily populated that you can't slip through and get some non... blood soaked air." He might even get some color to get back to his holy crap pale stage! The Sun! It's Amazing!!

Johnny ponders her words a little mournfully. He's focused enough to feel bad for the things he's said in crazier moments. The idea of getting outside, though... "But what about the house? I-I've been trying to clean it!" The celing takes a moment to interupt with a drop of dark, sticky liquid falling between them. "Okay, maybe not CLEAN clean, but y'know clean out." He frowns at the floor - no longer sure what he wants anymore. "Does the backyard count?"

Devi grins impishly. "Not really no. And you know your never really going to clean this house of well.... anything. It's to badly stained. I'd tell ya to cut your losses and try a diffrent house but I don't think that'll happen either." She finds a not moist part of wall and leans against it, regarding him. "If you like, I can come visit you as often as you want me to. Time is something I've got more then enough of right now, and at least we'd have someone to talk to." She shrugs. Part of her laughs at her choice of helping, and another just waits in the back of her mind for th result before it throws it's self to a side of the fence.

Johnny ponders this for a long moment before saying something she doesn't seem to be expecting. "...maybe your right, and I would like that. I just wish..." He takes a good look at the room around him and stands, "...fuck this place. Y'know, maybe it's TRYING to make me stay in it. Maybe THAT's why I have so many issues getting the fuck away from it. Maybe the damn thing FOLLOWED me to Twisted. That would certaintly explain how it got here."

Devi smiles slightly, and nods. Her face straitens as he speaks, eyebrows rising in supirse. "It's a damn good theory. There are places over in the houseing District," she offers. A silent voice says he won't actually go through with it, but the whole of devi says that he needs support in whatever he decides to do, versus someone trying to waylay him or convince him otherwise..

Johnny stands and walks out of the room. A moment later he returns with some less stained clothes and a backpack loaded down with god-knows-what. He picks up the claws he'd used on the door and adds that to the backpack's collection before approaching his 'prize'. He struggles to grab the Great Knife and drag it behind him again before guesturing towards the door. "I'm up for looking if you are." He's seriously going to bring that thing, isn't he?

Devi's eyebrows don't come down for a second until she nods and shrugs. "Why not?" Is he really going to leave his asylum? She steps on outside though, turning around to see if he'll actually step over the threashold of the house. It's a momentus day at least, as Devi's feeling this more as an AA step for the crazy person.

Johnny drags the mammoth blade out the door with him. The house seems to groan angrily as he makes his way outside almost as if it's pained by his absense. Creepy. "I'm sorry, I can't leave this behind." Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech, "It's too important to me, I worked too hard to get it." Is he explaining this to her or to himself? "C'mon, it's totally me and you know it." Yeah, but about a foot taller. He grins as he drags the thing to the street and looks around, acting as if it where the first time. "Well... lead the way!"

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