2010-01-19 (PreU) Let us rain DOOM down upon the heads of our DOOMED enemies

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Let us rain DOOM down upon the heads of our DOOMED enemies...

Summary: Does anyone read these logs? Seriously? Sooner or later someone might, and when they do they'll find this little "lost" log. This should have taken place in November but couldn't because schedules are a pain in the butt across time zones. Anyone wanting to know just what Diablo and Concordance have been up to and how big of a role everyone will shortly be playing had best read this carefully...

Who: Concordance, Forinfel, Senior_Diablo
When: January 19th, 2010
Where: The Citadel of Evil - Hellgate Entrance(#2738R)

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The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

The Citadel of Evil - Hellgate Entrance(#2738R)

Here, towering hundreds of thousands of miles above the Skies of Hell's barren planes is the citadel of evil... where Hell's council sits. The many beings of billions of Abyssal planes gather here, the strongest of the strong (or simply the most conniving) to plot the domination of Twisted's worlds and planes. It is a conference of evil, a twisted representation of the Council that sits here.

Upon exiting the Hellgate you are standing on a flat slab of black riveted marble that screams when you walk upon it. Statues surround the hellgate depicting beings that were likely past council members. These statues stretch outwards and up with a twisted and sometimes spiralling of stairs that ends in a massive archway that denotes the entrance to the citadel of evil.

The Hellgate is not the only gate here at the bottom of the stairs, but it is the most promenant and the only one accessable to those not part of Hell's council. They are chained by abyssal magics, with screaming locks shaped with the faces of those sacrificed to forge them.

Forinfel has been moving through various hell dimensions on her trip here, picking up letters or messages now and again from whoever along the way. Most people in hell can't deliver to heaven, and vice versa, so it's a rather secure job, if you can call it that. The angel lands down at the edge of the citadel, looking at it for a moment. Her hand comes out and she touches the side, running her hand along it and looking for a a doorway or opening that'll give way. If she finds either, she'll try to open it before knocking.

Senior Diablo has been watching quietly for awhile. She's so close and yet if this happens to be something important, he can't just let the rest of the Council know about it. Knowledge is his domain, after all. Stepping out of the shadows, the demon quietly makes his way behind her. "I trust if your here it's for more than just a simple visit...?" He smiles at his words, knowing full well she'll likely take that moment to turn around. "But if you'd like I could give you the tour. Come to our side, Forinfel. We have an excelent dental plan and free cookies." He's kidding. ...right?

Forinfel stops probing her hand along the wall as she hears Diablo's voice from behind her. The wings on her back twitch and shudder slightly, but she turns after a moment, smiling towards him, "While I may not be the purest of the angels, I am still more that than demon." She says to Diablo. "I'll pass on the tour, ask me to join another time." She turns her hand and a sealed letter appears in it, written across the front is 'To Hell c/o Senior Diablo'. She offers it forward, caution in her eyes, "For you, devil."

Senior Diablo's eyes go wide, and then narrow. "Ooooh. What's this? To me specifically? I'm honored!" The demon takes a talloned fingernail and runs it across the seal. "Well, an appology is probably unlikely... perhaps a message that I've won the lottery?" He smiles again at Forinfel. Normally he already knows the nature of the goings on around him. A lack of proper knowledge leaves him to fall upon humor as a way of disguising his intrest. "...I suppose not. Still, if you won't take me up on my tour I have nothing left but to ask you to a drink. I always hold the messengers in such high reguard. Not many would dare to come down here themeslves without an escort. This must be important, eh?" He scans over the letter with an arched eyebrow. "...intresting..."

Forinfel tilts her head to the side, adjusting her footing slightly. "A drink? In hell?" The angel laughs a little, "The drinks down here aren't usually to my liking. Besides, if you have a response, I don't charge very much to deliver." Her eyes glance at the letter as it's opened, but she doesn't try to view the contents or anything. As Diablo does open the envelope and withdraws the letter, he finds a blank page. Empty. As his eyes scan over it, black lines begin to draw themselves in, forming a pair of feather wings with a scythe crossed over them. The ink then flows up from off of the page, wings flapping once and more black lines drawing themselves in to form an outline of Concordance, which then draws itself in further, making her three dimensions instead of two. The outline looks up at Diablo, hands now gripping the scythe, "The time has come, passed, withdrawn, and come back to me. My focus has come to its final conclusion and a final change is needed to decide if I move on or remain." She brings her hand around, scythe arcing down so the blade is pointed up towards Diablo, "The decision must be held by more than me, and I call you forth from hell to set your feet upon Twisted. Gather who you can, and I shall gather mine. Wether I am to be worshipped or a protector, one must oppose me. If you do nothing, I will bring heaven to hell, and let Fate and Destiny have their way. At a certain time I will do what is neccessary for the apocalypse." She then stops speaking.

Senior Diablo stares at the paper for a long while. A smirk slowly crawls across his thin lips. For once he's speachless. A full minute passes quietly before his eyes lift up from the page to glance at Forinfel's expression before he reacts. Even when joking, Diablo always tries to present himself as being very reserved. It's not often that he sees a reason to become the more sterotypical image that people think of when they hear the word 'devil'. He believes in balance, a balance that must be maintained above all else. It is for this reason that the very idea of calling him out, practically asking him to start a battle, calls but one reaction in the demon. He begins to laugh. Long and dark, the demon cackles to the heavens. The paper in his hands bursts into flames, a bit dramatic yes.. but a part of the devil hopes the ink upon it begins to scream. "A war...? A war on Twisted to bring favor to Concordance in the eyes of the people?" He laughs aloud again. "Of all the arrogant, self riteous acts one could possible hope to achieve? Oh... I'll give her a war... I'll give her a war like no other. I'll bring the sisters... I'll bring the terrors, the nightmares, the darkness... the fire and brimstone.. but to be an omega to her alpha? That I will not do. Does she seriously think that I've been quietly gathering my time? Does she think that I have not already been upon Twisted? That I have not been actively buiding my time preparing? Oh yes.. she will have her apocalypse, but it shall be on MY terms." The demon plucks a wine glass from the air and offers it to Forinfel. There is nothing in it but wine if it is of anyone's concern. "Tell her... tell her she need not bother sending down a messenger again. She will see me soon enough." Diablo smiles wickedly.

Forinfel looks disconcerted, especially when Concordance mentions apocalypse. Now she has to wonder why she was chosen to send such a letter, it really is not her job to fight in any apocalypses, like ever. There's others for that. The angel steps back as the letter bursts into flame, and the black outline of Concordance burns into ash along with it, though sadly for Diablo no scream comes along with it. Forinfel takes the wine and sniffs it, but does not drink, "I'll take this as payment for telling her that." She says, turning her hand and the wine glass and all disappearing. She'll drink it later when she's not in hell. The wings on her back ruffle slightly, "...I should be going." Disturbing news. Maybe she'll stop delivering to and from Twisted for awhile, but when you go between dimensions all of the time, it can be hard to avoid that place.

Senior Diablo looks down at his fist watching the very flames that burned the letter dancing upon his fingertips. There's a charge in the air from the excitement going through the demon's dark mind that's almost tasteble. Still, he controls himself and the flames die down. "Yes. Perhaps you should. Remember this, dark and wicked this place might be, I hold no ill will towards you. Someday, should you dare to venture forth here again I shall have to show you my hospitallity. A message like this should not have been sent at all, and I pity you for having brought it to me. But... such is the case when people like her have placed themselves in charge. Make whatever you believe in smile good fortue upon you, Forinfel. There is much to be done tonight." Diablo plucks a similar wine glass from the air and sips it himself. This... this will be intresting...

Forinfel spreads her hands out to her sides, wings fanning in tandem, "I do what must be done, and sometimes my letters don't bring hatred and doom, but light and hope. Not today it seems, though." She nods her head and quarter turns, "I'd wish you farewell, but I can't do that without lieing." She winks and then takes a step forward, moving into another nearby hell dimension, unless anything comes from Diablo to stop her or say anything pertenent!

The demon watches her prepare to leave with a smile on his face. "My dear, destruction isn't a bad thing. It gives us all a chance to rebuild, to start anew. I may look like a demon, but that does not mean my goals involve hellish torture and murder. I won't try to persuade you to believe otherwise, I'll let my actions speak for themselves. After all.. I didn't want Twisted for power, I simply wanted to let innocent souls trapt here without just cause to be free. If your master wants a war? Then which of us is truely evil?" The demon smiles again. "Do what you must. I'll do what I have to. Enjoying one's job is just a sign of a job well done."

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