2010-01-07 (PreU) Wanted: Someone to help bring about the end of Power

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Wanted: Someone to help bring about the end of Power.


Who: Datenshi, Devi
When: January 07, 2010
Where: Housing District


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In the ...relatively... peaceful housing district of Twisted, the school bell is ringing out aloud. The streets are thin of people, and the sun is shining more on this place than normal. And from the far edge of the district comes a figure. It's one of the paths that lead so far along Twisted Street that only the Council and very dedicated Maltravellers have bothered to track it. But this person... or thing... is coming back after what seems like a long haul out there. As it approaches, it's got a broken wing- it has two magnificent black wings. Now one is mangled.. and it's carrying a large silver sword over its sholder with the broken wing. In the other hand is a chest, which the being seems to be dragging along. It's covered in outlandish runes and symbols, and for even the unsensitive to such things radiates an aura of danger and unease. The figure, now clearly the Dark Angel Datenshi, seems to get to the middle of the street and stop and bleed. While laughing. He's been gone for a year or two... where did he go? And what's that thing?

Devi steps out of her Grav Ball, changed from her dust stained robes and back into her trench and cargo pants. She stops as she sees Datenshi, her hands getting shoved in her pockets and a large grin splitting her face. "Oh, hey, it's the fairy." Unease or not, she remembers him. And his sword. She eyes what she can only think as a carcass, one delicate eyebrow arching. "Hey, man, I don't think your lunch was cooked well enough. It still looks kinda bloody."

Datenshi seems to look up slowly at Devi with crimson red eyes, looking right at her soul rather than her physical form for a moment. "... Bloody is best." Even if it's him. Ah, it's been a good few years... nothing but tormenting those who had never even /heard/ of Twisted. The Dark Angel involuntarily gives a cold fanged smile, amused at many things. He tosses the chest forward and brings his sword down on it with a clunk, as if going to slice it in two- but clearly coming up short. He raises a clawed hand to Devi, "... So, tell me. Have the Council been overthrown yet, or is that pitiful bunch still failing?" Devi may or may not get what he means. It matters not.

Devi keeps her smile, the light from it not reaching her eyes. She doesn't flinch at his apperance, or at much of anything else, really. "The Council? Oh their still around, contaminating the world, but I havn't seen much of them. You might want to ask Caliga. He's boinking Concordance, or so I hear. Other things are afoot, if you've an intrest in Hell." She doesn't move a muscle, aside from talking, her posture relaxed but ready. She remembers his tricks, although her training gives her more confidence then last time they met. Granted he only met half of her, but that's besides the point. "And you, O Dark Lord? What brings you back here? If I'd have known you were coming, I would have prepared a fruit basket for you."

Datenshi doesn't seem like he's going to attack her... just yet. Slaying people impulsively just to see the expression on their faces is something he takes great pleasure in; something he's got to see quite a lot of during his long absence from central Twisted. It was almost too much effort to bother cleaning Masamune between intervals, since it would just get coated in blood again. Well, one old useless habit broken. He narrows his eyes without malice but with curiosity, causing them to become a more luminous red - not helped by his stone white skin and midnight black appearance. The eyes are the window to the soul, or lack thereof. "... Caliga, that man in the armor. Sleeping with a Council member... how unlikely, but that could be /useful/..." He'll have to approach Caliga. He'll never understand the thinking of the Council members. It's a lot like the thinking of Damon the Overlord. "... If Hell was unable to throw over the Council in this time, they're barely worth the scorched earth they burn in. But yes, all this still interests me. How do you know of such things?" Pleased that Devi used his correct title.

Devi says, "Well, sleeping with or not, rumor has it that they are 'courting' although I gues Connie is old enough to still use that term." Her eyes flash. "I know of such things because I'm not quite as miniscule as I used to be, as some still are here." She leans back slightly, looking at the conflicting sky. "Things still must be hopping down there." Her head tilts towards him. "With so many people coming and going between. " She trails off, shifting the Katana on her back slightly.

Datenshi seems to stretch out and retract his wings- even if one of them is broken, as blood drips down from it. Even now it's mending itself before their very eyes. Slowly of course- the Dark Angel was never much of a regenerator. He prefers to make others bleed first. "... You've come back from Hell. I can see it in your soul. That, and the rather obvious kanji..." But she's not a demon. Good. He fixates his gaze on Devi, but is really looking peripherally at the Katana on her back. His claws loosen around his sword- sometimes best for quick flicking movements. "Courting means it's unlikely he's gotten anywhere. Not quite as useful." He suddenly seems to gain an amused expression as he drags the chest back with the tip of his sword, picking it up once again. It seems important, a souvineer perhaps? "... if you're from Hell, how would you like to destroy the Council with me? I don't know what motivates you, but if it's riches, power, revenge, or simply a thrill- all of which could await you." Datenshi... recruiting? He's certainly changed his tactics somewhat.

Devi arches an eyebrow. "The Kanji is not for going through or being from hell. It's my teachers symbol, he is the Lord of Hell as much as it were, from another world. I have however been through Twisteds' Hell." She considers him for a moment, as one would would look at a Job canidate. "What reason do I have to destory the Council? They've done nothing to me. They havn't even relized that I exist really." She doesn't want Riches, she's got the power that she wants, and she has nothing to get revenge for. A thrill, maybe, or at least something to do. If it calls a trip into hell, maybe she can pick a fight with the one who killed Johnny, but that's about it.

Datenshi seems to tilt his head and look at her inquisitively, still amused, trying to figure out what motivates her. His wings stretch out again, now fully healed, as they retract back perfectly in place and crackle with dark purple electricity across their midnight feathers. "... For those of us who live for an eternity, sometimes the greatest pleasure can be had in destroying the undestroyable. If you have everything, as you seem to, then surely you must be bored out of your mind. Destroying the Council with me would be an interesting distraction, at least." He brings his sword onto his shoulder as he's prone to do, "... Perhaps it would be fun to get the Council to acknowledge your existence. Make some hell, so to speak." His eyes turn a deeper more intense shade of red, his gaze turning to where the Council building is... then back to Devi. "Of course, it's your choice."

Devi paces, gaining air with each step til she's about 7 feet up. Her hands claps behind her back, as she rocks back on her heels. She looks down at him, then back to the sky, her lips pursed as she considers it. "That's true. It'd give me something to do at least. But there's a flaw to your plan. While I have the power to destroy a world, I don't know if I'm 'up to specs' to actually beat them. Maybe give them a decent fight, but I have no doubts that they will do away with me if they can." She paces back down to the ground. "While I'm bored and slightly insane, I'm not stupid. They won't bloody my nose and send me home. They'll destroy me in every way."

Datenshi watches her rise up with mild curiosity, and raises an eyebrow at the mention she could destroy a world. He laughs a little at her conclusion though, it's a deep laugh- just like his voice. Since when does the Dark Angel laugh?"... Then you're already going to lose. Because in your mind you've already considered the possibility of failure as a likely result. Fear kills people. Well, fear and sharp spikes stabbed through their internal organs." Wait, isn't fear what's keeping her alive? In fact, it does the exact opposite of what he said. Anyway, he watches "... I never said I would just use you to destroy the Council? No, I'm amassing as many people as possible - and I've been looking out there, beyond the Council's reach, looking for things they can't even concieve to destroy them. And I've found a few things. So... how about it?" He tosses the chest up and down, while tapping Masamune against his shoulder. Will she accept, or will she decline? He's curious. His infamous reputation in central Twisted leads him to the conclusion she'll most likely decline out of fear of trechary, or of the Council like before. But surprises do happen.

Devi says, "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." She looks at him again, her eyes hard, but not harsh. "I am not afraid. But I am also not blind to reality." She pauses. "Fine. I'll join you, I suppose." She grins impishly. "I'm sure even an old man like you could show a girl a thrill or two, eh?"

Datenshi seems to watch as she speaks in what seems like a mantra, though he doesn't disagree with it. But then, he never really feels fear- only a sense of neverending wrath. He lives with an internal burning anger that consumes all around him, spreading chaos and destruction. In the face of such destructive drive, fear cannot exist. It's mostly a byproduct of the tainted souls that dwell within him, but a good deal of it is his- from his last two lives. "... I'm relatively young compared to the age of the universe. But thrills is what I do best." Was that defensive? No, he seems to be retorting to the jab since he sounds amused by her, as he steps forward without hesitation and tosses her the bound-up chest. "... Come, I'll show you my mansion... and the others." If she can catch it, of course, or else he'll pick it up. The Dark Angel's wing shuffle as he gives a fanged smile. Surprises do happen.

Devi is a lot quicker then she looks. The chest is grabbed in the air, then tossed back at him. A baggage boy she is not. She bows slightly. "Lead the way then, O Dark Lord." He seemed to be amused that she called him that, and we all like to keep the 'bosses' happy as it were. She grins evilly, well, evilly for her anyway, as the player is sure her eveil is a lot less evil then Dat's evil. "And if need be, I know more then a few people who would happily join in if for nothing more then to see the Council disbanded/destroyed or just for a damned good fight." She leans back slightly. "This should be fun."

Datenshi raises a hand as a black cloak seems to appear across the air. No, it's a shadow that the Dark Angel has generated at the last moment to swallow up the chest, as it dissapears within its depths. "... Those are the sort of people we need." He then throws the shadow out to the side between Devi and Datenshi, as it seems to morph and form a giant black ornate gate. The doors of it open, leading only into darkness. The entire thing is made out of shadows. He then walks into the gate, dissapearing out of sight. Leaving it for Devi to follow, of course. Did he even ask her for her name? Well, names aren't important. They're just words, after all.

Devi smirks, and steps through.

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