2010-01-22 (PreU) What a lovely Vacationing spot!

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What a lovely Vacationing spot!

Summary: Just to annoy someone. Enter Crappy desc here.

Who: Devi, Zelgadis
When: January 22, 2010
Where: The UR/The Wastelands


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Zelgadis is currently sitting at the bar with a mostly finished cup of coffee next to him. Since the last time Devi saw him...he seems to be

trying to cover the right side of his face up as well. He's sitting fairly still, as usual for him. Probably lost in some deep thought....or

counting dust, who knows?

Devi walks through the door, her eyes glancing quickly around the room. They brighten a bit as she sees Zel and she trots over and slings

herself into barstool next to him. Her elbows resting on the bartop, she looks over and says,"Hello my Statue of Honor! How goes it

today, with thee?"

Zelgadis jumps as Devi pops up next to him. He tries to stammer a reply but manages to get rather red in the face and tip backwards off

his bar stool. As he crashes to the ground, he sits up and rubs his head, shaking it clear. He rises to his feet slowly and offers Devi one

of his usual half smiles. "Devi. You startled me. It's good to see you." He shakily returns to his stool. . o O(Yes, that was...very smooth...)

In a corner, Alessa sits, sipping at a cup of coffee with a scowl upon her face. Every so often, she casts Zelgadis a glare, mumbling

something under her breath about him being an 'asshole' or a 'jackass' or an 'ass hat'. She seems to like that word.

Devi grins, putting her hand out to help him up. As he gets up on his own, she retacts it. "Good to see you too. You know what I miss?

Breakaway pants. Those things were great." Breakaway pants? Wasn't that from like, the 90's of Devi's world? Devi finally sees Al and

grins wider. "So what's new here in the UR? Have I missed anything?"

Zelgadis glances over at Aly for a moment...and shakes his head with a roll of his head. "Nothing worth more than a few brain cells,

perhaps." He blinks once or twice...and tilts his head. He gets a tad self-conscious as the hood starts to slip. He quickly rights himself

before the other half of his face is revealed and folds his arms. "What are....breakaway pants?..."

Devi arches an eyebrow. "Breakaway pants are pants that have snap buttons up and down each outside leg. Once pulled hard enough, the

snap buttons relase and are torn away. SO I always make sure to wear shorts or something under them. Imagine the horror that would be

if you didn't." As Al's comment reaches her ears, she turns her head to look at her. "A) It's not Zel's fault that he's going half black,

and I seem to have made friends with him just fine... Well, it was a bit difficult to get him to actually talk to me, but it was worth it."

She smiles warmly at him.

Zelgadis tries to further surpress a red face again as Devi elaborates. THEN when she conceptually mentions NOT wearing anything

underneath them, he clamps his nose with his left hand to further surpress a nose bleed. He returns the smile he's given as best he can

and just quirks an eyebrow in Aly's direction. "Why is it that you feel the need to go so far as to barge into my conversations? Why did

my 'rejection' bother you so much?" He genuinely looks quizical at this one.

Alessandra snorts. "I tried to be nice to him, and he was an asshole to me. His loss, I like to think I'm a good friend to those who will let

me be one." Shaking her head, she takes a gulp of her coffee. "Oh, and then when I call him out for being bitchy to someone who

apparently knew him already, he tried to attack me. How's that for nice?" She grumbles. As Zel addresses her, she scowls at him. "It

bothers me because I was trying to be nice and be a friend to you, and you just shot me down like it was nothing. If you would have just

told me what was going on, I would have been understanding and supportive. Instead, you were rude to me when all I was doing was tring

to be helpful the only way I knew how."

Zelgadis shakes his head with a soft sigh. He finishes what's left of his coffee and turns back to Aly. "Young lady. ... At the current

moment...ESPECIALLY at the current moment, getting involved in my affairs is certainly nothing very wise of you. Although I appreciate

the sentiment, I'm a very dangerous individual to be around at the moment. I don't have time to explain the ins and outs of my situation

to you. You simply need to stay away. Take that as you will." With that, he turns back and orders sake from one of the skutters. Coffee

just ain't going to cut it c.c

Devi sips quietly. "He's really a nice guy, I promise. " Her eyes shift between the two, waiting for the next perverable Chess piece to be

moved. DEvi's been around long enough to know how people act when rejected. Or told no, or given the cold shoulder. There's only 3 or 4

options people take in that situation, and she's still eager to see how people react to things. It tells her so much.

Zelgadis rises to his feet slowly and glances over at Devi. He manages to flush again but demurely offers his arm. "I find this enviroment

a bit....overly stressed at this point. Would you like to take a walk elsewhere?..." That's a lot of social courage, coming from this guy.

Devi eh's? "Sure." She downs the rest of her drink, leaving a I O U under her cup, and walks out the door. "Where do ya have in mind?"

Zelgadis blinks a few times...and offers a weak shrug. "I...haven't the foggiest."

Devi hmms. "Well I don't suppose you'd wanna see the Wastelands. I could always show you what I brought back from the DRagonBall

world. I've got a Gravity Chamber! There's always the park or the lake though."

Zelgadis stops for a moment....glances over. "The...wastelands. I've heard of... ... Devi, would you show them to me?"

Devi turns to look at him, her eyes serious. "Are you sure?"

Zelgadis brushes his hood back. The corruption on his hand, arm and face fully in view. He nods briefly. "I'm sure." He offers a small


Devi nods and leads the way. (OOC Note: I'm not adding all the Descs because I'm lazy. Deal with it. XD)

Devi stops just before they enter the Wastelands, her hands in her pockets. With a small shimmer, she changes into her black robes, the

veil on her head wrap dangling from her ear. The Kanji of Hell is still there however, and her hands in the folds of the robes. "The

Wastelands. Region of Chaos, Worlds of everything and nothingness." The wind howls further off in the distance, and Devi leans

foarwrds as though she was almost drawn towards her hideout. "Do you want to go further in? Or is this enough Chaos for ya?"

Zelgadis glances past her for just a moment. The black 'flesh' seems to shift for just a second...but maybe it's just a light trick because

of his shifting from one foot to another. He nods in reply, faint smile still on his lips.

Devi leans back and steps west, drawing up her veil at the same time. As they get closer to their former Horizion, the wind nearly

screams at them, the Chaos fueled only by the insanity behind it. The desert is cracked, with chunks of the clay topping curled slightly

from the heat and wind. Sound can be heard, as though it was a speakerbox to another world.

Zelgadis glances around from time to time. He doesn't seem repulsed by what he's seeing. He looks quite fascinated, in fact. He offers a

soft chuckle, even. "One could see a beauty in this, if they dropped preconceived notions."

Devi says, "Oh yes, it's very pretty, if you look at it right. Kinda a rugged untouched beauty about it." She leans her head back,

breathing in deeply. "I'm just a bit morbid at heart so maybe I look at it in an odd manner." The closer they get to Insanity, the clearer

the sounds are. Flickers of views of worlds pass by the pair, quick and violent. "The area that we're coming up to is where I stayed."

Slowly, in the area around Zel and Devi, the sand falls and settles, as though a bubble appeared around them. She continues forwards

though, with no rush in her step.

Zelgadis just follows along. He doesn't know the area and intends to follow someone who does. He brushes his hand along the blackened

part of his face...glances for a moment at his stone left hand, still a pale, pebbly gray. He glances back over at Devi. "May I ask...what

happened? Why don't you stay here any longer? I know so little of your past, even from your time here..."

Devi keeps her eyes forward as she walks, the flickers forming into full worlds. Like floating portals, they avoid the bubble around the

pair. A tall crooked dead tree gets closer. "I watched Nny turn into something that he wasn't. Turned into a real monster. More then

what he ever was, as a monster of the world. And then I tried to stop him. Because I know what would happen if the Evil's got their

hands on his power..."

Zelgadis nods slowly, just listens so feel free to keep goin'.

Devi stops next to the Tree, laying her hand upon it. The rock face behind the Tree shifts, hollowing out into a small enclave. After a

moment she puts her hands in again. Sitting down and leaning against the Tree she sighs. "So, I stabbed him, then got run over by an

army. After getting away I relized without my Mazuko power, I can't beat the forces of Hell. I don't have the right training with my

Ki. So, I took a walk. And I walked out here. And when I got here, I sat down and watched these worlds pass by." Devi pulls out her

drawing book, flipping open to a page that she's drawn, specks of sand still on the page. It's the image of a woman with a terrified

expression. Hands from an unseen person gripping her neck and strangling her.

Zelgadis nods silently in response. He sits against the tree at a polite distance and glances over the drawing. "Who is that? Being


Devi shrugs. "I don't know. I watched her in a passing world. This was about 2 weeks in though, so my mind had really cesed civil

function. Diablo came out here though, and guilt tripped me into coming back." She shrugs again. "So I cussed at him, and walked back."

Granted that's only this part of her story, but the whole story would take way to long. "Now, I'm just trying to figure out how to get my

powers back, and then go to hell."

Zelgadis nods slowly...he actually manages to chuckle again. "Go to...hell. Very good. Then...what's the final purpose in all of this? Are you

trying to free your friend? What....what battle are you really fighting here? ... ... If I'm getting too personal, please tell me. I don't

mean to pry..."

Devi sighs. "Well, I'm trying to save Johnny. He's twisted, and he's done god awful things, and dies more times then I care to think

about, but if I can save him. It's only right that I should try. Besides, we'll need as many fighters as we can in the upcoming war. I

really think I'm battling myself. My emotions, whatever you want to call it. My soul, maybe. I don't know. But I enjoy fighting. It lets

me shed everything else, and gets me fired up. I get excited and feel like I'm alive. It's not something that I'm used to, having spent

most of my life just kinda plodding through everything."

Zelgadis says, "I can understand that. I often craved battle myself for just such reasons. ... War? Did you say war? What war?..."

Devi looks at him, nodding in rememberance. "The War of Heaven and Hell, as it were. The Councils' are going to break out for power

over Twisted Street. It'll be bad, I'm sure. Beyond bad. That's what Caliga, Datenshi, myself, damn near everyone with that power

scale. The Councils have equal numbers, so all the Big guys will be focused on each other, but the minions are something diffrent. I don't

know if that is where the scale will tip in all of this."

Zelgadis slumps back against the tree, eyes closing. He sighs slowly. "Great. ... I'm further than ever from finding a cure...and now...I

may not even survive long enough to make it out. ... ... I can't imagine what they're fighting for. This place...it shouldn't be control. It

should just...be."

Considering that their leaning against the same tree, Devi pats the only thing she can really get to. His knee. "It's alright, man. Trust me.

If you knew..." She stops there. If he knew who created her, and read the storys of Mr. Vasquez he might understand. But she doesn't

wanna break that wall for him.

Zelgadis nods again. He's quiet at this point. His eyes are open but he's spending time glancing around and 'taking in the sights' as it

were. Conversations never easy for him anyway.

Devi stands up, brushing off her rump and thighs. "Well, this area sucks for keeping spirits up. Come on. Lets go back to something a

little less dramtic then, eh?" She offers her hand out to help him to his feet.

Zelgadis rises to his feet slowly and offers a nod. He tucks his arm away and re-covers his face with his hood. True that most likely

nothing here is going to exactly make fun of him for the way he looks...but old habits die hard. He turns back to Devi and waits to follow


Devi leads them both back to Twisted.

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