2009-12-9 (PreU) A girl and her food...

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A girl and her food...


Who: Caliga, Lina_Inverse
When: December 9th, 2009
Where: Eat or Die

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Ooookay. The place is weird, the food is weirder and the atmosphere just screams that something is probably going to happen. Regardless, she burned major energy today trying a few fairly spectacular experiments with some of her high end magic. So, we're frontloading carbs to make up for it all and this just seemed to be the place to do it! Already she's polished off a substantial ammount and happens to be working on one particularly loaded plate while kind of tuning out any kind of extraordinary perception she may use to see if anything weird is going to happen. Nope, Lina's perfectly happy to ignore all else in favor of that last real-good plate of food-

As the human vaccuum inhales everything in sight, it doesn't take long for Caliga to track her down. He easily spots his next 'victim', and quickly slides into the both, sitting directly across from her. "You know Lina onee-san... Its not going to make your boobs any bigger by eating all that food... You'll just end up fat." He grins slightly, as if he were testing the waters to see just how much she's truly tuned out.

Okay. So Lina is canny enough to at least open her eyes when you more obviously manifest yourself and even speak. And her reflexive shin-kick retort proves that she was listening afterall. And lo, she manages to calmly finish her plate before setting it down... and lunging forward suddenly to at least attempt a punch to the face! "And that's for groping me before!" How many months has that been now? Anyways, with that outburst aside she repositions to be nice and comfy in her seat. Ah-hem. All serious now, "So you do want something, right?"

No reaction seems to be really given as his shin is kicked, nor to the punch to his face, however, Caliga does lean forward and speak in a soft voice, "What? You mad I didn't keep goin'?" He then leans back in the booth, and starts laughing loudly. "Yep. Tell me about Ruby-Eye Shabingdu. And before you say no.. Zelgadis Graywords.. Name sound familiar? His life hangs in the balance. I need the information. So fess-up."

Lina seems satisfied enough by her outbursts alone, though at your response she turns bright red and right as she's about to incant some kind of spell-spanking... you go and talk about that. "Ah..." She kind of settles back into her booth, seeming unwilling to discuss anything 'till you mention Zelgadis. "Wait, what about him?" An angry glint enters her eye, "If you're threatening him to get information..."

"More like if you don't give me the information, I may end up destroying him." The grin on Caliga's face deepens, almost becoming sadistic in nature. "See... if I don't have that information, then I may end up erasing him from existence.. And since he still has friends who will help him out.. Its easier for me to just get the information from them then start ransacking his soul for it..."

Lina shoves the table forward, dishes and all, in a move that would pin a normal person in place. As it is, the dishes slide off in a mess, clattering and breaking on the floor. Now she's livid! "The last mazoku, god or whatever the hell -you- are that played this game with me and mine isn't so thrilled with the prospect of trying that nonsense again." Not that she remembers exactly -what-, she's more or less bluffing. Still, it's plain she's trying to get you to de-escalate or at least clarify.

"Considering last time I tore through Mister Graywords' soul, it left him a bit broken... I don't know if he could really handle me doing it again to get the information I need." The table seems to stop right on his chest as the grin slowly seems to fade. "Time is valuable Lina Inverse. Especially when someone you care for's life hangs in the balance.. Of course.. I could always hunt down.. what was his name again...Mister Gourry, and get the information out of him? Maybe Miss Amelia?" He looks Lina directly in the eyes, as the grin suddenly fades and is replaced by a look of absolute seriousness. "Sit. Start telling me what to know. I need this information Lina. By any means I have to get it. Of course.. I could always find a way to force myself into your world of origin.. And kick Ruby Eyes in the back of the head to awaken him to find out just what I need then.. But that'd be bad for your world, without and Zelgadis there to protect it... Right?"

Lina gets that sinking feeling that always comes when she's being toyed with. Especially given her current situation where there's no real out that doesn't hurt anyone other than capitulating. "Fine." She sits down despite being very obviously on the verge of going nuclear. "Shabranigdo or Ruby Eyes, whatever you call him is the lord of all mazoku. Essentially, tied for the most powerful being that actually inhabits my world who was defeated millenia ago and shattered into seven pieces which were sealed and scattered about my world. One of which no longer exists. His trick is, though, that he can forcibly inhabit someone's soul and under the right circumstances... awaken. What the hell does this have to do with Zelgadis?"

"You no doubt, have tried to cure Mister Graywords of his rocky perdiciment before, have you not?" Caliga gently pushes the table back into place, and presses a button on the console, causing a large glass of soda to come out. "I've discovered why. Whoever was at fault for his current state.. chained him to Shabranigdo itself. Was it on purpose? Was it a mistake? I can't tell. I was asked to try and cure your friend. I have the capability of that. However.. I need more information. Especially on what is the true cause." Lina sits back, "Well, I mean, I'm not really an expert with that kind of..." She clicks her jaw shut as you more or less spell out what she'd just reasoned. "Rezo. If you've spoken with Zelgadis you'll know who that is. I'll say, too, he was the vessel for the fragment of Shabranigdo I had to kill myself. If Zelgadis has a piece of that monster in him anything you do could just as easily make it consume him. You may be a hard ass but Shabranigdo is really, really bad news. Even a tiny part of him is nothing to take lightly."

"If I had to guage from what I felt from the connection.. And since you gave me a concrete number on how many pieces there are.. Taking into account the two-thirds of Zelgadis' transformation.. I'd say I'm either on par or just above Shabranigdo in terms of raw power. Of course, thats just an estimation." Caliga scratches the back of his head before he grabs the glass of soda, taking a long drink of it. "Lina. I'm pretty much like Shabranigdo. Except, there are no shards being placed in things. I'm one half of a whole. The soul, knowledge and energy that took form upon its own will when split from its shell. And that whole was capable of destroying the entire existence of my home universe. This was a few thousand years ago. At least. I am quite able to fix your friend. I just need every last bit of information I can get to ensure there is no failure rate on this. It must be one hundred percent. Nothing less."

Lina slips her gloves off, squeezes her hands together and fixes her gaze on the table. "That's the problem. Every time I've dealt with anything like him... there is never a one-hundred percent. When he's concerned people die, strictly put. Even if you -can- take him can you keep Zelgadis out of the fire?" She scans her memory, "Also, in the case of a similar being to Shabranigdo, Darkstar, the rules of magic as they apply to the world it was invading did not apply to him. That may be the case here, too."

Caliga says, "I wouldn't bank on that. Twisted is far to chaotic. Its why I'm saying how I am now is as strong as Shabranigdo. If I were to undo any of the seals I've set on myself. I don't know how Twisted will react to it. I don't want to cause Zelgadis any harm. Will you assist me if I need it?"

Lina points, "You're damn right I'll keep an eye on you. And if you need help I'll jump in with bells on. This isn't normally my expertise - undoing that level of transmutation is difficult on it's own. As long as Zel knows what's at stake..."

"It is mine." Caliga grins as he suddenly climbs onto the table, leaning forward to put his face directly infront of Lina's. "I can do it. I just need more information. If I can actually get some of his own energy launched at me, then I can steal the signature and use it for my own, and mimic it perfectly. But.. thats still being worked on. Anyways. Thanks for the soda Lina." He then quickly moves forward and presses his lips against Lina's, before suddenly vanishing, to reappear standing on the edge of the table. "And the kiss." He then suddenly vanishes, seemingly off to do whatever it is he does.

The last thing to be heard as we pan out would be Lina's scream of outrage and the clatter of a restaurant being destroyed in the following tirade.

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