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Now, with 200% more perversion!

Summary: Here at Twisted MUCK we take our jobs very seriously. So seriously in fact, we have a list of beings who should not run into each other. However, at the expense of one players sanity, we decided to ignore that list for tonights entertainment. Not only do we have such abominations as Chibi Caliga.. We took it a step further, and introduced a new aspect: Chibi-CATBOY Caliga. Thats right. Chibi-Catboy Caliga. Of course, the catalyst for this just so happened to be one of the forbidden team-ups... Ladies and gentlemen of the Midnight Society, I present to you...

Who: Arctus, Cale_Satanas, Caliga, Devi, Happosai
When: January 12, 2010
Where: Park Rd

The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

Park Rd

The Twisted street at this point seems to begin to loose it's greyscale and become more of a black and white contrast as the extremes of color begin to be sifted out, the street at this point seems to be extremely unstable and rock with sudden jarring movements. Doorways snap instead of fade in as the ground seems to become more torn apart and scattered the further it goes forward until it is just pieces distributed through the blackness.

Buildings float around in constant motion as silvery beings can seen fading in and out in eternal confict, like this place is a warzone waiting to happen. (Travellers to Akushuukan must talk to Datenshi for Gate Requirements)

Devi walks into Park Road, her hands shoved into her pockets. Today is a rare day on Twisted where the sun is shining brightly and a nice warm summer breeze is flowing through the area. Her head is down as she watches her feet drop against the street, lost in thought.

Unfortunatly, as is wont when Cale shows up the temperature begins to drop by several degrees. A dark spot on the street seems to gather and the young man melts into being, the stuff of shadows forming his lanky frame, becoming his trademark coat. Cale Satanas speaks, "Hello, Devi. I hear things have been eventful in the dumping ground of reality."

"Seriously Happy! You shouldn't be riding on my head, nyah~" The teenaged Caliga strolls down the Park Road, a pair of black cat ears poking out from his hair, his ears seemingly missing. A black tail twitches slightly as he spots Devi and Cale. He licks his left hand, and happily smiles at the both of them, waving happily now. "Hiya Devi, Hiya Cale, nyah~!"

Happosai :grinds his knuckles against Caliga's head. "INGRATE! How dare you tell your new Master what to do? Was not the Tokyo no Neko Shojo enough to teach you a lesson? Stealing my pipe. MINE? Why... your lucky I don't hit you with something worse..." It would seem someone made the old man angry this morning.

Devi looks up, her eyes oddly calm and serene. "Hello Teacher. And no not really. " She doesn't note the tempature drop though, kinda suprized that he even bothered to show up, considering what happened last time. "What brings you to the dump today?" That's when Caliga walks in with Happosai. Devi reacts there, even if only slightly. Her body shifts towards the approching pair. "Oh god. I don't know if I should laugh or be horrified. Holy crap. You make a shitty Kuroneko."

Cale_Satanas raises an eyebrow as he sees Caliga, "I...I don't know if this is a victory for me if or he's just fucking with my head again..." He shakes his head and raises his hood, leaving just a pair of glowing red eyes with a new five dot sharingan spinning slowly, "Don't believe him for a second, Devi. He's just going to..shit rabbits or something to screw with us." He bares his teeth in a grimace, flashing white in the shadow of his hood.

Tears slowly start to well up in Caliga's eyes as Devi insults him, causing him to start to sniffle slightly. "Bu-bu-.. pyuuu...." The tears start to fall like little droplets of rain, making him rub his eyes pathetically. "Happy-sama.. They don't like it..." He starts pouting slightly as he manages to stop sniffling, trying to look up at the small man riding upon his head, but failing miserbly.

Devi's narrow. "If you touch me.. Either of you." She grins. She's been touched enough today, she'll not likley let either of them grope her. Her hands have come out of her pockets and their flexing rythmically. "So, Cale," Wow, when was the last time she called him that...." Again, what brings you to the dump?" She's tired of people not answering her questions.

Her sensei looks back towards Devi while keeping an eye on Caliga and the strange little man, "I was checking in on you. Arctus has been inquiring after you. So far I've barred him from coming here however. It could be...troublesome." He doesn't explain the last bit as he continues, "I also wanted to inquire if you've seen Kaldrath lately."

"HAI! OF COURSE HAPPY-SAMA!" Caliga raises his right arm enthusiastically, as what appears to be a fifty foot Caliga with cat ears looms over the gathering. Of course, this is merely an illusion as Happosai and his 'mount' suddenly blur forward. "Sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sa!" While Devi said no touching, she did not mention anything about pictures. In what seems to be the blink of an eye, hundreds of flashes go off from a camera, only to stop as the two return to the exact spot they left from. "Mission accomplished, Happy-sama!"

With glee the old man watches intently as his new pupil goes to work. Seconds later the mass of pictures, or at least half of them, are sitting in the old man's grimmy little hands. He slowly licks one as he ponders her words, 'If you touch me...' Now THAT sounds like a CHALLENGE! SHU! Without a trace of movement the old man suddenly appears on Devi's shoulder, licking her neck in the most disgusting manner he can manage. "So, precious. Why don't we ditch these goons and head off back to my place for some tea?" ...bero bero...

Devi blurs as she grabs Happosai's head, slamming the little man into the ground. Her leg bends upward in the angle you only see in anime as the street quivers beneath the impact. Standing again, she burns with anger, her foot slamming down on Happy's head grinding him another few inches into the street. "Touch me again, you sick sad little mongrel and I swear Cale will have to pull me of of your dead torn corpse." Her eyes glint, and if one was adept at reading her moods, serious is beyond what she's feeling. "Why not let Arctus come see me? We've had weirder looking creatures show up, it won't be a big deal..." She pauses. "Unless you're planning on trying to destory Twisted. Now, you wouldn't be thinking that, would you?"

Cale_Satanas eyes the sad little man, "WHy would I pull you from his corpse? There wouldn't be anything left of him if you stopped fooling around with your power." He completely ignores the destroying Twisted comment, "I suppose he'd not be able to do too much. It depends on if you want another from my dimension showing up, especially since he hasn't settled his score with Kaldrath." he stops and thinks for a few seconds, "Hmm....that might work..." He shakes his head and eyes Caliga, "Why exactly are you hanging out with the thing in the crater, Caliga? He seems to be more of that human, Vash's type."

"Of course Cale-chan wouldn't do that, nyah~!" There's a sudden blast of smoke, and sitting atop Cale's shoulder's is now a chibi Caliga. "Ne ne, Cale-chan! Why are you lookin' for Kaldrath-kun? He's off doing something for Papa." The chibi-Caliga immediatly leaps off Cale's shoulders, and lands on the ground holding his right hand up in a victory pose. "BUI!"

Happosai appears to go down from Devi's SMASH ATTACK! But with another burst of surprising speed the old letch is suddenly climbing up the back of her leg not only goosing her as he climbs up onto her back, but somehow pulling a lacey pink bra out of nowhere and hooking it onto her over her clothes. "It's okay, sweetie. Happy forgives you." He seems to ignore the interactions between Cale and Caliga, but for some reason returns his victory pose from atop Devi's back. BUI-indeed.

Devi breaths deeply, and explodes, blowing Happosai off her. She turns towards him, her hair flying. "You are so dead you don't even understand how dead you are." She powers up, vanishing to appear behind him her knee in his back, two blades crossed at his neck. "Didn't I tell you to not touch me?"

Cale's eye twitches as he slowly starts to lose patience, "I....I.....need...to...go before people start to die." His sharingan begins to spin rapidly as the temperature begins to fall rapidly. "I'll...send Arctus."

The Chibi-Catboy Caliga starts to dance about, before turning to stare at Cale once more. "Ne, ne! Papa loves you~! Nyah~!" He smiles brightly at Cale, little sparkles slowly starting to appear in his eyes as he starts to cutely lick his left hand, balling it up like a paw. "Bye-bye Cale-chan! Papa'll make sure to come visit you soon!"

One has to wonder just how fast the old man really is as Devi spins around, ready to kill the letch with all her power only to find him blocking her blades with his pipe. What's more he does it insultingly. Somehow he's already set out a blanket on the floor, lit a fire, and is enjoying a cup of freshly brewed tea with his free hand. Zu. "Now, now dearie... Old Happy is just giving you a present." He looks up and smiles defiantly. "And it looks so cute on you too! Now... about that tea I offered you..." Sure enough there's a cup of tea waiting for her on the ground beside him. The steam lightly rising from the cup. He has this perversion thing down to an ART-FORM.

Devi tchs disgustingly. "Thanks Cale, for leaving me to my own again. Get control of yourself, damn." The bra is gone, and she's back in her standard clothes. Her foot slams against the back of Happy's skull, much like Ranma would. She grinds it for a moment and walks away from him. "And you Caliga. What's with this.... Whatever the hell this is?"

Cale snorts at Devi's comment as he flares out of existance leaving a rather confused looking alien, almost lizard like being in his place. Arctus blinks and looks about to gain his barings as his smooth white tail twitches in his awkward confusion. "What the? I entered a gravity chamber and ended up someplace. I knew I shouldn't have set the gravity so high. It's messing with my brain...." He notices Devi and Caliga, "Wuh..." He grins at Devi, something not scene often on an Icer, "Cale must have finally granted my request. How've you been!? So this is Twisted huh?" His form seems almost to blur, like he's having issues controlling how fast he's going. He bows to Caliga, almost too rapidly, "Or maybe you brought me here?"

Chibi-Catboy Caliga starts to flail his arms about as Cale vanishes. "PAPA LOVES YOU! PAPA LOVES YOU CALE-CHAAAAN!" He then turns, and leaps towards Devi, smiling brightly. "PAPA LOVES YOU TOO DEVI-CHAN! GIVE PAPA A HUG!" He then stops mid-air, and turns towards Arctus, seemingly mulling things over. "Cale-chan ran away because Papa told him that Papa loves him.... He always runs away after that... It makes Papa very very sad..."

Happosai's tea is spilt as Devi griiiiiinds into him. The humiliation causes the tiny terror to begin bawling real tears as he buries his face into his sleave. "I-I-I j-just wanted to have some fun, how can you be so mean to an old ma-a-a-n!?" Slowly he takes out a hankerchief to blow his nose, giving everyone a chance to catch up and give their introductions before turning around with a ~kuru~. His entire face seems darkened in shadow as his white eyes narrow at his new target. With a flash he leaps into the air, tagging Caliga in the head. "DUAL GROPE ATTACK!!!! DE~YUARU TESAGURI NO KOGEKI!!!!" A slight sheen suddenly appears in Caliga's eyes as he vanishes, appearing next to Happosai, arms spread out wide. Run, Devi, run!

Devi glowers and flames start crawling up her body, covering every inch. Her voice gravels a bit, kinda pissed that she can't greet Arctus the way she wants too. "Come on baby touch me." The street starts bubbling from the heat radiating from her body. Needless to say, melting tempature is way past what she's burning now. She rises off the street through, in order to do as little damage as she needs to, ending up some 4 feet off the ground before the street stops warping. She moves towards the pair, the heat high enough to make the trees on the path start warping and smoking slightly.

Arctus blinks slightly as he looks towards Caliga and the weirdly alien old man, "Huh...he sorta looks like a humanoid flea or something..." He chuckles slightly, "And she's HOT...am I right guys?" He lifts off the ground a bit and floats slightly away from Devi, "You need help, Devi?"

Happosai isn't stupid. He sees the incoming danger and plans accordingly, which is why he tags Caliga in the back of the head and drops calmly to the ground, taking a hit from his pipe. "Well my boy, I've taught you all that I can. Good luck!" Wait... isn't Caliga in mid-jump?"

"Kryustaru Armoru no Jutsu!" A suit made of what seems to be ice apper appear upon Caliga's body, as he vanishes from sight, only to appear behind Devi, wrapping his hands around her stomach. He squeezes her tightly before vanishing, to reappear next to Happosai, blowing at his now steaming arms and hands. "Fuuu... Fuuu... Ne, she IS hot...Nyah~"

Devi glowers at Caliga, not sure if she should try and kill his ass regardless of Ageis Ken, or just let it go. She looks at Arctus, her eyes soft for the moment. "It's good to see you. Cale brought you, I don't know how to cross dimentions yet. I'd hug ya but..... I'm kinda on fire." She doesn't move though, her fists tight as she trods back and forth between her ass kicking options.

The icer scratches his chin for a moment and then shrugs, "I don't think fire'd hurt me all that much, but we can catch up after you try to beat up an ex-god. It should be interesting to watch to see how much you've improved." He smiles as his outline begins to grow more solid as he gets used to the lower gravity here.

"Hmmm? Ne, Devi-chan?" Chibi-Catboy Caliga smiles sweetly at Devi, before moving to the blanket that Happosai had set down, picking the tea set up and moving to make a new pot. "Ne, Arctus-kun? Maybe you could get Devi-chan to cool off since Happy and I got her hot and bothered..."

Happosai nods his head at Caliga's earlier words as he... wait, is he SERIOUSLY re-lighting his pipe off of Caliga's hands? Yes, it seems so. Wait, but that was 'steaming' not 'burning'. Happy actually seems to ponder this a moment as he vanishes, appearing behind Devi to light his pipe directly from her body. ...while he pinches her butt in the process. Does he ever give up? Hopefully he vanishes again before she can react and reappears beside Caliga in time to chuckle at his newest comment. Reaching into his gi the old man produces a pair of trademarked sunglasses from the homeworld of most of the people in question and pushes them onto his face. Does this mean that...? No. It couldn't be. Well, perverts DO tend to meet behind the scenes. Best to just ignore it for now. "Y'know, this almost doesn't seem fun anymore. Maybe we should wonder off to someplace we won't get -burned-?" Ba-dum-tish...

Devi says, "Fuck you both, and not in the proper good way. Arctus, hon, follow me." Devi vanishes ignoring Happosai's pinch completely. She knows that Arctus can find her.

Arctus shrugs and gives a small wave, "Later guys." The lithe Icer takes off after Devi so fast it leaves a void in his place causing a massive boom as air fills the spot he was just standing.

As Happosai slides the sunglasses on, Caliga slides a pair on himself. He then unballs his left hand revealing a pair of dark purple panties with skulls on them. He holds them high into the air for all to see. "Ne, think she noticed I managed to pull them off her after you put them on her, Happy-chan?"

Happosai nodnods at Caliga, flicking the glasses down briefly to take a better look at them. "Y'know, my boy. I think we have a lot more to learn from each other. Next time I'll put on the catsuit and you can try to say you hit me with the moxibustion point." Wait... this was a scam? But why? WHY? Then again. Nevermind. Fade to black. It's better not to ask.

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