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Insert fish jokes here

Summary: Devi and Johnny continue their voyage for alternative housing and as they do they cross paths with another rarely seen face as a pair of Pizza Cats stumble in with business of their own to attend to...

Who: Devi, Guido, Johnny_C
When: October 22nd, 2009
Where: Housing District

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Housing District

The Housing District has changed, if anyone cares to notice. Some of the houses are well kept, lawns manicured, and it almost seems like the sun shines a little bit more on those places. Others, such as the Former Jedi Enclave, sit unused and deserted. Walls are showing age, and the chaos of Twisted is starting to eat away at the overall image of the place. The Enclave, for example, now has a large gate in front of it, with a very odd lock. Looks like you'll have to know something about the Force to open it. In the distance, a large Castle looms, a permafog surrounding it. A school house rings it's bell twice a day, presumably to signal the start of classes.

Devi casually walks down Twisted Street, turning once or twice to carry her and Nny to the Housing Disctrict. "Now, here's the funny part about a place like this, and I've got theorys that it can be made by thought. Either way, there's plently of land and room for you to think up new digs." She grins broudly. "You don't even have to deal with neighbors." She looks around at the decay that's taken on the area since people have stopped being normally active, the enclave being a perfect example. Waving her hand out, she steps to the side, feeling a bit like Vanna White.

Built by thought? That's a scary concept looking back at the house Devi is dragging NNY from. He eyes around suspiciously, "I dunno. Wouldn't that just succeed with making me WORSE?" Johnny's having a sane moment currently, otherwise why would he be listening to Devi's suggestions to get the hell out of his house? Well, sane may not be the best choice of words. The road behind them is being sliced open as they walk, like a bug weilding a scapel as it walks along someone's leg. Aside from the unnerving noise of the metal scraping on the paved street, the maniac doesn't seem concerned by this. "I really think I'm just unconciously drawn to decay at this point. Decay and puppies."

Devi laughs. "Well, maybe your right. It'd be wiser I suppose if -I- thought up your new digs. I may be a bit slanted, but not nearly as bad as you." She's fully ignored the sound that Nny's 'toy' causes, through if he moves to much she may just carry it for him. Moving a few feet down the street, she starts eyeing out a suitable area for the new house. Fully aware of Nny's aversion to other humans, she starts looking at a fairly recluse like spot.

Johnny's eyes lock onto the rusting metallic structure with the overgrown garden. In the back of his mind something clicks and after a brief pause he "Ooooooh"s. "I bet I can find some good toys in there..." With neglected damage done to the building the odd similiarity to Johnny's basement is a little apparent. If only he knew that his favorite 'toy' thus far used to be in decent supply within the enclave...

As Johnny and Devi walk, there is the pitter patter of little feet on the fences and rooftops around them. If pitter patter meant whir. And little feet meant roller skates. Sky blue glints in the air as an armored, bipedal cat zooms by, chasing a cat of the decidedly more mundane persuasion. It looks like the chase has been going on for a while now, as anthropomorphic cats aren't exactly native to this part of the neighborhood.

"Come back here with my fish, you felonous feline!" The white, normal cat leaps from a roof to the ground, before darting around the corner ahead of Johnny and Devi. Guido hops off the roof at maximum velocity, determined to catch up with the fish-thief, when, due to a tragic miscalculation of speed, he slams face first into a stop sign, his arms and legs flying out in front of him as he sticks there for just a moment before landing on his rear. The white cat turns and walks back towards the prone Guido, setting the fish down just out of reach and taking the time to indifferently clean its paws.

Guido reaches for the fish, pawing the air, but helplessly unable to reach it. "You think you're so smart, don't you? Oh, I'll get you..." ... Nothing to see here. Carry on.

Devi looks just a tad uncomfortable with that. "Um, perhaps the Enclave isn't the best place for you." Of course, the lightsabers and all the training equiptment left by the tenents wouldn't be good for Johnny either. With the loud clang that Guido made, Devi turns around. Eyebrows go up and she watches the new person/cat/thing closely. "Hey Nny. What do you make of this?" Always a good idea, lets ask the crazy guy!

Johnny follows Devi's glance to the tormented feline. "Now, I've seen a catgirl but this is new." That instinct washes over his face as his eyes narrow and that smiiiiile reappears on his lips. "Wanna play skin the cat?" Now the odd part about all this, because everything up till now is NORMAL right? Is the fact that Johnny is now holding the Great Knife effortlessly in the air at his side...

Guido seems quite indifferent to Johnny and Devi's attentions, simply narrowing his eyes in a comedic failure of an attempt to look intimidating. "You think you've won, don't you?" He gathers his limbs back under him and springs up and onto a nearby demolished piece of stone-wall, which is in a great deal of abundance near and around the enclave. "Well you've underestimated Guido Anchovy! I will punish you for your evil ways, and retrieve that fish!" He points one hand at the cat, using the other to hold his umbrella out behind him, snapping it open. "...and I'll even look good doing it! Please, ladies, hold your applause. This is serious business."

The white cat... continues licking its paws. Not impressed.

Devi steps in front of Nny's view. "Hey, do me the curtisy of at least pretending to care that your not supposed to kill things in front of chicks, man." Yeah, great morals there Devi. The ground rumbles slightly as a house literally pops into exsistance. It's a nice split level house, dark blue, and vacant! She rolls her eyes at the dramatic Cat, the fish in front of him blurring before changing into 3 fish. "Oh hay look there!" She points towards the new creation and looks REALLY EXCITED! Well, to be honest, she just doesn't want to have to actully stop Johnny from slaying because it would freak him out and she's aimming to ease him into that.

Johnny blinks at Devi's distraction, staring at it with one wide eye. The weapon in his had clanks down onto the ground once more as he becomes aware of it's weight again. "That... that's weird. How'd you do that?" Best to be distracting again. The less he knows the better. If he realised what he could do Johnny's house would be running the streets with robotic legs screaming about wanting tacos. The cat is forgotten for a moment though, but it has more to do with the house than Devi's request.

After his pose has been struck for few moments, Guido opens his eyes, which he had closed to protect himself from his own brilliance. Or something. When he opens them, the cat in question is still staring. Now there's three fish in front of the white cat, but it's no longer just about the fish. "You're not even paying attention to me! What a malicious malkin! Hi-Yah!" Guido leaps off of the wall and swings his umbrella down towards the cat, who simply gathers up all three fish in its mouth, and jumps onto Guido's umbrella as it swings by, and hops off of it on the follow-through, walking off behind Guido. Guido, who doesn't even notice what just happened.

"Hey! ... He disappeared! ... With my fish! You cowardly cat! Lily-livered Lynx! I'll find you!!" And he runs off. ... In the opposite direction of the cat. ... Someone lacks sense. Of any kind.

Devi throws a glance over her shoulder at the fleeing Guido and shakes her head. "Man, some people are so - weired-! Either way, what do you think? Something that's not reminecant of your former house with the best thing. No basement!" She's content enough to let the Cat go, as it does save his life and keep Nny from doing whatever it is he does in the sight of blood, hopefully this is all for the best.

Johnny looks back as Guido makes his 'war cry' and frowns. A part of him really wanted to explore that further. Disect? Possible. Best not to elaborate on that either. "It's... it's pretty nice. Just, y'know unexpected." He ponders this over seriously as his intrest in the fleeing feline dangles in front of him like a certain subject's fish moments before. "I don't think I deserve it. Somedays I really think I'd be better off in a cell in some abandoned asylum somewhere, of course then I'd just snap again and kill anyone who walked by." For some reason this makes him smile. "Shouldn't a house like that, y'know... have a family in it or something? Is it a test or something?" He looks Devi in the eyes, his face awash with seriousness. "Do I need to kill the apt-named Cleaver family?"

Devi grins impishly. "Well, I'm sure I could put a dummy filled with red food dye and name him Beaver if you really wanted to get comfortable that way, but I don't really suggest it. No, no family, no test, just something to help you get back off whatever track you've been on." Her friendliness fades to something more serious. "There are still people who worry about you, Johnny. There should be 2 bedrooms and the downstairs area can be for.... I dunno, noodle crafts or something." She shrugs.

"Put down that pike!" A familiar feline voice rings out through the neighborhood, getting further away. "Give back that guppy!" ... It does seeem too much to ask for peace and quiet, doesn't it? "Hands off that Halibut!"

Johnny's eyes spark as that idea occurs to him like a physical force. Behind them, in the former Jedi Enclave, a large 10 foot statue of Happy Noodle Boy is suddenly errected. Luckily it's creator doesn't know about it. The statue looks pretty pissed off - but if he didn't it wouldn't be Happy Noodle Boy. Back on subject, "Ooooh. That's a good idea. I can almost see it already. Maybe this is a good thing! Maybe I'll start drawing again! Ooooh, and painting! And sculpting! Maybe I'll eat some tofu or something." Wait, what?? "I... I just hope that your right. I..." He blinks as his head tilts to the side, "...halibut? Maybe I should go deliver the neighbors a present. There's those cheerleaders from the other day that." His eyes drift over to Devi's, "I'm KIDDING! Calm down. I was too busy killing the stuff in my house to do that again."

Devi glances back, sighing inwardly as she see's his statue. Well, she's going to have to take that down. No use in sending up Neon flags to anyone that might be looking for Nny at the moment. She eyes where the fussing kitty came from and shook her head. An eyebrow go up at the last part of Nny's comment and she manages to laugh as he says kidding. "Well, this one is Demon free so maybe you can brush up again, yeah?" She waits a minute. "You -were- joking about the Tofu right? Because.. I can't belive you'd be quite THAT far gone..."

Johnny actually looks a little insulted at the question, "Pfft. What do I look like? Some kind of loonatic? Only a demented, depraved, deranged, psychopath would willingly eat tofu and as the world clearly knows I'm only as far gone as a homicidal maniac. Even -I- have my standards." Well, that's reassuring, right? "So are you gonna walk me in, or do you have plans to go after some pussy in the middle of the night?" He grins. Being in Hell has clearly done nothing positive for his sense of humor.

Devi stares at him before bursting out laughing. She dangles a set of keys in front of him and says,"I'll come check on you in a bit, make sure you've settled in. Hey, maybe I could bring you a welcomin nut basket?" She grins, obviously joking. "I've gotta to check a few things and I'll be back. I'll bring burritos or something for supper." The Happy Noodle Boy Statue is blown away in the slight breeze like it was loose sand. There, thing 1 taken care of. She turns and walks off, waiting to get out of eyesight so she can move about more freely. A hand is raised in a wave over her shoulder,"Stay outta trouble while I'm gone, Johnny. No strippers!"

Johnny pretends to be shocked, "Aww. But everyplace needs a striper pole." The maniac waves as he turns towards the house, the keys clutched nervously in his free hand. With a heavy sigh he begins to walk inside. Silence seems to fall over the street in everyone's absense. The outside of the house seems to get a few shades darker in the process. Maybe a little greener. Somewhere, on the otherside of Twisted, house #777's doors and windows slam shut on their own and lock. Of course that's just a coincidence, right?

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