2010-01-12 (PreU) What kills an appetite? Caliga oozing.

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What kills an appetite? Caliga oozing.

Summary: Upon thought, I could just post a few more in one post, but eh, it keeps them serperate.

Who: Caliga, Devi, Kyoko, Zelgadis, Skutters
When: January 12th, 2010
Where: The UR


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Devi walks down the street, her headphones on, dancing. Seems likes she's done this before, but her music is keeping her pepped up. The Wastelands havn't harmed her, thankfully, the sand stains and cracked dry skin a moment of the past. She stops after a moment, closing her eyes and tilting her head as though she was thinking or maybe feeling out the area.

Zelgadis glances up from where he's leaning against the UR. His right arm is out of sight as he's keeping it covered in his cloak. He looks slightly discomforted about something or another but as he notices Devi walking down the road, he merely watches her seem to trance and doesn't make a motion to get her attention just yet.

Devi sways slightly with the warm breeze that's picked up, a content smile on her face. She opens her eyes, watching the clouds before she sticks her hands into her pockets and grins. She sees Zel out of the courner of her eye and her smile falters for a half second. She waves at him.

Zelgadis tilts his head off to the right slightly in a quizitive fashion. He lifts his left hand up and offers a slight wave in return. He seems slightly surprised to see Devi for some reason or another.

Devi wanders over closer. "Well good morning, Zel. " She tilts her head the other way and looks at him, giving a flourish bow moments later. "And how does the day treat you, Good Sir?" Well, she's obviously in a good mood.

Zelgadis's eyes widen at the sight. Still, it brings a small smile to his lips. He shifts his right side away slightly as she gets closer and returns the bow with a nod of his head. "Hello Devi. I see you're in a good mood." Yeah, his small talk needs work.

Devi leans back and looks back up at the sky. "Well, a vacation does tend to put things in prespective, I suppose. You seem kinda suprised to see me though.. Why is that?"

Zelgadis shrugs his left shoulder slightly. "Honestly, I thought you had found a portal out of here. I hadn't seen you for sometime. I suppose I just jumped to conclusions."

Devi says, "Nope. Just went out for an extended walk. Hell, Johnny is the only reason I'm back here now." Her mood seems to darken and she looks down at the cracked road, the evidence of one of her earlier insane moments still sticking out. She wouldn't be suprized if they were still smoking. "So, how's it gone with getting you back to normal? No progress?"

Zelgadis shakes his head slowly, peering down to where his right arm is for a moment and then back up. "No....progress. No. Nothing good. I don't...think Caliga is really intent on helping me. I feel more like an experiment."

Devi sighs. "I'm sorry." She's actually kinda sad she suggested it in the first place. But, it is Devi's specialty to put people in pain without knowing it. "Well, it could be worse I suppose."

Zelgadis says, "Please, don't apologize. You were trying to help. I understand that, I appreciate it. *he offers a slight smile* I just haven't been...feeling particularly good as of late."

Devi rolls her shoulders in something that's supposed to look like a shrug. "Why not? " She eyes him.

Zelgadis seems to get a bit self-conscious and draws his right side even further away, probably without thinking much about it. He speaks, "It's...hard to put into words. There's nothing....physical, I've just felt off. As if my astral body is... .... Well, it's nothing to worry about, anyway."

Devi watches him, noting his withdraw. "I'm sorry you don't feel proper." She's not sure what to say to him, or how to help him. Last time she did... well... perhaps she'd be better served to mind her own concerns. "Drink some warm milk? I've heard that helps... well, it helps something."

Zelgadis chuckles slightly. Evidently he found that amusing. He straightens back out. "I can always trust you, it seems. A drink doesn't sound like a bad idea...but something stronger than milk, I think. Would you care to join me?" Well, there ya go. A drink invitation from Zel. Not a common occurance...

Devi looks suprised. "Uh.. sure." She walks towards the door of the UR, pulling it open, and walkin on in.

Zelgadis follows after, of course.

Zelgadis closes the door behind himself and heads up to the bar, still taking massive efforts to keep his right side hidden. He orders his usual, so to speak, a fairly big bottle of sake. He also requests two cups. Nodding over to a seat at the bar, he gracefully uncorks said bottle and pours cups for you both.

The skutters buzz about as customers enter the UR, pretending to be busy as a John Wayne movie plays on the wall. Bob and Stab'em look as innocent as they can, being metal and all. Pinky quickly shuts off the projecter, and serves the sake and cups. After a moment, the skutters skuttle off into the back to finish their movie. Devi smirks and nods gratefully, sitting down next to Zel. "Thanks."

Devi waves him off as she drinks. "Nonsense. I drink anything. Sake is a good choice." He shouldn't worry so much. He needs to relax, at least that's what Devi thinks. She pours them another cup and looks into her reflection on the surface of the sake.

Zelgadis watches her for a moment, seemingly impressed with her drinking skills. He seems content, although upon noticing Devi staring into her drink, he DOES move his head a bit closer and tries to read her face, as he tries on occasion. He's never really relaxed, unfortunately. c.c

Devi's face is thoughtful and as almost always kinda sad. After a moment, when she notices him looking at her, she smiles. "So, aside from the whole Caliga thing, anything interesting been happeneing while I was away?"

Zelgadis shoots his head back, face flushing red as he's caught. He looks away REALLY quickly, grabbing the sake bottle awkwardly and swigging out of it. He shakes his head clear and speaks after a moment. "N...no, nothing of note. Nothing I was aware of at least. ... Devi, where WERE you all this time, if you'll allow me to ask?..."

Devi's face falls slightly. She goes back to staring into her sake, draining it swiftly. "Do you know where the Wastelands are? I was out there. I had intended to just walk until I had an epifany, but I kinda got caught up in Insanity, *The Area, not the mental state*, and sat down for a while and watched the worlds float by."

Zelgadis blinks once or twice. "The....wastelands..." He seems at least somewhat familiar. He sighs softly after a moment. "That isn't the safest of area's. Why would you go there of all places, to sort out your thoughts? ...What happened?"

Devi says, "To much happened." Her voice is barly a whisper. She looks at him curiosly. "You don't notice do you." She shakes her head, pouring another drink to keep her hands busy. "I've changed again. And so has Johnny." Her Forehead crinkles as her eyebrows draw together, then relax after a moment.

Zelgadis doesn't seem terribly interested in another drink. He quirks an eyebrow, "I don't know who Johnny is. How do you mean you've changed? I...don't sense a large astral body from you anymore, but my senses have been dulling since... How did you change?"

Kyoko steps out from the back as she hears customers out front, moving behind the bar to take over. They seem to be busy in conversation, so she doesn't interrupt.

Devi says, "What I was before, I'm not now. And while I'm happy that Oblivion doesn't have control of me anymore, I also got to watch Johnny get torn asunder, and tried to stop him myself." Her memory flashes back, causeing her to wince as it replays in her head. "And I couldn't. So I went for a walk. After about 3 weeks Diablo came out to talk me into coming back and trying to save Johnny again."

Zelgadis looks more confused than before. He rubs the back of his head with his left hand, blinking again. "Diablo? I don't know... ... ... How did you find your way back? Especially without your powers still intact." He glances up at Kyoko enters and offers a head nod before turning back to Devi. She's busy explaining, after all.

Devi snorts slightly, roughly. She looks up to Kyoto, then back down into her drink. "Diablo is Saten, or whatever equivillant you may have for the Ruler of hell. And while I didn't have Mauko powers, it's not the only power in my control. I relied to heavily on the Mazuko powers and didn't refine my Kai powers enough to make up for the loss. It makes me feel..... useless, considering that... anyway. I walked back. I don't know how I managed to not get sucked into another world."

Kyoko busies herself with the goings-on behind the bar. She does eavesdrop, curious, and always interested in hearing the tales of travelers. However, she doesn't interrupt, or make comment. Simply lets her imagination take over as she listens, to get through the work needing doing.

Zelgadis doesn't seem to notice or isn't bothered by the eavesdropping. He quietly refills Devi's cup and swigs the rest of the sake down himself. He doesn't seem to have any idea of what to say at this point, he just sort of stares at Devi in case she isn't finished talking.

Devi falls silent as she replays what happened when she got back, not speaking. She downs her cup and carefully recomposes her happy mask. She smiles softly at Zel. "And that's what happened. Maybe I just got a little over sensitve."

Kyoko puts a bottle of sake off to the side to grab if they order more, and is otherwise out of the way.

Zelgadis nods in thanks to Kyoko and glances back at Devi. "It's easy to tell that you bear an internal burden. I know....a little of what you feel, I think. I'm...sorry." He kind of peers off for a second. He doesn't look like he's used to trying to comfort people either.

Devi says, "Well, theres not much I can do about it, aside from plod down my road, I guess.." She takes a deep breath and smiles at Kyoko. "How's busniess?"

Kyoko gives a small smile as she looks up from cleaning a stubborn drink stain on the bartop. Musta been a spilled PGGB or something "Been a little quiet lately, but never stays that way long. Got enough regulars, and random appearances of materials, that costs aren't much of an issue. Speaking of which... " she comes over to the table ".... I owe YOU a meal, Zel. Since your with him, yours is on the house, too". She gives Devi a wink, and pulls out a pen and paper. Yes, she IS actually USING her other arm now, and is ready to take their orders.

Zelgadis blinks at Kyoko and waves off the praise, flushing bright red. *-.-* "I hate men like those....there's no need for gratitude." He slumps back in his seat and tightens his cloak around his right arm, still trying to hide it from view.

Devi turns in her seat towards Zel. "Since you've so skillfully got me talking... what's up with your arm?" She smiles at Kyoko. "Thanks."

The doors to the UR open silently, allowing Caliga to enter. No gimics or hiding behind a visage of a child, the only difference is how his left arm seems to be hanging limply at his side. The hand is wrapped in bandages, leaving only a single fingertip exposed, which seems to be rather burnt. He grumbles slightly as he spots Devi, only to quickly make his way towards her. He lifts his right hand, quickly moving to slap her upside the head, then stops. "Root Beer. Please."

Kyoko looks at Caliga wearily, then nods "Have a seat, and once i take their orders, i'll get you one". Meanwhile, she waits for Devi and Zels food orders

Zelgadis tucks his arm in tighter and frowns. He glances over at Kyo. "I'm not terribly hungry. Thank you, however." He looks back to Devi and seems about to reply when Cali enters. He glares over at him and his visible eye narrows. He doesn't seem to have much to say, anymore.

Devi says, "I'll take a basket of fries, if it's ok. With maybe some cheese on the side for dipping?" She turns towards Caliga, a smirk on her face. "Oh hey, I don't know if we have a Burn Trama ward here. What happened? Did you and Connie get into a fight or something? Are you playing couch jocky?" She doesn't press Zel, as she knows how Caliga affects peoples tounges most of the time.

Kyoko nods, jotting devis order down, before making for the safey of the bar area, giving an uneasy lok between zel/devi, and caliga. A few moments later, the order placed, she comes back, offering a bottle of IBC rootbeer to Cali. While appearing cautious, she doesn't hesitate.

"Oh, don't go silent on my account." Caliga grins slightly at Zelgadis, then narrows his eyes at Devi. "Funny." He climbs into a seat next to Devi, then reaches into his jacket and pulls out a lone cigarette. He runs the cigarette through his fingers for a few moments only then placing it between his lips. "Lighter.. lighter.." He digs around in his jacket, only to pull out a cheap plastic lighter, easily igniting the tip of the cigarette, nodding as the root beer is set before him. "Thank you." What's this? Caliga being polite and plesent... Is the world coming to an end?!

Zelgadis snorts slightly. He sounds a tad smug, his gaze still locked on Cali. "I'm afraid I'll have to continue being silent. There are ladies present and what I'd LIKE to say to you might offend their ears." -.-

Devi smiles sickeningly sweet at Caliga. "So, what happened?" She nods in thanks to Kyoko. "And Zel, I don't know about Kyoko, but anything you can say, I'm heard or maybe said before." She pops a fry into her mouth. She's kinda encourging him because she wants to know why there is that tension between them. Something happened while she was away, and now she wants to know what it was.

"Inverse said she'd give me a hand when the time is right." Caliga simply says this as he looks around the bar for an ashtray. He winces slightly as he flexes his left hand, forcing it to move up onto the bar "If you got somethin' to say Rocky, then say it. 'Sides. Not like I've done anythin' to 'ya besides try to figure out whats the source of your particular ailment. Unless you've been talkin' to Mei. Then you really should learn to take what she says with a grain of salt. Her mouth is part of the reason why ol' Devi here tried killin' her a while back."

Kyoko continues to eavesdrop as she does her work, looking worried. Whenever the talk goes bad, she always remembers that more than likely, anyone present in the room could probably break her neck without a moments thought, or without her even seeing it coming. Some things you never quite get over. All she can say in response is "Don't worry about me. I've heard far worse than most give me credit for". She does smile a little, but it's a short-lived, uncomfortable smile....

Zelgadis raises an eyebrow..."You didn't....DO anything?..." He rises to his feet and whips his cloak aside, revealing his right hand. As per his desc, it's a smooth black with none of the pebble like extensions that are on the rest of his skin. It appears like shined obsidian. Anyone with any enhanced 'senses' would get an un-easy feeling from it. He snaps his left hand forward and tries to grab Cali's lapel with intent to pull him face to face, either way he goes on, "Ever since you....'examined me'.....THIS has occured! It started in a fingertip and it's getting worse! If you're so intent on helping me, reverse this!"

Devi pops a fry into her mouth and leans forwards. She reaches out to it, caressing it as she feels the texture and what not. She stares at Caliga. "What's this? What happened?" She doesn't sound angry as she doesn't have a reason to. Seeing how as she has no idea what it is.

It feels smooth but it's unruly to the touch...of course, if Devi's still attuned at all to 'evil' forces so to speak, it might be a pleasant experience.

"Please let me go." Caliga simply says this as Zelgadis grabs him and starts yankin' him about. His left arm falls down off the bar and flops against the side of his body, causing him wince once more. "I was /asked/ to help and look into it. How the hell is it MY fault this happened? Devi's the one who asked me to do it. I looked into it. I said I'd work on it. If it gets worse, then I'll speed up my preperations. I said it'd take some time. Demon gods and the like tend to get pissy when others start lookin' into the source of peoples' curses. Now, I'll ask nicely once more. Please let me go."

Kyoko slowly lowers herself behind the bar. She listens, but doesn't want to risk getting the top of her pretty little head blown off somehow, in case things explode. Literally.

Devi looks back and forth between them, then over the bar at Kyoko. She raises her eyebrows towards the guys. "So.... what happened? Surely you guys know what went wrong, is there nothing?" She was going to give Caliga shit for talking about Mei and Devi's past but it's been cast to the wayside in light of these things.

"Don't think for a moment I'm obligated to help you." Caliga's voice has a slight hint of malice behind it, as he takes the cigarette from his mouth and sets it down on the bar. "It's okay.. Kyoko was it? No one's going to blow up the resturant today." He finally takes a sip from his root beer, trying to mull this over in his head. "No idea. Either the source of his curse is pissed I started pokin' about at your request, or this was just a naturally intended path with the curse. Either way, its still a real mess to deal with."

Kyoko blinks, and slowly peeks over the top of the bar. Slower still to standing at full height. She still looks worried, and ready to take cover at a moments notice, just in case. Survival instinct and all, you understand.

Zelgadis leans back in his seat, visibly frustrated. He uncorks the second bottle of sake that was brought out, uncorks it and drains about half the bottle. After setting it back down, he sort of lets his head loll back with eyes closed, 'staring' at the ceiling. He seems to be in some amount of discomfort and revealing the hand seemed to make it worse for anyone paying close attention.

Devi turns and looks at Zel. "Did you go pokeing about by yourself at all?" Her face shows her concern and her hands twitch in an odd manner, but she mantains control and keeps them resting on the bar. "Maybe tried to find something out on your own?"

Kyoko brings another bottle of sake, hoping he wont drink himself to death, something few need worry about here. While usually she doesn't get in the middle of things, as she clenches her now-working right arm, she can't help but say "At least you can still use it....". There is no scorn, simply personal experience, in her tone.

"He most likely did. Its why he's fighting so hard to make this out to be my fault." Caliga sips once more at the root beer before sighing. "Fuckin' hell." He allows the jacket to slip from his shoulders, shrugging it off to reveal his entire left arm is bandaged heavily. Little specs of green, orange and blue litter the bandages, almost as if it were badly infected. "Zelgadis, you aren't the only one who is currently suffering from an infliction due to an outside source. Yet you try and make yourself to be some sort of martyr. So quit your gripin', take solace in what you CAN do, and know that at least someone is tryin' to help find a cure for you."

Zelgadis glares back at Cali, frowning. "I didn't 'poke' around with it, you imbecile. This starting occuring shortly after you 'looked over' my spirit. I think that you sh-..." He trails off as Cali reveals his arm. He tilts his head slightly to the side in a quizical fashion and speaks a LITTLE more softly. "What...happened to your arm?"

Devi watches the two spat at each other, and tilts her head as Caliga shows his arm. "Wow, you do bleed. You know, Twisted does have a hosptial. A good one at that. You should go over there and at least let them clean that up. I told you if you played with yourself to much something bad would happen." Maybe she should be less heartless, but she doesn't really know what else to do. "Or, you could go to Mei. She'd be able to at least help."

Kyoko blinks at Calis arm, and looks ill, running for the back. Wretching sounds can be heard afterwards from the kitchen as she manages to find the sink in time. Seems she doesn't have the strongest stomach.

"My unique.. physiology, The Dark Angel Datenshi, enough holy energy to level half of Twisted, forced redirection, and changing my wavelength to match his in an instant while its coursing through my body." Caliga sets the root beer back down on the bar and retrieves the lit cigarette, placing it between his lips once more. "All in the heat of battle. Fun times. Just part of the not knowing your opponent clause in the standard powerhouse contract. 'The higher-ups can't be held liable for loss of limbs and/or life for not taking the time to investigate the abilities your opponent has. Its your fault for not doing what you should already know to do by now.' Personally, that clause is a real bitch at times. It was worse when Crux hit me in the face with time itself." He blinks as the girl runs off, making a rather strange face as he hears the retching sounds.

Zelgadis shakes his head slowly, although in light of Cali's injury he seems to have calmed down some, although he's still keeping his arm wrapped up and away. "You never make the slightest bit of sense." Yeah, that about sums up his opinion on the matter.

Devi says, "Oh yeah. I need to get back with him and do the whole War Council thing. See what his plans are. And regardless of your physiology, the hospital would still be able to get most of the infection out and clean you up. Hell, I could do that much, but I don't have any drugs for your pain." She shoots her cup of Sake, pouring another one momentarily.

Caliga stares at Devi, as if she were stupid for a moment. "Of course I don't bleed. Unless I want to. I don't even have any blood to spill..." He glances down at his arm, then seems to mull something over in his head. "Yeea---No. I really don't want to deal with Mei right now. Considerin' Concordance and everything thats goin' on. Really don't have the patience to try and explain that I'm trying to prevent everyone from being slaughtered, and about the best way to do that is to actually date Connie to a hysterical woman who will try to think its all about her and that I don't love her anymore." He then grins at Devi, almost as if he had the best news of all. "Oh, yeah. That. He's not going to try and kill the council anymore. He and I reached an agreement on it."

Zelgadis doesn't have anything to add to the current conversation. He merely folds his arms and closes his eyes, trying to give his mind a rest perhaps. He still winces from time to time, obviously in some pain from the 'condition'.

Devi keeps an eye on Zel. "Well, that kinda sucks. Now what am I going to do with my Saturdays? I even created a sign." Well, not really, but eh, who cares. "So you guys came to an agreement and then he beat your ass? Awesome." She doesn't say it with any real enthusiasm though.

"More like I got careless, tried to prevent everyone around us from dying, and got hurt from it. No real ass beating involved. Not until after the Council is dealt with." A sudden pulse of energy comes from Caliga's left arm, causing the bandages to fall off it. "About damned time." He moves the arm around in a circle a few times, trying to test for any real discomfort. "Don't worry Rocky, I'll get ya fixed up eventually. You'll be as good as new in time."

Zelgadis doesn't look terribly convinced but he offers a shrug. "Well, I have no idea what you can and can't do in all honesty. If you can repair this issue AND fix my curse on top of it all...well, I suppose I'll owe you more than just my gratitude."

Devi says, "You'll owe him cookies." She doesn't say anything else.

"Really was worried about it too.. Its one of my gropin' hands.. I really need both of them in workin' order 'ya know?" He starts moving his hands as if he were cupping something. Caliga then grins as he stands up from the bar. "Well. All things considered. If I can at least repair that issue, it'll be a benefit. It gets me closer to finding a final resolution to your curse." He pulls his jacket back on and starts to move towards the door. "I'll find you when I'm ready to start the treatment Rocky." Wait, what about paying for his soda?

Zelgadis offers one of his patented snorts in response. He doesn't say anything in any sort of reply but he DOES lay down payment for Cali's drink. I guess from him, that's close to a nice gesture?

Devi doesn't wave or say goodbye to Caliga. He's like a bad penny, always face down... wait, no, he always shows back up. She munches on her fries as she watches him go.

Zelgadis rubs his forehead, looking as though he has a headache as well. "It's as though the powers that be decided it would be amusing to mix a god-like entity and a hamster." He shakes his head once again.

The god-like hamster's voice suddenly calls out, "Oh. Right. Devi, be prepared. I've got some things to teach you, since your master went off the deep end and decided to go crazy. Again. I swear.. Where in the hell does that boy get it from... Certainly not /my/ side of the family.." The voice is then gone, as is Caliga.

Devi scoffs. "I have no Master. And Teacher wouldn't be as crazy as he is if he'd stop being so anti social." She shakes her head. "I'm so very happy that I don't have to like that man. I don't hate him, I wish him no ill will, but..... Gods, that attitude sometimes."

Zelgadis manages a soft chuckle. "I had....a travelling companion once that he greatly reminds me of. Perhaps not...quite as tricky, but similar none the less."

Devi looks Zel over. Her question sits on the tip of her tounge, but she's done enough prying. Instead, she asks, "Is there anything that can be done to at least help you with the discomfort until it's fixed?"

Zelgadis shrugs slightly. "I'm not really sure. This is the first time I've ever dealt with something of this sort."

Devi nods and pops another fry into her mouth, looking out the windows.

Zelgadis rubs his chin for a moment...and mentions, "You looked as though you had something else to ask me. May I pry into what that might have been? Or...was it my imagination?"

Devi smiles towards him and shakes her head. "Naw, nothing else. No matter what I know about the situation, I can't really help. I'm a bit useless in this matter too."

Zelgadis folds his arms and nods slowly...offering a small sigh and a weak smile. "You make for good companionship. I find myself a bit anti-social in general...but it's nice not to be alone, once and a while. Thank you, Devi."

Devi says, "We're cut from the same cloth in that area. I could say the same thing. Seeing how as you are one of the few people I can actually, honestly, call friend. It's nice. AND you won't try to kill me! Always a plus!"

Zelgadis pulls off a small chuckle, a faint tint of red coming to his cheeks. He never handles praise very well. He self-consciously kind of looks off in a different direction, shoulders unhunching just a bit.

Zel should watch out. If Devi finds decides to start picking on him in any specific way, she just might take advantage of the fact that he's kinda sheepish about things like that. "Well, it could be worse. This ain't so bad, eh?"

Zelgadis has no idea the danger he's in :P He nods slowly. "Things always seem to have the ability to get worse. ... For such a place, this really...isn't so bad. I suppose I'm actually...enjoying myself. It's been a while now."

Devi spreads her hands out. "Murphy's Law. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. I'm happy your enjoying yourself. Maybe one day you can truly fully relax and I'll get to see you not all tense and whatnot."

Zelgadis flushes again. Yeah, he does that easily. He shakes his head, stuttering slightly. "I...n-no. It's not... ... I was always a bit a...awkward in social situations...is all....*-.-*"

Devi rolls her head towards him, a grin on her face. "Like I said, maybe one day you'll relax around me and not worry about the contraints of standard social interaction." She goes back to looking out the window. "I'm kinda looking forward to it. Everyone is always tense in one way or another, guarding something dearly. Though I'm just as guilty as anyone, I suppose."

Zelgadis shakes his head clear. He peers up at the ceiling for just a moment, before finally lowering his head back down. "Life seems....a tad too dramatic. Sometimes I almost feel as if this was some sort of giant game. Some form of entertainment. ... It sounds silly, though. What sick mind would find THIS to be entertaining?..."

Devi says, "Life here is to dramatic. I think without some drama, there are many people that would just sit down and never get back up. And more then a few people come to mind who would really enjoy this kind of game. Including our dear council. Ya know? They never do -anything- so why bother them in the first place? Bunch of old dried up coots who think they run this place...."

Zelgadis says, "I know...very little about the council here. I've been told they are immensely powerful, but I have no idea who they are or where they came from. Why ARE they here? What's the point of all this. Has Twisted always been here? Was it created?... ... Unfortunately, I've found more questions than I have answers."

Devi says, "Twisted was created. Do you know Cale? His Sword, Trinune created Twisted. I don't know why. The Council is very powerful and rule, and I say that loosly, this place. They control the portals, trying to moniter who goes in and out, and 'preserving' the worlds that having been tainted by travelers. Beyond that, I think it's reasoning and nothing more. I don't understand the reasoning, and I don't really care for the attitude that they have. They don't do anything, so I don't see why their there in the first place. Although because their doing nothing, I also don't really see a reason to destroy them. They don't come down from their high castle enough to know what the fucks goin on in the first place."

Zelgadis rubs his eyes for a moment, seemingly forgetting about his 'bad' hand. He winces visibly when he accidently touches his 'good' skin with his palm. After shaking his head clear of it, he speaks. "I hope to be gone from this place long before any massive civil war destroys everything...although, if Caliga can truly cure me...I'll be sure to stick around for that."

Devi says softly. "I'll stay and watch it burn."

Zelgadis's eyes widen slightly. He looks at a loss for words for a while there. He finally manages to get out, "W..why would you want to stay and see such a thing? Don't you want to return to your home dimension. You could...die here, amongst all the fighting..."

Devi's voice turns bitter. "I could die here, but I was alive for the first time here. At home, I'm nothing. I don't want to go back to that. To much as happened. Plus, I can help get other people who live here into worlds where they'll live. It may not be exactly like Twisted where they were born, but I won't leave them here to get slughtered due to a war. Who'll help them? Not the people causing or playing in this game. I'll be able to save someone if I stay. I'd rather stay and risk dieing then run and let all these people be cannon fodder." Her face hardens through this, and she looks away as she tries to get herself under control. Zel seems to be one of the few who also put Devi at an ease to let her emotions run again.

Zelgadis seems unsure at first. He cautiously, gently, tries to place a hand on Devi's shoulder. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... ... ...You're right, of course. You're very noble. Dedicating your existence to making the lives of others easier... It's to be admired..." He trails off here, he doesn't seem sure what else to say.

Devi jumps as she's touched. "Noble is the last thing I am, Zelgadis. And I'm not dedicating my life for theirs. Just. " She sighs, her shoulders slumping slightly. "I don't see anyone else who will help them in time of war. It's not noble, it's me tring to make up for what I've done in this world."

Zelgadis draws his hand back as Devi jumps. He looks slightly ashamed and sef-conscious about it. He draws his hand back slowly and shrugs slightly. "I suppose so. In my home dimension...I often told myself the same thing...that the only reason I was doing anything for anyone else, was to make up for my sins. ... The truth was, I would do it anyway. It's what I thought was right. ... I figure that you're the same way, whatever you may say."

Devi opens her mouth and reaches out slightly to explain that she jumps because... Her hands fall back, her mouth shutting. She looks back out the window unsure of what to say, or how to carry herself in such a situation.

Zelgadis sits there for a moment...and offers a small chuckle. Slightly bitter, but a chuckle none the less. "We're...acting a bit like children, you know?"

Eh? "What do you mean?"

Zelgadis rubs the back of his head. "We've both been hurt in social situations, both felt like outcasts....right? Here we are...trading insecurities back and forth. I....have a lot of fun during our little talk sessions. You are extremely interesting to talk too. I'm sorry if I...seem to shell up too much. I feel like such a freak, most of the time...with the way I look, I'm usually called a monster."

Devi snerks. "Well, with us being so insecure and outcasts both, what else do we have to trade? Certinaly not war stories, and no one wants to sit in silence. You.. you relax me. I don't feel like I have to bottle everything up when I talk to you. It's nice. To be able to be open." She shifts. "And I don't think your a monster. Yer a dude stuck inbetween a rock and a hard place. But you've managed to at least go on living."

Zelgadis blinks once...and actually laughs a bit at that last one. Not one of his usual weak chuckles...but an actual, momentary laugh. He rubs the back of his head, "I think, perhaps, you relax me as well. I don't feel any judgement coming from you. You're one of the few friends I've had to that degree, short of my old travelling companions."

Devi grins. "I only judge those that are uppity. They deserve to be pissed off. You're not uppity. In fact sometimes you're just to polite for your own good. Tell me about them. Your old travelling companions."

Zelgadis raises an eyebrow. "I'm not THAT polite. ... My travelling companions were a varied bunch. A sorceress of high regard, her bumbling swordsman sidekick. A priest, a gold dragon, a princess...occasionally a king...and a mazoku." He mentions that last part with a flat sound u.u

Devi arches her eyebrows. "Wow, sounds like an interesting bunch. A king, a princess and a Mazuko? Sounds like you were to happy about that last one though."

Zelgadis shakes his head. "Most definitely not. He was...a constant pain. He held back information, sabotaged us from the inside....attacked our allies. Of course, we didn't KNOW he was a mazoku at the time....-.-;"

Devi says, "I take it everyone was really really pissed when they found out. Did you guys do a lot of good in your travels, or was it just a group roaming around?"

Zelgadis hms. He looks a little indecisive for just a moment...and shrugs a bit. "I think we did some good. Banished part of a demon lord, another one from a different dimension. An ancient mazoku or 3 and a deranged clone or 2. ... It was always Lina's doing though. I'm not sure the rest of us ever really mattered in the long run."

Devi says, "I'm sure you guys supported her like the A cup bra she wears." Devi's met Lina before, and finds her quite enduring.

Zelgadis blinks a few times. He looks a tad quizical at that. "You....know Lina? How? Is....is she here?" He seems quite startled at the knowledge. "I didn't think any of them ended up here. With a description like that, it HAS to be her..."

Devi says, "Red hair, loud mouth, flat chest, eats like a starving third world country? Yeah, she's here. Been here for a while, although I don't know where she is, exactly. She's around."

Zelgadis shrugs slightly. "I've never seen her around. I suppose this blasted dimension is FULL of surprises. ... I'm sorry she was trapped here, though. She was much needed in our home dimension I think."

Devi says, "You might wanna go talk to Mei. She takes in damned near everyone. She might know. I fought her once or twice, Lina that is. Chalk full of energy, I must say." Devi stands up. Dropping some money on the counter, she puts her hands into her pockets. "I just can't stay inside anymore. It's a damned nice day and we don't get many of those. I'm going to go enjoy it."

Zelgadis watches Devi stand. He offers a smile as best he can and offers a wave with his left hand. "It was good talking with you, Devi. I'm...glad you're willing to waste your free time with a curmudgeonly, talking rock garden. ... Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your day."

Devi walks over, her eyes glinting slightly, in a fond manner. "Curmudgonly talking rock garden my ass." She uses her speed against him, for only a moment. She kisses the top of his head. "You're much more then that." With that she walks out, slipping on her headphones as she leaves.

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