2009-10-28 (PreU) To munch, or not to munch.

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To munch, or not to munch.


Who: Alessandra, Devi
When: October 28th, 2009
Where: 24*7


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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WIth a horrible ding from the doorbell, you find yourself in one of a chain of convience stores called 24*7. Here admist the smell of old hotdogs, under the watchful eye of a magazine reading clerk, you can purchase just about anything your might desire. Just so long as you can look past the horribly named products they sell here. Infact there's four asiles of such products running the length of the building, with 'ICE COLD DRINKS' going down the wall accross from the register, and various drink machines and rotating hot dog grills occupying the back wall. Need some donuts, nachoes, hot dogs, Steamy Chili-Wankers, Brain Freezezys, Beany Chips, or cans of Poop Cola? Well you've come to the right place!

Devi walks into the small but strangly warming 24*7 shoppee, hands shoved in her pocket, eyes seemingly attentive although she's lost in thought. Her black trench makes almost no noise as it is slapped by her bootheels. Devi wanders the isles, eyes the goods that are sold, thinking.

A young girl with black hair is at the Brain-Freezy machine, filling up a large cup. Sometimes, you just need massive quantities of sugar; now is one of those times. Popping the lid onto the cup, she turns around to browse the aisles for something tasty to go along with the beverage. Almost immediately, she notices Devi. For a moment, she squints, before a small smile appears on her face. That's one of the girls she saw fighting that one day in the park. Small multiverse.

Devi meanders over to the frozen goods, grabbing a few bags of burritos for when she heads back to Johnny's new house, stopping for just a moment to leave herself and check out Nny's house. No, he's not in the kitchen, and wait for it.. A ripple of feeling runs off Devi's body as she literally creates a microwave. Her body striatens from the slight slacking as she comes back to herself, turning and continuing her shopping. She eyes the black haired girl, green eyes serching her face, 'Where have I seen her before?'

Alessandra watches Devi for a moment, before smiling warmly and waving, noticing Devi's gaze. "Hello! I think I saw you once when you were having a bit of a crazy brawl in the park, or something. You did some really cool stuff, if you are the girl I saw." She grabs a bag of chips, taking a sip of her Brain-Freezy. "Wish I could do stuff like that."

Devi frowns slightly, as she runs back through the fights that she's had with people watching. Oh yeah! Devi nods knowingly, "Yeah, unless I've got another twin running around." She grins impishly. "Was the show to your liking?"

Alessandra nods, giving Devi a thumbs up. "Very much so! Where I come from, stuff like that was only seen in movies, and it was all fake. Special effects and the like." She smiles. "I liked the explosions, they were particularly nice. Glad I stayed a safe distance away, though. I certainly wouldn't stand a chance against you or the girl you were fighting." She rubs the back of her neck. "All I can really do now is pick things up with my mind. Still can't pick anything really heavy up." "Oh, and thanks for the popcorn and the water! It made the show that much better."

Devi laughs. "Your welcome." She tilts her head to the side. "So what magic pill did you swallow to have telekinesis?" Surely it was something as Devi hasn't seen someone come from her definition of 'normal worlds' with any kind of powers. Either Al swallowed someones BS, or the Choas of Twisted was getting more inventive.

Alessandra shrugs. "Didn't really swallow a magical pill. Apparently I had some latent power or something." She shrugs. "Not like it's very useful. I can lift a hat off of someone's head, and maybe get a glass on a table to slide over to me. It won't really help me in a fight...just a stage trick, really." She smiles, grabbing a candy bar. "That's okay, though, I'm content to sit back and watch the cool stuff happen. I don't think I could ever weather an explosion like you!"

Devi waves her hand indiffrently. "Well, considering I used to be a lot like you, I highly doubt it. Granted, I swallowed my own version of a magic pill and I have to say, it's not wholey awesome. Just be careful about what people may or may not offer you around here. Some are nice but a special brand of Crazy, as everyone here is in fact insane in some way."

Alessandra blinks, and nods slowly. "I'm not planning on taking any magic pills or anything like that. Besides, if I'm going to do something, I'd rather learn it the old fashioned way. It means something, then." She grins. "My hobbies lie more in the arts. I'm a martial artist, but dancing is much more enjoyable than fighting. Ever watch ballet? Or break dancing?"

Devi snorts. "Gods no. I spent my time painting and trying not to get killed by my one night date with a maniac.... Plus my shit with Sickness. Either way. I learned all my shit the old fashioned way, as in, of late, getting my face pounded in to learn speed. But I enjoy that kind of training, personally." She's suddenly holding a poop cola with a little bendy straw. Don't worry, she'll pay for it.

Alessandra grins. "You should try dancing, if only as a hobby. Judging by the fight at the park, you're definitely able to. It's a great way to relax." She nods. "Who knows, once you learn the basics, you could use your superior abilities to spice it up a little." She slurps a bit of her Brain Freezy. She'll pay for it soon.

Devi ehs.. "Dancing really isn't my thing. When fighting, I have much more fun being a Showmen for whoever, and trying to mind rape someone with my odd bits. Being graceful or spinning on my back on a piece of cardbored doesn't really stike me with any kind of intrest." She's not trying to be rude, of course, just trying to explain the total disintrest she has in learning the Sugarplum faries dance. "If it wasn't fighting, it'd be playing music. I like the old stuff." She steps the few feet towards the Clerk, dropping her goods on the counter so that the dude can scan it.

Alessandra smiles. Luckily, she's not one that is easily offended. She's just nice. "That's alright, it's not for everyone. For what it's worth, I do like how you fight. Very cool, better than the stuff they put on TV back at home." She follows suit, waiting behind Devi. "I'm Alessandra, by the way. Sorry for not introducing myself sooner."

Devi smiles. "I'm Devi, and not at all as bad as some of the people around here will say that I am." Considering Devi's sure that Mei is still on the hate wagon, and everyone else is just... meh. The clerk scans and points to Devi's total, waiting for her to pluncker down some cash. She does, gathering her goodies and heading for the door. "It was nice talkin to you." She slips out and away from the windows of the shop, vanishing into the air to appear over at the Housing District.

Alessandra puts her stuff down after Devi, offering a bit of cash. "You don't seem half bad, though I haven't heard anyone say anything bad about you. Then again, I tend to avoid judgement until I'm given a reason to." She waves after the girl, smiling brightly. "Nice talking to you. Hope to see you around!"

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