2010-01-25 (PreU) Cheeseburgers in Paradise...

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Cheeseburgers in Paradise...

Summary: Senior Diablo tracks down Caliga for a chat about the recent revelations from Concordance. When does this take place? Pfft. Doesn't matter. What matters is that it happened, and the two say a bit too much about plans going on in the background. On the other hand, we get to see a side of Twisted rarely visited. Jon Bone makes an appearence, setting the way for future RP in his establishment. In other words, if you don't know anything about this particular NPC - pay attention.

Who: Caliga, Senior_Diablo
When: January 25th, 2010
Where: BURGERS - Dining Room(#1928R)

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BURGERS - Dining Room(#1928R)

'Really Cheap' must refer to more than just the cost of the food here as the interior is nothing but the bare minimum. The front door opens up to the middle of a long room with a bar that runs almost the entire length of it. Several barstools run along the counter and an old jukebox sits in the corner. Except for the trashcan by the door - that's it. Everything seems to be tucked behind the bar or in the kitchen in the back. They must not expect a lot of buisness in the middle of nowhere. Before anyone tries it, there's no way to get behind the bar without jumping the counter or going through the kitchen, and if you ever got a good look at Jon Bone or his wife, the pig-people that run the place, you might think twice before trying it.

The dining room of the resturante seems to be empty as usual, not even the pig-people who run it seem to be about, only heard poking about in the kitchen. Standing infront of the jukebox however, is Caliga, who seems to be deep in thought about just what songs may be good to listen to on the retched thing.

Even with his attention tied to the jukebox, Caliga will likely realise the sudden pressence of Senior Diablo appearing in the doorway as he arrives in his usual fair of ominious evil and moving shadows. Being a demon without a need to injest anything to continue his existance, it's rare to see him in a place such as this. None the less fat pigman known as Jon Bone takes one look at him and smiiiiiles. "Well, well, well. Ain't seen you around these here parts in quite some time. Your usual glass of milk and a burger, oh dark one?"

Senior Diablo's form flickers into that of a tall red cat for the briefest of moments as recognition crawls across his mind. With a smile that would give the most courageous of beings nightmares, the devil slinks over to the bar and sits down. "Just the burger today, Jon Bone. Oh, and do give your wife my reguards. I'm here on buisness but it's hard not to accept one of her amazing meals..." His eyes glance over to Caliga, waiting paitently for his attention.

Caliga quickly pops a quarter into the jukebox, as Johnny Cash's Burning Ring of Fire slowly starts to fill the room. "Well hello there hornhead. I was wonderin' when you'd come and see me." He moves back to the bar, and sits down next to Diablo, staring at the wall behind the bar. "Mind if I get a coke, Mister Bone? Maybe a burger as well. I've heard they're the best in all of Nowhere."

Jon Bone smiles warmly at Caliga and nods his head. "Oh yes, indeedy they are! Best in all of Twisted for that matter! I'll get the missus right on that." Snorting happily to himself he sets a bottle of Coke on the counter, flicking the cap off with his hoove before waddling back into the kitchen.

Senior Diablo's eyebrow arches as Caliga sits down beside him. "Expecting me, eh? You'll forgive me if I find that hard to believe." A moment of thought and the demon 'ah's, "Oh, right. The whole smashing your way into my council chambers ordeal? Not a worry to me. It was a slow day after all." Plucking a cup of wine out of the air he sips, setting it down before him. "No, no. I'm here on a diffrent matter. Word is you and..." His eyes narrow as he forces the name passed his lips, "Concordance... have become a bit of an item. Are you aware what your Concubine has been doing behind your back?"

"Wasn't worried about that one at all. Figured if you were pissy, you'd already have done somethin' about it." Caliga reaches out and grabs the bottle of coke, taking a long drink from the bottle. He sets the bottle back down on the counter, seemingly losing himself in thought for a few moments. "Not in the slightest. I know she has something big planned, to where she'll do something that involves all of Twisted. Which if its outright destruction, I'll stop her." He scratches the back of his head for a few moments, before nodding. "I take it she spoke to you?"

Senior Diablo shakes his head slightly before explaining, "No, no... she sent one of her lackies down into Hell looking for me. Had I waited a moment longer she'd have probably stormed her way into the Council Chambers same as you did." He pauses on an after thought, thinking aloud, "Maybe it's about time we had a door put in...?" Smiling at his own words, the demon goes back to the conversation, "She's requested a war. To spare you the bother of decoding my rather cryptic flair, she's asked that I drag all of Hell onto the streets of Twisted to start a war so that she may come down from her grand high-horse and become a 'God' in the eyes of the people." He lowers his breath, killing some of the enthusiasm he gained while speaking in the proceess. "Her words... not mine."

The smell of cooking meat slowly penetrates the dining room as the burgers are being prepared. In the dim light of the kitchen Jon Bone can be seen prancing around while humming to himself. Such a strange man.

"Seriously? I thought I was the only one who got away with things like that?" Caliga seems to be rather amused by this as he takes another drink from the bottle. He scratches the side of his face for a few moments, trying to figure out just how to handle this new information. "So what do you intend to do? Play the sterotypical villian like the devil should be?"

Senior Diablo laughs, almost spilling his drink as he picks up his glass to take another sip. "Now where would the fun be if I went and did that?" Taking a sip he puts the glass down again. "No, I have my plans. First and formost making her think I'm happy to go along with her little game while I wait for her to drop her guard. As you can imagine I've already made quite a number of plans in that reguard."

Before he can say another word the pigman returns, setting a plate of before each of them. On each plate a burger the size of the plate sculpted into the likeness of the person who sits before them. Well, mostly. Diablo's looks like the cat his form flickered into earlier.

Senior Diablo smiles, "Ahhh, excelent as usual! My compliments! Now if it only tastes as good as it looks..." Putting the top on the burger Diablo takes a bite, chewing it thoughtfully. "Excelent. Most excelent. A shame you've never taken my offer to help you gain popularity for your amazing meals."

Jon Bone smiles back, "Well now, you know the missus. She'd rather do it herself if she's going to do it at all. Now you two enjoy. It's on the house tonight."

Senior Diablo smiles again after another bite. "Thank you very much! I shall sing your praises before the next person I meet." Kinda creepy, ain't it folks? Diablo turns back towards Caliga after another bite. "As I was saying... I know your not in it for her looks. I think we all know better than that. But I need to ask if you'll do me the favor of making sure when the time comes she vacates her Council Chambers and takes the rest of that riff-raff with her. I guarantee it'll be a surprise beyond her expectations..."

"Eh." Caliga takes a bite from his burger, savoring the taste. "Mister Bone, my compliments. This truly is one of the best burgers I've ever had." He mulls over Diablo's words in the back of his head for a few minutes, leaving the devil to enjoy his burger as well, before setting his food down. "You do know I'd prefer for there to be no bloodshed on either side. Its far to much hassle for me to really lean either way. If it involves destruction from either side.. I'll most likely stand against the both of you. Which I guess will fulfill your wish... Connie on her own couldn't take me down. She'd need the entire council if I went on a rampage tryin' to stop them and or kill them. Again."

Senior Diablo nods at his words, smiling as he gives the demon another turn to speak. "No, no. I could try to persuade you one way or the other, and it would get us nowhere. I don't expect you to help me, I don't expect you to give me the time of day. We are basically in the same position you and I, I simply try a bit harder to maintain the balance of things. At least, from my perspective." His voice lowers and he leans closer to Caliga. "But imagine if you will, the chaos that will ensue and the confusion upon the minds of everyone involved if you DIDN'T oppose me?" He leans back, taking a sip of his drink before going on. "I'd rather see the guilty punished and the innocent go free. I'd rather see the worlds united rather than kept apart. If you where truely against such a thing I hardly think you would be here now. We both know we can each come and go as we please... If my plan works, that goal will come even faster than I could ever have hoped to plan, and beyond that... The only way she'd be able to stop it is to bring her own master forth letting us finally see what horrors lurk above her." He takes another bite of his burger, nearly finishing the massive thing off. "You know that tempts you. You'd be lying if you said otherwise."

"Right. We'd go in circles forever. We agree entirely upon that at least." Caliga sighs loudly before turning to stare Diablo directly in his eyes. "I won't risk Twisted being changed from how it is now. At least with that point I side with Twisted's council on. I side with yours on other points, like unifacation, and making sure all are taken care of, instead of whats directly infront of you. See? Always in circles." He purposely avoids the mentioning of Concordance's master, knowing full well that is something else to be dealt with. "I won't answer that. I'd prefer not to see her go. She has much potential, if she were to realize that duty and all that stupid shit makes no sense when.. well.. You're us. We're above that. We either are power hungry tyrants, or we try to make ourselves of use in some form or another, and push people along into bettering themselves somehow."

Senior Diablo nods his head along with Caliga's words. There's no denying the truth in them. "Well put, and to think you hide such insight from those around you. No matter, I came mostly to warn you of what will happen rather than to persuade you. Plus we both recieved a rather delicious meal for our trouble. I'd hardly call that a wasted visit. We should do this more often!" Diablo dabs his mouth with a napkin before setting upon his empty plate. His wineglass simply disolving away into nothingness at the same time. He stands taking a short bow to Caliga before continuing, "I do hope you'll at least consider persuading her not to leave anyone behind when the chaos breaks loose upon the streets. How you do it or why are of no concern to me. But of course with another domain obtained, another seat will open. If someone like you where to join, I'm sure you could help keep us in check." He smiles again with that wicked smile of his before turning towards the door. "Until next we meet, Satanas..."

"Temptin' Diablo. Very temptin'... But I have other matters to attend to before thinking about joinin' a council again." Caliga rises from the bar, leaving a twenty dollar bill upon it. "Indeed, it was quite good. I'll have to come back some time Mister Bone." He makes his way to stand next to Diablo, only to move past him through the door. "I'm sure you and I will talk again sometime or another Mister Devil. Maybe I'll get a nice jacket from you too." He then suddenly vanishes from sight, leaving Diablo standing there in the doorway of the resturant.

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