2009-12-12 (PreU) A shadow falls on Twisted...

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A shadow falls on Twisted...


Who: Guru Lou,Happosai,Spengler
When: December 12th, 2009
Where: Unknown

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The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

Silence on Twisted Street. Sometime in the darkest hours of the night a group of self proclaimed concerned citizens enter an old shack far from the homes and buisness for a top secret meeting of the utmost urgency...

"Well, now... are we all here?"

Murmers throught the group can be heard as well as the unmistakable voice of Guru Lou, spiritual advisor to the one and only Samurai Pizza Cats. "Yeah, yeah. We're all here. Not that it matters. I'm not even important enough to be pcreated on this darn muck. What the heck are you dragging us out of bed for, Happy?"

Happosai's face glows in the red light cast by the burning embers in his pipe. "As some of you already know, I'm sick of the way the youngsters in this town walk all over us. Crime is running rampant and with thieves and perverts running the streets-" From the back of the room someone interrupts, "The only pervert around here is you-!" Happosaii quickly cuts him off, "SILENCE!!!" The old man takes a deep breath. "Now, as I was saying, there's no reason for us to sit back any longer. As long as we're gathered on this street, we might as well start down the long overdue path of bringing order to this city."

Murmers of agreement echo out amoungst the gathered crowd as they consider this choice of action. One of them steps out of the crowd to address Happy. "H-hi. Egon Spangler here, listen. This all sounds well and good, and I agree that such actions are indeed long, long overdue. But what plan do you have? Have you given any thought as to how you'll be putting any actions into motion? If I may be so bold, I think what we need to have is some sort of council for the people. Maybe a mediator between what the people want and what TASK and the Council it serves tries to decide for us."

Happosai nods his head in agreement as the crowd mumbles to itslef once more. "An excelent idea, Mr Spangler. Wonderful. However..." Reaching into his shirt the tiny man pulls out a stack of papers and smashes them on the small table in front of him. Detailed upon them are the specifics of a new council and everything needed to make it official. One by one the group comes forth to sign it.

It's not until the last person goes to sign that the question is finally asked, "Hey... who's in charge of this council?" Happy laughs, "Well, since -I- was the one who summoned everyone to this meeting, I elect myself head of our new people's council. Since I also run the Eight Treasures, I second that notion. I also want to point out that being the eldest here..."

"OUTRAGEOUS!!!" "FRAUD!!" "NO WAY!" Well, it seems the people of the crowd aren't too thrilled by that decsion, and with Happy's track record who could blaim them. However, Happosai is already far too ahead of them as he stamps his name onto the official documents he convienently had made prior to this and dashes out the door laughing hysterically. What evil has just been brought about on poor Twisted?

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