2009-11-12 (PreU) Encounter at the gravesite

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Encounter at the gravesite

Summary: Events on Chronos slowly begin to once-again turn, and some bold plans are revealed.

Who: Crono, Munin
When: November 12th, 2009
Where: West Cape


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West Cape

At the very end of the cliff face here rests Toma's Grave - the final resting place of the great explorer Toma. For some reason cans of soda are always left here as a memorial by the townsfolk. Occasionaly a stray child or two will make their way here to sneak off with one.


A calm and peaceful afternoon. Something the residents of Chronos have come to enjoy with them coming so few and far between these days. The war with Zeal, then the war with Porre, and the apparent fall of the Kingdom of Guardia. A lone figure stands upon the West Cape, kneeling down before the weatherworn tombstone that resides there, celebrating the great explorer Toma. A brown riding cloak covers the figure, as a pair of hands rise up from beneath to lower the hood, revealing a head of vibrantly red hair. After such a short time, the residents of Choras have forgotten, but King Guardia the XXXIV stands here, of course most would truly know him as the Hero that defeated Lavos, Crono.

Another lone figure comes up the road behind. Her clothes suggest a refugee from the mass departure, and upon her head is a simple straw hat to shield from the sun. She sees Crono, but doesn't seem to recognize him as any special. She speaks in an open, friendly tone "Guess i aint the only one to come pay my respects. Haven't been here in person. Thought most everyone had by now. Glad i aint so far behind as i thought! G'day to you, sir!"

"He was a wierd guy." Crono turns and smiles brightly at the strange woman, before reaching into his cloak to pull out a bottle of root beer. He opens the top of the bottle, then pours it over the gravestone only to stain the blue stone with a slight brown from the liquid. He lets the bottle drain completely only to set the empty bottle down infront of the grave stone. He presses his hands together, and bows his head, mumbling a few words silently.

Munin asks, "Wouldn't know. Lived 'fore my time. Just not often one finds a heros memorial in such an easy place to reach, aside from the normal fee to get here from across the ocean, that is". She peers at him, her eyes shielded by her hat, but her slight smirking smile visible "You say that like you met him or somethin, but he been dead a long time now. Y'sure he was the wierd one?"

"Very". Crono claps his hands together, then finally stands upright fully. He turns fully towards Munin and pulls the cloak off his shoulders, throwing it off the side of the cliff to flutter in the open air down to the sea. "Of course. I think I've wallowed around in my own self pity for far to long". A few people from the town seem to have made their way up towards the memorial, only to stare at the man, shock filling their eyes. The hair, the clothes, the legendary Rainbow sword at his side. "I have met him. I've met a lot of people who are now long gone. My name is Crono". He moves towards Munin, and offers his left hand to her in greeting.

Munin reaches out and shakes his hand "Always sad when someone passes on. Seems we all have our share of that nowadays..... "as shes now close enough to whisper so only he hears, she does so... ("King of Guardia"). Now she looks up, and her deep purple eyes gaze into his. He may now recall having seen her before elsewhere.

"I don't know if I have the right to hold that title, considering I wasn't here when my kingdom needed me the most. Of course... I now know that the Zeal who attacked with Lavos wasn't the same one from this world.. Especially since I was there when she was defeated". He scratches the back of his head with his right hand, chuckling slightly. "She was from an alternate dimension.. A dimension with the worst possible outcome. After that, Porre attacked, and I wasn't here. Instead I was off on another world, trying to get back."

Munin keeps her gaze locked with his, although her 'overly friendly' tone changes to one much calmer "Whether you hold the right is irrelevent at this point. You made the effort to return, and few, if any, have the capability to take and maintain that position in the world as it is now. I assure you it is important you reclaim or restate your role as such as soon as possible, and relocate your friends and allies". She eyes the crowd, some who are paying attention, others who aren't "The sooner you do, the sooner the real threats can be addressed". She nods "I know more about her than i wish i did. However, at present, she isn't not the one to worry about. Those following after her, however, may be. The cycle, unfortunately, continues. Seek Schala. She is the one you want on your side".

"Restate the role?" A confused look crosses Crono's face as the woman says this, noticing she does seem a bit familiar. He shrugs his shoulders, dismissing it for now as there are other things to take care of. "What if the fight was taken to the source? If a portal to that 'Twisted' world exists.. why not one that leads to the world that the Second Zeal came from? My friends will return in time, so I'm not to worried about them. I'm more worried about my world. THIS world".

Munin raises an eyebrow "A preemtive skirmish into another dimension.... ? you ARE aware that not only would that be supremely difficult to arrange, potentially lethal just causing the rift itself, and then potentially a one-way trip for whomever enters, correct?".

"I was told that returning to my world from the Twisted world was impossible as well. Yet, here I am". A bit of a wreckless king at times, but still one that is capable of many things. He grins slightly, before looking to the sky. "This world must be saved.. I've saved it once. I'll save it again."

Munin hhmms "One part brave, three parts foolish". She smirks "The makings of a classic adventure if i ever heard one. If the Queen came from there, then at some point it was done with Zealian technology. Only two people still present in this world have knowledge of such. Schala is one of them. As i said, you must seek her out. She holds the key you seek".

"If I can find her. Of course.. I may need to find Magil again... He knew how to find Schala before.." Its about this time that Crono notices the slowly growing group of people. He scratches the back of his head, then looks to Munin. "I think its time for me to take care of other business. I'll keep your advice in mind". Some of the people seem to be staring in disbelief, while others aren't quite sure on how to feel. "By the way, whats your name?"

Munin says, "She is around, i assure you. She tends to like the beaches....". She turns to leave, ignoring the crowd. As he asks her name, she replies "I am one lost in time and forgotten by history". She takes two steps, and abruptly vanishes.

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