2010-01-28 (PreU) Unleashing the twin terrors

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Unleashing the twin terrors

Summary: A crowd forms as Oblivion forces something horrific to enter our world. As chaotic as Twisted already is, will anyone be prepared for what nightmares have been brought forth? Only time will tell. For the benefit of those who don't know a foreign tounge, or just are too lazy to look stuff up using Google Language Tools, subtitles have been provided. - Not that they will do much good.

Who: Azul_y_Rosa, Caliga, Oblivion, Rick, Wolfe
When: January 28th, 2010
Where: Nowhereto Park - Playground(#2927R)

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Nowhereto Park - Playground(#2927R)

Aside from some simple, standard playground equipment there isn't much to see here. However, it should be noted that to the north of here the trees die off, the water seems to abruptly stop, and once the grass dies there seems to be nothing but an endless wasteland. Is this a side effect of Twisted, or something more sinister? One might never know without going to see for themselves.

[!]From the small playground in the park, a large beam of energy shoots into the sky, visible for miles around. Those able to sense evil get headaches, its so strong!

Oblivion begins channeling the evil energy from a strange, albeit small, portal, light shooting into the sky.

The ground cracks around the base of the energy blast. The water tries to crash against the shore backwards. A dog suddenly becomes a cat. Wait, how is this diffrent than any other day?

Oblivion smiles evily. As he focuses, and energy pours from the small portal, it begins to grow larger.....

Backward voices echo from the air itself. Something dark is coming. Something evil... Something bekoning Oblivion's call. If only someone would stop him before it's too late!

While unable to see the light, Rick is able to sense the evil, from the other side of Twisted. Transforming into the void knight, he steps into a shadow, to emerge in the shadow of one of the slides in the playground, a dark figure, clad in a trenchcoat, a stave of utter blackness held in his right hand. "This mmust stop." he states, in quite a loud, strong voice.

From the treetops, staring down at Oblivion, five overweight hair covered men dressed in Sailor Fukus all point down at Oblivion. One wearing glasses and having a blue fuku suddenly starts posing, yelling down at Oblivion at the top of his lungs. "STOP THIS EVIL, FOUL CREATURE! FOR WE COMMAND YOU, IN THE NAME OF OTAKU! OTAKU FORCE FIVE! ASSEMBLE!"

Oblivion s evil smile intensifies, as he looks from one to the other "Sailor Bubba and the weight-watcher patrol. Oh no. whatever shall i do!". Hes too amused with them to respond to the void knight. He does not, however, stop channeling

Sparks come from the building powers as a tear rips across the sky. Gummydrops and candycorn begin to rain down upon the gathering crowd. A high-pitched voice echoes out, "Yooooouu caaaan't stoooop. It's too dangerous!! You have to slow dooooown fiiiiirst! Spaceballs es una muy buena película!" Is this the voice of that approaching darkness? Well, let's hope not.

Spaceballs is a great film!

"OTAKU BLUE!" The blue fuku wearing Otaku suddenly leaps into the air, as two more leap into the air to join him, one in yellow, the other in black. "OTAKU YELLOW! NYAH!" "OTAKU BLACK, DAIJOBOU!" The last two Otaku Force Five members suddenly jump forward, pulling out thick books. "OTAKU SABER!" "AND OTAKU OTAKU! TOGETHER WE FORM.." The five of them land before Oblivion, each in various Ginyu Force-esque poses, "OTAKU FORCE FIVE! JAAAN~"

As he is ignored, Void knight inclines his head for a moment towards Oblivion, before he raises his staff. "Very well. if you will not stop. I shall be forced to stop you. Shadow Strike!" A blast of absolute blackness rockets towards oblivion from the tip of his staff, A blast of void energy.

Oblivion's eyes flash redder than usual, and an explosion of energy occurs from the ground beneath the Bubba Brigade. The blast from the void knight strikes him, and he winces slightly, but otherwise seems mostly unharmed "Aaawww.... i just waxed that spot!". Another explosion occurs from the ground beneath the knight. All this time, he never stops focusing on that portal, either!

The beam of light is built from chaos. Void only seems to strengthen the effect. Either that or things have just gotten too weird. The back of Oblivion's head suddenly bursts forth a bright flash of light and the heads of various creatures come into existance, falling and merging onto one another from the light until finally what can only be described as the head of a blue unicorn looks directly at Rick and sticks out it's tounge. "We are the bringers of distruciton. The cause and effect. LIFE AND DEATH!!! PBBBBBBBTTTT!!!" Did it just blow a rasberry at him? Suddenly the light vanishes, but that feeling of ever present darkness still hangs in the air.

Well, that beam of energy was bound to attract some attention. And one of those it attracted is running onto the playground now. Wolfe has the chain normally around his waist coiled up in his hand. He draws to a halt, panting a bit from his run as he eyes the assembled group. "What the....?"

The blast from Oblivion causes the Otaku Force Five to suddenly find themselves being launched high into the air. "THIS ISN'T IN THE SCRIPT OTAKU BLUE!" This causes Otaku Blue to adjust his glasses, pointing towards the sky. "ONWARD! TO THE STARS WE TAKE OUR BATTLE! OTAKU FORCE FIVE, BLASTING OFF!" With that, they sail onwards into space, to continue their battle against the evils that plague the land.

an explosion underfoot, sending the void knight skywards, and he rockets upwards, tough he tucs himself in, to flip over, ready to land in a solid enough stance, before he rushes towards Oblivion, though before he gets there, he is raspberried by the head of an azure unicorn.. "What in the blazes? Ok, looks like now i have two threats to bring down, just wonderful."

Oblivion stands there laughing maniacly, suddenly sporting a white lab coat, and frazzly hair "ITS ALIVE! ALIIIIIIVE! AHHAHAHAHAHAHA!". He seems oblivious to the two behind him presently.

"Tch. Useless." Caliga suddenly appears, grinning wildly as he stares at Oblivion, spreading his hands outwards, causing two balls of energy to suddenly appear. "Howdy do Blivy!" He points his hands towards the Mazoku, allowing the two orbs to fly forward, only to stop infront of him. The orbs then take shape, as two small Caliga's suddenly appear, one with a 1 on his forehead, the other with a 2. "YOU CALLED US MASTER? ITS BEEN EVER SO LONG!!!" The two 'clones' start to dance around with eachother, before turning their attention towards Rick and Wolfe. "Let's let 'Blivykins finish his spell. I wanna see where this is going."

A pink unicorn is standing behind Rick for no clearly obvious reason. It peers over his shoulder as he surveys his opponents. "Wow. Bummer, huh? All this evil hanging around and only you to save them." Wait, when did it suddenly grow a beard? "Temnyi?! It Comes! On prizyvaet! IT govorit ... Nachoes." The beard is gone somehow as it stops talking. This must be Oblivion's handywork. At the same time another one appears beside Oblivion, a blue one this time. "ALIIIIIVE!!! ALLIIIIIIIVE!!! WE MUST SAVE THE MUSKRAT!!! It will feast, FEAST UPON OUR VERY SOULS at the DAWN of the thirteenth hour!!" Both unicorns watch as Caliga appears. "Pffft. Poser."


Wolfe looks at the unicorn, then over to Rick, then to that crazy Oblivion thing. He holds a posture, either ready to fight or turn tail and run as need be. Though it solidifies into more of a fighting stance once that little clone thing finally looks at him. "That.. is most definately a little odd. You better be ready, I have a bad feeling about this one."

Rick snorts, "Well, this is going to be most interesting, all of this evil. Yet oddly enough, it doesn't seem as threatening now that i am here, as I had anticipated. " he then turns to Wolfe, "Still, you may be right, carelessness leads to deaths. If you happen to know where the authorities are, I would appreciate any backup I can get."

Clone #1 suddenly jumps into the air, surrounded by a cloud of smoke. The smoke clears, leaving the little abomination standing there in full on S&M gear, complete with a riding crop in its right hand. It starts waving the crop about, grinning at Wolfe. "YAY! THE TIME IS NIGH! THE PROPHECY HAS BE FULFILLED! LET US OBEY THE MASTERS!"

Clone #2 nods its head energetically, as it leaps into the air, only to be surrounded by a cloud of smoke as well. Once the smoke clears, its wearing a construction hat, and a pair of pink speedos. In its hands however, it holds a rather large sledgehammer. "WEEEEEEEEEE!" It suddenly rushes towards Rick, smashing the hammer into the ground with each step.

Of course, this leaves Caliga to stare at the unicorns in amazement. "Normally, I'd want to punt something so evil.. so foul away from here... but.. but.." He rushes towards the Pink Unicorn, grinning. "THEY'RE ADORABLE!" Oblivion watches all the insanity, contemplating the words "Butbutbutbut.... i ATE the muskrat!"

The blue unicorn looks over at Rick as he asks for help. Wait, wasn't the pink one standing behind him? "La polica no puede salvar ahora. DONUTS marchan contra EE.UU.!" Huh? The pink unicorn is now standing behind Oblivion, watching as Caliga approaches. "Awww, it's so cuuuuute. Little person-man-thing wants to have his fingers bit off." Both unicorns's eyes go wide as Oblvion comments, "YOU ATE THE BRINGER OF DARKNESS!! YOU SHALL BE SHUUUUNED!! Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. Shuuuuuuuuuu~uuuuuuuun~d."

The police can not save you now. DONUTS ARE MARCHING AGAINST US!

"Authorities? Haha, that's a good one." Wolfe places one finger to his forehead. "Come on out.." Reality seems to shatter like glass around the teen, fragments of it drifting into the air and dissipating as a swirl of power engulfs him. The demon Furfur appears above him momentarily, one hand lashing out towards the S&M clone sending an arc of lightning in it's direction before fading slightly, the presence still lingering, just no long visable.

A sledgehammer slamming into the ground repeatedly in front of him is plenty of warning for the Void knight to vault backwards, up to the top of a set of swings, from where he raises a fist to the sky, "Damn it all. Oh well." he gestures quickly towards the clone who was trying to sledgehammer him, calling out as a blast of black lightning surges out at the creature.. "Void Lightning!" Should it hit, it would be like a high powered taser hitting it.

Moving like a child playing with toy ponies, the two unicorns manage to walk towards each other without actually using their legs in any way. "LET OUR POWERS COMBINE!!!" Tenticles begin to appear from the sidewalk, wrapping around the two creatures into a cacoon of some kind. Abruptly the tenticles merge and behold! "WE ARE THE FINAL INCARNATION OF THE ALL MIGHTY LEOPLURADON!!" Now this has gotten stupid. "RAAAAAAAAH!!!!" Random things are still raining down from the tear in the sky which seems to slowly be healing itself. A large amount of candycorn falls upon the Magical Leopluradon sending the grotesque smell of sulfer into the air. "IT HAS FAILED! OUR DAMNATION IS HERE!! ...Maldita sea, nunca llegu a pedir un chocolate cubierto de pretzel." The creature melts into a puddle of green goop which is quickly absorbed into the ground. Did that really happen?

Clone #1 laughs loudly as the lightning strikes it, contiuing on its way towards Wolfe. "RUBBER! RIBBED. FOR MY PLEASURE." He leaps into the air, flinging the crop down at the ground, only to leap onto it, using it as a springboard, only to snap the crop in half and slam its face into the ground.

Clone #2 drops down, managing to fit itself entirely in the construction hat, causing the lightning to strike it and ricochet off into the sky. It tries to stand up however, and seems to be stuck entirely in the hat, only a pair of legs sticking out rushing across the ground.

"Seriously. They're adorable. Where'd you summon them from Blivy? I want one! It'd be the penultimate stead!" Caliga turns and glances back at the clones, that have made quite a mess for themselves, only to turn his attention back towards the leopluradon, watching in disgust as it melts away. "All joking aside..." He suddenly rushes forward, his attention solely on Oblivion.

". . ." Wolfe just stares at the clone, shaking his head. "I almost feel sorry for it." He walks towards it, pulls back his foot and punts the poor thing. "Though, not all that sorry I must admit."

Oblivion looks deep in thought "If you are what you eat, than that means.... IM the new bringer of darkness! SCORE! Oh, i dunno. Found a very small underdeveloped portal, and decided to give it a boob job and make it bigger!". His back is to Cali as he thinks and speaks, completely unaware of anything coming at him.

Rick hrms, and he leaps from the top of the swings, to do a somersault, and try to land with a vicous STOMP on the one stuck in the construction helmet.

The two clones suddenly vanish in a puff of smoke, leaving both Rick and Wolfe standing there to wonder if the damned things ever existed in the first place. Caliga suddenly bends forward, his body seeming to blur as he moves to plant his right foot into the back of the mans head. His foot seems to be swirling with a rather large amount of energy, enough to make one wonder if he intends to nuke the poor chaotic being.

Oblivion blinks, double-checking the backscroll "Whatr you rushing at me f- EEEEEEP!" He ducks as the kick comes his way "Hheeyy! i didnt even get an initiative roll, and would you put a nuke in your shoe? Think of the poor kittens you might blow up here in the park!". Yup. Still insane.

Wolfe just shakes his head. "Well, this is particularly strange." He eyes Rick from the corner of his eye, but keeps his attention mostly fixed on Caliga and Oblivion. The presence still hovers around him, even thoght he appears to have let his guard down. "No.. not yet, let's see what happens."

"'Bout the only way to get your attention these days. I mean, you're the one bein' all pervy and spyin' on me 'n Devi." Caliga keeps the foot raised into the air, grinning slightly. "'Sides. One would think you'd be a bit more worried about me then kitties." He glances back towards Rick and Wolfe, studying them for a few moments, only to set the foot down on the ground. "I'd suggest you two pick a spot, and get comfy. 'Blivy's not done with all of his fun yet, and its really a lot better with an audience. Ain't it 'Bliv?"

Rick hrms as he lands, and he then backs off, to stand next to Wolfe, listening, and generally right now wanting to observe what exactly is going on.

Oblivion headtilts "Just cause Devi and i shared a pleasant connection at one time doesnt make me a peeker. The fact i look at ladies in the changing rooms just to make them suspecious and uneasy that someone might be watching them is!". He smiles evily once more "Well, i HAD considered giving these two a makeover. I know someone who would absolutely LOVE it. As for that, well, it woulda been boring opening a portal and not having someone there to stop the vil being from opening it, whether it was harmless or not. So i improvised. Didja like the lightshow?" >}P Wherever the creepy horse/unicorn things are now, he does not know.

Wolfe sighs and backs away, slowly. "Yeah, I think we might be a little out of our league on this one. I don't like it one bit.." He's not talking to anyone in particular, well, other than the sole exception of himself.

Caliga takes a deep breath, and slowly rises into the air. "From this point forward, I catch you peekin' on Devi around me, I'ma wring your astral neck. Got it?" He then vanishes, and reappears behind Wolfe. "Psst. If you want to stop the greatest evil in all of Twisted, now's your chance. You have 'em right where you want 'em. You should rush in for the kill." He then moves to appear behind Rick, whispering something into the mans left ear. He pulls away, grinning slightly before waving slightly at Oblivion. "You should have as much fun as you can 'Blivy."

Rick chuckles grimly for a moment, facing towards Oblivion, "Oh i don't know, this doesn't seem as bad as all that. A bit strange, perhaps.. But we can handle it, so long as we work together, whatever your abilities are... " his staff is hefted, and pointed straight at Oblivion, "Show me what you've got!"

Oblivion smiles evily at Caliga, looking like he isnt kidding. At least, for a moment "I have a vested interested in Devi surviving. My only intent is to ensure she does so. Why is no ones concern but my own. When she isnt in some kinda danger, i mind my own buisness". Then its gone again "Or steal her pizza when she aint lookin. Tasty stuff". Wolfe seems the lesser threat, and he gives the kid a wink. Rick gets his attention with the challenge, however "Ooohhh.... well, if you say that, i have to ask the age-old question of dungeon masters everywhere: Are You Sure?"

Rick chuckles grimly, "Damn right. Bring it on." he alters his stance, to hold his staff crosswise. "I, the Void Knight shall bring you down, with or without help. By the vastness of space itself." his outfit changes somewhat, to become a sleek armor, seemingly forged of shadows, the helm however is remarkably simple, a sheer, utterly black faceplate.

Rick hrms, "So it's card is the devil. That makes him the equivilant of a prime Youma. That means we HAVe to bring him down, right now." he then jumps towards Oblivion, whirling to try and wrap his staff around the chaotic being's head repeatedly.

Oblivion smiiiiles, and his eyes begin to glow a MUCH brighter red. Dark, chaotic power begins to swirl around him, and a black 'mist' begins to emit from his shoulders. The evil power begins to grow..... and grow.... and grow. Beyond that emitted by the 'beam of light' from earlier, and much more intense. Focused. He smiles, literally, from ear to ear, revealing what appear to be very sharp, pointed teeth. Rick charges him, and as the warrior gets close, Oblivion EXPLODES! Anything within a 10 foot radius will be potentially hit by the intensly-hot burst, but anything outside that has not a scratch. No shrapnal, just short-range concussive magical force. Regardless of whoever is hit, afterwards, there is only a 10 foot circular scorch mark left over, and a single furby, sitting there, staaaaring at Rick, wherever he is afterwards. O.O

Wolfe stretches the chain infront of him, Furfur appearing infront of Wolfe hands out, a shimmering shield appearing for a moment before shattering and sending the teen flaying back a few feet to land on the ground with a loud. "Oomph."

"Youma? Seriously?" Caliga suddenly starts laughing loudly, doubling over from the sheer audaicity of it all. He continues to laugh for a few moments, before standing upright. "If his card is the Devil, then what's mine?" He seems to grin slightly at Wolfe, before glancing at Rick. "The younger generation always seems to think they've got it all figured out." He suddenly vanishes, and reappears behind the furby, a lit cigarette between his lips. He slams his foot down upon the furby, destroying it entirely. "Lemme introduce myself fully. I am Caliga Satanas. The rest of my titles are unimportant right now. It seems its not just my son who is in need of trainin'..."

as he was practically at ground zero, the void knight is blasted backwards, right into a solid brick wall that happened to be there.. about fifty feet back, splatted almost like a pancake, before he sort of peels off, to land in a heap on the floor.

Wolfe stands slowly, shaking his head. "Well.. that sucked. You?" He reaches into his pocket, pulling out a card to glance at. "Seriously.." One brow arches as he slides the card back into his pocket. "Judgement. Can't say that comes up often." He walks over to Rick, crouching by the fallen knight. "You all right?"

Rick picks himself up off the floor, a faint groan emerging from his concealed lips, "Yeah, I think I am. " he shakes his head a moment, before turning to face Caliga, "Caliga Satanas. i see. And you might be right, there is much i still need to learn. I am not yet at my full power. " yeah, excuses! "Also I guess it was foolish of me to just charge in without knowing a lot more about my opponent."

"Too much you need to learn. The both of you." Caliga grins slightly before taking a long drag from the cigarette between his lips. "Right now my son is in the middle of training. He should be done any time.. Though for him, a year will have passed. I wonder how he'll view this training to the training I gave him..." He shrugs his shoulders, turning around to walk away from the two. "Becareful in the park. If you're unlucky, you'll find yourself in hell. That's about the best I can give you for right now. Time will pass, and you'll have to choose. The gears have started moving forward, leaving the two kings to send their armies against eachother. Choose your side carefully, and never hesitate."

Wolfe frowns, once more standing and wrapping the chain back around his waist. "I should say I warned you. That thing...." He shakes his head, eyes trailing Caliga. "I'll.. need to do an in depth reading on the situation, and I have a feeling I'm not going to like what I find."

Rick hrms, "I see. As to this war, I was told about it by Devi. Caution must be my watchword, though I must also be decisive in my actions. I don't plan on winding up in hell. "

"Plans always change. Theres no such thing as a definete path." Caliga suddenly vanishes, leaving the cigarette hanging in the air for a few moments, only to fall onto the ground to smolder.

Wolfe laughs. "Definite.. o no need to tell me that. I assure you." With a loud sigh he shoves his hands in his pockets. "Are you alright to find your way back?"

A long moment passes without a sound.

"Furfur.. let's just get out of here, I need to think." Wolfe turns as if to walk away, Furfur once more manifesting above his head. Both are engulfed in a circle of light that narrows and vanishes, both of them gone along with it.

In that quiet that follows as everyone slowly makes their way back to whince they came, the tear in the sky opens up once again. This time there's no food or chaos leaking out, only the peering heads of the two unicorns from before. "Pssst. Is it clear?" "Sí. Los tontos no saben nada." The two begin laughing as tear seals itself up, taking them with it in the process. Another typical day for Twisted Street?

Yes. The fools know nothing.

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