2010-01-10 (PreU) Everybody, move your body..

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Everybody, move your body..

Summary: Who every heard of a dancing bird?

Who: Caliga, Devi, Wolfe
When: January 10, 2010
Where: Twisted Street - The Middle


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The Twisted Street

The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the grey clouds occasionaly touches its surface. A fight seems to have taken place here. Many of the buildings are utterly ruined and there are chunks of stone embedded in the street.

From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray to far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road.

Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

Devi struts down the street, a pair of headphones covering her ears. So someone who is usually so glum, she's bopping along fairly well to the music that no one else hears. Of course, it's impeded by her walking, but oh well, she's having fun. She spins, snapping her finger in the same moment, her outfit changing from her standard clothes into a long loose pair of black pants, and a halter top. That's awfully out of the norm for her. The kanji for hell almost glows on her back.

As Devi picks the penguin up, it points both fins at her headphones and continues wiggling in beat with the music even though Devi isn't dancing to it at the moment. When she sets it down, it claps both fins together, as if to applaud, and then it turns to face the direction she's facing, still shuffling in beat with the music. "Tschya!" Not exactly a language, but it's apparently vocal, too. How ... special.

Devi picks it up again, and points it back the direction it came from. "No. Bad Bird. That way." Putting her hands on her hips, she puts on a firm look and waits for the thingy to leave. She knows that n ot only will it ruin the image she's built up to have such a creature with her, it might get roasted and eaten. She doesn't exactly hang out with 'nice' people.

This time, the penguin stops when Devi sets it down, and then shuffles back around to take a fin and tug on her pantleg very slightly. It's not a very good tug, there's not a lot to grip with, but it's a tug nonetheless. It lifts a fin and points ahead the way she was facing before, as if to say 'Onward!' ... only without saying anything. "Tschya!" ... Well at least it's consistent.

Devi squats down, her arms wrapping around her knees. She considers it silently, feeling it out with her other senses. "You should go home. Seriously. I'm bad juju. You could get eaten." She tilts her head to the side.

The bird looks at Devi as she squats down, and then attempts to do the same. Only penguins don't really hunker, so it sort of ... slouches. And leans forward, placing its fins on its legs where the knees would be. It stares back at her in similar contemplation, looking dead serious. When she speaks of getting eaten, though, it opens its beak and points at it with one fin. "Tschya!"

Devi sighs. "Alright. Do you at least have a name?"

As Devi feels the bird out, it's pretty apparent that it's not a construct, illusion, or anything like that. It's an authentic, genuine penguin. When Devi asks the penguin if it has a name, it just nods its head once. "Tscya!" It stands up to its full height, which, considering it was slouching a moment before is a grand one inch taller, and brings a fin in to rest against its chest. It looks Devi straight in the eyes and nods once. "Tschya." ... ... It's name is Tschya. Fan. Tastic.

Whistling and winding his way down the street, Wolfe has a few cards fanned out in front of him, staring at them through squinted eyes. His gaze flicks over the top of the cards, looking at Devi and the penguin. "Tschya?"

Devi head starts bobbing. After a minute it's clear that she's bopping to the mucis in her headphones. "Tschya?" She says this the same time that the newcomer does. Her head slowly turns, her eyes sharp, which still kinda looks funny considering her bobbing. She looks to the penguin, holds out a hand, and adresses both of them. "My name is Devi."

The penguin nods again as both Wolfe and Devi say 'Tschya?', obviously confirming they got it right. When Devi extends a hand, the penguin darts forward to reach up and take the hand with both of its fins and shake it. Only, when we say dart, what we really mean is waddle quickly. And when we say take the hand and shake it, we mean cover the hand and move the fins up and down in an approximation of a handshake. We are dealing with a penguin, after all. "Tschya!"

Wolfe snaps the cards against his palm, making them stack up before shoving them in his pocket. "Wolfe." His head tilts a bit to the side. "Pardon me, but are you sane? There is a distinct lack of that here and I think it's be nice to talk to someone sane for once."

Devi says, "Insane. Defined by the current Earth dictonary as mentally disordered, exhibiting insanity. I know where I am, although my sanity will differ depended on who you talk to. Some people find me quite insane, while others consider me sane. So it really depends on what side of the screen your sitting on. My personal opinion? I'm sane, with at least 3 trunks of baggage, which can't be awfully unusual.

Are you sane?" She looks back at Tschya and smiles, a none creepy one for the first time in at least a year and half. "I like you Tschya. Now, if you follow me, I can't promise you'll be safe. But my music does tend to be very 'funky fresh'."

"I talk to myself.. a part of myself. Is that sane? Neither of me thinks so. Then again, considering it and me are both me, thinking the same seems to be a given." Wolfe taps his chin with a finger as he looks at the penguin. "Tschya.. I like that word.. t..s..ch..y..a.. Yeah."

"Tschya!" The penguin seems quite delighted by that promise, and starts rolling and swaying its fins around as if it was doing the hustle. It sways and waddles with unheard music, but doesn't start moving forward again until Devi does, clearly liking whatever music she's listening to. It turns to look at Wolfe as he speaks its name, and nods once. "Tschya!"

Devi says, "Well, It only matters if you get into an arguement with yourself and lose. Which I suppose everyone has done. So does that make them insane and us sane, you think? Hmm. " She can't help it, she's in a good mood. "So where did you two come from? I know I didn't imagine you up, and I'm not still in the Wastelands....."

"The fact I talk to myself most of the time might explain why I usually talk with people who aren't sane. Funny that." Wolfe looks up as if suddenly reaching some startling revelation. "I never get into an argument with myself.. okay I take that back, I did once, or someone else did on my behalf, but it all worked itself out in the end. No problems since." He takes a moment to think. "Not here, certainly not here. I'm from.. well since I doubt this is earth that's a good enough place to start. Except the part of me, that comes from me, of course."

For the penguin's part, it just points a fin in the sky as it waddles about for a few moments, before bringing the fin back down to mix with the other one in an 'eggbeater', and starts turning around in place slowly. So it came from up. Well isn't that just terribly helpful and specific?

Devi says, "So you," She points at Wolfe. "You came from earth too? Hmm. You got a name? And you," she points to Tschya, "You come from...... up? The sky? Did you fall? Why arn't you a mushy pancake?" Her stomach rumbles as though to remind her that she's in need of the foodstuffs in a while.... She doesn't bother standing though, remaining on Tschya's level. After relizing that her legs were starting to go to sleep, she slides easily down her to butt, folding her legs together.

"Wolfe, if you please." Wolfe tilts his head, hand going back into the pocket the cards disappeared into. "Too? So you're from earth? First one I met who's from home. There's slight comfort in that fact, or else my delusion is getting odder. I'm not even sure this is a delusion anymore, not for a while anyway. For a while I did, after I stopped thinking it was real, but I'm back to real again. Perhaps it moved in cycles."

That question evokes an interesting response from the penguin, who makes what, for a penguin, must be a coughing sound, which is nasally and sounds more like a kazoo than a cough. It stands real straight-like, closes its eyes, and then imitates falling, flailing its fins wildly and honking like a geese, before suddenly spinning around and slashing the air with a fin, and then kicking a good half an inch off the ground with one of its feet. It makes tiny, violent sounds as it performs complex fin maneuvers, and then finishes with a slash downward with its right fin. "Tschyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa-aa!" ... ... Oh... kay...

Devi says, "Yeah, I'm from earth. Actually there are more then a few here that are. Tenna, Nny, Kyle, I think althought I never really got to know him." She watches as Tschya re-enacts his fall from... up... and raises her eyebrows. She looks up at Wolfe and pulls out a piece of beef jerky from her pocket, tearing off a bit and nomming swiftly. She offers a piece of dried salted fish to Tschya withough thinking, already having adapted to it being there. She pauses. "Wait, Tsch, are you of the blue or of the pink?"

Wolfe eyes the penguin, just nodding his head. "I see, really quite fascinating." He looks up to Devi once more, pursing his lips as he thinks for a moment. "So, why would some think you insane, you seem perfectly logical to me. Well, from what my few minutes with you has revealed to my vast intellect. Okay, not really vast, but I've always wanted to say that."

  • OOC Note = With Devi's honed senses, she's noticed that Caliga's ki going up. What follows is their conversation, including the rest of the scene.

Devi projects her thoughts to Caliga as thus : " What's going on?"

Caliga simply replies, "Datenshi just tried to recruit me, and I turned him down. I /really/ need the council alive right now."

Devi laughs. "Oh that's funny. I've just accepted his invitation not to long ago."

Caliga grumbles. "Tch.. You shouldn't have done that. They're important alive right now. I can't find out about Connie's 'master' if she's dead, now can I?"

Suddenly seeing Devi drop into fighting stance, he falls into his own, chain from around his waist clinking to the ground around his feet, one end in his hand. But once she doesn't see to do anything he relaxes, whipping the chain into a coil in his hand. He remains silent as he watches her, head tilting slightly.

Devi says to Caliga, "Perhaps."

Devi grins, diffrent then before. Her smile feels wicked and almost evil, with impish implications. She eyes Wolfe, having noticed his stance drop, and it's retraction. Her teeth glem in the sunlight. "So yer a fighter too eh? Seems like more and more fighing spirits are coming from the Home world."

Wolfe inclines his head, his sleepy somewhat dumbfounded look completely gone for only a few moments before it returns. He doesn't even bat an eyelash at the grin though, "Inner evil to you? I know how that is. I told you there was a piece of me." He taps his temple, smiling softly for a moment. "It's not always nice, but it's me."

Devi says = Well, good luck with that." Caliga should be able to hear the grin in her tone.

Devi says, "Inner Evil? Naw, only the flaws in my soul being torn asunder and beared to the harshness." She chuckles. "After all, not nice sometimes means a lot of fun. You seem like fun Wolfe, I'm going to have to talk you into sparing with me. Unfortunalty, I'm a fighting soul as well. It helps me relax." She manages to grin wider at the responce to the thoughts in her head that she gets back.

"Perhaps I used evil to loosely. I've been through it, and I don't envy you, no pity either. You seem like the type that might find pity insulting, at least I do." Wolfe wraps the chain back around his waist. He plucks a card out of his pocket, flipping it between his fingers. "Sure, maybe sometime."

Devi nods. "I don't like pity. Considering where I am, pity is nothing more then a rock in my shoe that pisses me off. So what's your nifty trick?" She looks down at Tschya again and squats down. "So, are you male or Female?"

"My trick? Am I to perform for your amusement?!" Wolfe draws himself up, trying to look menacing before he just smiles and waves a hand. "Kidding kidding, I like to do that every so often." He backs up a few paces, still eyeing Devi and the penguin. "He's been itching to get out, I haven't been able to let him do so since I arrived here."

Devi trys projecting her thoughts in Tschya's head to maybe get a more reletive answer. *Hello?* In adress to Wolfe, as he draws himself up, she arches an eyebrow, a nice little smirk on her face, before it breaks out in a friendly grin. "He?" She smiles wider, fully interested. "He? Is He the fighter? What can HE do?" She sounds almost gleeful in the idea of a fight, much less one with an unknown opponent.

Projecting her thoughts into the penguin's head gets Devi an unusual response. *Hello?* The penguin just starts dancing again, eggbeaters and grapevines galore. *Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!* It makes its little sound quietly with each turn, almost as if it were talking to itself.

"Tschya! Tschya! Tschya! Tschya!"

"He is me, I am him. Or so he told me. We fight together since we are the same person." Wolfe spins the card in his hands a few times, the image of the burning tower visable every so often. The space above him shatters like glass, as if reality cracked, but it still looks in tact. Except floating above him for a brief moment is what looks like a demon. Mostly humanoid, with the legs and head of a stag, feathered wings and a lion like tail tipped in flame. It turns red eyes on Devi for a moment, seeming to smile before he vanishes again. "Furfur.."

Devi says, "That means that you and he are interesting." She grins, more like a predetor in search of her next meal, her eyes glinting at the sight of the demon. "This House is clean!" She tosses her head back."Well, Tschya, I'm just going to assume you're male, is that ok."

As she talks, her hips start shaking back and forth slightly, the music moving her body again without her permission. Sadly enough, she's actually got hips for belly dancing. Odd thing for someone who's so tall and skinny.

"Tschya!" The penguin nods its head to Devi's question, and starts trying to imitate Devi's dance. It looks more like a two year old trying to move a hula hip than anything remotely musical, of course. But then, one supposes, for a penguin, it looks pretty good.

Wolfe grins wide for just a moment, perhaps a bit creepily, before he shakes his head, seeming to clear it out. "Hm.. not a very pleasant part of me I must say, but none the less." The card slides back into the pocket, his eyes alighting once more on the penguin. "Very cute. Almost sickeningly so.. almost."

Devi says, "Ain't he? I think I'm going to claim him in the basic chick-ish way." She laughs at his dancing, and swings her hips, watching to see if he copies. "Anyway. How long have you guys been here? I've been around for a while, I guess, although it hasn't been as long as it feels. That tends to happen here in Twisted, time moves funny."

"Tschya!" The penguin looks up to Devi, making sure that it's copying her properly, and swings its hips in a rather failing imitation of Devi's movement. It seems to like copying people. It doesn't really seem to respond to what Wolfe said, though... ... the downsides of not being a very good conversationalist, one supposes.

Wolfe says, "A couple weeks. Just been exploring mostly." He turns on his foot, eyes going right for the shopping district. "That is different. What is that all about?" He looks over to Devi, one brow raising in obvious show of curiousity.

Devi grins, her smile going wider then physically possiable, although one would suppose that's left over from her reign from Mazuko history. "I Dunno, I'm tempted to go find out!" She smiles down, lovingly, at Tschya, enjoyibng dancing with him. "You are just too cute for your own good. Wanna go see a show?"

Devi projects to Caliga, "Are we ok over there? No Troubles with the 'Dark Lord'?"

Wolfe laughs softly. "You know, that sounds deliciously tempting. Yes I know you like the idea, you like anything that involves danger." He's speaking quietly, probably to himself, or that part of himself.

Devi picks up Tschya and stalks towards The shopping disctict. "Come on then, Wolfe, I think we'll get along just fine." She grins happily and bops off towards the west, her feet stopping only for a second in time with the music. "This is gonna be a good night."

Wolfe just laughs again as he tucks his hands in his pockets and follows. "Indeed."

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