2009-12-7 (PreU) Riddles are abound tonight.

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Riddles are abound tonight

Summary: Torn from the second page of the Twisted Gazette: This morning the body of 18 year old Elizabeth Takahasi was found in an open grave at the Peaceful Glade Cemetary having been drained of it's blood. The homeless woman was last seen near Nowhereto Park last night by a Miss Yoiko HIbiki. At the time of printing, Miss Hibiki was unavailable for comment.

Who: Johnny_C, Mei
When: December 7th, 2009
Where: Housing District

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Housing District

The Housing District has changed, if anyone cares to notice. Some of the houses are well kept, lawns manicured, and it almost seems like the sun shines a little bit more on those places. Others, such as the Former Jedi Enclave, sit unused and deserted. Walls are showing age, and the chaos of Twisted is starting to eat away at the overall image of the place. The Enclave, for example, now has a large gate in front of it, with a very odd lock. Looks like you'll have to know something about the Force to open it. In the distance, a large Castle looms, a permafog surrounding it. A school house rings it's bell twice a day, presumably to signal the start of classes.

A dense fog has slowly been spreading across the street over the past day or so. It's not the sort of thing one would normally pay attention to on Twisted. After all, it's not going to be the weirdest thing that ever happened. Today the fog seems to be on the move as Johnny makes his way towards his new house that Devi so graciously brought into existance for him. If only Johnny knew that this area of town could be modified so easily by thought alone.

In the maniac's hands, the bloodied remains of a poor woman who's life found her end only moments before is being drug along the payvement. The fog almost seems to be drawing closer towards him as he drags her along. Almost as if it was guiding hi-

In the mainac's hands, the muddy remains of a sack of laundry Johnny found near the river are drug along the payvement. The fog almost seems to be drawing him closer towa-wait. Is anyone else getting deja vu all of a sudden? Since when where memories just as sporatic as the weather here?

Mei is.. exiting her puddle, quietly, a large bag being yoinked up and floated infront of her. Afterall, she's been very reclusive for the last well she lost track so it doesn't matter. Her hair has gotten long, catching breezes as she observes the fog, taking a moment to lick her finger "Well, alls I need is grey rain and the weather is perfect." she commented, tugging her wool sweater just a bit. "Lets see lets see.." she mumbled to herself, waving her hand to pop a small note pad into existence, going through her check list, it seems.

Johnny wipes the blood from his gloves onto his pants as he scans around the area. Wincing slightly as Mei's appearence he takes out his dagger, clutching it tightly. The @!4mUd# he's just wipped on his pants has left behind residue on his hand and the maniac frowns seeing it staining his remaining dagger. Angered at the #$coRPse#$ behind him he stabs at it, sending a spray of mud into the air from the tattered #5RaGS$# inside. fW3$^ Taking another moment to resheath his dagger, he gets a better hold on the sack of 203$#@CLotHEs#! and drags the muddy mess off the ground letting it hang from his back as he waves with a free hand. No words, just a wave.

Mei blinks a bit, and waves to Johnny, very quietly taking a moment to dig out a few belongings. The woman peers without starring, sort of humming "Lets see.. Note books, pencils, crayons.. Yep got everything." she commented, cheerfully she takes a letter to stick in a small post box. How mail gets delivered is a mystery but it somehow gets delivered. She sort of tilts back "Do you need your laundry washed Mister?" she asked, cheerfully.

The .>.womAN'S hanND falLs OuT of ThE BlooDided Sack and Draags alONg the GRound as JOhNNy lOOkS BaCk tO see What ShEs cOmmEnteD uPon. Taking a deep breath he gets a better graps on his own reality a moment before tucking an old shirt back inside the heafty bag. Some light color flashes in his pail cheeks, "N-no, I'm fine. Thanks." He lets out a deep breath. "I-I'm just dragging in some stuff I just found... um... by the river. Thought it could be of... use... in my art..." He Seems laPse foR woRds As he TighteNs hiS griP on The blOoDieD meSS. FRoM the REmAins Of thE jEDi stRUcTURe BEhInD hiiM A LouD eAr pIErCing ShiREk ComES to Life As anO lD rAido SuddEnlY ScREAms to LIFe. JohNNY dROpS the Sack, GRabbinG hiS eaRS a MomEnt bEForE the SOuND Ends. PanTIng foR BReatH HE nErVoUSlY PiCks hiS 'FinD' Back Up. "I... I don't know what that is. It's been happening more and more to me. Ha-have you noticed anything unusual around here or is it just me?" A pool of mud seems to be forming behind him since he dropped the sack. So strange...

Mei ers a bit "I've been busy with things." She stares at the jedi structure "Since Talben left its been largely empty. " She sort of agitatedly rubs her ear at the loud noise from the radio, visibly jumping. A soft hiss escapes her "I wonder how many are left.." she commented, quietly. She eyes the man "I see myself, and I am strange. I would quite honestly be more shocked and startled to see a bloom of normalicy." she added.

Johnny follows her gaze back to the source of the noise and mumbles under his breath, "...not as many as you'd think..." His eyes widen realising the words have left his lips. Shaking his head his voice raises back to it's normal level, "Um. I mean, have you heard about those reports of homeless people cropping up? Wi-with the radios that keep kicking on at all hours of the night it's kinda starting to feel like some bad horror movie..."

As if on cue the fog begins to catch up to them where they stand, tightly wrapping around their legs and hiding the BlooDY poOl FoRmIng BEHiNd HIm aS if TrYinG to DRAw AttEnTioN AwAY.

Johnny shudders. "Christ, I hate this time of the year. So freakin' cold..." The maniac smirks, "Then again I guess I really shouldn't have climbed into the river either." He laughs at himself as he nods his head. "I... I really should be going. I've gotta at least drop this mess off and you look kinda busy to be going somewhere. S-sorry to have bothered you." The maniac forces a smile as he turns away, intent on returning to his new home.

Mei snorts "Do whatever the hell you want. I'm going to buy a school bag and maybe try on one of those parka things.. As stupid as they look, it might fight off the cold a bit for me." she examines her nails quickly and hops to a fence post, "It stinks of blood. Please be careful not to get blood into my puddle or I'll potentially start to want for it." she warned. Its hard to tell if she's serious or not. Her feet move in delicate steps along the fence posts, headed off to town it seems. "I wonder if she'd like some of those cute little frosted cookies in her lunch.. or if her teacher is still mad about that biting incident." she mumbled to herself. "I should probably send an apology letter since it took me two hours to get the hand back." she mumbled to herself, soon enough back in her own little world of thoughts.

Mei's fingers take out a note pad 'Strange new neighbor. Watch the kids. Put out extra first aid kits'. Well she's taking it well enough.

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