2010-01-25 (PreU) A time for friend and foes

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A time for friend and foes.


Who: Devi, Rick
When: January 25th, 2010
Where: Park, Fountian/Grav Chamber, Housing District


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The air lurches on Twisted Street as Devi and Rick appear. Devi's on her knees, her head in her hands, muttering something about 2 minds, one power. After a moment, she gets up to her feet, wobbling like she did before. Teleportation seems to take a bit from her power cells as it were. Her first action though is looking for Rick, to make sure that he came through it ok, and without injury.

Devi stands in front of him, her hands in the pockets of her trench. "Twisted Street, in front of the UR. Are you ok? No injurys, no disorientation, aside from not knowing where you were?"

Off to the side, glowing red eyes watch Devi and Rick, their owner having materialized only moments after. It stays in the shadows, watching. Just in case..... otherwise, no noise is made by it.

the figure cricks his neck a moment, before he nods, "I appear to be fine. A little disoriented, but then I have not been here before. It is a little noisy here. I am the Void Knight. I guess it is a pleasure to meet you miss... I heard them call you Devi?"

Devi leans back a little, her head to the side. "You have me at a disadvatage Sir. I guess it's a pleasure to meet you as well. What do they call Void Knights now days?" She's relieved to hear he being alright though. Caliga can be rought at times. She steps back, keeping her hands in her pocket. The tempature in Twisted is starting to rise slowly back to normal. She mutters, "I hope their ok."

The Void knight chuckles, "Well, a long time ago I was called Prince harmony, but that was another age entirely.. " he shrugs, there doesn't seem to be many people around.. but he is not sure.. out in the street is entirely too public a place really. "I do have another name, but I am not so sure I should reveal it out here.. Not that I have anywhere to actually go myself. I only recently arrived in this place."

Devi says, "Well, if I don't know what to call you, I'll pick a name. And I'm afraid I'm REALLY bad at picking names. Crazy crazy bad. And I'm not calling ya prince, that's for damn sure." She looks up at the sky. "How about this. I'd like to welcome you to Twisted, take back the whole tour guide thing one day, but I wanna go check on those two. They can really do some damage if left alone." Devi floats off the ground a few feet. "I'll come back. Then I can greet you properly. How's that sound?"

Rick hmms, and he nods, "that sounds fine.. and you are right, Calling me after a 1980's pop star is not a good idea. I never much liked his music anyway! Just me Void, for now.. And I get the distinct impression that very near by there is a dangerous being, observing us."

Their mysterious, or not so mysterious, watcher stays put for now, unless called out specificly. He does smirk to himself in the darkness, however. Amusing. The blind one can sense him somehow..... warrents future investigation.

Devi nods. "Later then." She vanishes, regardless of the taxing that it'll do to her.

_-Later, in the park...-_

Some time following the departure of Devi from where he was, the Void Knight has found his way to Nowhereto Park, and he is sitting, quite calmly on his own beside the fountain. He is still in his Henshinned form, resting quietly as he listens to what goes on around him, listening to the people having fun.

Devi appears out of thin air, through not gracefully as she usually would. Devi kinda drops into view from about 7 feet off the ground, and lands beautifully on her face. Groaning, she pulls herself up into a sitting position. "Damnit." She cracks her eyes open to see where she got dropped off and nods to herself. "Hey dude. Told you I'd be back. Though, this is not my prefered method.." She rubs the back of her head. "It's kinda lucky though I got here, considering I was lookin for you."

Rick is swiftly up on his feet, and he nods firmly, "Are you alright? It sounded like you hit the ground pretty hard. " approaching devi, he holds out a gloved hand to help her to her feet. "Anyway, care to tell me what it actually was that I walked in on there? It seemed like some pretty serious shit."

Devi pushes her jaw one way, then the next. "Yeah, I don't think I broke anything. Sorry about that, I'm a bit unaccustomed." She doesn't bother to elaborate on what. She absent mindedly waves off his handup, choosing instead to fold her legs under her, and bring out a bit of jerky from a pocket. She bites off a chunk and chew while she considers what to tell him. She looks him over at the same time, wondering also what to make of him. "Serious shit, yeah. You basically stepped into someone trying to summon the Destroyer, becoming the Destroyer, and defeating the Destroyer. I still don't know what's going to become of that."

Nodding briefly, the Void Knight hrms, "It figures. There's always somebody or something out to destroy all of creation. Or take over. When we materialised in the main street, we were followed by... something. I don't know exactly what though, except that it was evil. " Sighing a moment, he shakes his head, "This place is going to take a lot of getting used to for me, and I can't just live in this form all of the time, either. But right now I don't have anywhere to go, or know anyone I can really trust with my identity."

Devi tears another bite off her jerky, swiftly chewing and swallowing. "Mm? Something evil? Heh, that's funny, I should have felt it." She frowns slightly. "Ah well. Twisted is very unusual. You're lucky you weren't here before. You'd see a totally diffrent greeting from me. As far as a place to stay, the hotel across from the UR gives rooms. It's fairly nice too. I lived there when I first got here. Hell I think most of the foreign population has."

Rick chuckles, "I see. Thank you for that information, Devi." turning towards the water for a moment, he sighs faintly, "I still don't exactly understand how I came to arrive in this place. Before I arrived here, I was in New York. Hell, I'd actualy begun to live a normal life."

Devi finishes her snack, and takes a swig out a bottle while he talks. -That oughta be enough to at least get me standing..- She pushes herself up, unsteadly standing for a moment, before she goes and sits down on the bench. "Eh, well, I live to help, I suppose. And your not the first to be randomly sucked here. Twisted being what it is sometimes brushes against other worlds, dropping some people off here. I can't say you'll be able to have a -normal- life, but you'll at least see some interesting stuff."

Devi tilts her head. "Blind or not, sooner or later you'll see something... Hmm. That gives me an idea. I'm going to have to try that one day. And even if you don't see anything, you'll certianly feel a lot. So, do you have a name I can call you?" She leans forward like she's got a secret to share. "Or is it still not safe?"

Rick hmms, taking a moment to listen around, and he reaches up, to pull back his hood, revealing his scarred visage, "My name's Rick." his hair is short and dark, and his obviously white european face shows jagged scars, like it was torn apart, perhaps by shrapnel of some kind. "I think we're safe right now."

Devi breaks out in song. "Never gunna give you up, never gunna let you down.." She laughs. "Sorry, couldn't help it." His face doesn't bother her though, and she shows no signs of fear or revolt. She understands that some people would though. "Looks like you got into a fight and lost. Can I ask what happened?"

"car accident. I was eight years old. " Rick's voice is a little bit grim as he speaks about what happened, "Last thing I saw was an oncoming truck. Then I blacked out. the doctors said I was lucky to be alive. My mother wasn't so lucky." shaking his head, he sighs, "But enough about me. I think I need to know more about this twisted place. Where i was from, well, aside from the Youma and the Senshi, most of the time things were fairly quiet."

Devi says, "Sorry to hear that. But Twisted I can tell you about." She settles on the bench, getting comfortable, and stripping off her trench coat. She folds and sets it next to her, leaning back on her hands. "Depends on what you wanna know about it though."

Rick smiles faintly, "I need to know what it is I need to know. From what I have gathered so far, it is a sort of composite dimension, that plucks up bits and pieces from all sorts of other universes. You say I can get a home for now across the street from The Usual Restaurant, that's where we were teleported to, right? I'm also going to need to find some kind of gainful employment.. I can't just live on air and shadows.."

Devi snorts. "Sadly, you proabably can. But I don't know about Jobs. Twisted actually seems to absorb bits and pieces of collasping worlds. Stay away from Red portals, don't trust the flightless birds in the UR, never take wooden nickels.. Wait, no, that last one doesn't apply here."

Rick hmms, "Ok, back it up there a sec, what is a Red Portal? And well, how can I tell if a portal is Red, considering.. well, you know?" he gestrues to his own face.. Then he hmms, "I'll rephrase that then, I certainly do not WANT to live on just air and shadows."

Devi says, "Twisted not only absorbs collasping worlds, it also has managed to link with several that have unstable spots in time and space. The 'law' and I say that loosely, the law of Twisted is something called the Council. They employ TASK members. Police if you like the term better. Blue portals are worlds that have been , quote contaminated, by people of this world, or people that are not naturally from said world. We are free to go through those. Red portals are worlds that have not been contaminated. As far as seeing.. well, maybe the portals give off a diffrent vibe. I'm not sure, I never really felt them."

Rick hmms, "I see, and basically the rules are quite simple, don't go through portals into worlds that are so far uncontaminated? I don't suppose that at least most of the portals are guarded by these TASK officers?" smiling faintly, "If not, well, I guess probably just best to try and not step through any portals at all if I can help it.. At least I'm pretty certain I won't be able to shadowjump through one.. I've never been able to affect dimensional travel by shadowjumping before, anyways.."

Devi shakes her head. "Nope, no officers keeping an eye on them. I don't think they have the manpower for that. So, do you have any plans for your stay here on Twisted?" She finds it funny that even though there is a war brewing in Twisted, that people are still showing up. It's kina a novel thing.

Rick hmms, "I see, well then, perhaps the best thing for me to do would be to maybe find employment at a Dojo. Other than that, not really.. probably try to stay out of trouble.. help people if I can, that kind of thing.. I imagine I'll get into my fair share of scrapes considering what happened earlier. I get the distinct feeling from that that something even bigger is brewing though.."

Devi says, "Well, with the war and the powerhouses loading up for it, yeah. There's a lot of tension under the surface of all the social aspects to Twisted. And it'll be coming to a head soon."

Rick :blinks, "Whoa there.. War? I think you'd best tell me about this. "

Devi says, "Well, while Twisted has it's Council, there is also the flip side. We have Hell. A very large one, although one could say that any Hell is endless. They also have a council. They are black to Twisted's white. Each side wants whatever it is they want, and Twisted is going to be their battle zone. As I understand it, the gauntlet has been thrown, so it's only a matter of time. I need to start training, honestly enough."

Rick screws his face up in some obvious disgust... "This gives me a impression that perhaps it isn't so random that I was brought here then, was it? I know battle.. and it's an ugly thing, but I can fight. Hell, despite my blindness, fighting is perhaps the thing I am best at. I could possibly help you with training, if it is pure martial arts training you are after."

Devi says, "Well, normally, I'd say sure, but I'm afraid that I might not benifit from it. I use speed to my advantage. If my friend Arctus ever shows back up, he can help me. And I'm sure Caliga will drag me off somewhere and beat the hell outta me until I learn whatever he's teaching that day. Thanks for the offer though."

Rick hmms, and he nods, "i see. Fair enough. Regardless, I still could do with further honing my own skills.. " Then it looks asif a thought comes to him... "Oh.. I know this might sound a little bit odd, but if in your travels you encounter a large timber wolf, splash it with warm water, could you? If it comes to it, you will understand why when you do."

Devi says, "Uh, sure? That's kinda an odd request." She waves her hand in dismissial of it. "I'd offer to help you, but the most I could is sword fighting. I'm still a little stupid in that area. "

Rick grins, "Sword fighting? Fair enough.. You use your sword.. And i'll stick to my staff." he quickly pulls his hood back up, as he stands, shadows gathering in his hand to form the crystalline stave. "As to my odd request, you will understand, should it happen, trust me."

Devi pulls a katana out of thin air. Standing up, she cracks her neck and rolls her shoulders. Grinning, she settles into her stance, katana following the line of her body. "Alright then. Let's see what you got."

Rick chuckles, and then he ashes fast for Devi, thrusting with one end of his staff, a very simple, but fast opening move, just to see how Devi reacts to it.

Devi steps to the right, bring her sword up to push the staff to the left. Her eyes sparkle and Rick might feel her power rising.

Yes rick does feel Devi's power rising as his staff is pushed to one side, a motion he does not even try to resist, instead flowing with it to spin around rapidly to try and smack devi with an upwards spinning blow with the other end of his staff!

Devi draws herself up, legs together, letting the sword fall against the right curve of her arm. Letting the staff hit, she grins again. "Faster my boy, faster." She hops back, out of range. She turns her body, falling back into an L stance.

As the Katana drags upwards, one might almost hear Rick laughing as he is passing through Devi's shadow, to appear in the shadow of a nearby tree, "Oooh, close, you nearly had me." grinning, he steps out and suddenly hurls his staff towards Devi, almost like a crystalline javelin!

Devi ducks and laughs. "Ah, one of those then huh?" She laughs some more. "Your lucky we're not in a real fight." She remains crouched though, awaiting his next move.

Rick chuckles, "Don't get cocky." A split second later and his staff is replaced, "Come on, show me what you've got. " he holds his staff in a single handed stance, with the staff pointing towards the ground, away from Devi.

Devi says, "Do you want it serious or just playing around? I can dish it out almost any way you want it, dude." She grins, her hand flexing on the hilt. If he wants it all the way, she'll drop the katana and do what she does best.

Rick smiles, "Serious. Playing around neither of us will learn much, will we?" he alters his grip on the staff subtly, waiting for Devi's next move.

Devi drops the katana, and stands up. Flexing her fists, she laughs. "Ah, god, this is fun. Alrighty, me boy, get ready. I'll use what I use best." With that she blurs into motion.

Rick smirks, "I thought you said you didn't do martial arts?" as Devi blurs towards him though, he reacts quickly, with his free hand, he simply points to her, and says two words.. "Void Lightning." A blast of black lightning surges out towards Devi, or at least the ground in front of her. If hit, it will be like a police taser.

Hop and Devi is off the ground, her voice coming from diffrent points in the park as she hops around. "I said I don't teach or train. I never said I don't practice. It's my thing." She appears behid him, crouched, a fist bluring out to strike at the base of his spine.

The different places devi's voice comes from throw's Rick's perception off, allowing Devi's blow to catch him solidly, knocking him forwards, but he still manages to roll with the blow, grunting in some pain, "Practice is training.. And what better practice, than to fight somebody?" his staff winks out of existance as he comes back to his feet, and he settles into a basic, almost wrestling style stance, waiting for Devi to act, but this time, he's not just going to rely on his hearing to determine her location.

Devi says, "You might be my new best friend, friend." She kicks off again, walking on the air silently. She keeps her feet close to the ground though, aiming only for silence, not height. She eyes his stance, bringing her left leg up to snap kick towards his chest.

Rick smiles as Devi gets closer, feeling the air, and sensing her shadow's position, and when she lashes out with the snap kick, his hand are there to catch it, and he tries to yank her down hard into the ground, a simple counterattack, but perhaps one of the best.

Devi grins as he catches her feet, letting him drag it down. She pushes off the ground with the foot, attemting to use her other foot to slam into his back.

And the foot slams into his back, and he rolls down onto the ground himself, to come up again facing directly away from Devi, and he takes a moment to wait, yes, he is right now just standing there, facing away from Devi's position.

Devi turns towards him, waiting. "So, do you still want to continue?" She's actually having fun. She hasn't really gotten into an honest fight in a while, practive or not.

Rick chuckles, "Did I say to stop? Of course I want to continue. Come on." he doesn't alter his stance though, or even turn to face Devi. That might give her pause.

Devi grins. She doesn't answer, although she doesn't know what to make of the stance. Without much of an option, she moves forward, spinning around with her right leg to kick his sholder.

Rick smiles as Devi comes closer, and the second she adjusts to try and kick him in the shoulder he crouches and spins to try and sweep her legs out from under her, followed immediately by his rolling backwards before coming back up to his feet.

Devi makes an O face as he moves, her leg collasping under the force. Her back slams into the ground, followed by a grunt. Using her legs, she flips back to her feet, falling back into her stance. She moves forward, her left fist striking out at him, the right guarding her face.

Rick chuckles, he is now enjoying this, and as Devi lashes out with her left fist, he moves to simply defend against the blow, not retaliating with his own just now.

Devi stumbles backwards. "Ow. Sonofa.." She blurs, attacking him at varoius angles. A punch to the left shoulder from above, a upper cut to his abdomen, a sweeping kick to the back of his knees. She's got speed, if nothing else.

Rick smiles, then though he has to work overtime, trying to defend himself against the faster blows, the shoulder he manages to block, bt the uppercut catches him, which eaves him open to the sweeping kick, knocking him to the ground.. he grunts.. then as he picks himself up he laughs, "Well DONE! Damn you're good, devi!"

Devi breaths out. "You know, you ain't bad yourself. Say, you might be interested in where I train. When I train, which sadly, I'm getting lazy on. Do you know what a gravity chamber is?" She sounds excited.

Rick chuckles, getting fully to his feet, panting a moment, "I am interested, anyone who is as good as you, must have done a lot of training.. I haven't heard the term before, but I can guess that it is a chamber where gravity can be altered, increasedor decreased to various settings?"

Devi grins happily. "Yeah. Great strenght and speed training." She wiggles her eyebrows. "Interested?"

Rick nods, "Definitely. And a little bit of advice for you in the future.. if your opponent ever turns their back on you like I did, back off, expect them to be waiting to counterattack.. Otherwise only an idiot would turn their back on an opponent."

Devi blues over and grabs Rick's wrist. "Yeah." She grins wider. "I know." BAMF!

Grav Chamber

A standard DBZ Gravity Chamber, white walls with a pillar in the middle. The buttons on the panels light up when activated and are next to a large dial. This controls the gravity in the room. Weights sit tucked away in a courner, and there is a ladder leading down to the living area. The place is clean, but obviously someone lives here.

as he is grabbed and teleported, Rick takes a moment to gather himself for his reorientation. "Whoa.." then he chuckles, "It seems to me that teleportation is quite common here in Twisted, isn't it?"

Devi lets go of Rick, stepping away and spinning. "Welcome, to my training center." She leans on the console in the middle of the room, her fingers tapping. Thankfully because he can't see, he won't see her waver as she goes over. She's really gotta stop teleporting. "Yeah, it is. Best way to fly, I say. So, you might want to drop any heavy items you have on your persons."

Rick smirks, and he removes the trenchcoat, and with it the hood.. in it's place however, a sort of helm encapsulates his head, matt black and featureless. "Feels quite a sizable place, and pretty open. Not many shadows about. Aside from the ones we ourselves cast."

Devi laughs and turns the knob. The cylinder hums quietly as the gravity changes. "We'll start off slow. 2X the power of Earths gravtiy."

Rick hrms as he feels himself getting heavier, "Alright, I can definitely feel this.. it's going to take a lot of practice." he carefully assumes his basic fighting stance, "Perhaps best to start by practicing my Kata's in the higher gravity, or by sparring in it?"

Devi says, "Your kata? What's that?" She walks over to a cabinet and pulls out a set of ankle and wrist weights. She slides them over to Rick, they slide against his feet. She puts on her own pair..

Rick hmms, "You are not familiar with the term? A Kata is a basic series of exercises, usually done once or twice daily by a martial artist. you aren't telling me you do not have something similar, are you?"

Devi says, "I guess I am. I don't practice daily nor do I exercise in the morning." She jumps a little getting used to the added weight. Popping her neck again, she turns towards him. "Teacher threw me into 5X and gave me these... I had a very bad week.."

Rick nods, "I see. Quintuple gravity and weights, not fun when you aren't expecting it. Well, I can show you my Kata, to give you the basic idea if you like? I should be able to manage it without too much difficulty in this gravity, even with the weights.. heh, been years since I trained with weights.. not since I was about 14."

Devi says, "Yeah, it fuckin sucked." She growls lowly as she remembered it. "Lets see how ya do, Rick." She slides into her stance.

Rick smiles, and he begins, quite calmly with a basic rotation, between basic guard stances, an upper, mid, and lower stance, before twisting into a series of punches and elbow strikes, followed by a hitch-kick into a sweeping kick. At least that is the plan, the hitch kick is where it falls flat due to the additional weight, and he grunts, getting back to his feet, "Ok, I misjudged the force of the jump needed that time."

Devi grins. "Hey man, my first time, I crawled." She watches his movements though.

Rick nods, and he starts again, this time he gets it right, the hitch kick if anything him jumping a little higher than necessary, but he lands smoothly to spin into the sweep kick, into an inverted low guard stance. "well, that was in a much higher gravity, wasn't it? And it's all about practice, right?" above all else, the Kata is about moving from one move into the next as smoothly as possible, of course.

Devi says, "Yup. I need to start training again in high gravity. It was good for me." Actually, it's her favorite way to train.

Rick nods, "It is a good way to train, if I can get up to full speed in higher gravity, I shudder to think what I could do in normal or low grav environments.."

Devi flips onto her hands, balancing and walking crookedly around. She hops back to her feet. "Come on, lets see how you do." She moves to stand before him, her fists up and ready.

Rick nods, and he takes up his stance, turning to face Devi, "Alright." he then jumps towards devi, launching into a flurry of punches, alternating with his left and right as quickly as he can, one thing she might notice however, is that his punches are palm strikes, not with a closed fist.

Devi steps backwards using her hands block or to push them aside, choosing the right moment to try and grab his wrist. If she manages to get it, she'll spin under the arm and around him, twisting it slightly, and pushing him away immediately.

Rick is grabbed, and twisted, before pushed away, and he nods, "Ok." then he tries again, launching into a slightly faster flurry of alternating jabes, but after a bit, he adjusts his posture as if about to spin kick, though instead of doing that, he lashes out with a surprisingly quick left hook, using the additional weight to add to the momentum of the blow!

Devi dodges his jabs, and grins, leaning back to miss being hit by his swing. Well, she trys. Underestimating the weight and reach of Rick, he clips her chin, snapping her head to the side. "Wow, a man that'll hit a woman. Ain't that lovely?" She laughs and presses her attack forward, her fist darting out to try and stike him. "You ain't no english gent that I've ever seen!" She's clearly enjoying herself.

Rick chuckles, "Hey, being a gentleman's all well and good.. " he pulls back to corkscrew-grab the fist, "But in a life or death situation, what matters is staying alive!" following that, he tries to lash out and grab Devi by the throat in his right hand, not the firmest of grips, but enough to know that, should it impact, he could do so much mire.

Rick smirks inwardly, as he is pulled in, he tilts his own head down so that when Devi tries to headbutt him, it won't go well for her.. he was obviously thinking of going for the headbutt himself!

They bounce off each other, Devi's hands releasing as she steps backwards quickly. She squats her head in her hands. "Damn." She's up and moving againg, not stupid enough to expect someone to take it easy. She jumps, using her Ki to elevate her. She drops down from a good height towards him, her leg extended but braced for impact.

This is just one advantage to Rick being in his henshinned form.. when not wearing the trenchcoat, he has a helmet, protecting him from such impacts, and even as Devi leaps, he's formulating a strategy for how to handle it. he hunkers down, and as she comes down he twists, fighting defensively was always his best technique, to try and grab Devi by the foot and slam her sideways.. of course, if he misses the grab, it will result in him taking the full force of the dropkick and being slammed down hard!

Devi grins as he misses and she slams down upon him. She bounces gracefully off him, flipping to stand. Stripping off her trenchcoat and her shoes, she slides on a pair of soft house shoes, Japanese style. The kanji on her back glows as she pulls her power. Her hands start glowing purple as she starts forming a small ball of low power. She keeps her eyes trained on him, even over her shoulder.

Rick is slammed down into the ground hard, and he grunts.. "Ouch.. Damn! mistimed it!" he gets back to his feet though, taking up his stance, "I'm not out for the count yet though! This is just getting interesting!"

Devi says, "Hell YES!" She turns and charges towards him, throwing out her palm towards his chest, letting her other hand swing in a low upward strike. She doesn't actually make to hit him though, letting the small ball fly from her palm. If it hit him, it might knock the wind out of him.

As Devi rushes, Rick is himself already moving to his left, narrowly avoiding the ball, but he is swift to retaliate, with a short burst of his own black lightning! "Nice try. Void Lightning!"

Devi rolls to the side, getting back up on her feet. "God, now I feel like I'm in a bad action movie." She draw another ball of power though, sending it his way. It's larger then the last, and is kinda hot. AS soon as it's off, she vanishes, only to come back into view on the other side of the room.

Rick smirks, diving into his own shadow as Devi teleports, to reappear out of her own with a quick attempt at uppercutting her!

Devi is hit, and flys forwards. She pushes herself up and looks at him. "I've gotta pay more mind to the shadows then. You're not the only one that can hit me with it." She blues towards him, her hands flying as she punches. After she gets close enough, she snaps her knee up.

Rick chuckles, blocking the blows as neatly as he can, and he brings both hands down to try and stop the knee.. "Glad to help you get used to it then.. Always pays to be mindful of any potential threats.. Void Lightning." this is spoken, well, it is intended, while he is still in direct physical contact, and if he is quick enough, the electrical attack should have very little chance of being avoided at all.

Rick chuckles, blocking the blows as neatly as he can, and he brings both hands down to try and stop the knee.. "Glad to help you get used to it then.. Always pays to be mindful of any potential threats.. Void Lightning." this is spoken, well, it is intended, while he is still in direct physical contact, and if he is quick enough, the electrical attack should have very little chance of being avoided at all.

Devi gasps and is thrown back by his attack, her body boucning and sliding across the floor as the electricy flows through her and dissapates. "Ow." She lays there for a minute, flexing various muscles. "Ow." She pushes herself up, her muscles screaming at her after the shock. The weights are flung off her wrists as she massages one arm then the other. She looks up at him, her face elated. "Alrigh, my boy, that's enough for today I think. We're totally doing this again though. You'll get me back up to specs in no time." She groans as she forces her body to stand. Her leg snaps out, foot pointed, and the well aimmed weights are slung back to the cabniet.

Rick chuckles, removing his own weights, and he nods, "You know, I think I agree, Devi. And hell that was fun.. I think we both gained a lot from this, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship, so to speak.. Power Down." there is a flash, and Rick's outfit is replaced with a more casual pair of pants and a dark shirt, along with darkened glasses, in his hand there appears a cane, with a jet black handle.

Devi grins. "Alright, go to the Arm's hotel. Let 'em know you want a room. They'll give ya a key and it's all good." She chuckles. "Go on, get out."

Rick smiles, and he nods, shadowjumping out..

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