2010-01-08 (PreU) and the bartender has a panic attack...

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and the bartender has a panic attack...

Summary: The name of the log has been officially changed, because of the following:

Cale: Hey Blues could you change the twisted muck community post title from, A Senshi, a pervert, and a Dragonmaster all walk into the UR... with something that doesn't have pervert in it, since when people search 'Dragonmaster Cale' it comes up with that, and it says, Pervert, Twisted, Dragonmaster Cale. =P

There ya go Cale! ARE YA HAPPY NOW?! HUH?!....Anyways. I suck at Log titles. Worse then Crux.

Who: Ami, Cale, Caliga, Hayley
When: January 8th, 2010
Where: The Usual Resturant

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The Usual Restaurant, a friendly place where you can relax, sit back, and have a refreshing drink! Okay, well, it's not quite the same on the Twisted branch of the UR. Though, there are seven large slugs playing poker with each other on one table, and if someone doesn't mind the slime it's easy to get in on a game. Tonight the restaurant seems to be occupied by a few ninjas in the shadows, a couple of catgirls hiding underneath one of the tables watching everyone between chair legs, and the usual run of the meal people. Some of the tables are empty of people, and instead are holding large glowing runes in the air above them. The runes are in a magic language, though they don't actually say any one thing. Varying colors, from red, to white, to blue, to pink, to green, to yellow, etc. Strung from each rune is a thin line of magic, that changes color from rune to rune as it connects. Standing on top of a table is Cale, turning this way and that, gesturing at a rune now and then, which will change color or puff into smoke for a moment before changing into a different rune. His wings are bunched up tightly behind him, and he seems to be concentrating rather hard core. Trinune is standing near the bar itself, her blue within blue eyes staring at different people, depending on who is speaking at the moment.

Of course, while the famous Dragonmaster works his magic, the doors to the UR open to allow one of its more infamous customers into the building. A boy in a red jacket, appearing no more then the age of thirteen moves through the building, only to sit down at the bar, and grin at the bartender. Of course, this causes the bartender to start screaming loudly, "OH HELL NO. I thought I told you not to come back in here you little bastard?! I swear if the owner was ever around.. She'd throw you out on your ass herself! All you do is cause trouble and never pay your damned tab! WE AREN'T EVEN SUPPOSED TO HAVE TABS!"

Dragonmaster Cale sweatdrops at the bartenders outbursts towards Caliga. He glances over, holding is hand up towards a rune which wavers a little bit as he stops focusing on it. "Eh heh..." He says, the wings on his back shifting a bit as a white feather falls away from them, swaying back and forth as it floats down towards the floor. Well, hopefully everything will be okay over there. I mean, it can't be that bad, right? He looks back towards the fuzzy rune, which sharpens back up. Okay, now, he just has to adjust that next line there...he reaches over, taking one of the magic threads and pulling on it, causing all of the runes in the room to slowly move along all of the other threads. "What? Oh, I dunno..." He says, to himself?

A lone mug finds itself sailing across the room, as the teenaged boy is cowering beneath one of the barstools. The Bartender continues to rant and rave, nearly causing a vein to burst in his head from all of the pent up anger. On at least fourteen seperate occasions, this single child has caused the destruction of the UR, and each time he ran out on the bill, leaving it to someone else to pay. A scared and sad look is given from the child towards the Dragonmaster, as if he were silently trying to get some help from the man.

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head slowly as he lets go of the line of magic, straightening back up. "Eh, there, I think...ne?" He says, glancing over towards Trinune briefly, then over towards Caliga. He sweatdrops at the boys look, rubbing the back of his head, "Ehhh..." He looks over at the bartender, "N-ne, look, why don't you ehh, just calm down n stuff, k? Like, I'll pay for anything he orders n junk, all right? No worries!" He says, giving a fanged smile towards the tender. It's all good, he likes paying for people most of the time! It's just the nice thing to do.

The girl in the alleyway raises, a trembling hand to her face and absently wonders "Where.." she turns the hand over a couple of times and clenches a fist and opens it again to splay the fingers and wiggle them. "Still alive, which mean i can still.." painfully pushing off one knee she sraigtens and absently dusts at the frilly black black miniskirt. One arm steadying herself against the wall she walks a few steps into the streets and turns an expressionless face looking for anything recogniseable "..or I am dead.. and this is hell!" the senshi fuku dissolves into white light and Hayleys rubs a temple absently "Think.. think... what could this be?" Sizing up the buildings in front of her she swallows any objection and stuffs her hands into her jeans pockets before walking in the front door. "Hell0oOOoooo-o... WHAT-THE-HELL-IS-THAT!" her finger points and shifts target around the room pointing at pretty much everyone and everything except the bartender in a horrified fashion.

The boy is suddenly standing behind the new addition to Twisted's ever growing population, as if he were sizing her up. "Hmm... Nee-san has a decent figure.. Not to bad of an ass..." He nods solemnly before moving around to stare at her from the front. "Hmmm... Chest... about on par with Lina nee-san..." He nods once again, before reaching up in a well practiced and swift movement, placing his right hand on her chest, giving it a quick squeeze.

Dragonmaster Cale rubs the back of his head and is about to turn back towards a rune when Hayley comes in and starts saying hello, only to then start screaming. He sweatdrops and glances around the restaurant as well as she does, "Anooo..." He's about to say more, when Caliga goes for a chest grope, and he leaps up and over the runes and strings surrounding him to try and grab ahold of Caliga's wrist and hold it in place! "Ne, ne, don't do that! She's already startled enough!" Upon leaving the center of the magic mess, the stringed runes all begin tightening up, starting to head for one another, the colors shifting back and forth rapidly. Trinune keeps watch, blueblue eyes moving from Caliga, to Hayley, to Cale, depending on which one is speaking at the moment. Stare stare.

Eyes narrowing and a muscle in her cheek jumping Hayley stiffens instead of turning to the appraising voice behind her. Irises shrinking and finger curling into a first with a series of popping noises as the fist tightens she begins to tremble with rage as the had gropes her chest "Why you.. little." And sweeps an arm around to grab at his lapel and haul him off his feet "I'll tear that hand off and..!" shher mouth works furiously.. though she is only spluttering insted of making coherant sound.

As the Dragonmaster holds the boys hand in place, and he's lifted off his feet by the girl, his other hand moves to continue to do his work, and keeps on squeezing. "What?" He glances at Cale, then to Hayley, as if he didn't quite understand just what the problem was. Its not like anyone else gets this upset and stops him. "Heeeey.... I know these kind of boobies!" He suddenly smiles brightly at the girl, almost as if he figured everything out all at once. "You're nineteen? Aren't ya?!" A sagely nod is given, as he tries to pull the hand back, seemingly done with his 'assesment'.

Dragonmaster Cale pulls his hand away as Caliga goes with the other hand, but then he's yanked into the air by the girl. He looks over at Hayley, "Ne, you should like, punt him through the roof or something, ya know?" He suggests. It seems the proper response, and he's seen it done a number of times before in the past. "Eh? What?" He says, turning to look over at the string of runes which now all rush together. "Ahh, shoot." He says, reaching his hand out towards the runes, but it's too late. All of the runes come together and then suddenly rush outwards, smashing into various people and things. One of the walls turns into bread with pink gumdrops sprinkled on top of it, one of the slugs playing poker turns into a mushroom, who then slaps down a pair of four aces for a winning hand. A number of rafters in the roof simply explode, turning into ash which filters down towards the ground. There's a new hole in the far wall, where a rune simply kept on going off into the distance. There's a lot of screaming from the customers, a lot of them leaping out various windows since the entrance is more or less blocked by Hayla, Caliga, and Cale right now. "Eh heh...dang it..." He says, rubbing the back of his head. - Trinune removes herself from the bar, a rune smashing into her but not seeming to have any visible effect as she steps over to be near Cale and the others.

There are a lot of rather spectacular moments to enter the Usual Restaurant. In the past, Mizuno Ami has managed to enter during fistfights, explosions, and even one night when the entire restaurant was completely underwater, but only on the inside. However, in the short few years she's been in Twisted, Ami has never had the outside wall of the restaurant turn into what amounts to a gingerbread house, before she even entered. The blue-haired girl pulls her hand away from the door for a moment, hesitant to enter, but as is often the case, her desire to help people overwhelms her good sense. She opens the door and peers inside hesitantly, expecting talking candy canes or something else suitably ridiculous to match the state of the wall. What Ami doesn't expect is to see a young man molesting a young girl, while said girl lifts him off the ground in a rage. "... Oh dear. That's terribly rude." ... What, nothing else to say? She seems to be in a bit of shock. Ami's never been one to handle such subjects very well.

Hayley surverys the damage to the room before turning back to regard the gatehring group around her, wary but still furious she struggles to shurg of the fury that and exploded from being so casaully molested and groped by a disturbing little boy. Her face no longer filled with malice instead seems to adopted a faint cruel smiles "That is so.." regarding his comment as to her age, "But children shouldn't do that to adults and usually require a lesson to remember that." She sets him the boy down so his feet briefly touch the ground and locks her elbow behind his head and draws him right into her clevage, there is a heatbeat of surprise before the faint soung of crushing and tightening as she muffles him. She regards the others with a slightly warmer expression as the muscles in her arm bunch and she continues trying to suffocate the boy. "A rascal like you wont die so easy but you should learn your lesson!" Hayleys eyes widen in shock hearing a familiar voice though she turns to regard her slowly just peering over her shoulder "Mizuno!"

Like a snake, the boy slips out of Hayley's grasp, leaving only his jacket in his place. He gives a cheerful thumbs-up tp the girl, then takes a step back when he notices who has just shown up. He nimbly makes his way through the panic stricken customers, back to the bar. "And I'll behave now." He glances at the bartender, who mutters silently under his breath, and fills a mug with root beer, setting it down infront of him.

Dragonmaster Cale sweatdrops looks over at the wall, "Eh, well...the nano things should fix that after awhile..." He says, glancing over at Caliga and wondering what's up with him, but, hey, whatever! He turns and looks over at Hayley, about to introduce himself, when the girl turns and calls out Mizuno towards Ami. "Eh, well, greetings!" He decides to say anyway, to both of them now! He takes a step back, giving Hayley more space since he was rather close in trying to deal with Caliga, glancing over at Trinune and then over at the mushroom, "Ah? Yeah, I think so..." He says with a nod at the sword, who has still said nothing to anyone the whole time, though her blueblue eyes do keep moving from speaker to speaker at least.

Startled at hearing her name, Ami glances over toward Hayley, her blue eyes looking completely lost. Another person who knows her, it seems. "A-Ah. Hello. I'm sorry, you'll have to forgive me if I can't return the greeting..." She glances over toward Caliga, without really recognizing him, and lets her eyes pass over Cale and Trinune on the way back to Hayley. "I have often found that the various dimensions produce individuals that may recognize me from their lives but--" She stops herself, mid-sentence, and then her cheeks redden a bit, and she tucks her chin in. "--... I mean to say, you may know me, but I'm afraid I don't know you..." ... Wouldn't that have been /so much/ easier to say in the first place? It looks like she realizes that now, as the blue-haired girl tucks her chin in a bit further. Well... understanding is the first step, they say. "...Might I ask your name?"

Turning the jacket over her hands Hayley drapes it back over her shoulder like it was her own she leans against the wall and processes "Not the Misuno I know..." running hand back through her own hair she tries to hide how lost she is in all this. "Hayley.. " feeling slightly selfconcious she begins to take in the setting inside the bar. "Care to fill me in?" she turns from Mizuno to Cale and back again. "Somehow" she regards the boy drinking happily at the bar suspiciously "How does a child like THAT exist wihtout someone having beaten him senseless yet alone people I've met who've never met me?!"

"She's one of your own, Ami." The boy simply states this, reaching to take the mug into his hand, taking a long drink from it. He twitches slightly however, seemingly feeling unease with addressing Ami in any fashion for some reason. He turns, as his form changes slightly, revealing an age of about twenty-four. "I was having fun until you showed up too..." He grimaces slightly, before sighing. "Welcome to Twisted, focus point of all dimensions. Its not to uncommon to run into another version of yourself who is completely different."

Dragonmaster Cale gives a fanged smile towards Hayley as he's looked towards. He glances over at the mushroom, who is gesturing towards him, "Err..." He walks over, and the mushroom makes little hand gestures, Cale rubbing the back of his head, "Ah..you..what?" He glances at the table, then back to the mushroom, "Ahh, right right, eh heh heh! Y-yeah! That should wear off in a few hours, no worries!" He nods his head and turns towards Ami and Hayley, waving a hand, "W-well, since I lost control on this side, my lab is probably a really big mess right now, so, I better go clean it before Ayika notices, eh heh...see ya later!" He says, and gestures with his left hand, a blue light flickering into existence and then swirling out into a large blue portal, through which he hops through. Trinune follows after him, not having said a word the whole time. Once they're both through, the portal swirls closed, a single white feather falling down through the air where it once was.

"Ah... well, you see..." Ami is about to explain, and it's clear she's trying to think of a way to do so that doesn't involve seventeen-syllable words, which is a big step for her. However, when Caliga speaks, she tilts her head to one side. "...It's something like that, I fear. But it is a pleasure to meet you, Hayley-san." All the time in Twisted hasn't beaten the habits of courtesy out of her yet, it seems. She turns to look at Caliga, recognizing him as he shifts into an older, more familiar form, and presses her lips together tightly, taking a deep breath before she finds some nice neutral words to offer. "You seem to be doing well."

"Same goes for you." Caliga takes another drink frm his root beer, his eyes solely focused upon Ami. "Bigtits doin' well? Haven't seen her jiggle about Twisted for some time. Nor the blonde with pigtails... Haven't seen her for a bit either..." His voice is rather cold, something Ami should know quite well.

Hayley regards the whole opening of a portal and exiting of one of the 'characters' se had encountered with a thin veil of detatchment "..This is like bad television." she reaches down to pick up the one white feather and holds it upright between her fingers "but it seems real enough. I suppose enough to give this a shot at believing in any of this." only then does she begin to notice the strain creppeing into the exchange betwwen Ami and the boy, there is already some history between them. But the same wall seems to be quickly beginning forming between herself and Ami as Hayley makes no move to acknowlege a pleasent or curteous introduction. Shes used to being alone and having to hurt peoples feelings to stay that way. "I never liked the Mizuno from 'my place' ... No offense." the no offense seems like it might be sincere, maybe. "But its good to see a familiar face amidst all.. this." she still watches the man at the bar but now warily instead of coldly almost whispering "what is he?" just quietly enough for Ami to hear clearly, half to herself.

Ami's face reddens noticeably at Caliga's words, and she furrows her brow. It's about as indignant as she can manage to appear, and the look in her eyes is both hurt and angry. "If you wish to provoke me, you shall have to try much harder, but I will thank you to refer to my friends with courtesy and respect." There was a time, not too long ago, when icy barbs might have crept into that voice, but in their place is something equally noteworthy - a tremble. The blue-haired girl closes her right hand, not quite into a fist, but something far from an open palm, and she turns to respond to Hayley, letting her gaze linger on Caliga for a moment longer than it really should have. There's no threat in her gaze, but it's clear she wasn't simply making a request, either. "Caliga is a powerful, intelligent, and persistent man who utilizes his vast, enormous resources and power, not to mention most of his free time, toying with people and doing his level best to bring out the worst in them. Or so it would seem." Ami speaks quietly to Hayley, allowing the man in question to be out of her sight so that she can politely keep eye contact with Hayley. "... He and I... have a fundamental difference of opinion on what is and is not acceptable behavior." Yes, that's the nice way of saying he's a boorish pig, but she's still getting the point across.

"...I'll keep that in mind." Caliga grins slightly as Ami starts describing him to Hayley, then laughs as she finishes. "She also forgets that sometimes we have to see the worst in ourselves to see the best..." He winks at the blue haired Senshi, before leaning back onto the bar. "She also forgot that I tried warning her about betrayal from the moon... but what do I know? I'm a boorish pig." A slight shift in his form is given, to that of a handsome man in armor, then back to normal again. "Then again, I did try to get her to kill a dragon... But the dragon REALLY needed to be gotten rid of..."

Hayley cranes her neck about around to Ami in looking for any sign that hopefully he had just been kidding around with his little speech but after a moments study she screws her eyes shut. Contempt and anger rising over how ridiculous a position this senario was leaving her in. As the skeptic and someone who didn't believe in much beyond their own skills, strength being forced into the role of the naive person who knows nothing doesn't sit well with her. "So he's a bully?" she regards him cooly while waiting for Amis opinion, "Thats usually how you describe them." she twists the feather across the back of her fingers fluttering it while she considers him, images of being crushed unerfoot and beaten this way and that by forces she couldnt even comprehend spring to mind, someone almost killed in numerous fights with a GOd. "Nothing new about that.. same problem everywhere I go. HehehHAHAHA" she laughs softly but there is a faintly hysterical edge to it.

"He's... a person that one should avoid contact with, but makes it a point to be unavoidable. Bullies are often misunderstood or have some cause behind their actions." Ami glances down for a moment, furrowing her brow. She opens her mouth, but only a small sound comes out, and she closes it once more. The blue-haired girl closes her eyes, swallows, and lifts her head up, clearly trying not to dwell on whatever she was about to say, whatever memories Caliga dug up. When she opens her eyes again, they're bright, and just a little shiny. "I'm sorry... this isn't how you should be introduced to this world. Would you like to have a seat? Maybe some warm tea or hot cocoa?" And just like that, Ami is smiles and rosehips again. She must have a nigh endless font. Of smiles, anyway. A font of rosehips would just be ... inconvenient. And hard to carry around.

"Actually... All mind fuckin' aside, Mercury-san..." Caliga's voice is rather serious, as the entire resturant suddenly seems to be vacant of all customers and employees, besides the three of them. "I do need to talk to you, and it helps that you have an un-Hildified comrade." He stands up from the barstool and moves to a table, sitting down at it. "Come. Sit down with me. You as well, Miss Hayley." He looks to Hayley, and points at the jacket still in her arms. "Inside right pocket, there's a pack of cigarettes. Toss them here would you?"

Hayley rolls her eyes back towards Ami sharing an unspoken mental commiseration with the smaller w2oman for her previous dealings with the man all the while she fishes around inside the breast pocket of the jacket for the box of cigarettes. "Tch, I havent made up my mind wether I'm about to play happy families with this guy or start walking right because he said left was safest." she proffers an arm in a polite gesture for Ami "After you." while at the same time pocketing half the pack of Cigarettes and underarm lobs the remainder of the pack to the seated Caliga. "You're almost out." She drawls it so the one unlit cigarette hanging casually from the corner of her mouth bobs only a little and doesnt fall from her mouth. The hand not draping the jacket over her shoulder hooked into a beltloop of her jeans after making the polite gesture for Ami.

Ami's brows furrow just a bit at Caliga's next words, and her eyes show him a disapproving gaze once more. "...Language." She purses her lips again, and crosses her arms across her stomach as she approaches Caliga, but is very deliberate about choosing a seat that's a few seats down from him. "... Please." She adjusts her dress carefully as she takes a seat, and rests her sandals against the chair legs. She watches for Hayley, smiling at the other girl's gesture, and then turns back to Caliga. He does know how to get her to talk, that much can be said. "And Mako-chan was not ... she's stronger than..." Ami trails off, closing her mouth. What does one say there? That one friend is stronger than another was? She doesn't know, and she realizes that talking about it still hurts. "...Please don't treat my friends like they're objects. You know better." What is she, his mother?

"Thanks." Caliga pulls a single cigarette from the pack and places it between his lips. He lifts his left index finger, as a small flame appears atop it, and lights the cigarette , taking a long drag from it. "Please. Sit." He stares directly at the two women, then looks down at the table. "I would have only harmed them if it truly came to it. I was betting on you getting them away from that bitch before I actually showed up. Besides, considering the things that the Moon Queen had done... It may have been a duely earned fate for her. And don't you fucking dare tell me it wouldn't have been." His eyes glow a faint crimson for a few moments, before returning to normal. "Hayley, this is the reality of this world. Its far from perfect, but its now home. There will be people you can trust, and people you would do well to stay away from. Me? There is no staying away from me. If I want to see you, then we'll run into eachother. So don't get the notion of avoiding me in your head. Ami can tell you already how well that'll go."

Smile twisting up in a wide grin Hayley pulls her chair back further from the table and considers Ami a moment before shaking her head disregarding the thoughts in her head and putting her feet up on the table, the new red sneakers and heavy cuffs on the legs of her jeans making alot of noise as she crosses her legs and lazily eyeballs Caliga "Hai hai.. you've got me all worked out already.. I'm the person who listens to reason and wont call a spade ...an 'asshole' because thats how they see him" she eyeshifts towards Ami, does asshole count as bad language? guess she'll find out. She leaves that hanging in the air much like the Cigarette hanging from the corner of her mouth, she didnt even smoke. "... ...Though whats this about Moon?"

Ami actually thrusts both of her hands down at her sides as Caliga speaks again, and looks distressed again. "/Language!/" She stands to her feet, and is about to ask Caliga to put the cigarette out, too, but she looks back to see one hanging from Hayley's mouth, and quells that urge. She should pick her battles. Like the talk of Usagi. "...I will tell you the truth, and you will not demand otherwise. My friend... Usagi-chan died that day, on the moon. Hild killed her, and brought back something else." Ami sits back down on her seat, though it's more like the strength leaves her legs, and she just happens to come to rest there. "...So please, don't be so rude." That last bit sounds more of an afterthought, in comparison to the rest, but Ami said it, and people find that when she says things, she means them.

Caliga simply says, "Jupiter is who I'm more concearned about. You and her have the same scent. I won't pry into why you both have the same taint, but I've noticed it from day one. Anyways. Fact of the matter is this. If Jupiter took that same taint Moonie-girl did, I'd have been doing them a favor. But I haven't. Nor will I. Theres far to many important things going on then for me to focus on Hild, and her 'adoptions'. No. I've got something I need help with. The Council of Twisted is up to something. I'm sure I'm going to need all that extra firepower to knock them back. Again. Will you help me?"

Hayley leans back thoughtfully eyes closed as though considering the weight of his words and the impact on the world before her lips twitch and the guffaw builds into outright laughter "Oh thats too rich.. I was even beginning to buy into all.. this." she waves a hand to encompass the whole room. Looking to Ami she snorts and offers "Its all complete rubbish to me." the laugh fades into a faint chuckling "Ami, You're still smart here right? ..along with the very polite and sweet ...thing you do." she waves her hands back and forth uncomfortable talking about it and gesturing as she fishes for the words "I sure as hell like YOU more'n I like him, so... It's your call here." she chews lightly on the cigareete butt "Ai mean.. ai don kno mua off wha we coul do anyhou." she spits the cigareete butt out with a 'ptoo' and catches it with her hands tossing it into the ashtray on the table.

That question causes Ami to lift her head a bit, where it had been hanging after that last exchange, just enough to be noticeable. "...Mako-chan and I made a mistake when we came here. We tried to redeem Beryl, and we got in over our heads. That's all. We're not monsters." Her voice softens, and she keeps her eyes down. "...Tainted Star Seeds and Galaxy Cauldrons and now political maneuvering... If I see this council hurting innocent people, I'll stop them... but you already know that. Whatever more it is that you're asking of..." Ami turns to look at Hayley, wondering if the girl is ok being grouped in with the senshi. "...us... you need to be more straightforward." Ami almost adds that he should probably try being /nice/, too, but that would be rude. At least, that's how it works in her mind.

Caliga scratches the back of his head, and tries to figure out how to word it. "I don't know WHAT The Council is playing at. So its a bit hard to figure. I just know that if it comes down to a fight, I'll need more then myself to stand up against 'em. Thats what I'm asking. If it comes down to it, in preventing whatever the Council is planning, if it is going to harm ANYONE here... I need assistance in stopping them. Thats it. As for the fallen two... I'll figure something out. I don't know much about how your souls work to rip the taint out of them... Maybe the shrine-girl could help with this too...." He takes another long drag of the cigarette, then quickly puts it out in the ashtray. "So?"

Hayley regards Ami with a look of passing concern "Always pick on the brainy kids, bullies." and shoots her a enthusiastic grin "Just because you're helping him out once or twice, in certain conditions and things you agree on doesnt mean you cant use it to think of ways to get back at him.. or learn things he doesnt want you to know with your giant brain." there is an element of seriousness to Hayleys kidding around. "He might even wind up owing you one, ..or two."

Ami nods in response to Hayley's words, it seems that this new girl is quick on the uptake. She's glad, but in the end, Ami still says what she probably would have said without that advice. Rational though she can be, Ami still has a lot of emotion tied up in this decision, too. "...If this council does wrong, we'll fight." Ami looks Caliga in the eyes squarely, and doesn't blink. "...But I don't think that makes us allies. Just people that happen to share a goal. I'm sorry if that's not enough for you." She turns to one of the scutters, and quietly orders a hot cocoa and some earl grey tea, in case Hayley would like one or the other. Ami, herself, wouldn't mind either.

"We've always been allies." Caliga slowly climbs to his feet, grinning mischievously. The customers slowly start to return, almost as if they never left in the first place. "You just never realized it Ami. Then again, you may have and you're just lying to yourself. Either way. You know that we'll find eachother when the time comes. We always do." He starts to move away from the table, as his jacket suddenly finds itself back upon his back. "Anywho. I've got a lot of other things to find, and do. Have a lovely evening you two....""...We'll keep our eyes open, though."

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