2009-12-10 (PreU) Avon Calling.

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Avon Calling.


Who: Caliga, Christabella, Devi, Johnny_C, Tenna
When: December 10th, 2009
Where: House #777

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Devi storms down the street towards Johnny's new digs. Her eyes are tinted red around the edges, the remains of her Mazuko power already working it's way out of her system. The air crackles around her and vibrates as she screams out. [!]Devi shouts, ""Knock Knock Johnny!" The air around the housing district can be seen from all points on Twisted, dark rain clouds suddenly forming." Devi approches Johnny's new front door, extending her hands, and releasing a wave of energy, trying to blast it to pieces.

The house stands ominously before her, almost defiantly. As her blast smashes the door, the wood seems to buckle but not give as epxecited. Infact it seems to be TRYING to hold itself together. Maybe it's just a side effect of Johnny's influcence. However, the door was recently kicked open and that fracture allows the door to slam open just as Devi's energies begin to expel. The house stands quiet for the long moment the girl stands outside, and then just as suddenly as she's arrived the lights come on, all of them and all on their own. A trail of blood runs from a large pool just inside the door and then trailing up the stairs in the back of the room to the second floor. The stairs themselves are worth mentioning because they're covered in some sort of fleshy remians which at first glance... look like children. The moment Devi dares to go through the nightmarish scene, a few of them turn their featurless heads towards her and bark. Maybe this is the 'puppies' he had been talking about earlier...?

Devi stalks into Johnny's house. "JOHNNY!" She walks towards the stairs, balls of energy forming in the palm of her hands. If the 'puppies' don't stop her, she'll walk upstairs. She's tensed and ready to lob off more then a few of these balls of power into puppie skulls.

Each step seems to squelch as she stops past them. The next oddity would be the hallway at the top of the stairs. It seems to go on far too long. This.. this is the house Devi created, isn't it? Each door along the hall is locked with a heavy chain. There's no mistaking which way to go as the last door in the hall has a heavy red glow eminating from the frame of the door. Inside, the sounds of struggling. The hall seems to lengthen as Devi makes her way down it, but it's not something that goes on forever - more like reality isn't held together right. Of course, this is Twisted... but even for Twisted this feels weird. The door itself can not be opened. Something unseen and unfelt protects it - possibly the red light itself. Saddly the secret isn't a secret at all. One needs only to knock...

Once Devi reaches the door, she balls her hand into a fist, slamming it to knock as hard as she could. "JOHNNY! WHERE IS TENNA?" Breathing deeply, she pulls back her hands, squatting slightly into a L stance. Breathing swiftly out her nose, she shoots a beam of energy at the door, trying to do what she did to the front door. The amount of power she's outputting pushes her back as her hair whips around her face.

The energies she expends do nothing to move the door, and maybe she'll never realise it was that simple knock that started things in motion. Gears can be heard turning somewhere behind the walls and with a heavy click and thud a bolt slides over allowing the door to swing free of it's frame. As the door finally opens, the red glow vanishes. Within a single light bulb swings from the celing revealing the unconcious form of Tenna in a straight jacket laying on the floor. Well, that's certaintly his style, but where is...? Johnny stands beyond her, painting an unmistakable red onto the rear wall of the room. The maniac is lost in thought as he paints, even going so far as to stick his tounge out as if lost in concentration. Infact, his attention is so focused he doesn't realise the door has opened despite Devi's attempts to make herself obvious. After a second he reaches down to get more 'paint' on his brush from a bucket on the floor which makes him finally realise they wheren't alone. Johnny's face lights up as he smiles at Devi. "Hey Devi! ...I found her!!"

Devi eye's narrow as she walks past him to press her fingers to Tenna's throat to feel for her pulse. She slaps light at Tenna's face. "Hey, Tenna, wake up."

Laying quietly on the floor, Tenna is fine, only sleeping. Devi will realise as she slaps the girl's face that she's been drooling as well. Johnny frowns a moment as he looks down at the scene trying to figure out exactly what's going on. "Uh.... Devi? Do you know her?" For some reason this makes the maniac look nervous. "Well... that's going to be a problem..."

Devi looks up. "What's going to be a problem, Johnny?" She stands up, her hands flexing at her sides.

Tenna continues to sleep and even snores a little in the depths of her unconciousness. Probably a good thing too. Johnny raises an eyebrow at Devi and fronws again. "Because... I-I don't have enough time. The wall is drying too fast and I have to keep it wet!" Well, that explains everything, right? "I told you, I found HER!" Johnny points at the wall expecting the furious girl to understand. "...can't you see??!"

Devi says, "Is that Tenna's blood, Johnny?" Short, simple, and trying to figure out if she's going to blast him all over the wall.

Johnny blinks. "Tenna?" His eyes look to the sleeping body on the floor. "Oh! Her? No. Not yet. I-I still have some from that homeless girl from last night, but it's not working so well because it's cold. You can help me if you want! I-I can't believe this whole time she was here!" He turns his back to Devi to resume painting. "Once I have enough we can free her, and then this nightmare's over once and for all!" He smiles to himself. Almost... too happily...

Devi fumes, not knowing what she should do first. "This was supposed to be a fresh start for you Nny, no more murders, no more insanity, just trying your best to be normal. Stop painting the wall."

Johnny stops a moment to speak. "It IS diffrent." There's a harsh seriousness to his voice. "This isn't like that. I THOUGHT I'd killed her, but I didn't. She was here." He looks over his shoulder a moment to glare at Devi. "I was SUPPOSED to be protecting her, and I thought after that little stunt you and Caliga pulled on me that I'd gone too far." He smiles again, "But it's okay now. Soon we'll all be together..." As the maniac trails off and begins painting again the door to the room quietly shuts itself behind Devi, that impassible red glow returning once again.

Devi says, "Open the door Johnny, I'm taking Tenna home." She turns and starts unfastening the strait jacket, then hauling Tenna off the floor and over her shoulder.

The sound of a woman's voice whispering can just barely be heard. Johnny calmly puts down his paintbrush and turns towards Devi. "I can't do that. There's not enough time." The whispering starts again. "She has to stay here, Devi or else I'm going to have to use you. There's not enough time. This is too important." The edge in his voice shows he's not willing to talk about this...

Devi asks, "How about this? You're not going to use me for shit, or I'll kick your ass just like I did last time." She sets Tenna away from Johnny, towards the wall. She flexes her hands. "And your not going to use Tenna for shit, or I'll kick you ass. So, let me take Tenna home, and I'll try and not destroy you. How about that?"

After sitting her down, Tenna begins to stir. "Guhwuh...?" The girl blinks and wipes a line of drool from her face. "Maaaan, what did I drink last-AHHHH!!!!" The shadows cast by her in the dim light have begun to wrap themselves around her tightly, binding her like a mummy and forcing her back down to the ground. During the distraction Johnny draws his Great Knife from his own shadow on the floor effortlessly. "Devi. I HAVE to do this. You're not going to stop me this time. This is Samantha we're talking about! YOU KNOW I promised!!" The blood on the wall begins to shift from red to black before the darkness in the room becomes darker still. Somehow, this is more than just Johnny. Something -else- is here. "Now back the fuck off and either help me or get lost! I HAVE to do this."

Devi grins, and her hands flex outward, small ball of energys growing in her palm. "So it's ass kickin, then, yeah?" She kicks off the ground, floating above the floor about 3 inches. "Come on skinny man, lets see how dead men fight."

Tenna's muffled screams become louder still as a pair of eyes open up from the blood stained wall, peering down at her and watching the room with glee. Johnny meanwhile charges forwards, his body turning black in the process and the Great Knife already swinging towards Devi's throat as his rage boils to a head. The blade will deflect the balls of energy should they be thrown directly at him, and likewise the knife will easily cut anything that it comes in contact with. If Devi has a plan, this would be a good time to use it.

Devi appears behind Johnny, the balls flying at incredible speeds at the back of his head and his back. Her teeth bear wildly.

Johnny plunges the knife into the door, burrying it to the hilt. Swinging it free almost too easily, he turns in time to take the blast directly in the face. Johnny slams backwards into the door, cracking his head painfully against it. As gravity takes it's toll, the bottom of the door falls from it's frame just as the maniac collapses on top of it. Behind it, and as far as the cut from the blade can currently reveal, is an endless amount of solid concrete. This isn't the house they started in. This probably isn't even Twisted. Blood begins to run from the back of Johnny's head as he struggles to regain his feet. As it runs freely and drips on the floor the wood panneling melts into what appears to be rusted metal. For the moment, the maniac is wide open and unfocused - even the blade he clutches tightly seems to be showing it's full weight to him.

Devi glares at Johnny, floating over to him, grabbing him by the front of his shirt and lifting him off the ground. She pulls forward and trys to slamm him against the door. "NOW LET US OUT!" Her entire frame shakes violently, and her breathing is labored with anger. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU LITTLE MAN, BUT YOU ARE -NOT- GOING TO KILL ME, NOT AFTER ALL THE BULLSHIT I'VE BEEN THROUGH. TAKE US HOME."

Johnny doesn't let go of the Great Knife, even as Devi lifts him up. Blinking the blood from his eyes he tries to look into her face and then briefly around the room trying to make sense of her demands. "I... I can't open the door. She keeps it closed so I don't get distracted..." Something giggles behind the bloodied wall. The eyes which had previously been so obvious are now hidden once more. That whisper echoes out once again - clearly the same voice that just giggled. Johnny's eyes go wide. "Of course! I-I'm bleeding! Use my blood! Whatever it takes!" The maniac drops the weapon finally and clutches Devi's arm. "Please! You -have- to!"

Devi says, "No. I don't know what's going on, I don't know who she is, I don't know and I don't care. Take. Us. Home. If she's keeping it shut, let her come out here and and I can tell her." Devi doesn't release her grip on his shirt, her eyes scanning the room quickly. Her entire body is still tensed despite her quaking.

The walls become darker still until all that exists are those standing beneath the lone swinging lightbulb in the center of the room, and that one wall. That one bloodied wall. Johnny struggles to be free. "I TOLD you. It's Samantha! Terry's little girl! I have to protect her! I have to save her!" He struggles once more before his eyes turn red. "LET ME GO! I HAVE TO HELP HER!!" Tenna has given up on reality for the moment and is just lying on the floor in her bindings crying with her eyes closed. Then again, maybe she's seen something everyone else has missed...? The voice behind the wall gets a little louder, words can almost be understood by even Devi now. "...release... ...can't... ...hurry!!" Johnny screams, "SHE'S IN PAAAAAIIIIN!!!!"

Devi heh's... and heh's again. And throws her head back, madness flowing from her mouth in the form of laughter. Her hand manages to curl tighter around his shirt. Her voice gets quiet. "I don't care." She drops Johnny and turns around to try and help Tenna. She whips a knife out of her boot, and tries to cut the bonds from Tenna's mouth.

Johnny slams into the floor and struggles to make his way to the wall as Devi attempts to free her friend. As soon as the bonds are cut enough for her to speak, Tenna cries. "This isn't happening!! No way!! It's a nightmare! I hate that fucking game!! This has to be a dream!" ...game? Johnny smashes his head against the bloodied wall which seems to give way and draw him in, stopping at his shoulders. That sound of turning gears and machinery can be heard again, louder this time, as the wall begins to expand outwards forming a ring around the trio. A red mark begins to glow from the floor - symbols... a triangle and several archaic scribbles in various circles. The glow is identical to that of the door from earlier. The door, which see ms to be missing? The bloodied walls begin to fade into darkness once again and it only takes a moment before the light cast on the floor really is the only light anywhere. Even the lightbulb appears to be missing. But then... what of Johnny? The maniac struggles to his feet once more but his head is now ecased in a horrible metallic device that resembles... He steps over to his weapon, clutching it tightly... His red eyes burn beneath the helmet casting a red glow on everyone there... ...laughter. That girl's voice echoes out of everywhere. Suddenly the room shifts back to the way Devi had found it, but the wall has been torn open. The Pyramid Head formerly known as Johnny stands guard as a young girl looks out from the damaged wall. "So... this is Twisted... You've done well, Johnny."

Devi's eyes look over the walls. She knows what a PH is, she's summoned and dealt with him before. She strokes Tenna's hair lightly and stands up. "Something in my sub-cockles tell me that you shouldn't be here. Very strongly. So, you can open the door and let me take my friend out of here."

The girl steps out of the wall finally, revealing her body to the light. The resemblance is uncanny as that of a girl Devi should know all too well. Only diffrent, maybe a little older. Maybe a little darker... but that school uniform is unmistakable. Even her voice is almost the same. "No... I should be here. Concordance unlocked the gate, and poor Johnny here opened it." Johnny nods his head at her words, obiediantly dropping to kneel before her as she glances back towards him. "I don't care about your silly little world. I don't care about you are your friend. I don't care about this house. I care that my pet here has brought me free, and I care what is about to happen to my dear, sweet sister." Wasn't that the words Diablo spoke of? The meeting of the sisters? The girl bows her head and smiles a too wide smile at Devi that cracks beyond the size of her mouth making her bleed. "I belive the name my mother gave me was Alessa. Pleasure to make your aquaintence..." Tenna's eyes go wide at the name and she squirms. "GET US OUT OF HERE, DEVI! I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE!!! YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS GAME!!" The door is open, still cut from the damage Johnny inflicted upon it. The hallway seems cold and lifeless beyond it, but at least this is deffinetly the house Devi helped create again.

Devi bends down, quickly cutting Tenna's bonds, hauling her into her arms. Within a blink Tenna's gone, and Devi remains. Having put Tenna outside and safely away from the scene, giving her quick instructions to call a guy named Caliga to the house, she's ready to deal with things freely. She shrugs off her jacket, tossing it to the floor. She bows, japanese style, and relaxes her body. Breathing deeply, she focuses. "Your pet will soon be no more, and you will follow not long after it." Her hair starts moving again as she looks at what used to be Johnny. "Do you know that I almost loved you, Nny? Almost? So, in light of that, I'm sorry." Her face hardens. "Concordence is stupid. And stupid is as stupid does."

The girl laughs, lifting off of the floor sending a wash of energy out and into the world in the process. It knocks the wooden pannels off of the walls and smashes the windows elsewhere in the house. Her dark hair whips around her face as she narrows her eyes at Devi. "You will not touch him. I've been working on him since the moment he first picked up a knife. Lurking, pushing him the right directions. Creating those voices to keep him company. I was burried by my adoptive father, burried in a place even darker than the nightmares I used to subject my mother to. I WILL see this world brought about unto paradise, and Johnny here will be the extention of my hand, just like Valtiel. But enough about that... if you really think you can touch me, let's see what you've got." Pyramid Head after Pyramid Head step out of her shadow, surrounding the room and blocking any further chances Devi has for escaping. "Take your best shot, little girl..."

Devi grins manically, appearing behind what used to be johnny, but wait, isn't that her up at the front of the army? A very long ragged knife protrudes from her wrist as she stabs upwards towards the heart. If it connects or not, her image at the front of the room starts fading away. The ground underneth the mass shakes violently as chunks of the floor start rising upwards. The image solidifys before it's totally gone. Her hands are building energy and lots of it. Lifting off the floor, she starts laughing again, just as crazy as before she dropped Johnny.

"Whoa whoa whoa." A voice rings out from behind the group of Pyramid Heads blocking the entrance into the room. "'Scuse me, pardon me... Comin' through!" What appears to be an image of a teenaged boy in a red jacket appears on the heads of random Pyramid Heads, then vanishes. Where Devi once was standing, now stands Caliga himself, no longer bothering to hide. "So. The Maniac's lost it, became one of the tinheads.. Oooooh." He moves forward, leaning forward and shaking his right index finger towards the shadowed girl. "Naughty naughty... Dev, enough. We're done here. Unless the girl here wants to say otherwise..."

The Johnny beast screams as she burries the knife deep in it's back. The location of it's heart no longer of any importance as it swings it's blade in a wide arc around itself trying to catch whomever or whatever was standing directly behind it. The other Pyramid Heads turn in unison, each one weilding a large spear, which they then begin to aim at Devi and Caliga as they march forwards. Reguardless Johnny will be stabbed with these as well, the floor quickly becoming a dark, bloody mess. Alessa only laughs at the chaos that ensues, any concern for her 'pet' is lost to her amusement. "You don't make the rules here, I do." The infamous sound of an air raid siren can be heard raising up above the noise as the light seems to fade from the world. It should be noted that unlike before, these Pyramid Heads are focused and obiediant to their creator making them a scaier threat than before. From outside screams of pain echo out from an army of twisted monsters, one for each person Johnny had ever killed ironically, begin to gather - each trying to march inside the house at the command of Alessa. The girl only seems amused by the anarchy. "Kill them! Slaughter the endless hordes! Rip open the belly of the beast!" Her childish giggles only serving to make things more uncomfortable...

Devi says, "Yeah right, Caliga, We're done here?" She lets her energy fly, sending disenigrating beams into the mass of bodies. The floor finally gives way, sendind the majority of the floor smashing into the ceiling. Balls of power fly through the room as Devi lets off as many as she can in such a short time, which, quite frankly is a lot.

"Stab me. Poke me. Try and make me bleed." A slight grin appears on Caliga's face as he stares directly at the child. He cocks his head to the side, causing a loud crack to echo out. "Devikins.. Do be a good girl and shield yourself as well as you can." A soft yellow tint suddenly appears beneath his feet as he extends his right arm outwards, with the index and middle fingers pointed forward. He takes a deep breath, slowly exhaling. "Bakurikimaha." He then bends the fingers, making them now point to the ceiling as a massive shockwave of energy suddenly springs forth from the ground beneath him, moving to swallow everything in a massive explosion..

The house crumbles around them as Alessa laughs more and more. Her loyal followers are ripped to shreads by Caliga and Devi's attacks and the debre as it comes crashing down and STILL they continue to try and attack the duo. Alessa speaks softly, her words seeming to echo out from everywhere, "One floats two. The child borne of nightmares and twisted by fate doth sleep within the house of terrors. His actions but a dream of the blade that guards the key to the soul. When lovers past embrace once more, the doors to Hell will open... and the darkness shall consume the Earth." Fading into the darkness herself, one last comment can be heard before the world seems to fade back to it's normal appearence. "...Sister dear... the time has come for our reunion..." Is she gone? No. But there will be more time for fun later... The remains of the house crash down upon themselves, destroying any chance for further investigation. Faintly that siren can still be heard fading away somewhere in the distance.

Devi drops to her knees as Caliga suggests, covering her head, and erecting a ki barrier around herself, gasping as the force from the blast shields her from debris but still allows her to be hit with the pressure. Her chest seiezes up slightly but after a second relaxes allowing her to breathe in again. Devi whips her head around as she watches the girl fade away. After she's sure that she's not going to get bonked by anything random, she lowers her shield. Her bones hurt, her lungs hurt, hell, her eyes hurt. She turns and pulls herself into a sitting position, leaning against what's left of a wall.

"WEEEEEE!" Caliga starts dancing around, then stops, as he looks directly at Devi, noticing a change within the purple headed girl. "So Oblivion's influnce in 'ya is gone now is it?" A slight gleam appears in the mans eyes, as he moves towards her. "So. What to do now? The bitch child seems to have taken my favorite maniac.. Connie's slowly moving towards her goals.. And now it seems civil war in Hell is about to break out... AND, you're just a normal girl with abnormal strength."

Devi sighs. "Yeah, isn't that fantastic." She doesn't sound that enthused. "'Connie' allowed her to come here. Woo for the destruction of Twisted. And yes, I'm just a normal girl with abnormal powers. God it's going to be hard to adjust to being human again." Her tone is empty and kinda dead. What can she really do now? Blast the hell out of some monsters, and have to side with the rest of the Humans again. The thought actually makes her a little sick to her stomach.

"Blah blah blah. There's more important things to worry about." Caliga holds up his index finger on his left hand, "One. Giving my son a wedgie to end all wedgies." He then raises his middle finger, "Two. Train you in our arts. Fully. Now that you're just a 'normal girl'... You'll have to learn how to do a lot more things with your own power. Like dimension hopping." He then holds up a third finger, getting a rather serious look upon his face. "Three. Tell me that I look good doin' this."

Devi says, "One, I wanna watch that. Two, alright, but not right now, I need a day. Three, no, you don't." She looks up at him, then back at Johnny's ruined form.

"Tch." Caliga then stares at the house. "Well. This really does put a cramp in things." He scratches the back of his head, then sighs. "Go find your friend. Comfort her. Get her drunk. Convince her it was a bad dream from a sewer leak or something. I'll come for you when I'm ready." He then rises into the air, staring at the ruins of the house for a moment, before pointing his right hand at it, causing the house to instantly be rebuilt. "He'll have to have a place to sleep when he comes back. Won't he?"

"He will. We'll make sure of that. Friends are friends. Even if they're crazy and want to slice you up at times." Caliga then waves towards Devi, then vanishes entirely, seemingly off to try and save the world.. Or whatever it is he does.

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