2010-01-27 (PreU) Devi on a half turtle shell

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Devi on a half turtle shell.

Summary: Devi goes home to train and gets surprised by Caliga and Vash.

Who: Arctus, Cale_Satanas, Caliga, Devi, Vash_Kobayashi
When: January 27th, 2010
Where: Grav Chamber

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Grav Chamber

A standard DBZ Gravity Chamber, white walls with a pillar in the middle. The buttons on the panels light up when activated and are next to a large dial. This controls the gravity in the room. Weights sit tucked away in a courner, and there is a ladder leading down to the living area. The place is clean, but obviously someone lives here.

Devi walks in the door of the Grav Chamber, sighs and kicks off her boots. She shrugs her trenchcoat off, hanging it on the reinforced coat rack. "I think I might start weighin down my clothes. It might give me something to work on." She walks over to the console, and turns the gravity up. 1,2,3,4,5,20x Gravity. She hops and sighs, kicking it up tp 50x. "That should be fine."

Arctus climbs up from the living area and hrms, "You realize that if you enter the hyperbolic time chamber the gravity will be much, much higher than this. You'll want to do at least 400x with heavy weights to build up your speed as well." He stretches lightly, his tail flicking about lightly, like he has way too much energy.

Devi shrugs, cranking the knob. The numbers fly by but eventually stop at 400x. She gasps and is pulled down to one knee. "See I told you I needed to train." She forces herself up to her feet and walks woodenly over to the cabniet.

Arctus chuckles and bounces about before moving over to the weights, "Hrmm....I wonder what I should try today while you get used to the gravity. I'm eager to see if you've picked up any new tricks."

Devi picks up some of the free weights and sits down on a bench, curling a small one. "Not really. Hell, I havn't been doing anything. No training, no practice. I got into a faux fight the other day, which was fun, though, the guy shouldn't have been able to touch me." She scoffs. "He's decent through, and his attack hurt like a bitch." She switches hands. "Arty, Cale and Caliga are talking about putting me through more training. Training with Vash."

Arctus takes the largest weight on the wall and lifts it with a finger and frowns, "Vash is a bit of a...ladies man, but he's got a pretty broad base of knowledge. what is it that you're trying to be taught?" He tosses the weight over his head and catches it with his tail.

"Just an actual foundation." Caliga suddenly appears with a rather large burlapse sack over his shoulder. 'I think you could also benefit from the training yourself, Popsicle." He drops the burlapse sack down on the floor of the gravity chamber, which causes the entire room to shake violently. A muffled grumble comes from within the sack. "Hey! I thought I told you to keep quiet! You're ruining christmas all over again!"

Devi frowns at Caliga. Sighing, she shakes her head, switching her weight to a heavier one, but it's still part of the light pack. The words that she was going to say stick in her throat. "Did you kidnap Santa again?"

Arctus turns to look towards Caliga, "You realize I've been training with Caden, right? My goal is to be able to best Kaldrath in a fight. I've not been resting on my laurels." He studies both of them as he lifts the weight with his tail. "I've even picked up a couple of tricks." He looks down at the sac, "And who did you put in the sack to make it thud like that?"

The sack starts to thrash about violently, until Caliga slams his foot down upon it, pinning it in place. "Oh, no one important. Though if you squint your eyes really tight, and ignore the fact he's as green as a beanstalk, then he could pass for Santa. He's just that old." The sack starts thrashing beneath the foot, as Caliga puts a little more pressure on it. "Well, look at it like this. You'll be learning from Kaldrath's partner. The only being who Kaldrath really trusts to watch his back. Kaldrath also learned some from Vash and Muten Roshi. So it could be beneficial to you as well."

Devi sighs. Setting the weight down, she walks into the kitchen and pulls out a bottlee of Sake. Popping the cork out, she takes a deep swig.

Arctus lets the weight fall from his tail and then looks over at Devi before turning to Caliga, "What about sensei?" His tail twitches, obviously slightly agitated.

A muffled growl comes from within the bag, then goes still. "Of course, it won't be happening on my world. It'll happen here. Thats why my special friend in the bag is with me, even though he's not supposed to leave his house unless its a dire emergency. As for Cale... I would like for him to go through this with you two as well. The choice is his completely however, as he's free from any duties to me. Of course, this isn't coming from him. This is coming from me. I would like all three of you to do this. Each of you will benefit immensely from this training. It'll be another thing that'll be ingrained into your bodies, and not just your minds. It'll come as naturally as breathing to you. Because your bodies will believe it happened years and years ago... Vash has already agreed to it. You two would be his first actual students, so treat him well. However, you couldn't ask for a better teacher. You'll learn things you never imagined by taking his knowledge and applying it. So. What do the two of you say? You both in?"

Devi drinks deeply and re-corks the bottle, putting it back where she found it. "Sure. Why not." She walks back out into the main area. "What about you Arctus? Will you come and save my ass in a literal manner from being groped and otherwise violated?"

Arctus tilts his head and shrugs, "Sure, why not. I might pick up a couple of tecniques and learn more about Kaldrath." His tail does a sort of twist as he walks over to Devi, "I'm sure Sensei will show up as well. At least to show us a thing or two."

"Of course... This will be by far some of the toughest and most unrelenting training any of... well.. you two at least, have gone through." A loud groan comes from the sack, which uprights itself. Caliga nods his head before looking at the sack. "You know what to do Fae. All of 'em have been found. Remember the specific wording. DON'T FORGET THE WORDING... Wait, you think I should.. yeah.. Wait until I give you the signal. I need to ask Cale first. I did release him from all this..." The sack vanishes, as Vash Kobayashi suddenly appears, a slight grin on his face. "Well. So, the hottie, the icer, and Cale-sama?" He seems to be enjoying the prospects of this before Caliga holds up his hand. "No. You're looking at a little girl, her alien friend, and my young healthy son. We'll get to the specifics of that. I've gone to great trouble creating the perfect spot for this training, so make good use of it.. Each of you."

Devi arches her eyebrows and looks over at Arctus. "Hottie? And I'm not sure if Cale will show up.." She folds her arms and looks over Vash. "You're not very big are you...." She's also used to the big massives of that world.

Arctus looks over at Devi, "He's not far off from the truth...but a little girl? Young healthy son?" He looks back to Caliga and then back to Devi," Why wouldn't he show up?"

"Yep. A little girl, her pal, and a healthy son." Caliga grins slightly as the room around them starts to ripple, the gravity immediatly returning to that of Earth's. Of course, this doesn't seem to phase neither Caliga or Vash in the slightest. The walls fall down, revealing a large island, that seems to be sparcely populated. The group however, is standing infront of the Kame House, which seems to have been moved from its lonely little island, to the large populated island near it. He closes his eyes for a moment, then nods. "Cale's coming." Vash smiles as he starts glancing about, reminiscing about the time he spent on this island growing up. "Well. For a part of Twisted thats been changed like this... I'm surprisd it was pulled off on such short notice.."

Cale_Satanas appears suddenly, two fingers on his forehead. He looks about, "Wuh...how did this get onto Twisted?" He looks over at Devi and smiles. He nods to Arctus, "Hello, Arctus."

Devi grabs her stomach as the world churs. "Ick." After a moment, she straitens again, taking a moment to take in the sight. "What is this? Where is this.. Is this still Twisted?" She looks over, suprised that Cale's even here.

"This.. is a part of our world. Well, specifically, Vash's world. This island, is the larger island thats populated near Turtle Island, which is where Muten Roshi lives. It's been connected to Twisted solely for your training. Now." Caliga turns and stares directly at Cale. "I want you to go through this training as well, Cale. I believe it would be beneficial to you as well as your pupils." Vash starts grinning even more as he rushes into the house, rumiging about for a few minutes. He comes back out with a rather large and imposing box, which he drops onto the ground infront of him, causing a large cloud of dust to kick up off the ground. "Found it!"

Arctus blinks in surprise as he sees Cale's appearance, "Sensei?" He looks back over at Caliga, Vash, and Devi, before looking back at his teacher, "What happened?"

Cale_Satanas shakes his head, "Long story. I'm human now and lacking some of my more supernatural abilities." He looks over at Caliga, "And I was thinking the same thing, Father."

Devi ohs and aws in appropriation. "Can we have Turtle soup?" She shimmers slightly, her boots on her feet and her trenchcoat on. "Couldn't even let me get my jacket, eh?"

Vash suddenly clears his throat, as the skies above Twisted start to grow dark. Caliga seemingly has snuck off, leaving Vash all alone with the trio. "Right now, Caliga is with Earth's Kami, who is summoning Shenron. The Kamesennin school isn't a place where we teach you martial arts. We teach you only the basics. Where you go from there is completely up to what feels natural. After the wish is made, from this point on, you're to act your age. Arctus, you're to act like Cale and Devi. Everyone here is rather open minded, so you won't run into any real problems with being an Icer." He reaches into the box, and pulls a large pink shell out from within it. He seems to struggle slightly from the weight, as the world around them slowly begins to distort. "Now, its like we're in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The second and third wishes are about to happen.. The second one is important. Remember, you're all now eleven. But only for the next year." The trio will suddenly notice that Vash seems to get a bit taller then them, and eveything around them seems to grow just a bit larger...

Arctus looks to either side of him at Devi and Cale, "Ummmm....Eleven? Oh no....I don't want to be a kid again!" He croses his arms and frowns.

Cale_Satanas looks down at himself, and then over at Caliga, "Great....at least this time I'm not covered in blood or running arond with a murdering psychopath...even if I was the worst of the two of us."

Devi looks rather riduculos in her overly large clothes, coat and boots. "Oh you are fuckin joking me...." She clenches her fist, her outfit shriking back to a proper size. "Why 11? 11 Sucked. Badly." She scowls.

Arctus looks over at Devi, "Eleven is when I found out that I was horribly weak in comparison to my mates. After combat training, we all started to have to fight eachoter to determine pecking order. I was dead last from eleven till after we met." He sighs and seems to slump.

"Eleven is the age most people enter advanced training on Earth. Well, my earth. They start usually at four in basic classes, move forward for a few years, then start the really advanced things then. The Kamesennin school, really is just something that focuses solely on the basics, and making them something that comes naturally. Like breathing." Vash tosses the shell at Cale, seemingly having adjusted fully to the gravity swap. "And before you get freaked out... It'll seem like only a week. Thats how fast this year is going to fly by. You'll think time is dragging on and on.. but before you know it.. Its over. Now, because you guys don't need the studying that I did.. we're going to cut a part of the training out, and replace it with something else." The blonde man scratches his head and pulls two more shells out from the box, handing one to Devi and one to Arctus. "You'll notice immediatly what they're for. If you don't, well.. You'll find out rather quickly." He looks at the sky and nods, as the sun still seems to be rising in the far east. "Good. We'll get a full days training then." He reaches into the box and pulls out a forth shell, which he slides the shell onto his shoulders, slightly hunched over. "Whooo.. Forgot how heavy these things are at first.."

Cale_Satanas oofs as he catches the shell and struggles to pull it on, "Gah...it weakened us too...great. As if I wanted to get zapped by eyebeams again." He stretches to try to get used to teh weight of the heavy shell.

Devi spits. "Does this mean I can whoop your ass again, like when we first met?" As the shell falls in front of her, she looks at Vash from under her bangs. "No. I am not wearing such a retarded thing." Looks like maybe Devi's reverted a bit along with the change.

Arctus looks at the shell and sighs, picking it up and curses a bit under his breath. He slides it on and sits there, hunched a bit more than Cale is, "This is so stupid...and no, I can take you at this point unless you have some sort of martial arts training. I was already trained to kill at this point." He strains a bit under the shell's weight, "I think they weakened me though, or gave me a heavier shell or something. THis shouldn't have been too bad for me at eleven....even a weak icer is extremely powerful for earth standards..."

"Devi, you want to wear it. It looks silly, but it serves a very good purpose. Trust me." Vash straightens upright fully, and glances at the sky again. "We need to hurry. Or we're going to be late." He starts jogging in place, before speaking once again. "Oh, right. Don't use your ki. This is purely physical. Your body is going to be pushed far beyond its limits, and once all is said and done, you'll notice just how large of a change it is." He starts to jog a little further ahead of them, until he's a few feet in the lead. "Of course, unless you're too chicken to wear it, and let Cale and Arctus become better then you at everything."

Cale_Satanas hmphs as Vash starts to jog off, "Oh god, you're not making us run in these things at this level of power?" He grunts and looks over at the other two, "I suppose...we're gonna have to do as he says." He starts to trudge towards Vash, muttering under his breath, "I was NEVER this weak."

Devi growls and looks at the shell. "I can not belive I'm doing this." She hauls it up on her back, cussing under her breath. She begins jogging, or a close proximation of it. A steady steam of dirty words flows out of her mouth. "Let them be better at everything, my ass. Chicken. HA! Bullshit."

Arctus looks after Devi and visible slumps farther before he starts to shuffle off after the other two, "Gah, I've already been through these things or something similar. I just wanted to find out about Kaldrath and keep your pervy hands off of Devi!"

"Of course not. We're going to take it easy today. It won't be so bad." Vash stops once more, continuing to jog in place. "I wasn't the only one who was doing this at this age. Caden and Koe-- The former master of the Tsurusennin school were doing things like this. Now. For the first mile.. We're going to do a light jog. Make sure you keep up. I don't need you guys getting lost." With that, Vash starts moving once more, quickly making his way down a well worn path. "Those who get lost don't eat! So if you want to eat, make sure you keep up! No cheating either."

Cale_Satanas jogs towards Vash, "Gah...that's what I'm feeling...hungry. I've not been truly hungry in ages..." He looks behind him to flash a child like grin towards Devi, "It could be worse. We could be being tossed into a volcano right now."

Devi says, "MILE?!?!?! And why the hell do we have to be eleven to do this!?!?!" >.< "Being burned might be better." She lowers her head, and trys to pick up the pace. She makes a mental note to thank Arctus for watching her ass in this, after this is all over.

Arctus chuckles between huffing breaths as he follows after them, "Hey...you were cute at eleven. For a human."

"As an adult.. Your body has a very hard time remembering things. Children, especially right as they're about to hit puberty and enter adulthood, have the easiest time. Their bodies already are use to it, and remember it, and make sure the new stuff has it ingrained. Now. Talking makes it harder to start with.. So lets all enjoy the scenery until we finish the mile." Vash grins slightly as he slowly seems to break away from the pack, moving ever so slightly faster and faster, until he's a good deal ahead of them.

Cale_Satanas huffs and puffs as he follows after Vash, determined not to get left behind.

Devi says, "Meh." She pushes and jogs a bit fast, trying desperately to catch up. Food is very important to her, and she knows that she'll be dead starving at the end of this....

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