2010-01-06 (PreU) Paper Rain, and a new source

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Paper Rain, and a new source

Summary: Trilby Trang, Ace Reporter, and his daily trussles with turning up the truth! Today's issue; PAPER RAIN! Is it natural? supernatural? Man-made? Marinade?

Who: Trilby_Trang, Mei
When: January 6th, 2010
Where: Shopping District(#4230R)

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Shopping District(#4230R)

The Shopping District. Suprisingly, one section of the City NOT in ruins. Full of, you guessed it, Shops. Food Marts, clothing stores, electronic stores. The only thing missing is the Weapons Shop. The streets are cracked, but over all in decent condition. The windows sparkle invitingly, and one or two of the locals have set up food vendors on the side walk. They'll call out to you if it's the daytime, offering snacks and treats to sustain you while you spend your hard earned cash.

[!]Over the streets of Twisted, flyers start to rain down from the skies, littering the streets. Upon the flyer, the only words that can be read are:"Do you have what it takes to get the Grand Prize?! Visit one of the fine shops or resturants of Twisted for more information!!"

Mei's carrying an enormous bag with her, full of children's clothing, She seems cheerful today, really. She's even wearing modern clothing, jeans and a knitted sweater. " I Wonder if she'll like the new lunch box.." she murmured, quietly, thoughtfully. She's tapping her boots as she stands on the sidewalk. " Maybe I should of gotten the one with Giraffes."

Meanwhile, fliers begin to fall from the skies above. This spectacle is shortly followed by the arrival of a man running onto the scene with a notepad in one hand, grabbing the fliers and reading each one. He wouldn't draw much attention normally- except the street's mostly empty, and he's yelling quite loud. "It's a SCOOP! Finally! THE SLUMP IS OVER!" He sounds delighted. No! Seems like he almost wants to cry.. is he crying? Grabbing his hat and throwing it high into the air, he dances around before catching it again. In the excitement, he stumbles back and knocks directly into a bystander- guess which one?

Mei blinks at the fliers and the reporter. "What has you so excited?" she asked towards Trilby, looking at the paper wearily from the ground, not really bothering to touch it. Her green eyes are a bit narrowed, although her brows give away her curiousity. "There has been news this entire time if you knew where to look." she murmured, taking out the bento lunch container to examine it. It has little bunnies on it, its very cute. She chuckles and offers a hankercheif from her sleeves.

Trilby Trang composes himself and puts his hat back on his head, turning in a rather quick movement to face... some lady with fangs and strange eyes! Nothing odd for this completely and utterly human reporter with no abilities to speak of except a gift with words and an ability to find himself in trouble. He gives a quick wink, completely ignoring the statement alluding to incompetence! "Of course there was! But lately I've always been too late... or there was a lady distraction... or the budget had been cut... well, not this time! This time it's a scoop! This paper rain symbolises the end to a news drought, my good lady- a drought that has gone on for far too long! And I think that's something to be excited about." He folds up one of the pieces of paper and slips it in a pocket. There you go.

Mei mms a bit "What is the news, my dear man?" she asked, quietly, adjusting her jeans " I don't think I like pants." she mumbled, sort of eying her legs. She adjusts her bag, chuckling a bit as she smoothes her hair off of her face. "Why are so few children born here?" she asked, curiously to the reporter, her smile going cheerful as she adjusts how she's standing.

Trilby Trang looks incredulous, "What is the news? Well, the news is..." He pulls out the piece of paper and goes quiet... turns it upside down... on it's side. "... Oh, well that's no good. It's commercial, damnit!" The reporter throws the piece of paper away all of a sudden and scoffs, "... If it advertises a product, we can't report on it- that'll make us look like we're financially motivated! Some of these stores are our advertisers!" Now he tilts his hat forward and looks all down on his luck. "... Hmm? Why is the birth rate down? Well it's actually up if you check Twisted's statistics, ever since that hive mother from Xeron came in and laid one billion eggs or so..." He waves a hand rather knowingly in a Japanese fasion, before perking himself up again. No need to get disheartened! "Perhaps all this paper has caused a papercut epidemic... or is that reaching too far?"

Mei giggles a bit " Well it could start a fire." she thoughtfully hums "Do you only report on unhappy things? The local kindergarten is putting on a play." she offered, smiling warmly as she stretches out a bit "They only do it twice a year. I know it isn't as exciting as the world being invaded but its something." she commented, giggling a bit. She adjusts her sweater "Your name is .. Trilby Trang, right?" she asked, voice soft and curious. "I believe we've spoken before a few years ago."

Trilby Trang tilts his hat and looks over at Mei as if he hadn't /quite/ been paying attention to her until right this moment, instead so wrapped up in the excitement that he'd been talking to himself. Oh! "... I know you? I'm sorry, I interview at least three people a day - that's around a thousand people a year - so it's hard for me to remember everyone. But now that you mention it, you -do- look familiar..." He strokes his chin and looks her up and down inquisitively, thinking hard... straining... "... Was it that incident with the giant water fish and the crazy magic girl? That's what's coming back to me now."

Mei mms a bit "Which crazy magic girl, it seems thats all I'm surrounded with." she joked, smile showing as she offers her hand "Mei Shyuehwa." she offered, softly. "I believe we've met once or twice but I can't at all recall the surroundings of it. Me? Familiar? Oh heavens, I don't create anything newsworthy to be honest." she offered, head tilting as she adjusts her eyepatch, rubbing the skin under it a little bit in a quick fidget.

Trilby Trang takes her hand and shakes it, smiling with genuine warmth- looking into his eyes, it's almost as if he radiates pure energy; but not the supernatural kind so common on Twisted. It's the sort of energy that is required to run from one place to another in search of something intangiable. It's almost as if he's a man on a never-ending mission. "... Surrounded by magical girls but you don't create anything newsworthy? Well, you don't need to create news- all it takes is to see it." He taps his eye that corresponds with hers, obviously the one without the eyepatch. "Most of my news comes from people who notice things and give me a ring. Maybe you can help me out if you see anything, Mei Shyuehwa?" He pulls a card out of his shirt pocket with a spare hand and gives it to her.

Mei's chuckle escapes " I see Mister Trang. Well there is a problem. I can't actually use a phone, I don't have one or know how to properly." she offered, taking the card politely before thoughtfully taking out her own card to hand to him. Her card Reads Mei ( with a name crossed out SA#####) Shyuehwa High Aetherist, Alchemist, and Doctor. It then proceeds to give ways to reach her on the back. Her hands rub her side a bit, setting the large bag down. "It is however something I shall keep in mind." the eye tapping causes her to chuckle.

"There's plenty of payphones in Twisted City if you know where to look, and they don't charge." Actually that's something he should probably write a story about, Trilby muses to himself. He skims over Mei's card, "... HIgh Aetherist? That's a new one." He pulls out a small diary and flicks through it- it seems to be made of leather and contains hundreds of cards. He finds a slot under `D' and slips it in, before putting it away. "A doctor's perspective would be -very- helpful though. I'd love to use you as a source for some of my stories. You can never know too many professionals to ask for their opinion."

Mei giggles a bit "Aetherist means I make potions and magical charms." she offered, voice soft as she ponders "Could you show me how to make a phone call?" she asked, voice soft as she watches him, "I'm not stupid, really, this technology just doesn't exist in my world." she offered, taking her time to tie a ribbon in her hair so its off of her face.

Trilby Trang muses for a moment before looking surprised and pulling out a phone from his pocket and putting it to his ear, "... What is it? WHAT? You want me to follow that story...? But it's commercial bias! No... no... no... but... damn it, Larry. Okay." He puts the phone away and lets out a deep sigh before perking up again, "How about I show you how a phone works and take you out for some food? I'd like to hear more about your work as an Aetherist. Is that okay? I've got to go cover this paper story." Mumble-mumble. Waaaaaiiit..." Actually, want to come with?" A /Doctor's/ opinion could be helpful.

Mei blinks a bit "What? If you need to go then go, I should go home and relieve the baby sitter before my daughter drives her insane." she murmured, chuckling softly "I would like to go out some time and I would not mind at all, I actually sell quite well in this realm." she giggles and adjusts her posture a bit.

Trilby Trang tilts his hat then, "Great! Come by the Twisted Gazette building some time and leave your details, or just come and see me since you don't have a phone. Looking forward to it!" And he's off like a shot, running down the street to follow the lead. You'd think he'd get a car or something. Do cars even work on Twisted?

Mei giggles a bit and picks up her bag and starts for home, her frame fading out. "I could be an old woman the next time you see me." she joked as she vanishes.

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