2010-01-22 (PreU) Look! Someone blew up the UR -AGAIN-!

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Look! Someone blew up the UR -AGAIN-!

Summary: So a masked Batman villain walks into a bar... Stop me if you've heard this one. The question must be asked, why do people bother trying to rob the UR? They don't even get money from drinks half the time. Yet, every so often some clown shows up with a pocket full of explosives and all hell breaks loose, and wait... did Vash the Stampede just get a date???

Who: Felina, Harley_Quinn, Kyoko, Vash, Wolfe
When: January 22nd, 2010
Where: The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

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The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

[!]A explosion goes off in the Usual Restaurant, smashing windows and sending debree flying through the air. Good morning, Twisted.

Harley kneels atop the bar aiming her trademarked cork gun at the bartender on duty. In her free hand, a comical bomb with a long fuse. "So.... that's one, sugah. We gonna see the money in that register or shall I fire up number two?" Well, that explains the explosion, huh?

Already in the Usual Restaurant, sitting in the corner, on her own, is a young lady clad in a long dark cloak, concealing her body as she was sipping at a cup of tea. What can be clearly seen of her is a heart-shaped face framed by shoulder-length silver hair, and a pair of distinctly feline ears.. at the explosion, she yelps, jumping up on her seet and knocking her glass to one side, and she looks at Harley with blazing blue eyes.. "Wha.. What are you DOING?"

Crunching the a few remains off glass, Wolfe peeks around into the doorway. He steps into the restraunt, scratching his head as he looks around. "No.. I don't think I'm going to be able to get lunch. Pity."

A shock of spikey blond hair rises from a window in the back, revealing a face blackened by dust from the explosion. The man blinks his big eyes, hiding a tear that was just starting to well up. He takes a big sniffle and then leaps in through the window, his face a comical mask of irritation. He points, his outstretched arm almost seems longer than could be possible as he points towards Harley. He opens his mouth to berate the evil doer when he notices the figure as unmistakably female. His demeaner suddenly changes, "OH! The bomb blast was just to get my attention!" He spins across the place to rest up against the counter as he looks up at her all doe-eyed, "I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention before, my fun-loving beauty, but I'm all yours now!" He puts both his fists under his chin as a dopey grin goes across his face.

Harley eyes Felina as she yells. "Welp, ain't it obvious? I'm TRYIN' ta rob tha joint! Don't worry kitty, I'll get ta you in a bit-!" Her second sentance is drowned out by Vash's appearence. Her eye twitches in irritation. "EXCUSE ME!?!!? GAL WITH A GUN 'ERE! SHOW SOME RESPECT!" She looks away to mutter to herself, "Cheese... things where so much easier back in Gotham. People gave ya tha respect that you-!" Cut off again. This time by the vanishing bartender taking advantage of the distraction. Harley screams at the top of her lungs. "GIT BACK 'ERE!!!!"

Wolfe finally looks in Harley's direction, head tiltsing to the side slightly. "Yes, I think she is. And I mean, it's a cork gun, how much damage could it do?" Scratching his chin as if listening to something he finally nods. "Good point, stranger things have happened." He walks over to one of the tables and sits down, leaning back in the chair feet up on the table.

Harley's words, and her attitude get the definite attention of the young lady in the cloak, and out from the folds of said cloak a small hand emerges, a nimbus of blue light shimmering around it.. "If you want respect, lady.. Try being nice about it. I do not like bombs, and I like guns even less. Machines use them to hurt people. Now put the weapons down or I will hurt you."

Kyoko comes running in franticly. She had been fast asleep when the blast occured "Who did what now?!?". Looks around to see just what happened "Oh... customers..... ". (shoulda figured)

Vash glomps onto Harley's legs as she starts to yell at the fleeing bartender, "Oh, I see I was wrong. You've got a bomb because you took it away from the evil bartender! You're going to protect us all!" He nuzzles into her legs, still oblivious to everything else going on.

A sweatdrop falls down Harley's head. The bomb is tossed into the air, hitting the bar and somehow not bouncing or rolling off of it. Can anyone explain the physics involved in that? Harley flails her arms as she tries to free herself of her blonde tormenter. "LETGO! LEGGO!!! LEGGO MY EGGO!!" She needs a replacement. Um.. uh.. LOOK! NEWCOMER! Her capgun is aimed at Kyoko. Firing it randomly, the cork explodes, and a bullet whizzes through the air, hitting the wall behind the girl. How much damage can it do? A lot, at least if the hole in the wall has anything to say about it. "STOP RIGHT THERE! NOBODY MOVES OR THE CHICK GETS IT!!" There's still this Vash problem to deal with. One thing at a time, Harley. One thing at a time...

Felina frowns, closing her eyes for a moment. "Fine, you leave me no choice, lady." The blue glow around her outstretched hand massively intensifies for a split second, before a blast of lightning arcs out, in the general direction of Harley, and because of his proximity to her, Vash, by default. "I didn't want to have to use my magic on something alive."

Wolfe is still just reclined in the chair, staring at the scene going on in front of him. With a small sight he unwinds the chain from around his waist, letting one end dangle on the floor next to him, the other held in his hand. "What do you think?" He nods, "Hmm.. probably." He doesn't flinch at the display of magic, just another slight tilt of the head.

Kyoko flinches, and puts her arms up in a protective position in front of her, freezing where she is, as she gets shot at. She doesn't dare move, lest the crazy lady shoot her with it, this time NOT missing. She has NO idea the object on the bartop is a bomb, either. The lightening gets thrown, and with a shout of fear, she finally is shocked out of her stupor, and flings herself rather crudely behind the bar, shaking like a leaf.

Vash lets out a girlish scream as electricity courses through his body. He flails about, kicking the bomb off the counter, out of a window and into a nearby trashcan, that some how is safely away from anyone. As the electricity stops making his body convulse he leaps up onto the counter to try to get a better look at who just zapped him. As he notices that it's a young lady he lets out a delighted "EEEE!" as he swings his arms wide...his hand heading right towards Harley's gun hand, "A spark exists between us my sweet! We should elope!" He leaps from the bar, flying towards Felina with out stretched arms.

Wasn't something said about dropping a weapon or BZZZZZAAAAAGTH!!!! Harley flails but doesn't die. She's embued with the power of a cartoon after all. (much to the dismay of those from her original universe) The girl's clothing turns black and her face is covered with soot, but she doesn't die. She does manage to somehow get stepped on as Vash bolts away leaving her lying on the floor in a rather tangled mess. The charred girl pulls herself back onto her feet after a moment, her focus now broken and annoyed. "WHY THA HECK CAN'T SOMETHIN' GO ACORDING TO PLAN AROUND 'ERE, JUST ONCE!?!?!" The harlequin snags a bottle off the counter and lobs it at Vash's head out of spite. Taking a second to breathe, (and somehow regain the gun Vash knocked away when no one was looking) she then manages to pull out a plastic clown head from a pocket of her too tight costume (how does she do that?) and attach it to the end of her gun. Firing it at the celing, the toy explodes filling the restaraunt with green smoke. With the windows blown out it won't cause permanent damage, but expect everyone not annoyed to get the giggles. "I DEMAND JUSTICE!! I DEMAND COMPENSATION!! I DEMAND A SANDWICH!!!" Wow, believe it or not, she's REALLY pissed right now.

Felina erks as she hits her target, but not just her target, and then the man lanches himself at her.. She yelps, and then it seems the cloak just.. crumples in on itself, to land in a heap on the floor in front of Vash, beneath the cloud of green gas. A large bald Russian man in a red shirt, wearing a bandoleer filled with ammo, pants, and boots, looks over at Harley, chewing of what is clearly a sanvitch "Om nom nom... nom nom!".

Wolfe sniffs, looking at the green gas, but then again it is rather hard to miss. "Well.. this smells bad." His hand blazes with a purple flame, raising it in the air. Above him a figure is shadowed in the green fog. A wind sweeps out from around Wolfe, at least clearing the vicinity around him off the fog, the figure vanishing right as the wind flares out. "Thank you."

Kyoko is huddled behind the bar, hiding, breathing deep, under the level of the gas, and still shaking like a leaf. The gun scared her. The lightening scared her even more.

The prinnies are dying up in the rafters, rolling around and cackling, some even, i dare say, falling off. Explosions periodicly occur throughout the room as a result.

Vash suddenly acks as he's struck in the back of the head with the bottle Harley tossed his way. To make matters worse the girl he was going to marry disappears, sending him sailing wide of his mark and slamming into the wall. He slides down the wall, upside down as a large bump appears on his head.

Harley jumps frantically as stuff starts blowing up and she didn't do it. Looking about in confusion she throws her hands up in disgust. "That's it. I quit. Ya hear me? My gimick's been stolen, my pockets are empty..." She turns and points agrily at the HEAVY.. man... person... with the sandvich. "AND I'M STILL HUNGRY!!!" Crossing her arms she watches the commotion she's caused. Explosions. Things dying. People getting knocked out, women dissapearing, weird guy with a tornado. Eh? That's new. Harley leaps over the bar, coming to a stop next to Wolfe as she comes out of a summersault. "HIYA!! So that's a neat trick ya got there. How's about you tell a girl how ya did that?" Her smile returns after leaping through the dissapating cloud of gas around her. *sniff* Always makes a place feel like home.

The cloak on the floor moves slightly, as a small white housecat emerges from it, to pad gently across the floor, towards where Kyoko is hiding.

Wolfe stares at the clown girl for a moment, one hand going in his pocket, while the other still grips that chain of his. "I didn't do it. The demon in my head did it. Well, I made him do it, but that doesn't mean I did it." He lowers his voice a bit. "He might get upset if I decide to take credit. And I really don't like having to argue with myself, it's a bit predictable." This is all delivered in a completely serious sounding monotone, except the small smile he finally flashes, for all of half a second.

Kyoko sees the kitty, but doesn't put it together who or what it really is, and just thinks its a normal cat. She attempts to pick it up, and hold it safely next to her behind the bar, where she remains in hiding, doing her best to be protective of a seemingly helpless animal in an extremely dangerous environment.

The tall man's feet slide down the wall as he lays on the ground. He opens his eyes slowly and frowns slightly, "I really got to stop letting myself get hit..." He watches the chaos, making sure no one is in harms way.

Harley smiles wider... to hide her true reaction. "OOoooooooookaaaaay." Yep, she's been in the nut house enough. She can smell truth when she hears a comment like that. "You an' me, fuzzy? We're gonna have to have a chat about that later." The girl looks around the room, wondering just how long it's going to be before someone plays hero again. Best to get while the getting's good. "But y'know? Meanwhile? Somethin' tells me I need to go sneak off into the shadows. Who knows? The shadow knows!" Plus that gas is fading quickly and that was supposed to be her escape plan. "UP UP, and I'm outta here!!" Leaping out the front windows, Harley vanishes as quickly and as suddenly as she came. Well. That whole thing was pretty random.

"Fuzzy?" Wolfe just tilts his head again, watching Harley disappear. "Yes, I think she was a bit strange.. I wonder if they'll start serving again soon. Well, I know they wouldn't back home, but this is a rather strange place." Kyoko slowly stands, peering around. She places the kitty on the bartop next to her, and begins to cautiously take invintory of what might have been damaged thereupon, and to fill drink orders. She is, however, clearly tense, and ready to duck in case something ELSE decides to happen suddenly.

Vash slowly stands up as the gas clears and sighs, dusting off his coat, "At least no one got hurt...except those poor Prinnies..."

Speaking of the prinnies, their finally getting their composure back.... if you call that composure. Now their just giggling, and making faces at people below.

The cat, now set on one side, turns to look at Kyoko, and blinks, then she starts to speak. "Thank you for your kind actions miss Kyoko.. But I was actually coming over to protect you!"

Kyoko is TOTALLY not expecting the cat to talk, and being already on high alert, she jumps two feet backwards. After a second, she puts the pieces together, and nods to the cat "Sorry. Still not used to this place..... ". She leans against the mirrored wall, and takes a deep breath, then gives a kind smile "I still can't tell when things aren't what they appear to be....."

Felina chuckles, sitting down, and resuming her humanoid form.. still, because her cloak is on the floor, in just her natural fur. "I't alright, I am still learning a lot myself. i didn't like that woman, she was just nasty."

Kyoko shudders at the memory of being shot at "I didn't like her either, although she seemed to fit this place well... dangerous and crazy". She looks over at Vash "Are you ok, sir? You took a nasty hit when the lightening struck"

Vash blinks as he's addressed and then swoons over to the bar, "Oh, such kind hearted concern for poor little me! You have no cause for concern, it'll take much more than that to hurt me, but you! Are you hurt!? If you are I'll go outside and beat myself if it'll make you happy!"

Kyoko smiles a bit, rolling her eyes a bit at his offer "No, thank you. Enough harm has been done today so far for my taste". She stops leaning on the wall, and sends another sandwitch to the Heavy Russian guy "Luckily, i'll be fine, thank you. She missed when she tried to shoot me".

Vash seems to pout a little that he's receiving less attention than he should but then he brightens, "Shall I work the bar for you so you can relax after your harrowing ordeal? I'll keep it all spick and span!" He stands up straight at attention and salutes, "JUST DO WITH ME AS YOU WILL!"

Kyoko gently puts her hand on his shoulder, and points him to a barstool "Please sit. Its one of the risks of the job. I still have a decade or so left in me, i assure you. Thank you for the offer, however. Next one is on me. What would you like?". He DID help out. Might as well give him something to show for it.

Vash seems to sparkle as he puts his thumb to his chin and points with the classic thoughful bishonen pose, "A love of a beauty such as yours." Though at htis point he realizes he should probably order something for real. He drops the pose and smiles, "Have any donuts?"

Kyoko smirks, again rolling her eyes "I'm just an old maid lost in a mad world". She reaches under the bartop, and pulls out just that: a box of donuts, which she hands over.

Kyoko smirks, again rolling her eyes "I'm just an old maid lost in a mad world". She reaches under the bartop, and pulls out just that: a box of donuts, which she hands over. *re*

Vash glees and starts to shove donuts in his face. He speaks around the mass of food quite skillfully, "You? Old? Hah." Another donut is inserted in the bottomless pit.

Kyoko takes it in stride. Some beings get as old as four hundred years, that shes encountered, so by comparison shes not even a toddler, supposing Vash is one such being "I'm a normal human being and almost thirty. Where i come from, that is reasonably old".

Vash shrugs, "Where you come from doesn't make you old or young. It's all how you feel on the inside." He seems to swallow another donut whole.

Kyoko says, "When you live around here, and could die at any moment, sometimes due to an accident, one starts to feel old before their time". She cant help but notice how fast and effectively he eats donuts. Kinda disturbing, but then, shes never seen Ranma eat.

Vash slides the empty box of donuts towards her and gets big dopey puppy dog eyes.

Kyoko crosses her arms, and gives a hard smile "No sir. That look won't work on me. Want more, you'll have to pay up". She already raised one child. That tends to iron out such weaknesses.

Vash has a little lip quiver as his eyes get watery.

Kyoko laughs "Gee, YOU know how to lay it on thick". She waves a finger in the universal 'no-no' manner "I rather like my job. Besides, my daughter did a better job at it than you do when she was very little. So keep practicing".

Vash sniffles as long wavy lines of tears appear on his face, as he goes all chibilike.

Kyoko crosses her arms, and looks away "As another staff member so rudely put it, and i apologize for saying this, but 'put up, or shut up'. Oh, table 11". She hands another sandwitch to a waiter to deliver to the heavy, who continues to nom-nom off to the side, watching everything with reletive disinterest.

Vash sighs and slides a single double-dollar across the table with a questioning look to see if it's enough.

Kyoko takes the dollar, and hands him a donut "That's better. Thank you, sir".

Vash inhales the donut and taps his finger on the table looking bored and hungry. He then perks up, "It'd take my ammo money, but I don't suppose you'd have some Wild Turkey with me?"

Kyoko blinks at Vash at that. She smiles "Actually, i have work in the back i need to do, but tell you what. Next time i'm off, and your in the area, look me up, and i'll do just that".

Vash grins, and gives a little 'EEEE', "I'll be here."

Kyoko nods, smiling more, and wondering just what she's gotten herself into. Long as it isn't fatal, she hopes. "I live here, so finding me should not be difficult. Goodbye". She gives a bow, and walks into the back to start the behind-the-scenes chores.

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