2010-01-26 (PreU) House Calls are for the Humans

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House Calls are for the Humans

Summary: So, Caliga and Cale, and Rick and I had a scene yesterday. Caliga is responsible for posting the first half of it, because I wasn't there. The second half of it is just Rick and I, -A time for friends and Foes-. This log is part of the aftermath. Cale comes to see Devi to let her know he's ok.

Who: Cale_Satanas, Devi
When: January 26th, 2010
Where: Grav Chamber, Housing District

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Grav Chamber

A standard DBZ Gravity Chamber, white walls with a pillar in the middle. The buttons on the panels light up when activated and are next to a large dial. This controls the gravity in the room. Weights sit tucked away in a courner, and there is a ladder leading down to the living area. The place is clean, but obviously someone lives here.

Devi sits against a wall, rubbing something into her arms and legs. She's dressed in shorts and a tank top, a bottle of water next to her, and her hair pulled back.

A series of lines in a vaguely humanoid shape appears in the center of the room. A high pitched sound fills the air as Cale Satanas comes into being with two fingers pressed to his forehead. His hair is short and spiked up except for a small lock just to the left of the center of his hairline. He opens his eyes, revealing a startling yellow-gold where once was red and black. He wears a mesh tank top and a loose baggy pants tucked into some formidable boots that are capped with metal. He still wears a pair of black leather gloves, his right one stained with dry blood. He offers a weak smile towards Devi, "Hey..."

Devi looks up, gasps and jolts to her feet. She steps towards him, then stops, overlooking his outfit. Her hands hang loosly at her side, her face scrunching up quizzically. Devi's mouth works, but no words come out. She extends her hands in question, words stolen from her.

Cale_Satanas shrugs, "My father ripped the demon half of me out. I'm all human now." He studies his hands and notices the dried blood, "Hurt like a bitch, but...I'm feeling more alive now than I've felt before. But the loss of my eyes...Without the sharingan I feel blind..." He sighs and paces slightly, "It's a little weird to see the world this way though..." He stops and turns back to her, "I'm sorry. I'm not sure if I was wrong about my plan, but I know I was wrong about how I was treating people."

Devi tilts her head to the side, then shakes it. "So, does this mean your ok? And what do you mean treating people?" She sits down indian style on the air and looks at him. "What.. happened? Before? With you and Caliga?"

Cale_Satanas sighs, "I'm fine...just...different. I was treating people as obstacles, and cutting them out of the loop." He crosses his arms before putting on hand to his chin, "Caliga pulled the dark energy and my demon half right out of me and tried to absorb it. The sword I gave you was used at one point to kill him. When I stabbed him with it to kill him it was tainted. I had a feeling the special properties would sort of...leech out the darkness. I was right. It now houses the demon side of me. When my father teleported us out he took us someplace we could talk. When I woke up...I threw up blood...and then we talked." He leans against a wall, obviously a little tired.

Devi says, "I.. I don't know what to say." She crosses her arms. "I'm glad your ok, but.. why'd you come here? You.. well... you seem like you'd go off and get your thoughts in order before you came to anyone." She eyes him. "Are you sure you're ok? Maybe you should... sit down or something.."

The man almost visibly slumps, "No, I don't want to sit. I'm ok, and I don't really have any place to go. I can get back home...but I don't want to go back there just yet. I'm not sure how the demons will react to a Human ruler." He sighs and puts his face in his hand.

Devi walks over to him, her hands clasped behind her back. "Then stay here. I've got an extra bunk." She trails off... "How much does... does this change your powers? How are you going to rule, being all human?"

Cale_Satanas smiles, revealing perfectly normal human teeth instead of the sharp incisors he once had, "THat...would be helpful, thank you." He shrugs, "I don't have any of the powers the Sharingan gave me. I can't screw with peoples heads, I can't copy technique. I can't control anything or anyone. I...I'm not as strong as I was before I pulled power out of the crystal...but I only lost a little power. The demon side gave me strange abilities, but the human side gave me my power....which means I should still be able to take on all of the demons if one of them tries to challenge me...I think I'll have to ask PIccolo for help." He sighs, "So much....so much to do."

Devi says, "Well, it's not like I don't owe ya." She grins at him, but it fades a minute later. "If there is anything else that I can help with... you know I'm good for it." She doesn't pity him, she respects him to much, but she's still there for him. She pads into the room to the side, returning with her own baggy cargo pants. She grins. "We could share ghost stories. It'll be a sleepover." Her grin fades after a moment. "I just don't know if I'm supposed to be happy or sad. I think I'm still kinda stuck in the worried stage."

Cale_Satanas opens his mouth to speak and then closes it as he collects his thoughts. He starts again after offering a weak smile, "Whatever happens, I'll be fine. I just won't have a million voices screaming in my head or something trying to force me to kill everything I see...I suppose it's sort of a good thing...even if it feels like I've been handicapped in some way." He stops to think a moment, "As for ghost stories, I'm not sure I have any...mostly because I hang around them so much they don't hold any mystery to me."

Devi says, "Well, hey, at least I don't feel so alone in that then. And 'I'll be fine' doesn't mean 'I am fine'." She's still going to worry about him anyway.

Cale_Satanas shakes his head, "I am fine. I'm technicaly healthier than I've ever been. I'm just a little off balance." He smiles, "But maybe I could use that seat."

Devi walks off into the kitchen to return with a seat for him. She sets it next to him, then goes back to her former spot. "Well, maybe after a night of rest you'll feel better." She looks at him. "You look diffrent, I never would have guessed yellow as your natural eye color..."

Cale_Satanas smiles as he takes a seat, "I'm not sure yellow is a normal color anyway...someone once told me it marked excellence, but I'm not sure if I believe that." He reaches up to his head, "As for the hair..I needed a change of pace. New me, new do...and my coat was covered in blood, so...yeah."

Devi says, "I don't think it is. And.. well, the hair suits ya, at least. If your going to change your look...." She doesn't think he really had a choice in it. "You look younger at least. Now I can't give you shit for being old, huh?"

Cale chuckles, "I'm barely older than you...maybe. You might actually be older than I am...." He eyes her, "so how does that make you feel, old woman?"

Devi snorts. "No way. You're -Definatly- older then me." She laughs, shoving her hands in her pockets. Yeah, kinda awkward. She knows how to deal with Teacher, but not with this new Cale yet. She gets to learn him all over again, which, the idea doesn't sound too bad. But it leads to these lovely awkward bits.

Cale_Satanas smirks, "Do I seem that much older? You realize I'm only Twenty-Two." He leans back to see her reaction to that. Of course he's seen and done alot of shit in his time.

Devi looks shocked. "Holy Crap. I must have started late in the game then. Damn." She looks lost in thought for a moment. "Ah well, this 'old woman' needs her sleep." She mutters under her breath. "I'm going to turn out like the Queen at this rate." She turns back to him, having walked away a bit. "You know the lay out, there is food in the fridge, and the bed is already made." She waits a moment before she says softly, "Your always welcome here, if you need a place to stay."

Cale_Satanas nods and smiles, "Thank you but ths will probably be only for tonight. I have alot to work to do to find an alternate way of stopping Aegis Ken if he ever comes to pass." He stands from the chair and looks towards the bed, "Thanks again, and I'm sorry for causing you worry."

Devi lifts her head. "The offer stands at any rate." She starts walking into the bunk room. "And you've always given me cause to worry Cale, you silly boy." She smirks and vanishes into the room.

Cale_Satanas chuckles and shake his head as he heads towards his own bed, "Well...I wonder if I dream now...I always wondered what that was like." He stops, "Silly Boy? She seems to forget there's still alot I've yet to show her..."

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