2010-01-05 (PreU) Something Twisted, this way comes

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Something Twisted, this way comes. & Is the reality as bad as the Nightmare?


Who: Christabella, Devi, Johnny_C, Oblivion
When: January 5th & 25th, 2010
Where: House #777

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Part 1: "Something Twisted, this way comes"

House #777

You find yourself standing before an odd abandoned looking house. The walls are cracked and the paint is pealing. The windows are boarded up. There isn't even any grass growing here. Only one thing shows a sign that the place is lived in: A sign has been recently made which reads, "KEEP OFF THE LOOSE SOIL! It's impolite to walk on the dead..."

Devi walks up the street, hood down. Her face is slightly gaunt and dirt stained. Stopping at the sidewalk, she sighs slightly and moves towards the door. Dropping her backpack at her feet, she looks up at the single level house, in all it's fucked up glory, and grabs the doorknob, twisting and pushing in.

The door swings open easily, although what lurks inside may finally shock Devi for the first time in ages. Freshly painted walls? Furnature in good repair? Carpeting? This must be the wrong house, everything is... normal? To make matters worse there's a pleasent smell coming down the hallway from the kitchen. Maybe this is the wrong house.

Maybe it is. She leans back, looks at the outside.... "Yeah.. this is Johnny's house." She leans in, and looks around, moving back and forth as though to make sure her eyes are still working properly. "Um, knock knock?" She dares take a step in, her body tensed to react against anything that might pop out. Easing her way into the home, she wonders idly if she should take off her shoes first, but disregards it momentairly. She peeks around each door frame into the kitchen.

Something can be heard clanging from the kitchen. A silohette lit only by the light of the kitchen behind it lurks at the far end of the hallway. The gleam of the knife in his hand is more than obvious to someone who's seen it so many times. "Eh? Oh! Devi! Come in! I was just making something to eat. I'll set you a place if you'll be joining me!" There's no mistaking it, that's Johnny's voice. He turns and goes back into the kitchen continuing to chop vegitables for the food he's cooking on the stove. It's probably some elaborate hoax, right? He's cooking some cheerleader, right? Right? The house doesn't smell like death today... maybe potporii?

Devi steps into the kitchen, her body stiff and wary. She leans against a counter. And stares. She watches what he's cutting, and just.....stares...

There's nothing horrific here, except maybe Johnny wearing a pair of slacks and a button up shirt. Nothing nightmarish is cooking just something with chicken and vegitables. The torture device in front of the fridge is gone and no signs remain that their ever was such a thing. Likewise the wall of knives usually on display on the back wall of the kitchen. Somehow in this twisted reality there's wallpaper. FLORAL WALLPAPER!?!? Smiling to himself the person cooking takes down two clean plates from a cabinet and divides his meal amoungst the two before placing them down at opposite ends of the table in the center of the room. Wait, wasn't that a chopping block once before? The food smells good. Probably tastes good too. Johnny sits down and guestures for Devi to join him. "So? What'cha up to? Normally I have to call first. Everything's okay right?" For the first time he notices how Devi is dressed and raises an eyebrow in concern. "Am I missing a Mad Max marrathon or something?"

An eyebrow slowly rises, her hands fisted at her side. She's leaning away from him slightly. Forcing her hands to uncurl, she stares some more, trying to get her thoughts in order. Well, this is really, uttlerly, totally, NOT what she expected. "Um, I might as you the same thing. Who are you again?" She edges towards the door, peeking into the living room, only to dart off and check the other rooms on this level. She returns in a short amount of time. She stares at him some more.'

The entire house matches the transformation. There's nothing horrific to be found but a few movie posters in frames. No blood but a few horror movies on a shelf by his old TV. Even the bunny ears are gone and replaced with NORMAL antennae. There's nothing at all of his former life to be found anywhere. Check his closet! Nothings black! *GASP* Returning to the kitchen Johnny looks genuinely concerned. "Um.. Johnny 'friends call me NNY'? We dated once upon a time? You where over here last week watching Dead and Breakfast with me? Are you sure you're okay? Your starting to scare me."

Johnny notices the blade as she adjusts herself and sweatdrops. He begins to fidget nervously. It takes him a moment but he finally chuckles lightly at her words, "Dead huh? And I just magically came back? Must happen all the time. Next you'll be telling me that Tenna's sworn off the sweets. Look, if this is some kind of game, I'm not buying it. I know Twisted is weird but it's not THAT weird." He pauses long enough to shovel some food in his mouth. Mid-chew he grabs a napkin and wipes his mouth, rising to his feet in the process. "Shoot! I forgot to grab a drink. You want somethin'?"

Devi says, "Uh, no. Thanks. I've got my beef Jerky outside. Are you sure you're ok?" She stands up, not letting him get to close. The normal might rub off. She pushes her chair in, and stares at him some more.

Johnny looks offended. Getting a can of Poop Cola from the fridge he pops it open and leans against the counter. "Okay, now I'm concerned. You never turn down food." Taking a sip he eyes her carefully trying to work out just what to think. "Look... Devi? I know I don't say this a lot, but I really worry about you. Especially when you start acting like this. It's like somethings wrong with you and you refuse to aknowledge it. Your not acting the same, your not dressing the same, and your acting like I'm some kind of alien. What the hell is wrong with you? Did someone slip you some drugs or something? Maybe someone like Oblivion came around and try to muck about in your head again?" Johnny steps forwards, setting his drink down on the table. "Who did this to you? I'll figure out a way to fix things and make them right. Just... tell me who."

Devi steps back in time with his step forward. "Uh, thanks but no thanks. Unless it turns you back to normal, I'll pass, although your concern touches me." She starts edging towards the door. "I'll come back in a bit, yeah? Just gotta put my jerky away. Don't want it to spoil. You know how disgusting that can be." Each word brings her a few steps closer to the door, until she's right on it. "Thanks for the offer of supper, that was nice."

Johnny watches her back away and follows only to the edge of the kitchen's door frame. As she backs away further his details seem to fade away leaving only that shadow standing against a blank kitchen once again. The light reflects in his pupiless eyes only reflects sadness and concern. As Devi reaches the door, the entire house seems to grow dark. There's no details in anything - just shapes and darkness. Should Devi oepn the door outside is nothing but endless fog. A disembodied voice whispers into the girl's ear. "...it's what you've always wanted isn't it...? ...why are you running away...?" A girl's voice. A familar girl's voice.

Part 2: "Is the reality as bad as the Nightmare?" Posted January 25, 2010

Devi is curled on the ground outside Johnny's house, unconscious, her eyes twitching quickly back and forth. Arms are wrapped around her shoulders, her knees drawn up sharply. Her body twitches, contracting and her face flinching as she tries to deal with whats in her head. After a few minutes, her body relaxes and she goes slack. Whatever she saw, she passed out from, if that's possible in a dream. A few seconds pass, her slow breathing the only sound aside from the slight whistle of the wind on the street. Suddenly she bolts upright, her eyes wide and fearful. Her hand snaps out to grab her satchel next to her. Devi's breathing is quick and ragged, her other hand running through her hair as she looks down at her sand stained robes that she hadn't taken off yet, from her 'walk' in the Wastelands.

Oblivion is standing nearby, leaning against a wall, whistling a tune rather innocently. As she wakes up, he looks over at her "So, none the worse for wear after your long trip? You didnt look too comfy when you were playin in the sand all that time. Hafta wonder what ya were lookin for out there. It is, after all, a chaotic dimension of madness and other zaniness". His tone is rather good-natured, and as amused-sounding as ever.

Devi's eyes flash towards Oblivion, still wide, her knuckles turning white on her pack. "You shouldn't care about what I do Oblivion. Seems like I recall being let go from your service." Her tone for once isn't menacing, or sarcastic, just uneven due to her ordeal.

Oblivion snickers. Hes wearing a cowboy hat, by the way. On top of his helmet. Looks kinda strange, but then, when doesnt he. He smirks slightly, playing up the 'cool cowboy' look "Oh, you are, indeed, no longer in my service. Still, you went from nothign to something in the span since the fight in the UR gym. Its VERY interesting to just see what you do, and where your choices take you, after that. You dont see a king made of a peasant very often". He looks at her, eyes glowing "So while i wont interfere with your free will, i AM very much interested to see where it takes you".

Devi says, "Come now, I've never reached a 'King' status on anything." She won't argue the nothing to something comment, though, because it is kinda true. Oblivion changed everything that she was and how she thought, and how she saw the world. "At anyrate, do you have to watch me here? My free will is telling me to chill out right here for a minute. Ain't that interesting?"

Oblivion lifts his leg, and looks at the watch around his ankle, just under the armor. When did THAT get there, and why the ankle? Its Oblivion. Who knows. "Daytime. Sadly, there are no timezones in Twisted. So no real accurate way to tell the time. Definately daytime, though".

Devi draws her brow. "What the hell are you prattling on about? What does the time have to do with shit, man?" Well, she obviously relaxing from whatever happened. Her attitude is slowly coming back out. She stands up, slinging her backpack over her shoulder. She sighs. "What do you want, Blivy? I've got stuff to do, ya know? Seeing how as I have a life again." Ba dum tish.

Oblivion snickers "Well.... you asked if i was watching you". Insane, as always. "Im simply checking up on you. After all, even the most powerful being can be easily destroyed when unconscious, and i believe you still have MANY choices to make in the future". He shrugs, and gives a sheepish grin "Thats it!" >}P

Devi looks back to the house. "Well, I don't know what that was, but I'm definatly planning on being more careful." She looks back to him. "And I'm not the most powerful being, so given the right opponent, my face'll get blasted off anyway. I'll be fine, Blivy. I always am." She shifts.

Oblivion snerks "well, your welcome for making sure it didnt happen while you were unconscious, devdev"

Devi bows fluidly. "Fine then, thank you Oblivion for watching over me while a darker power fucked with my head. Thank you for not letting anyone come and blast my face off. I love my face dearly and I like having it on me." She rises. "Anything else then? Good." Devi starts off down the street. "I've gotta go shower."

Oblivion sniffs the air "Phew.... darn tootin, there m'am". As she walks off, he smiles twistedly, and tips his hat cowboy style "Welp, g'day to ya, lil lady. Watch out for them injuns". With that, he vanishes.

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