2009-10-14 (PreU) Meeting of Strangers, A battle of words.

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Meeting of Strangers, A battle of words.

Summary: A young man, lost, confused, and running scared from an evil Cooperation. Attempting to steal supplies so he can continue his flight. Is forced to confront a voice of wisdom. ((OOC Please Note that I am still sorting out everything for my Guyver character so some things are prone to change.))

Who: Dragonmaster_Cale, david_akenda
When: January 14, 2009
Where: Twisted

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A figure has left his home, or what passes as a home late at night. That figure is very much like an armored suit, that moves with almost total silence as it moves from the tops of roof tops doing it's best to avoid being seen. The insectiod figures is move to one of the many markets here. The emerald green creature will leap easily from roof top to roof top as he takes care to avoid being seen. Checking his surroundings to see if he has been sighted. His glowing blue sapphire eyes survey the surroundings as he looks carefully. HE figures now one on the streets below would see him as he scans the skys looking through all sorts of vision fields. Thermal, UV, even pheromonal and night vision. The Guyver's senses are nothing short of incredible.

Dragonmaster Cale is here in Nerima and not really trying to hide at all, so he's easily picked up by any general looking around. In fact, it's quite obvious he's here, because he's standing underneath a street light, glancing around the city. The wings on his back folded up tightly, as if trying to keep them from view, but they're huge, so it's not really possible. "Mmm...yeah." He says as he looks over towards Trinune, who's standing just to the right of him, her blue within blue eyes looking to him and the area as well. Wether or not she see's the moving suit of armor is anyone's guess though, since she doesn't seem to react too it at all. Holding his hand out, a white light flickers around his fingers and then pops up into a small white orb. o O ( Just about here n stuff. ) He thinks to himself, and Trinune of course, since their minds are always linked up like that.

The Figure on the roof did peek over the edge to see people down there and now this would get harder. His target his goal is right below him. The supermarket has what he needs in it and he moves to a grate and checks it out unable to see a Silent way past it as he was planning. So he takes another route, He finds a hatch he can yes and there shielded from direct view the ring in the center sphere will glow firmly and then from the small jade green orb above The insectoid will start to cut through the hatch. He hopes that he won't trigger some form of alarm as he slowly cuts a circle through it. Of course he's cutting a hole in the middle of it to avoid the edges.

Dragonmaster Cale rubs the back of his head and pulls his hand away from the glowing orb. He glances around briefly before pushing it forward a bit by waving his hand at it, "Ehh, I dunno, maybe it should be like, higher up n stuff." He says, glancing over at Trinune, who only looks back at him with silence. Cale blinks, "Eh? Think so?" He shrugs his shoulders once, reaching out to tap the glowing white orb, which splits into two orbs of the same size. "We have to make more anyway, ya know?" He comments and then waves his hand yet again, sending one orb soaring into the sky, while the other one sinks down and through the street, sending out a wide area magical scan that should pick up anything magical, including humans and the like. He then spreads his wings out, preparing to take off from the ground and into the air.

There the green figure on the roof will be detected the scan will show it's not human, nor magical but it's something indeed. The Figure will be seen half way through it's job cutting through the hatch and then it will look up with those eyes and cletch a fist holding very still as if in an attempt to avoid detection. He has no idea what that is or the like. But he's not taking flight yet wanting to see what it is before he makes any sort of movement....

Dragonmaster Cale leaps off of the ground, his wings flapping wildly as he takes into the sky, Trinune filtering through the large amount of information the two scanning orbs are gathering. He's trying to figure out if the magic in this dimension works the same as the magic on Twisted, or if it maybe happens to have its own kind. You never know how magic is going to work from world to world, dimension to dimension, but so far things are going well. He pauses and hovers after getting some altitude, blinking over at Trinune and then looking over towards the weird reading off to the side. He sweatdrops as he notices the green...thing on the roof. "Ano..." He says to Trinune, who has simply floated up next to him without any use of wings. She uses magic to fly, well, she uses magic for most everything she does. He tilts his head to the side, some of his blue hair falling over in front of his face. Then he frowns, okay, it's kind of obvious what that person is doing. He arcs his wings and lands down on the very edge of the roof furthest from the figure, Trinune following suit. "Eh, greetings!" He calls, not really sure what else to say when you see some piece of walking..like armor thing breaking into a closed shop.

The figure watches as the pair takes off, one without any wings what so ever. Inside it's chest the heart is beating rapidly building up adrenalin for the Fight or flight response. The ring in the Center orb glows and flashes a few times. The Fact that these two have not landed on his roof, and added to the fact they have not under gone transmutation into Hyper Zoanoids or worse yet Zoalords. Is a point in their favor, Still a number of things run through his mind including the fact he can unleash the mega smasher if they attacked, but it's true he's caught red handed. When he is spoken to he takes a step backwards as if to prepare for running. His fist clenches as he says, "What are you?" His voice sounding electronic as if he was some form of Robot.

Dragonmaster Cale sweatdrops, "Eh heh, I was kind of wondering the same thing about you, mmm..." He shifts his wings, folding them up behind him. Well, he does like to make introductions, and even though this person is obviously a thief, he figures it's still good manners to let him..or maybe she..? It....know who he is. "I am Dragonmaster Cale Charis, 41st prince of Atlasia, friend of the four dragons, keeper of the Blue Star and protector of the goddess Althena." He bows his head slightly, then itches his right arm, "Ehh, and who are you and why are you stealing n stuff?" He blinks and looks over at Trinune, "Er, oh, right, I'm Lunarian, and this is Trinune, she's a sword." He gestures with a thumb over towards Trinune, who doesn't look anything like a sword at all.

The Figure stands there unmoving those eyes just glowing in that strange unblinking gaze. The Figure relaxes his hand as he holds his position, and says, "As you pointed out, I'm just a thief, But a petty thief. When I steal it's for my survival only. I never take more then I need." he explains and after a few moments he explains, "As for why I steal, it's impossible to hold a job when one is hunted relentlessly."

Dragonmaster Cale folds his arms across himself, "Mmm, that's not really a very good reason to be stealing, eh heh. I mean, you could like, go around trying to help people, or like, stop the people from hunting you from hunting you and then get a job, ya know? But, I mean, really, like, the people that owned this shop probably work hard every day to keep it running, and even stealing a little piece of something is damaging their lives that they've worked for. Nobody has the right to do that kind of thing to someone else." He says, trying to decide if this is going to come to blows or not. So far this thing hasn't made any aggressive moves towards him, but you never know when you're dealing with a species you've never encountered before. He glances over at Trinune and nods his head slightly. The girl keeps looking from speaker to speaker as each one talks, her eyes only blinking every so often, not because she has too, but because she knows that's how a body is supposed too work.

The Figure stands there and listens to this Cale and he says, "Fairly hard to hunt down an enemy that out numbers you thousands to one. Is willing to kill anyone you encounter, attack and kill friends, family, just to get at you. Who want to turn you into a lab experiment." he says he's not going to be the one to throw the first punch that is for sure. "Helping people is also out of the question, the more I show myself, the more I make a name for myself the faster they will come. picture your 'sword' there being held at knife point and if you don't surrender to them they'll kill her. Then later learn they turned her into a mind controlled monster." he says....

Dragonmaster Cale stays silent for a few moments and looks over towards Trinune. Pondering over the things words, he taps his foot, the wings on his back ruffling slightly as a few feathers fall from them and towards the streets below. "If all they wanted was me, and they'd let her go, I'd either find a way to stop them without Trinune getting hurt, or I'd give myself over to them, then at least she'd be free and they wouldn't be after my family or anything." He looks back towards him, "The point is, there's always a way to do what you need to do and not do something to hurt someone else by doing it, you know? Stealing is taking what someone else worked hard to get, you can't just go around doing it because you think that's all you can do, you're just making excuses because the other ways are so much harder and require more self-sacrifice than you want too give up, I don't know if your a robot or something and don't have morals, but if you don't you should at least try to look into them n stuff and figure out what's right and wrong, otherwise...well, otherwise, eh, ya know, it's bad." Yeah...

The voice of this thing gets harsher as his morals are questioned. "You think I enjoy stealing, You think I have not tried to find another way. You tell that to a school full of dead children, ages 5 to 18. All just beginning to get their lives under way. You tell that to the People who catch you when they transform into monsters intent on ruling and enslaving a population who knows nothing about them. Just because they are /superior/ beings. Willing to do what ever it takes to get you under their control, like hunting down your relatives, holding them hostage. They when you come to give your self up find out they been turned into monsters slaves to their masters and sent to kill you. You tell that to the people they killed as you fight to protect others and then they pin the deaths of those people on you...." He says Anger is clearly in his tone and once more his fists clench tightly.

Dragonmaster Cale smiles, his fangs showing briefly, "I dunno, I mean, you say you're not enjoying it, but here you are doing it. Ehhh, I've had a lot of people taken away from me in my life by other people. It's one of those things that happens in life, ya know? That doesn't mean you can let it drive you to do something you shouldn't, to make others suffer because you're suffering, that's just wrong. I mean..." He lets out a slow breath, pushing some hair out of his face, "...I'm finally married now, but I lost seven fiancees before this one. Seven. I mean, sure, some of them just disappeared, but others were killed, or taken from me by someone, and yeah, it really sucked and I was sad n stuff, but I never gave up, I just kept on trying to find someone I could hold onto. I got so scared when I found Ayika, but I held onto her tight, just as tight as I had with the seven before her, and this time, this time I got to keep her. This time I married here, this time I kept her safe. I never gave up and I never tried to do something I shouldn't of, that's what life is, it's dealing with pain and loss, and not letting it overcome you and make you into what you're slowly becoming. You might just be stealing small things right now, like you say, but someday, they'll be something bigger you'll need, and you won't be able to get it in a normal way, and you'll think to yourself, ya know, just this one, I'll do just this bigger one this one time, but then it comes again, and it comes again, and it never stops." He shakes his head, "I've lost a lot of things too, and I've had people after me and my loved one's. It's not easy and it's hard to live with and get by, but you can do it. You're just not able to see how because you think this is your only road, but it's not, there's always another path, you can always take a different route than the one you're on, you just have to believe that you can, hope that you can, and find it, ya know?"

The Creature just stands there and remains unmoved by the speech and says, "How dare you presume to speak to me of such things. You think I'm not aware of that you idiot. I only take what I can carry is a small bag. All the power and strength I have is right here." And he places his hand on his chest, "This gives me all the power I need, I have been searching for a way to strike back, but ever time I do it does nothing. I have been fighting creatures which have powers greater then my own. Imagine ten, or twenty such creatures showing up in a city looking for you. This is pointless," He says "You have a choice then turn and walk away and let me take what I need, Some how If you are as naive as I think you won't risk a fight where a lot of places get damaged destroyed. Unless you are a hypocrite and intend to try and stop me by force, in which case the better part of this area could very well end up majorly damaged. And I would rather not risk injuring any innocents in this area." There is no sign of a bluff in his voice.

Dragonmaster Cale lets out a slow breath, some people just never listen to him. He tries so hard, but so often people don't understand what he's trying to tell them. He wonders if maybe it's because he has trouble showing them what's right, or maybe they're just so blinded by what they want they can't see it from another perspective. Either way, it's the way it goes sometimes. Some people won't stop doing things wrong unless you stop them yourself. He's learned that over the years, it's just one of those things. He points his finger up towards the small white orb hovering high up in the sky, barely noticeable unless you're looking for it, "Eh, well, that orb up there is scanning this entire area, and there are some people in this place, and while if I do stop you and we end up fighting, some of this place might get destroyed, I'll stay here and fix it all and replace what was lost, and if innocent people are around, I'll teleport them away to safety before they get into any danger." He inclines his head slightly, the wings on his back fanning out slowly as he shifts the stance on the roof that he holds, "But standing around watching someone hurt somebody else is just as bad as doing it yourself, sometimes, I think it's almost worse, ya know?"

The Creatures stands there and his hands held at his side clench tightly and from the tops of his arms extend above each had a three foot long blade that seems to just meld from the armor. If scanned these blades vibrate at an extremely high frequency, so high it will allow them to cut through just about anything. The Guyver takes a challenging step forward, clearly he's not bluffing he's willing to fight. Truth be told Cale has reached part of him, and it has hurt the man under that armor. HE had tried to be a hero, to fight to keep his life in every way possible, then going on the run only served to make him this way. The young man for the moment is locked into this constant running cycle. The fact it's clear he's not in Kansas any more so to speak, it has not even dawned on him that Cronos might not be here. "Your Move...." he says and he is already planning his next move, something his enemy won't expect what so ever.

Dragonmaster Cale lets out a slow breath again as the thing extends weapons. He looks over at Trinune, and shrugs his shoulders once. "I suppose..." He says, and reaches his hand out, gripping down on the air. Trinune's body erupts into blue lightning, thunder sounding throughout the area. The same lightning appears around Cale's hand and a long sword appears within his grip. o O ( I know, I know, I'll be careful, Ayika will be pissed if I get killed or something. ) He thinks to Trinune, hopping off the edge of the roof and onto the top of it. "If you're asking me to strike first, I won't do it, but if you try to continue with your theft, I will stop you, so it's up to you. There's a lot of worlds out there, I'm sure some of them are a good place to go. In fact, if you go to this place called the Usual Restaurant on Twisted, they might give you a free meal. Ehhh, can't be sure though, I'm not the owner or anything."

The Guyver looks at Cale and there is no sign of backing down. But something about that lightning holds his hand for the moment. He can't play his move if his enemy doesn't attack. But he stands there and then kneels down as if to submit and there it happens. There is A large blast obscuring the figure as a large amount of Dirt erupts around the figure. A minor use of his pressure cannon will create a dust cloud as he leaps backwards trying to get off of the roof and escape. He'll deal with Cale later, and if Cale thinks he is weak to electricity, which he's not entirely weak to will give him an edge in future combat. Right now he just wants to get away from the self righteous fool. The Scanner will show what he has done, leaping like an acrobat landing safely and then taking off like a bat out of hell running away from the scene. His mind is churning right now, but he will recall Cale and promise to dish out a proper beating later to show Cale the power he has and that he faces even stronger enemies....

Dragonmaster Cale leans back and shifts Trinune's blade to hold her in front of himself as the blast obscures the guyver. He's waiting for him to come sailing out of the dust cloud and attack him...but...nothing happens? He blinks and frowns, then checks on the scan that's going about the area. Oh, he's taking off. He straightens up and lets go of Trinune, who erupts with lightning and thunder into her human form again next to him, "Ehh, yeah, I know, I really thought he was going to attack..." He looks over at Trinune and grins fangedly, "Eh, well, let's hope maybe I got through to him, ne? Anoo...well, you -should- understand what I was trying to tell him! Morals n stuff!" He shakes his head and hops back and up into the air, flying up towards the orb to form it into a magic rune so it sticks around for awhile, Trinune following after him.

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