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You earned 650 Experience!

Summary: One of the URs waitresses strays a bit too far off the track. Luckily, Zel and Felina are around.

Who: Felina, Kyoko, Zelgadis
When: December 15th, 2009
Where: Park Rd


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Park Rd

The Twisted street at this point seems to begin to loose it's greyscale and become more of a black and white contrast as the extremes of color begin to be sifted out, the street at this point seems to be extremely unstable and rock with sudden jarring movements. Doorways snap instead of fade in as the ground seems to become more torn apart and scattered the further it goes forward until it is just pieces distributed through the blackness. Buildings float around in constant motion as silvery beings can seen fading in and out in eternal confict, like this place is a warzone waiting to happen. (Travellers to Akushuukan must talk to Datenshi for Gate Requirements)

Kyoko wearily trudges through, looking exhausted. Figures this place would get her lost somehow. Whatever she ran into did a number. A nasty gash adornes her forehead, with a red line running down the side of her head, not that she seems to really be worried about it as much as keeping moving. She, like zel, seems oblivious to her surroundings somewhat.

Zelgadis does manage to notice the two new comers. He rises to his feet with a soft sigh and moves toward Fel, offering a slight wave to get her attention. Midway through, he notices Kyoko and seems to be staring at her injuries a bit pointedly.

Felina pauses as she sees Zel, nodding, but then, as she glances around she sees the other, injured, and she moves quickly towards.. "Are you alright? What happened to you?"

Kyoko looks at Felina suddenly, recoiling a bit as if to run, but hearing words, so stops at that "I got lost on my way to work, and something attacked me. Y-your not going to attack me too, are you?". She looks pensive...

Zelgadis steps over, glancing around in his typical 'alert' fashion. He stares back at Kyoko, peering a bit with his visible eye. "What attacked you? Did it follow you?" He takes another concerned glance around. Apparently he's interested in surverying for possible threats.

Felina quickly shakes her head, "No. I'm not gonna hurt you.. I'm felina.. " she glances around quickly, fright evident in her eyes.. "Where is the thing that attacked you?"

Kyoko relaxes visibly "Oh... thats good". As Zel speaks, she looks at him and smiles "Oh, hello Mr. Greywords!". Then she falls over as exhaustion and injury win out over force of will.

Zelgadis blinks in obvious surprise. He kneels by Kyoko with a worried look. He checks the cut for a moment and takes a few vitals, pulse, breathing, etc. He mutters, "How does she know me? Does she know a different me? ..." He glances over at Fel. "She's hurt. It doesn't seem life threatening...but that cut needs to be closed up before infection sets in."

Felina hmms, looking at the injury, and then she nods, "I can handle that Zel, pretty easily.. " she raises a hand.. or should that be a paw? towards the injury, whispering something as white light gathers in her palm, and she attempts to heal the injury. if it succeeds, however, a slightly less severe form of the same injury will become apparent on Felina herself.

Kyoko is unconscious. She can't decline. Her injury goes away, and she starts to regain consciousness several moments later. A shaky hand goes to her still-achy head, waiting for the nausea to pass. Concussions do that to you, even after being healed.

Zelgadis gives Fel a sidelonged glance. He offers a slight nod, looking a bit surprised. "You're still a surprise, Felina." He glances back down at Kyoko, trying not to move her since she's still recovering. "Miss, what happened? Who...or what attacked you? Also, how do you know me?"

Felina smiles, and then she winces as she puts her paw to her head, where the injury has manifested itself.. "It's nothing.. Don't worry about it.." Nothing is without price of course, even for felina's magic.

Kyoko slowly sits up, swolling hard through the nausea "Sorry for being a problem.... i got lost on my way back to the Usual. Everything went black, and then something hit my head. I took off running, and have been forcing myself to not stop since..". She wearily looks over at Zel "I've seen you in the Usual on occasion. I work there". She looks between the two, giving Felina a double-take "Are you alright? It looks like someone hit you, too!". She doesn't have a clue on that score.

Zelgadis frowns. "I don't think I ever noticed ... ... Well, either way. You're going to be alright." He takes Kyoko lightly by the shoulders, unless someone stops him. "Miss, what attacked you? Did it follow you? This is important."

Felina chuckles faintly, "i'm.. fine. Don't worry about this, it's a side effect of my healing magic, nothing more.. " she shakes her head a moment, quite dizzy.. "i don't use my magic much for healing really.."

Kyoko still seems kinda clueless. She just nods "Magic...". The connection doesn't get made in her mind. She shakes her head "I don't know. I couldn't see anything. I just ran".

Both Zel and Felina would hear, a few moments later, the sound of rustling in the bushes, and in one of the trees. Seems someone is trying to sneak up on them. Kyoko doesn't seem to even be aware of it.

Felina goes very still. hearing the rustling, and her claws slide out of her fingertips, a spark of electricity beginning to crackle.. "Zel.. Somebody's coming.. "

Zelgadis pretends not to notice it. He glances over at Fel and offers a slight shushing motion with a finger, trying to remain inconspicuous with the motion. He offers a short, barely perceptible nod toward the bushes and gives Fel a 'stay put' looking hand motion.

Kyoko blinks and looks sharply at Felina and her arc of electricity. She manages to keep her composure, but still looks scared. Forces beyond her comprehension, you see.

Zelgadis peers back down at Kyoko, trying to act as if nothing's happening, although keep an eye out from the corner of his peripheral vision. He nods over to Fel again, speaking normally. "Fel, help Kyoko to her feet and let her lean on you. We'll move her to a place where she can rest." He rises back to his feet, looking as though he's prepared to walk with everyone.

Several mild to poorly aimed crossbow bolts are suddenly fired from the bushes, one aimed at Felina, one at Kyoko, and 2 at Zel. One of the ones fired at Zel is enchanted.

Felina leaps towards Kyoko, trying to knock her aside from the bolts fired, and as she lands, she looks up, hissing as she narrows her eyes, "Who's there?"

Kyoko is knocked nicely off her feet. Her balance is already off, and the bolt sails past harmlessly, inpacting on the grass. She just winces and rubs her sore bum, which is what she landed squarely on, then looks about in fear.

Felina looks apologetically to Kyoko, "Sorry, let's get moving.. I'll protect you.."

Zelgadis turns and steps out letting one bolt fly by, the second...unfortunately the enchanted one, grazes his shoulder leaving a line of blood. He winces and looks a bit surprised. He narrows his eyes in the direction of the bolts origins and mutters to Fel out of the side of his mouth. "Fel. Get her out of here and keep her safe."

Felina quickly tries to help Kyoko to her feet, looking around for a suitable place to hide. "Come on. There's no time to lose.. I'll not let you get hurt, okay? My name's Felina.."

Kyoko holds on to Felina to steady herself as they try to run, despite her disorientation, and clearly terrified. She fearfully looks back to Felina. "K-Kyoko" is all she manages to stutter. Meanwhile, from the bushes, 3 in tattered clothes, charge suddenly, swords drawn. Another leaps from a nearby tree to try and attack Felina and Kyoko from above while the rest hit Zel, who they think is the more obvious threat. Two of those after Zel have enchanted swords.

Zelgadis kneels quickly, placing a hand on the ground. The earth surges about for a bit before a rocky prison of stalagmite looking structures shoot up around the incoming 3, trying to entrap them inside. "Earth below me... Submit to my will. Dug Haut!" The space between each of the structures is minor, it shouldn't leave any room to shoot through it, if it works.

As the Swordsman leaps down, Felina's eyes narrow, and she hisses, putting Kyoko behind her as quickly as she can.. "GO AWAY!" she yells, hurling a blast of lightning at the one who has come for her and Kyoko..

Kyoko puts her arm up tp protect herself, backing up behind Felina with an "EEEEEEP!". The dug haut works perfectly, leaving them trying to cut themselves out. The two with enchanted weapons hack through the stone with ease, and continue to attack zel, while the third lingers behind. Meanwhile, the attacker from above manages to steer his torso out of the lightnings path, and land in a roll, coming up and charging at Felina, again because she appears the bigger threat.

Felina growls, circling to keep herself between the swordsman and Kyoko, and she raises a hand in front of herself, seemingly waiting for him to attack with his blade, silver light shimmering about her form.

Zelgadis draws his own blade and growls. He charges the remaining two, using his above average speed to slip off to one side to try and keep one of them in between him and the other. His sword begins to glow with a blue light as he comes in and he swings a cross-side slash at the one in the 'middle'.

Kyoko watches, but keeps away from the fighting, looking both terrified and curious at the same time. Theres a cry of pain, and the one cross-side slashed falls over, a nice big red cut alone his ribcage, dropping his weapon. The one on Felina, however, notices that she seems to be waiting for him to swing. He reaches behind his waist, pulls out an old 9mm pistol, and shoots at her chest.

As the swordsman pulls a gun, Felina moves fast, dashing forwards and slightly to the side, trying to slam him even as he tries to shoot her.. Unfortunately she has never actually been SHOT before, and as the bulet hits her in the side, she screams in agony, tumbling to the floor, the wound oozing blood.

Zelgadis glances over at Fel as she's taken down. He loses track of the remaining guy and levels a hand at the gun wielder. His eyes glint a dull red as he looks...pissed. The ground trembles once more before a huge gout of molten rock leaps from the 'earth' and surges toward the gunman. Kyoko and Fel should be out of the way. "Vlave....Howl!!" He's thuroughly distract now, however.

The bandit about to attack the prone Felina is incinerated by the flying magma, leaving nothing behind but scorched earth. The other 2 swordsman, appearently desperate, attack Zel from behind, one slashing at him with an enchanted weapon, the other with a normal one. Kyoko stunned at first, goes to Felina and tries her best to stop the bleeding.

Felina coughs, the bullet went straight through, leaving a hole which is already beginning to seal itself.. she mewls faintly, her eyes fluttering.. "Hurts... "

Zelgadis turns halfway but is a bit too slow, as he was heavily distracted. The normal blade of course tears his tunic but breaks again his skin. The other blade catches him across the torso. Blood spurts out from the shallow wound and he collapses backwards, coughing as he hits the ground.

Kyoko looks at the injury closing on its own, and shudders. So much she doesn't understand.... Zel is hit, and in a fit of bravery, she picks up a rock, and throws it at the bandit that hit him, but the throw goes wide, leaving her looking scared again "Uh..... oops...". The bandit, however, doesn't even seem to notice, and moves once more on Zel, while his broken-weapon cohort looks in suprise at his shattered sword.

Zelgadis growls in an ever more visceral manner. He pats his left hand against the ground, a wind gust originating under him pushes him up to his feet quicker than he could climb up. He moves under the remaining bandits' attempted swing by push right in on him and attempting to drive a full force, not pulled in the SLIGHEST punch to the midsection of said bandit.

SPLAT! The bandit has a VERY suprised look as Zels fist goes through him, making a nice, fist-sized hole in his chest cavity. As his corpse falls to the ground, the last remaining bandit panics and tries to run. Kyoko just kinda stands there looking shocked

Zelgadis watches the guy start to leave, blood dripping down his hand. He grins sadistically and licks a bit of the blood away. He then blurs from sight, demon dashing forward and attempting to slide just in front of the running bandit. If he catches him, he's going to try and clamp a hand around the guys throat and lift him into the air. His next line would be, "You have one chance. Why did you attack us?" If he can't catch him, of course he doesn't say that c.c

The bandit is grabbed, naturally, and blindly flails at Zel, either not willing to, or too panicked to, respond

Zelgadis pulls his face close, his visible eye glinting red in the shadow of the area. He speaks slowly, in a whisper. "One...last time. Why...did....you...attack...us?" He seems to have forgotten about Fel's wound. (You know, since she's idling for the moment n.-)

The bandit, scared outta his mind, slowly points at the 2 ladies behind him. That's his only response.

Zelgadis snorts for just a moment. "You were planning on....raping them. Is that it?" He stands quietly, waiting for a reply.

Felina shivers, mewling softly, before she loses consciousness, her wound no longer bleeding at least.

The man starts struggling again at that, knowing he's caught, and desperate to try to get away.

Kyoko does her best to make Felina comfortable while watching Zel deal with the remaining villain, her eyes going wide and a shudder passing through her as Zel gets a confession of sorts

Zelgadis looks blank for a moment....he then slowly...ever so slowly starts to grin. A very nasty looking grin. He starts to chuckle softly...and slowly gets louder. After a while he's laughing quite loudly. He shakes his head finally and grins back up at the bandit. "Thank you for the honesty. ... Still, that was the wrong answer." He suddenly squeezes as hard as he can on the throat he's holding.

Kyoko closes her eyes and looks away as the awful crunching noice of the mans throat can be heard as it's crushed. Deserved, but still not pleasant to see....

Zelgadis lets go just afterwards...face and cloak AND hand now stained in blood. The blood droplets slowly hit the ground as he lets his hand sink back to his side. He turns slowly back to where the 2 ladies are and walks over, each step taking what seems like an enternity. He finally reaches them and peers down at the 2.

Kyoko looks up, terrified. Not often she sees this, and not in a long time.... "Can you carry her? If we can get back to the Usual, we can at least make her comfortable. The wounds closed itself". She gulps "Dinner is on me, by the way".

Felina starts to move, just slightly, mewling very quietly, though she doesn't regain consciousness just yet.

Zelgadis nods slowly. He kneels and lifts Fel up in a 'honeymoon' carry, resuming his standing position and nodding to Kyoko. "Are you ok enough to walk?..." Blood slowly drips from his own two wounds, but he doesn't seem to notice it.

Kyoko nods, slowly standing, her eyes never leaving Zel, obviously shaken by the ordeal of sight and sound "I'll.... be alright".

Zelgadis regards her for a moment longer...but he's used to the stares at this point. He nods and turns, heading back toward the UR, carrying Fel along.

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