2009-12-9 (PreU) Freedom and Rage.

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Freedom and Rage.


Who: Cale_Satanas, Devi, Oblivion, Senior_Diablo
When: December 9th, 2009
Where: The Graveyard

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Devi sits perched on the back of a gravestone, facing another one. Her legs are folded beneth her, arms crosses, eyes tinted red. She shifts the new katana on her back a bit, and glares more at the gravestone. It reads, 'Here Lies Devi, useless in life, more powerful than can be imagined in death'. She looks both lost in thought and annoyed.

The sound of voices in the distance begin to get louder and louder as Senior Diablo and Oblivion come marching through the cemetary. Diablo's words can already be heard clearly, "...as I said. You hardly need her anymore. I can find more than a few ways to put her to good use, and you get to have a portal in easy access to the upcoming civil war." The demon laughs. "It's all rather simple really. With all that chaos about to ensue you won't even have to TRY to hide your actions until it's too late to do anything about it." Diablo's eyes scan over towards Devi as they come up the path towards her. "Oh my. Imgaine us running into her here. You'd almost think I planned this..."

Oblivion nods as he listens, smiling evily, as always, red-glowing eyes narrowed in thought. "I like the way you think, Senior". He gives Devi a look as they approach. He expected such, actually, but he doesn't say this. "Honestly, i agree. Theres not a lot more left that she can gain from me". He gives Devi a thoughtful look "After all, chaos is much more amusing at times than evil. If things dont change, they grow stagnant". His grin becomes a simple smirk "Whats YOUR feedback on this idea, Devdev? Do you WANT to move on to bigger and better things? After all, as i told you when i made the offer, i dont want to come between you and your free will. Much" >})

Devi's eyes illuminate as the two come to stand before her and she hears the exchange. Her hair starts shifting from a non-exsitant wind as she unfolds from her spot, standing herself. "Perhaps we could end our Contract, Oblivion, and I could make the decision myself. Options are nice, after all." Her hands slide into her pockets as she eyes the two.

Senior Diablo grins wickedly. "No no. Free will is such an amusing concept. It's better to deal with souls in a way that screams 'property'. We couldn't make things easy for you - then I couldn't gain any advantage in the future over my dear buisness partner here. But, I suppose I can't be totally evil in this. Perhaps I might terminate the agreement if it where past onto me as long as Devi didn't mind doing a little task for me. Nothing too hard. At least that way I don't come out of this agreement empty handed." As he speaks he glances at Oblivion, taking a sip from the glass in his hands in the process. "I can't guarantee our upcoming 'surprise' won't make a better deal when things come to pass however."

Oblivion snickers "Devi, dear, you know me better than that. Contract or not, i am in no way forcing you to choose one way or another. I leave such an important decision to you alone, and being the nice guy i am, will abide your choice, particularly in this case. After all, the reason you made a deal with me has since passed on.... " he glances at the gem around her neck " ...and my reason, to see what you would do with it, will continue long after you last have any contact with me". He gives an appraising eye "If you choose to move on, and end our contract, be warned the power and ability that stem from me will be closed to you, simply by nature of how it works. What powers youve gained aside from mine are your own". He smirks at Senior Dibby "My role of choice is simply to stir the pot, and keep it moving. Good, evil, these dont matter to me. I simply want to keep things.... interesting. Besides, as some human put it, 'all good things must come to an end'?" >;)

Devi says, "I'll not chose to go from Master to Master. I'd have my contract voided and be done with the lot of you. At least on my own, I can expand my powers without fear of being controlled." Most everything that the Mazuko bit gives her, she can learn how to recreate using Ki. Granted, not having a physical form is freakishly fantastic and allows her to have a lot more fun in whatever she does, but she's lived under the control tent for long enough.

Senior Diablo smirks as he places a hand on a tombstone to lean upon. "Excelent. Free will rears it's ugly head once more. The child has grown in the pressence of her former master." He takes another sip, "But I ask you this, Devi D... Have you forgotten what drew you down your current path to begin with? That mystery. That question. To put it one way, 'how far down does the rabbit hole go?' Just because one way is simpler doesn't mean it's better. There are those who know the secrets going on behind the scenes, who know the dark monsters ready to show themselves when you turn off the lights. Are you sure your prepared to just throw away the opportunity to reveal some of those mysteries before you let loose once more into the wild?" His glass vanishing, the demon crosses his arms and slowly shakes his head dissaprovingly. "My goals are far more than face value. I fear that setting you free so soon will only lead you to an early grave before your story is destined to come to an end..."

Devi grins, a shadow of her former insanity lurking on the rims. "I know more Masters of Hell then you, Diablo. My options for that portion of this game called excistance are much brouder then what you are offering me. Temping me with power is what got me into Oblivion's gig. It's also what got me off the rage band wagon. Thank Caliga's son for that. I'm throwing away nothing, mearly opening other doors that will lead to the inevatable end. So what do you offer me that I can not get anyother way?"

Senior Diablo doesn't let Oblvion speak as he glances at the weapon on Devi's back. "Putting such faith in a person such as he. Shame. Gods can die, Devi. Caliga's number has already been drawn. The same for his companions he calls his family. You'll see soon enough, and then you'll have no one to fall back upon. No one save for the coming war as the two sisters find themselves reunited."

Oblivion says, "She has grown, indeed. However, just 'ending' our deal would be a little too easy. It would lack, oh, i dont know, some kind of dramatic flare. As per our deal specified, neither of us can just 'let' you go. You must have some outside assistance to do so. Since that was part of the original agreement, i am as bound by it as you are. Where you go with the power youve gained, however, is where things will get truely interesting".

Devi laughs. "Would you think me so you as to not know the unavoidable? Yes, Caliga's number is up. Yes, he'll fall in one form or another." She shrugs. "That makes no matter to me. I don't know most of his 'companions' he calls family." She doesn't mention that Caliga will always be back, due to the nature of his world, and what he is. "The war will come either way and if I am purged, I am purged. So will be my fate. I'll rather take my chances free then otherwise."

Oblivion smiles "Such things in life are but stepping stones. You simply need to find out how to take one step to another, with that as the ultimate goal, all while trying to NOT be purged. Such is the way of things. Few are lucky enough to start at the top, and seldom as they as resiliant as those who started at the bottom."

Senior Diablo chuckles under his breath. "It never ceases to amaze me how the people of these worlds so willingly accept comments like 'war' without giving it a second thought. If it should be, so be it. No one trying to stop things from coming about, to save themeselves or to save their friends. No one cares when lives are in the ballance so long as they don't find themselves looking caught off guard at the last moment. That's the problem, you see. The unexpected always lurks there out of sight. The monsters in the dark are simply extensions of that." The devil has been pondering Oblivion's words as he's rambled - searching for the best way to address them. "I suppose goals being the subject in debate at the moment leaves me out of luck. If you are letting her choose her own fate, I'll have to withdraw my offer. You'll have to find your own way to Hell when the time comes. I suppose just knowing what will soon be is good enough, especially when one simply has to look in the papers to see signs of what is approaching." Diablo stands straight again fetching a cane this time from the air around him to lean on and walk with. "Devils and demons may be in abundance but there are still those whom we all fear. One in particular is coming, and that will be the end of things as we know it. Things will change, I promise and some things deemed eternal may die or find themselves replaced as easily as the members of the Hell Council should anyone discover the secret." He points at Devi accusingly, "Remember that you had a chance. What will happen is entirely in your hands for this briefest of moments. You could have saved them. You could have saved all of them and possibly avoided this mess." He lets his words hang in the air as he begins to walk away leaving everyone to ponder the meaning.

Oblivion smirks, and from devis grave, a dark blackish-purple light shines through the soil. A small tablet of stone floats out of the ground and into the air, held aloft by arcane power. It hovers there, for all to see "I already know the Senior knows how the process works, so i shant insult his intelligence. All that is needed is a word from you, Devdev. As per our contract specifications, neither of us can act, and only you can choose should you want someone else to do so". He waits to see what will happen next.....

A voice rings from the shadows, quiet, but easily heard. "She's smart enough to choose who to fight and when adn for what reasons. She knows how you'll twist what she feels and try to trick her into making actions that will ultimately benefit only yourselves." As he speaks Cale coalesces..mostly. His coat never quite makes its way into being something not made of darkness. His eyes glow more than usual as the spirals of his pupils spin slowly, "I may not 'own' Devi, and I have no desire to, but I have more stake in her development than either of you." He turns his eyes onto Diablo as frost creeps its way over the cemetary, "And be careful of the claims you make about Caliga and his 'family'. You deal with things from realities where power becomes sentient, and where those in Hell have to watch over dangers so great that they could destroy everything in moments." He seems to slide over to behind Devi, a grin spreading across his face, "If a war comes here, I'm sure it'll be a grand one. Manage to best my Father and watch what happens to your pathetic existance, outcast here in the dumping grounds of reality." He leans in to speak softly in Devi's ear, the shadow-stuff of his coat seems to reach out like tendrils to engulf her, "Say the word, Devi. And you'll finally have a home again."

Oblivion is enjoying this big time. He doesnt care where Devi goes from here, honestly. Just likes the progression of choice to action, and to see where her compass will take her. That was, after all, his entire point in making the deal with her to begin with, long ago.

Devi grins, her eyes lighting up in an almost childish manner, Oblivion's madness dancing in a weird mix behind her own morbidity. "You won't tag me with any guilt Diablo, after all, I'm nothing in your grand plans other then another disposable pawn." She's had enough of that. She watches Oblivion and whispers, "Please, Teacher." Her face falls, becoming very serious and sincere. "Save me."

Senior Diablo pauses in his tracks, turning back around to face the newest addition to this group. "Claims? -BOY- I'll make any claims I wish, but this is not one of them. It is a fact. Things as they stand now will come to an end and both you and he will be no more. I know this because I've seen it, just as I've seen the two sisters reunited. Those events have already been put into motion and you know them to be just as true as I do. Deny them all you wish, but it will happen. But by all means, 'save' her. 'Rescue' her from this horrible reality. At least I tried to warn you before that little empathy demon slaughters her roommate in cold blood to paint that little wall of his..."

Oblivion is silent during all of this. His only interest is, as stated, to see what Devi chooses next. Nothing more. Although the choices of these two also interest him, despite being in some ways more predictable.

Cale's eyes narrow as his form begins to blur around the edges, shifting more of himself into the shadowy substance of his coat. The temperature drops further, "You meddle with things you don't understand. You've seen a possibility, not a definite. There are too many worlds to claim for certain what anything you 'see' is real. Caliga also cannot be destroyed. He's part of something larger than either of us, and larger than this pathetic realm filled with those too apethetic to get themselves out of...but at least the ticking time bomb is here and not in my home reality." He turns his attention back to Devi, "Just say the words, Devi. 'Destroy the pledgestone' and I'll make your bondage undone. You could of course also ask me to destroy Oblivion...I'd do that too...even if he has already slunk off."

Devi says, "I may be irritated with him, Teacher, but I don't think he's earned death by me in any form. Destory the pledgestone." She glares at Diablo. "I will handle Johnny. And Tenna won't become his new supply of paint." Her eyes narrow. "Trust me."

Senior Diablo stands quietly as the two speak, watching from the spot he was standing in when he stopped. A smirk crawls over his thin lips as he watches Devi give the order. So much was going perfectly along with his plans. When things die down a moment again he decides to raise his stakes a little between him and the son of the thorne in his side. "I never said anyone would be killed, Satanas. I said they would be no more. It has nothing to do with perspective nor does it have anything to do with multiple worlds. My libaray tracks everything that connects to this world or the ones of Hell. Arguably the smartest thing I ever bestowed upon those who spend their lives suffering. They gain the knowledge for me allowing me to extend my gaze and my pressence far beyond that of the veil of the flesh. Answers to question not even asked, and some that never will be. You should spend more time speaking with your 'father' before you openly accuse those around you of spreading fiction instead of fact." The demon taps his cane upon the stone path beneath him, causing the darkness in each shadow to spread, forming a pool of blackness beneath his feet. "We can speak of this later if you wish. If you where wise you'd heed my words. Everything happens for a reason." The demon doesn't give anyone a chance to speak as he vanishes into that darkness, all of it quicky returning to normal once he's left.

Cale_Satanas raises an eyebrow at Diablo's words and as he vanishes simply destroys the pledgestone with a small blast from a single finger. A grin spreads across his face, "You know, I love when I get chances to prove people who act like my father wrong." He studies Devi for a moment, "So...what are your plans? Do you return to my reality? Do you stay here? Will you wait for Caliga to slip up and someone to best him and create one of the most destructive forces in any reality and watch the new being destroy Diablo and his ilk? Do you come with me to find the key to stopping Aegis Ken? You have options, and for the first time in quite a while...they are your options and no one elses."

Devi's eyes fade back to green, the Mauko power ebbing away from her slowly as she starts to take her physical form again. "I'll have to think about it, Teacher. I've made one big decision today, and now I have to go see if Johnny is going to get murdered by my hand or not." She glowers darkly. Bowling deeply she says, "Thank you very much for doing what I couldn't."

Cale inclines his head, "Don't worry about it. Call me if you need me, and be careful. Remember you can't phase out of existance anymore. Remember to dodge instead." He smirks, "Now, I have to return to my search." He turns and fades away into the shadows like he came.

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