2010-01-04 (PreU) The rise and fall of a Girl

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The rise and fall of a Girl.


Who: Devi, Senior_Diablo
When: January 4th, 2010
Where: The Wastelands

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The Wastelands - Chaos

If you thought the start of the Wastelands were bad, you had no idea. Unstability is an issue, glimmers of other worlds clearly seen as they try to merge into and push away this part of existance equally. A thousand possiblitys, a thousand terrors. And worse yet, the longer one stays this far in the wastelands, the more their mind will try to rip itself apart. You've only got 2 directional options though, East and West. At least you've got a 50/50 chance of getting there.

Devi sits under a dead tree, leaning against it's charred trunk. She sips from a bota and casually tears off a chunk of dried and salted meat, chewing it slowly. Popping the rest of her meal away, she takes another small sip of water, capping it and tucking it back into her backpack. In her lap also lays her drawing pad, a half finished drawing shuttering in the slight warm breeze. Devi's dressed oddly though, in something akin to a Middle eastern shawl and robe, a mask brought up again to cover her face after her lunch.

The shadow beneath her casts itself outwards abruptly, gathering in a pool of darkness at her feet which rises up into the shadow of a horned man. To no one's suprise the darkness fades away leaving the form of Senior Diablo standing in it's place. The demon looks annoyed as he scans around the surrounding landscape but his too-polite smile returns as he finally brings his gaze to Devi. "Devi D... I trust we're alone for a change? Enjoying the Wastelands are we? Not really my cup of tea, but it's hard to be excited about a place that was taken from you the moment you had legitamate cause to claim it." Yes, he's here to butt into her buisness again. At least he's not a jerk about it.

She arches an eyebrow at him, her green eyes flat and unlively. She sweeps her hands out as if to say, 'Do you see anyone else here?' She picks up her pencil and starts drawing lightly again. The picture is starting to gain life, as it were, and it's disturbing. The image of a attractive woman laying on the ground, mystery hands around her neck obviously strangling her, as the pain on her face is astute. A shrill scream pireces the air, a sound seeping out of a passing world. It doesn't seem to bother Devi anymore, as she shows no reaction. Maybe the place is starting to get to her.

Senior Diablo frowns at her lack of response. Picking a piece of dirt from beneath one of his nails the demon lets out a pained sigh and kneals down to look at Devi at eye level. "Look. I hate these little conjugal visits as much as you do so lets do our best to behave, shall we? Like it or not we both originate from the same plane of existance. I'm obligated to keep a look over your soul, a bit of a fallen gardian angel as it where. There's a balance that must be maintained for better or for worse and you've spent too much time listening to the darker half of your subconcious. At least humor me and pretend you care..." Diablo stands tall again, looking at the ruined landscape and making no effort to hide his irratation. "This place is as lively as bomb site after the bodies are removed. Wouldn't you rather drink some magrittas or something? I could take us to this wonderful little shop I've been to once or twice. Not the friendliest place but the food is to DIE for..." Devil humor.

Devi gazes silently at Diablo, her eyebrow slowly coming back down. She surveys the Chaos and stands, begrudingly. Her voice cracks slightly from weeks of disuse. "The Usual, then, if you insist." Flipping her drawing pad shut, she shoves in into an unseen pocket, through the layers of black robing. Her voice is slightly sarcastic. "Would you like to walk all the way back to Twisted?"

Senior Diablo shrugs his shoulders, "Walking is strictly for mortals but I'll do so if you insist. I followed you out here so we could talk uninterupted. Alessa wasn't a part of my plans, but I knew of her arrival. One of the unfortunate side effects of being in my possition is you can't be direct about things like that. You have to do them from the side so as not to tip your hand about the knowledge you posses. Not all of my actions are done for some rediculous notion of good versus evil. Infact things would have turned out precisely the same had you taken my offer instead of allowing your... friend... to free you of Oblivion's curse. I offered you assistance, and I still plan to extend that offer if you'll accept it." The demon plucks a perfectly prepared chilled mexican beverage out of the air and offers it to her. "Care for a drink while we walk?"

Devi eyes it, sighs, and takes it, slipping a straw into it, then under her veil. She kinda thought he'd offer to teleport, as it does seem his prefered way of getting around, but should he say something that makes Devi decide this isn't worth her time, she can always just turn around and start walking the other way. She watches him carefully still, as he is subject to scrutinany. "So what is it you want with me now?"

Senior Diablo retrieves a similar drink and sips it as well. "Well, it's simple really. The more people I can put into this little freakshow without making myself obvious the better. Reguardless of how a fight ends, as long as there's a balance maintained my duty is complete. For now, this also means that I can help you with your problems as you are not directly involved - you where just simply there to be a catalyst. A means to an end, as it where. Alessa had her fangs in your friend for longer than anyone will ever be able to prove and as you where close to him, that forced you to be involved. For now, your not a player anymore. Especially if you choose to spend the duration of this act hiding from the world in the Wastelands." The demon sips his drink again as he makes sure not to leave Devi behind. He would teleport them as the girl wished, but only if she asks. It's all part of the rules of the game. "Personally I'd rather see you regain your standing in this fight. Regain your strength. Save your friends. Far better than simply fading away, don't you think?" He pauses to sip again and to let his words hang in the air for dramatic effect. "Besides, who involved wants to see our favorite maniac fade away as nothing more than a pawn of Alessa? Do you think his part ended simply because you stabbed him? He's a part of her power now, and he'll stay that way until his true self is found. Alessa is too sadistic to just throw him away." He pauses and mutters quietly under his breath, "...probably you too for that matter..."

Devi says, "Well, lets start at the top. My problems? Which ones where you refering too? And the Wastelands aren't so bad, besides, I'd bet money that you, Caliga, and Teacher are the only ones that really care if I fade or not and all for diffrent reasons at that." Alright, so the Wastelands ARE that bad, but really, do you think that Devi would banish herself to chaos in someplace nice? No, not really. "As for Johnny, I don't know how to save him anyway. I'm not quite that clever to look around all the veils and read all between the lines. And honestly enough, I don't care to anymore." She trails off, taking nother sip. "I used to..."

Senior Diablo raises an eyebrow at her words. "I have to wonder if you truely believe what you said." He flings his cup to the side, which vanishes the second it leaves his hand. "So what? So you think no one cares for you. You think that no one is concerned when you vanish. Bah! Why is everyone from our world so melodramtic? You'd think that the entire world was created as a horrible satire of the worst people in the universe and that everyone in it is either self-absorbed or thinks that everyone around them hates them." The devil puts a hand on Devi's shoulder and turns to face her directly. "You where one of the few with potential. One of the ones that ment something in the grand scheme of things. You aren't tied to any one brand of chaos or another. You don't belong to any factions. You simply -are- and that's a wonderful thing! Don't throw away that potential simply because your feeling lonely!" Diablo steps away, crossing his arms and letting out another annoyed sigh. "This was far easier when all I did was what was expected of me. A little fire and brimstone and some terrifying nightmares here and there... Stupid multiverse." The demon shakes his head and looks back and forth impatiently. "You want to know where Johnny is? Half of him is waiting for you in that horrible house of his, the other half is at Alessa's side. All you need to do is find him and make him remember what he really and truely is. Otherwise he'll accept the lies that Goddess has woven for him and if she should be destroyed he'll be lost forever. Tenna's problem is that she's too scared to leave your apartment and everything else she says is a ruse to hide that fact. Caliga is a jerk who wants nothing more than to put himself on a petistool and your Teacher is more concerned with the end of his world, which happens to be tied to these events mind you, than he is about saving what he has now. Any other secrets you want me to ruin for you Devi D? Shall I tell you who shot JFK? He did. Himself, from an alternate timeline. The Easter Island statues? Someone got drunk with a time machine. Devi I can tell you the secrets to the universe, but I can't make you want to live. That is my problem. That is my flaw. Quit being so damn skeptical and go save your friends because without you they'd all be dead by now!"

Devi flinches as he touches her, but bears it. Can you belive she's starting to tolerate Satan? As his voice starts showing signs of irritation, almost anger, her eyes narrow. "Let me tell you something, you self important ass. Your right, I don't belong to a faction, I don't belong to anyone anymore, and yes it is wonderful that I 'am'. But what am I? Johnny? Yes, he's important to me, but maybe his time has come. How long has he exsited? How many ages has he roamed one world or another? I've tried to help him more then once, and he always ends up back in the 'I'm dead hotseat'. Maybe it's his time to go. Or are you and the rest of the universe not done raping his soul yet? If all my friends are alive because of me, where are they?" She flings her arms out to the side, her veil falling and the glass slung into some unsuspecting world. Her voice rises at this point, her eyes wild and crazy from the heavy dose of the Wastelands. "Where are they Diablo, here to lift my spirits as I watched Johnny vanish and turn into something he's not before my eyes. What are my friends worth then, if they will only accept my aid, and not give aid themselves? I've sat out here for nearly 3 weeks. I've watched various worlds float past me, and I've watched millions of humanitys exist beside me, and you know what? I don't know what is worth saving anymore? Are my actions helping the wrong side? Why shouldn't I fade? Who's ass, aside from Johnny will I be expected to pull out of the fire?!?!" She lets her arms drop, her face dry and cracked from the harsh breezes that plauge this area. "I'll go save Johnny, and thank you for the information. If there's anything else that I could use your infinate wisdom for, I'll call." She pins her veil back onto her face and trudges slowly towards Twisted Street, muttering slightly under her breath.

Senior Diablo shrugs. "Alright. Fine. If your that prepared to cast them off and not to see what is right in front of you, so be it. Then what? What do you do? Continue to hide in the middle of nowhere? Give up? Maybe your more of a follower than a leader, and if so - then so be it. What do you want, Devi? Do you want power? Wisdom? Solitude? I can grant these things and I'm happy to do so if for no reason than to see you quit being so damn mad at the world and yourself for that matter. Right now, we're alone. No one is here. No one knows we're here. No one can hear us. There is nothing but you and me. I'm not offering any trickery, I have nothing up my sleaves. I didn't even try to decieve you or drug you, even though I had the opportunity. Do you even know the answer? What do you want, Devi D?"

Devi says, "Do I know the base of what I want? No, I want to not be lonley which you can't give me even if you wanted to. I want the powers I had back without being under Someone's thumb because I feel handicapped without them. I want Johnny to be like he was when he was created, instead of the raging malestrom of chaotic power that he is.. was now. I'm going to save him, and I'm not steel hearted enough to turn those people that I've saved, and those that I havn't away from my perverable doorstep, as you should already know. But I'm not going to wait around to be picked up again by those same people when it's conveinant for them. I am not Devi's Rescue service, and maybe I've stuck my neck out in some places where I wasn't asked to, maybe where I didn't even belong, but oh well. What more do you want from me Diablo? After I've saved Johnny, no matter where I go, if you need me again, you'll find me. Seeing how as no one can really stop existing in this place, I'm pretty much open." She stares at him, having stopped her walk to finish her tirade.

Senior Diablo's expression is blank. "Then you want the same as Johnny as you'll probably learn shortly. In fact he'll be a little too open when next you see him. Part of the charm of Alessa - she drags out your demons and puts them on display. Maybe you simply need a partner? Someone to fight along side you? Someone to protect who can protect you as well? A child, a spouse, a pet? You know, in fact I could help you to obtain such a thing not that you'll readily believe me. I trust you remember that little shadow-clone of Samantha? Tabitha, I belileve she's called. Let's compare notes shall we? Someone created as simply a means to filling a void. Someone who's creators turned their backs on her and she wondered off seeking a childhood she never had. Someone who was thrown from this world and lost just as she began to learn to use her powers. She has no one in this world and she's going to die as well if our maniac kicks the bucket. There are others like her, you know. Other people who unknowingly are tied to all of this who will die if things continue down this path." The devil turns away from Devi and holds his hands to the skies. "Johnny knows of none of this, and yet.. the same applies to you. There are people who's lives depend on yours continuing and there are actually those who's life allows yours to continue." The demon turns back around, that wicked smile crossing his lips again. "We are but puppets in a play and the ones pullling the strings only think of this as a game. I exist to disrupt that. To cut those strings, and to prevent those guilty and innocent souls involved from destroying one another. I don't care if you don't want my help, but keep in mind that there is always more at stake..."

Devi says, "If I would ask anything of you, it would be for my powers to be given back to me, although I don't know if you can do that. I'll not accept any.. companion ship that is not willing on thier own without any involvement from the 'higher' powers." She sighs. "I'm not stupid enough to off myself, and there for those lives are not, in fact, in danger of ending. Things will fall as they may."

Pacing in a small circle, lost in thought, Diablo tries hard to come up with a solution for Devi. Finally he stops, raising an eyebrow at the girl. "Perhaps you missed a plot point just now. Are you familar with Johnny's daggers? They'd give you the power you seek, and perhaps a little more than that. The maniac has one, the cat-girl the other. Ahhh, but there's more than those two you see. One set was stolen by Munin's bastard offspring who has a copy of Sickness teaching her to follow in it's twisted footsteps. Another rests in the hands of a beast called Lynx who's lost in time at the moment. Only Johnny was bound to Bennedict, not his weapons. That's why for a time they housed his soul and prevented him from being destroyed. Find any of them and they could lead you to the others." The devil laughs, "...you are the first person to know of this."

Devi shrugs, and starts walking again. "Nothing is permenant, everything is fluid."

Senior Diablo smirks, "Of course everything is fluid. After all, why would you be seeking an artifact that gives you something you already had?" Diablo seemingly vanishes after that comment, leaving Devi to ponder it's meaning - or write it off completely. She tends to do that a lot, after all.

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