2009-10-13 (PreU) Doctor Caedon I presume?

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Doctor Caedon I presume?

Summary: A friendly little chat between Caliga and the good doctor Crux Caedon. Who knows what wacky misadventures those two are getting into?

Who: Caliga, Crux
When: October 13th, 2009
Where: Twisted Street


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It's another day in Twisted, another day in the maelstrom of chaos. There are always hundreds of variables that change from day to day, making each day unique and interesting, of course. Whether there's a massive brawl involving super-powered individuals, a new world appearing out of thin air, or simply everyone's left shoe turning a bright green, there's a certain predictability in Twisted's unpredictability. As such, whatever happens, usually doesn't seem that surprising.

Such is the case with one Dade Larushki Oz, or Dade L. Oz, for those who have not yet made the connection between his name and his alias. The blonde man walks down Twisted Street like he would any other day, a bottle of Vodka (or 'Wodka' ) in his hand. A chain hangs loosely out of his left jean pocket, like it does any other day. His long, black leather coat drags along the street with each step, like any other day. The man even leaves a bit more of an indentation on the places he walks, as if his weight was greater than it appeared, like any other day. What is unlike any other day, despite the copious amounts of alcohol he often consumes, is the fact that Oz appears to be drunk. His walk is a bit more of a stagger than it usually might be, and while he certainly seems to be walking in a straight line, his eyes are lidded, and his head seems to loll too far forward, from time to time. The man is wearing a smile, and everything seems to indicate that he's just had too much to drink, except for the one, tiny difference in his appearance.

...The wings. Jutting out behind his back, not quite invisible, are wings of pure light. They seem to hide from any attempts to view them directly, as if light was shifting around them, but the effect itself is odd enough to make them noticeable, and if one's attention is focused straight on Oz, the tips can be seen to be lighted. For his part, the man just shakes his head every few moments, mumbling to himself. "...I am thinkink... this is not workink as planned." Of course, those who are seeing the wings with their eyes, or not seeing them, as the case may be, are rather fortunate. Those who are seeing them with any kind of astral sight are a bit less fortunate. It is as if twin suns are jutting out the back of the man's shoulders, which is made all the more odd by the fact that the man himself doesn't seem to be anything special according to astral, magical, or other senses. But of course, the pair of sun-wings jutting out his back clearly indicates otherwise.

Disguise Status: Epic Fail.

"You're failing at that, you know?" An ever familar voice of a child rings calls out from the shadows of an alley just ahead, as the child in the red jacket steps out grinning. A new addition to his wardrobe seems to be a black feather with a silver chain tied around it that neatly rests around his neck. He bows towards Oz with pure exageration, his arms flying out to the side with more then needed flourish. "Its good to see you again Mister Dade L. Oz." The grin fades from the boys face only to turn into a sad yet pathetic frown. "I'm worried onii-san. Concordance onee-sama has finally made her move.."

The air around the boy shifts slightly, as all of the people that were once walking upon the street now seem to have vanished entirely. A slight sheen appears around the feather, as a thin crystal covering encases it. "Crux. There's a problem. Connie's fully focused within this realm." Where the boy once was standing, leaves none other then Caliga himself. A slightly worried look rests upon his face as he moves to lean against the wall of a nearby building. "Not only is she going to remove the seals off of Guarlesia.. She hunted me down and asked me to date her.." He scratches the back of his head, trying to figure out just what to make of all of this.

As the other people on the street seem to vanish, Oz simply grunts, and the light around those wings stops bending and swaying, leaving them exposed for anyone to see. They're not nearly as bright as a sun in physical reality, simply soft light, but they're very prominent. What with being white, and all.

"I am thinkink perhaps someday you will try maskink your presence from several billion peoples at the same time, including the literal manifestation of death, yes? And then you may be tellink me that I am failink."

Once Caliga's form becomes more along the lines of what it should be, Oz seems to facepalm, though closer inspection would reveal that two green contacts fell out into his hands. When he looks back up to Caliga, his eyes are a deep golden color, complete with a full black ring in the middle of the iris, and black where the whites should be. When he speaks again, it's in a much clearer accent, and a familiar sarcastic voice.

"...I'm blocking every Exalt in existence from finding my ripples and launching an attack on Twisted, and erasing my presence from the Advent of Extinction besides. I'm also keeping an old 'friend' from finding me and leading said Advent here to destroy Twisted... And you mean to tell me that while I'm doing all this, you're going on a date? Do we have to have another talk about priorities?" As Crux's voice comes from Oz's mouth, the disguise of a blonde russian man slowly slips away, or rather burns away. It would appear it was at least partly a physical disguise. Never question the use of props, they can be far superior to magic and the like. What's left is a man with long, silver hair, flowing white robes that are someone reminiscent of a shintoist priest, and of course, those ever-present wings. There's a faint aura of light surrounding him now that it's not suppressed, and it's not hard to guess that it would instantly convert to heat on touch. The sizzling pavement helps with that deduction.

"...So what are we looking at?"

"Considering that Kalean should be the least of your worries at the moment.." Caliga shrugs his shoulders at the mans normal sarcasm. "There's more to it then me just getting a girlfriend Cruxie." He holds up a small ball that resembles a globe. "You of all people, and your master included already know the truth regarding Twisted. I've decided to do a bit more of an indepth investigation regarding everything, including Gegoshi's origins, which are moving at a very admirable rate. Then I have The Black Dragon Cale Charis' wives to take care of, which is no easy task considering the shape he left them in. Lastly, I have to worry about which Council is going to move first, and come after /us/ to ensure we won't stand in their way. As much as you say you dislike getting involved... I've figured you out. You will. And you'll grumble all the while about it."

The globe starts to gain more definition as continents start to appear, making it obvious that it is a globe of Chronos. "This is my next place to investigate.. however... What worries me is something Connie told me before she asked me to date her. She said that she will commence the slaughter and salvation of Twisted. As much as I dislike the current state of things.. I rather think that destroying everything is a bit much. Not to mention she's most likely monitoring me closely now. I'm worried because of the fact she has commited herself to interviewing each being she comes across, asking them what she wants of her, and moving forward to ensure Guarlesia that the seals will be removed soon."

"Guarlesia could make a tasty attraction to some things. Especially if I'm reading Concordance right. Extinction.. She herself said that its a part of the cycle..."

Crux opens his mouth as Caliga mentions his preference to stay out of things, then closes it again, silenced by the truth of the statement. He shifts a bit uncomfortably at the mention of slaughtering Twisted, and frowns at the mention of Guarlesia's appeal. Particularly regarding extinction.

"...Well played, Caliga." It does seem like the man is figuring him out after a fashion. Still, Crux is known for his little secrets and tricks. One of which he divulges now. Lights play out behind him, small characters flashing through the air in a language unknown to any but Gegoshi's creators. Pages, novels, libraries of them flash by in quick sequence, too fast to read even if one did speak the language.

"How good is your memory? What you want of Gegoshi is in there." Really? And what might that be?

"Fairly good. Its a shame none of that made any sense to me... Of course.. It would to Gegoshi's mother... Whom I've happened to meet. Just need to track her down again." Caliga scratches his chin and slumps down to the ground, crossing his legs neatly. "Connie depends on Gegoshi. Heavily. To the point where Gegoshi could play a vital role in her little plan. I've already witnessed what she's capable of, so her abilities could come quite in handy if Connie's overall plan is absolute extinction... Which we need to avoid at all costs. More and more I'm coming to discover the possibility of Twisted's health affecting the denizens and the worlds they originally come from."

He traces a door on the ground infront of him, which then springs up like a hologram. "Person A comes to Twisted through this door. By entering this door, there is now a permanent link to Twisted and Person A's originating world. Persons B and C from the same world as A come to Twisted as well, as each person who follows making it successively easier for the next to come, until the world is fully apart of Twisted. Make sense?" He then slams his hand down on the drawing of the door on the ground, destroying the hologram that was being projected. "If what you told me was right.. then if the Advent of Extinction, or a similar approximal were to destroy Twisted... since each world is now linked in a fashion.. the damage is easier to spread. Quite possibly wiping out each world as well, instead of just this one."

"Gegoshi first and formost needs to be serviced. I can't get around that one. She's overtaxed. She could play into use for us as well if absolute extinction is Concordance's overall goal.."

"From what I have been able to deduce, having Gegoshi serviced may very well be tantamount to murder. A great deal of what we might conclude to be her personality originates from errors in her coding due to a lack of maintenance. You can see how cleaning up those errors might well result in the loss of Gegoshi's consciousness." It sounds like Crux put some thought into that, as well. He shifts again, and shakes his head.

"I have memorized her coding in its entirety should the need for restoration arise, but I would require write access to her coding to affect such a thing." ...Is Crux actually knowledgeable about that sort of thing? Who knew?

"More importantly, I've spent entirely too much effort protecting Twisted to let Concordance destroy it." Of course, Crux still needs to find a way to stop Twisted from annexing more worlds, because Caliga's deduction is more accurate than he might realize, but the advent gives nothing more than a small cinfirmation. "Twisted is, after all, linked to those worlds, as you have said."

A slight hrm is all the man gives as Crux explains just what 'repairing' Gegoshi would entail. "So, it would have to be a last ditch effort then. I'll have to track down Hope once more and talk to her indepth about this to see if there is another alternative.. However.." He closes his eyes, entering a moment of deep thought only to suddenly open them rather quickly.

"The logical conclusion from what Concordance told me is she is saving it. However, why did she go through all the trouble to seal Guarlesia entirely, only to declare her seals will be removed and that all of Twisted will be slaughtered and saved.. Unless.." He suddenly climbs to his feet and looks at the advent directly in his eyes. "Guarlesia is set loose to destroy.. And Concordance stops her, making her to look like a hero to the survivors, further driving the point that everyone should worship her and follow her like a god."

Caliga starts to pace around some, trying to look down this path of events to see if this is infact what the overall plan could be. "Crux. If a being that has had everything sealed, including basic emotions is set free and goes on a rampage to destroy.. What are the possibilities it'll track the Advent of Extinction to Twisted? How much power would both you and I have to give to try and stop something we know absolutely about? The unknown factors.. She sought me out first to make me 'hers'.."

"It seems unlikely that there would exist something that could attract it in such a backwater nexus, but then unlikely is a meaningless word in the multiverse." Crux glances off to the side, loiking thoughtful. "Be careful. I could not get a bearing on Guarlesia. If she is as fearful as she has been made out to be, even without calling the Outcast here, you will require assistance." Cale's wives are... an issue he'd rather not deal with.

As the Advent looks off into the distance, his voice lowers. "If Locke or Entropy happens upon Twisted, there will be no stopping the destruction of every single world connected to this one..." As those eyes wander aimlessly, Crux frowns. "I fear we would have immense difficulty even facing them alone."

"For once, I'd have to side with you on that. It'd be too much trouble to attempt on my own." Caliga grins slightly at the advent. "Yet, I'll continue as I have for quite some time now and pretend to be the good boyfriend for Concordance. I'll keep you appraised of the situation." He slowly changes back into the form of the child once more. "You were the first to find out about these developments. I'll continue with my investigations of the other worlds. Especially since TASK can no longer touch me. I've been given free access to any portal." A mischievous grin slowly rises to replace the normal grin, as he bends down to completely wipe away the door he drew on the ground.

"I'm sure its time you vanished, and Mister Oz came back out to play. As for Gegoshi, I'll leave her in your hands, but I'm still going to find Hope to try and see if theres another way. If Gegoshi keeps going how she is, then the possibility of her expiring is still there. There may be a way to keep the glitches that are now her personality.. Maybe even find a way to incorporate them into the code as stable patches.."

"One can only hope." Crux's voice sounds distant, and those wings of pure light twitch slightly. "...Have fun courting disaster." And then comes the sound of light tearing. Most would say that light does not have a sound, but it is there, nonetheless. A sound like a thousand needles slipping under the skin, or a million eyes watching in the night. It is an uncomfortable and un-placeable sound, and lesser beings might weep at the sensation it brings.

Then, there is a hideous moment where time lurches backwards in a tiny bubble around Crux, and soon, there is a blonde man standing in his place once more.

"NORN, I am thinkink I will need Freya's cloak, for to cover up this unsightly condition. You bring to me, yes?" [Right Away, Dade.] The small timepiece on 'Oz's' wrist gives off a small amount of light, and then a brilliant red cloak seems to shimmer into existence above those wings. It drops down, then, concealing the wings from sight, and then fading to invisibility, along with the wings beneath it.

"You see? Humans are superior craftsmen." ... If he says so.

"Good luck, Mister Dade L. Oz." The boy grins at the hulking man as people slowly start to fill the street once again. The crystal sheath that had covered the feather around his neck fades, and the boy steps back into the alley, where the laughter of other children can be heard.

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