2010-01-29 (PreU) b. Hallucinations and Temptations

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Hallucinations and Temptations

Summary: Once more Devi makes her way into Johnny's nightmare of a house and once more Alessa returns to wreck havoc with her mind, although this time she finds help from a very unexpected source...

Who: Christabella, Devi, Johnny_C, Mr Eff, Samantha
When: January 29th, 2010
Where: House #777(#2147R)

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House #777(#2147R)

You find yourself standing before an odd abandoned looking house. The walls are cracked and the paint is peeling. The windows are boarded up. There isn't even any grass growing here. Only one thing shows a sign that the place is lived in: A sign has been recently made which reads, "KEEP OFF THE LOOSE SOIL! It's impolite to walk on the dead..."

Devi D walks back up the road towards Johnny's old digs, her hands, as usual, buried in her trenchcoat pockets. She stops short of his walkway, her head tilted backwards as she looks at the sky. When she lowers it, her eys are set in a diffrent tone, that of determination. She walks up to his door, takes a deep breath and knocks solidly. "God I hope he's at least somewhat normal. I don't know about that last time."

The house stands as ominuous as always, only now it seems paler. The colors have faded, the lights are off, and a dense fog hovers overtop the house much like the one from the house Devi created. Well, before the house was destroyed obviously. The front door sways open with the light breeze which fails to make a dent in the fog. Approaching the house will bring a noticiable drop in the temperature, one so severe that frost seems to have clung to the windows and the door knob. Good thing Devi came with her coat...

Devi D says, "Oh Joy. More fucking cold. -That's- a good sign." Oh so much sarcasm. She steps in, carefully scanning the first room. Her boots make no noise as she walks, thankfully. She peers around the frame into the kitchen, looking for the normality that was Johnny that she knew.

The fog is just as bad inside. It's as if it penetrated the very house itself in every way possible. The main room is somewhat normal and still showing the scars from the Great Knife Johnny was using to stab and slaughter the 'puppies' as he called them as well as what appears to be dried blood from the tracks he dug out of the floor. There's a smell in the air, one of rot that although faint gets stronger as Devi makes her way towards the kitchen. As she steps into the door frame the kitchen light flickers to life briefly illuminating the chopping block in the center of the room. As if nothing but a horrible momento of her previous trip, Devi will notice the remains of the supper she'd seen the dopilganger fixing sitting atop the block and covered with all sort of insects. At least something enjoyed that last meal...

At least it's Nny's definition of normal, that puts her a tad more at ease. The civility of Johnny last time was what weirded her out so much. Insects or not, there are at least no humans or demons in there. Not taking the risk of speaking anything, Devi moves forward. Into the hall! She gags slightly at the smell but continues on. What lays in wait?

Walking away from the kitchen at least weakens the potenecy of the smell of rot she'd noticed, clearly it was the food that was problem. As she proceeds back down the hallway the basement door seems to fall open on it's own. Darkness lurks below - a deep black that seems to absorb any chance of light illuminating it. This leaves an important question, did the stairs really go out last time she was here and all was normal, or was that simply part of another illusion? It's impossible to tell now without trying, and if she's looking for something to investigate, that would seem to be the most likely place... as the sound of someone sobbing seems to be slowly drifting upwards towards her ears.

Thank god for the smell lessening, as Devi fights back the urge to puke, something she's not done in many years. *The Basement, awesome...* She's even sarcastic in her thoughts. Regardless of if the stairs are going to go out, Devi takes no chances this time, levitating herself a few inches above the floor before decending down the stairs. She slows her movement though as she nears the bottom, her guard up and not wanting to get suprized.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, the door will abruptly slam shut behind her. A dim red glow suddenly falls from an old factory warning light installed near the ladder leading down towards Johnny's Petting Zoo, at least if you use the sign above it as an indication of it's name. Visible from the light a woman lays on the floor, chained to the wall. The skin from her entire left side seems to have been removed. The blood that flowed from her wounds has dried in sticky puddles across the floor and up the wall behind her. Saddly it seems, she isn't dead as the woman suddenly looks up at Devi with tears in her eyes. "O-Oh my god!! HELP ME!! YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!!! He-he's gonna be back anyminute!! YOU HAVE TO GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" If her wounds are any indication she should be dead already. Why would Johnny have done such a thing to her? Was this ever really his style? Her frantic thrashings have caused her to begin to bleed again as tears stream down her face. Better do something quickly.

Devi D's eyes go wide. She surveys the damage and weights her options. 1) Let the woman die, or be undead, Devi's not sure. 2) Help her down and risk getting attacked. Well, Devi's not quite as monsterus as she was before, and her humanity wins out. She rushes over and destroys the locks, scampering backwards after the woman is free. Her face has lost more color then it should have had, but that's ok. She puts her back against a wall, and won't move again, if she can help it until the woman has left the room.

The woman staggers for a moment as she struggles to stand. There's a faint metallic click to be heard before the managled woman looks up, smiling manicaly. Blades have been inserted into her arms where the flesh had been removed and suddenly they've all extended like an animal's fur as it becomes alarmed. The woman lets loose a shrill cackle before charging at Devi, leaving a trail of blood in her wake. If she gets close she'll slash at Devi's face with her right arm, the blades just long enough to cut her skin to ribbons...

Devi D gasps and throws her hands up. Very convincing after image huh. At least she got something useful from DBA aside from strenght. The image fades after a moment, if the beastie hasn't already slashed through it, leaving Devi time to get behind the thing, a softball size power ball in her fist. She lets it fly, aimmed directly at the woman/things back.

The woman slashes through the illusion, tumbling blindly to the ground as it vanishes. As Devi strikes back the woman screams, her chest exploding outwards from the force of the blast. Crumbling into a heap on the floor, the creature thrashes. Managing to only flip back over with it's spine disintigrated, the woman looks up at Devi with blood flowing freely from it's eyes and a devilish smile on her lips. "I bet your flessssh tasssssted ssssweet..."

With those chilling words she seems to die, perhaps again as the case may be. The red light brightens illuminating the ladder reaching down into the depths of the catacombs below. Now might be a good time to find someone to go with her, but since we all know she's too stuborn we'll have to wait and see what path she chooses to take next.

Who is Devi going to have come with her? Cale? The man-child that was Lord of Hell? Or perhaps Caliga, who would bull his way through everything and not actually pay attention to his surroundings? Yes, we all know Devi's stubborn streak, and she eyes the ladder. The Catacombs, what's down there.... She floats down, her hands again in her pockets.

Going down past the portraits hanging on the walls and through the doorway that leads into the master stair well bring Devi to the huge spiraling staircase that wraps itself around the various torture chambers that seemed to grow from the house itself as Johnny's acts brought it further and further into despair. The doors have all been thrown open and various corpses seem to dance in the darkness behind them. It would seem the occupants of his house have been desecrated with clockwork parts which make a mockery of the humans they once where. This partially explains the woman before. Assuming Devi doesn't just run past them, each clockwork corpse seems to pause and return her stare as she looks on.

Faintly a woman's voice whispers into the girl's ear. "...this is what you wanted, wasn't it...? The good not good enough for you...? Only the tainted darkness that remains? Fine then... have your wish..." Each of the corpses' eyes seem to suddenly glow an evil red. Is it too late to run away?

Devi D grinds her teeth. Teleportation is the last thing that she really wants to do, but it's stupid to destroy every last one of them. A waste of power. She instead decides to move speedily, leaving the floating afterimage to the deadites. She heads to the bottom of the staircase, stopping only to look back at the mass of corpses. She wants to scream out at the house, demanding the answers to the questions that are plauging her mind, but she finds her self-reistraint and doesn't.

As she reaches the last door, the one leading to the affectionetly nick-named 'Blood Room', one lone figure blocks her path. One more clockwork corpse waiting to greet her with open arms. This one's flesh has been mangled beyond recognition. Huge chunks of it's exposed bone have been replaced with mechanical gears and bolts. It's head looks up at her with an audible series of clicks and whirrs as it's forced to move. The red eyes peering directly at Devi with a sense of almost glee. With a mostly skeletal arm the creation pulls out a dagger and begins to twirl it... this thing... is Johnny?

Johnny asks, "...Devi... so good of you to join us..." His voice sounds tired and forced. "This is your fault you know... God tried to give you what you wanted but you threw me away... now this is all there is..." It clicks it's head to the side, the remaining strands of his hair falling over it's face. "Why did you want to hurt me...? I was your friend... I trusted you... Why did you kill me, Devi...?"

Devi D says, "There is no God, Johnny. Only the mishappen crap left by us in the need to feel superior and needed." Her voice is sad, and threatens to break under the strain of fighting through a closed throat. "You hurt me first. And I didn't kill you. -IT- did. Who ever it was, it was not me." She sighs, her arms hanging loosly at her sides. "Come back. Come back from Hell. Come back to me. I don't need to fight this war again, not now, not at the same time. Come back to where you belong. Hell is not your fate." She makes sure to keep her distance, but her hand reaches out to him. "Let me help you come back to reality, and not this illusion of death and despair."

The Johnny-beast chuckles darkly. "Do you think it's that simple? Do you think it's that easy?" A chunk of flesh falls from it's face revealing more of that nightmare beneath it. "You did this. God wanted to save me... tried to BLESS me. But you...." Blood begins to flow from it's back as Devi's sword plunges through it, the tip of the blade slicing through his chest. Perhaps not the same sword... but certainly an identical copy of it in appearence. Johnny coughs up a mouthful of blood before continuing. "It's what I WANTED... it's what I NEEDED... LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME!!!"

From behind the duo the other clockwork corpses have begun to gather as each one has left it's cell and made the journey down the steps. Each one looks on at Devi hungrily as the mob threatens her only path to retreat.

Johnny begins to laugh again, the sound now even more twisted from the continuing decay of it's body. "This is the curse of being your friend isn't it? I tried to love you once and you hurt me... I tried to protect you and you lied to me... and now... now look at me... I'm not even HUMAN anymore..." The dagger in his hand begins to glow a deep crimson as the room begins to get hotter and hotter. Water beeds off of the cell doors as the temperature changes so dramatically. The resulting humidity reawakening that smell of decay now that the army of corpses behind her has begun to boil. "...but I forgive you, Devi... just let me make you one of us..."

In any other situation it would be comical, but now it's simply a wakening nightmare as the mob behind them begins to echo his last words... "One of us... one of us..."

Devi D says, "You never loved me. You never will. You tried to kill me, and keep me, and I'll tell you something Johnny C, I AM NOT ONE TO BE KEPT!" Her hair flutters around her, as her eyes softly flicker red, a reminate of her former life status. " I PROTECTED MYSELF, JOHNNY, WHEN YOU INFECTED ME." She takes a deep breath, her hair settling again. "You infected me with what you had, with what you ARE. You've been dead a long time, far longer then I've been in this world. Far longer then you think. Your dead already and I'm only fighting for your soul."

The mob makes it's move as she yells at the mockery of her friend. Like a tidal wave they move fowards traying to grab and hold Devi as the Johnny-creature slowly steps towards her, playing with his dagger as he tries to get up in her face. "My soul... HAH! You know nothing you stupid little bitch... You stupid, idiotic whore... You don't deserve the good we gave you. The perfection... no, you HAD to have things become darker didn't you. Just didn't care enough when it wasn't you versus the world." The beast abruptly stops, looking upwards at the celing and glaring angrily. After a moment it smiles again. "Maybe we should take advantage of things... maybe you'd rather fight someone else and spare yourself the 'pain' you'd suffer if you fought me..."

Devi D is stupid enough to not have paid attention to the rising mob, and they grab and snag her. She struggles against their grasp, her hands lighting up as she stares at Johnny. Her teeth grind together more as he calls her names. "Is someone else your puppet Master? So much for the non-conformist attitude huh, couldn't keep that in utter destruction, could ya?"

Johnny glares hatefully, his eyes seem to become daggers as he moves fowards and tries to slap her across the face with his free hand. "SILENCE, YOU BITCH!! YOU KNOW NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!! FUCK YOU... self riteous whore!!" The Johnny-beast puts away it's dagger and rubs it's hand as though the act of slapping somehow hurt it. "Well see how smug you are... Care to see what comes next? Care to see what little surprise we have for you? FINE THEN. If all your going to do is try to fight, maybe you should just go ahead and get started..."

The mob steps back creating a path leading up the stairs. The ones holding her turn her around to face whatever is coming.

Johnny smiles in anticipation when eyes are away from him. Whatever it is... it doesn't act like Johnny, does it?

As those hideous creatures reach to turn the enraged woman around, soft footsteps clatter through the darkness of the house. It would take the most astute soul to catch them over the ranting and raving of the maniac, but they are there... a gentle rhythm beat against the drum skin of insanity. Figures have already approached Devi from the left, the right and the fore, but another stalks toward her from the rear. Wary, and ready to spring...

The ears may be the first thing she notice, or the dimunitive stature of the newcomer. Perhaps she'll even feel a rush of familiarity through the confusion. The person that stands there has meant so much to Johnny, she seems to resonate through this place as a calming presence - if only because she is so calm, the twitch of a smile upon her pretty lips and cool blue eyes fixed levelly upon Devi's own.

She says nothing, simply watching as the girl spins around to meet her. As they both come to a stop, her head tilts faintly to one side, an eyebrow lifting in muted challenge. Confident, self-assured... and ready to spring?

Devi D says, "Samantha?" She throws her head back, laughing wildly. "That's the best you can come up with? SOMEONE I KEPT IN MY CLOSET?" Laughing maddly, she vanishes, reappering in the air above the mob. Her hand goes to her head for a moment before she regains her composure. "A dead violated cat girl, and a monster on wheels. So?! Johnny, what was I again? Please, I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you called me."

Johnny smirks, "Well... let's see. In alphabetical order... Asshole, Bitch, Cunt, Dyke, Emotionless Fuck-tard, Gratuitus Hoe, Idiot, Jerk, Kelptomaniac, Looser, Motherfucking Nightmarish Old Pompus Queer, Retard, Shit-headed, Trashy, Ugly, Violent Weirdo, X-ception to a Yearly Zoo... Hmm, that last bit was a bit of a stretch... But let's see. I'd say most of the rest where acurate, don't you?" The deadites as Devi's typist had called them have vanished leaving only the clockwork NNY and the two women alone. "But by all means. If we're all such push overs why don't you show me. Get her. Kill her. Take out your frustrations and then you and I can finally sit down and have our little 'chat'... She'll kill you first, though..."

Samantha's brow crinkles in a slow, puzzled frown as the other woman begins to laugh. The smile remains, though it freezes as she considers the situation, following Devi's reappearing act with her gaze - paying no immediate heed to Johnny or his demoniac entourage. Her tail twitches behind her as she takes a slow stride forward, bouncing a measuring glance between the airborne girl and her foes. She settles on the latter, exhaling a breathless laugh of her own as she stares inquisitively forward. At the now-lonely maniac.

"Johnny..." It's half-whispered, before she looks back to Devi. Her voice is raised, suggestively commanding, "I think ya oughtta come down. The show's over. I'm really here..." She hesitates a beat, as one grasping for a word, "Devi. I'm here, /now/." With a brisk motion she crosses the floor and looks up from the other side of the floating woman, gesturing toward the dusty boards with one hand. "Set your feet down and let's have a nice little chat about this."

Devi D laughs softly, the sound echoing and the volume rising. "Come down? Did you hear what he said?" She laughs harder, her legs folding under her to 'sit' indian style in the air. "How about, you project your voice, and explain why I shouldn't blast this abomination from the face of whatever world I'm in now?" Her hands flash out, glowing purple. Small beads grow in her palm , spliting and dividing, compressing power on power, layering it on. She's prepared to fight them both, although she's got nothing against Samantha considering she's met Sammy, maybe twice.

Johnny says, "Maybe you should, maybe you shouldn't. Maybe you should just sit down and enjoy the show." The room seems to get hotter still. The Johnny-thing seems to be shifting, like it's loosing it's grip on things and slowly changing into something else. Something familar... In the 'blood room' behind it a dim red light comes on and standing beneath it the form of one of the Pyramid Heads. It stands silently, it's form completely black beneath the dim light above it. The Johnny-thing looks back at it and glares, "So... we're taking too long. All this talk, it's a waste of effort ain't it? KILL HER SAMANTHA!! There's no point in talking this out, no point in trying to waste more time... I..."

That woman's voice echoes out of the walls again, this time not directed at Devi. "...I did not give you this much free will..."

Johnny seems to be pushed back into the doorway, his body turning to a dull grey. The metalic parts begining to rust. His red eyes dim as though the clockwork machine has turned off. The woman's voice echoes out again, "...let's get this over with so that we can get back to our game..."

Drawing in a deep breath, the deceptively calm catgirl turns toward her old friend; the friend she has travelled numerous dimensions and planes to find once more. Her head shakes slowly back and forth, silken bangs swaying at the edges of those sapphire eyes. Devi's summoned power lifts the hairs at the nape of her neck, and in symphony her right hand curls at the air, her own ki invisibly coiling in preparation for release.

"There's nothing to blast away, Devi." Her voice is loud, but curiously deadened, the flat, weighted tone of heavily suppressed emotions. "I don't know what's happening in that head of yours, but Johnny died a long time ago." She exhales, and begins to circle the floor, moving in light, measured paces that do little to threaten her posture. Her gaze is kept carefully on the other woman. "I spent a long time wondering myself, but I've seen his influence in a place that only the dead c'n go."

"For what it's worth," she lifts her chin, "I'm sorry. I know how it feels."

Devi D's face hardens. "Oh good, then I don't have to worry about this do I?" The Balls leave her hands spinning around her head and she drops to her feet. With a roll of her shoulders, her coat falls off, and the kanji on her back burns against her bare awareness. The balls split, split into many, each resonating with her rage and pain. Half charge towards Johnny, the other half poised in the air to fly at or around Sammy.

The silent Johnny-doll is hit and flies backwards falling at the feet of the Pyramid Head in the next room. It stands silently, not making a single movement or effort to react to it. It simply stands in the darkness, it's features still a solid black... wait, the Johnny-doll isn't solid black...

Samantha's eyes widen upon the incoming blasts of energy, dancing amongst them in an instant and making a swift calculation. Without hesitation - moving purely on skill driven by keenly trained instinct - she extends her leg from the step she is halfway through, the opposite hip rolling inward. The resulting spin carries her into a deft backward leap, a flicker of blue-white energy cloaking her shoulders for an instant as she passes the converging balls.

The explosion as they meet speeds her into a long slide across the room, sneakers shrieking a protest, her left palm slapping to the floorboards to steady and finally stop her motion. The right hand is already tensed to a fist and coming in for a thunderous impact with the floor when she gives an abrupt gasp. Her knuckles hang, quivering, a half-inch from the wood. Her eyes are no longer on the other woman.

"Devi, stop! I'm not your enemy!" She cries, without desperation - but with hope. Which of them is the stronger, it is too early to say, but she feels a much more deadly presence in the dark figure behind the other half of Devi's attack. She makes up her mind without waiting for Devi's reply, her fist finishing its approach. "POWER WAVE!" A literal blade of ki erupts through the foundation of the house, throwing splinters to each side as it approaches the creature in the next room.

Devi D rises and rolls out of the womans way. She wasn't attacking Sammy, and won't until she's given reason too. She gasps though, as she sees the Dark pyrmid head. It didn't even register that Johnny turns black when he's pissed. Her attack is delayed, nay, halted as she sees it. Seeing how as the mobs are gone, and it's only her and Samantha, her hand falls into her hands, a frantic murmur from her mouth. How was she so stupid to not have seen it, why did she miss it. Johnny.. "Johnny." She looks up, her eyes streaked with tears as her hand twists sligthly, the remaining balls of power following along behind Samantha's as a secondary attack.

The Pyramid Head finally reacts as the combined energies come towards it. Ignoring the doll at it's feet the beast lifts the massive seven foot Great Knife which it was holding behind it forwards, holding the blade before it like a sword. Clefting the engeries in two the beast stands it's ground as the resulting explosion nearly destroys the room the Pyramid Head stands in. As the light and destruction comes to an end the beast stands there, still holding the blade forwards, as it smokes from the heat that generated. The Johnny-thing is nowhere to be found, much like the source of the redlight from just moments before. The beast stomps forwards, it's black body absorbing the light around it. As it blocks the doorway into the Blood Room it slams the blade of it's weapon into the ground, kicking it's feet off the floor and floating with it's arms extended to the sides. In other words, it's mocking you both.

The girl's voice echoes out a bit louder this time, and this time Samantha should be able to hear it too. "How amusing... but it's not like any of this matters. What do you hope to gain by all this? The world shall be destroyed so that it may be remade in the blissfull image it was ment to be. You'd both do wise to step down now and end this before we all have to do something we regret..."

Samantha does not remain crouched, rising to her feet with a vigorous shifting of weight, dark hair bouncing as it settles about her shoulders. A concerned sidelong glance is shot to Devi, even as their combined destructive barrage unfolds to such little effect before the mindless might of the brutal creature. "I'm sorry," she repeats, managing a faint smile before she swings her full attention back to the beast. The giant blade's entry into the floorboards carries a tremor which she accounts for with a delicate sway, her eyes narrowing to bright sapphire slits.

"Now pull yerself together and get outta here." Her tone is almost harsh, far less suggestive and far more commanding than her earlier request that Devi land. She appears unafraid - only galvanised into action, as though she has seen the Pyramid Head before. Her arms swing up before her, leather creaking as her fingers flex into accustomed positions. Two steps carry her in front of Devi, and she falls still but for the silent heave of her chest, statuesque at barely over five feet.

"I don't know who you are," the catgirl directs to the source of that creepy voice, "Or why you gotta mess with the head of my friend's friend, but there's only two ways this can go. I'm not in the mood to talk; either one of us," she nods faintly at the black-skinned beast, "Goes down, or we all call it even an' walk away. All /I/ hope to gain is that at least one of us survives."

Devi tilts her head sidewise, tears still running freely. When was the last time that Devi cried? Feels like forever ago. Her hands lay out though as she builds her power again. She's not going to leave Sammy to fight this battle, for all she knows Sammy doesn't even have anything invested in it. As the balls form, they are seperatly diffreant colors. One is royal purple and one is gold. Mazuko power and Ki, what a combination.

The Pyramid Head stands it's ground as it's mocking is lost upon the seriousness of it's onlookers. Once Devi begins to gather her power again the creature pulls the Great Knife out of the floor once more and holds it before itself menacingly.

The woman's voice echoes out again, but this time something more comes with it. What appears to be a young girl steps out from behind the beast, placing her hand on it's arm. The girl should look all too familar as simply an older version of the Hell Councilwoman of the same name. A young woman, black hair, pale skin, and a dark blue school uniform in the off chance someone here isn't familar with her. This woman, better known as Alessa, smiles wickedly. "We've wasted enough time here. This was a good warmup but I think we're done for now. Johnny and I have found our new home now all we need to do is deal with my dear sister. I think my pet here is a bit reluctant to fight you both anyways, but I'll soon fix that won't I?" She says this last part to the Pyramid Head as she pets it's arm. The beast relaxes it's grip and the blade drops to the ground with a crash. "Oh but do feel free to keep playing amoungst yourselves..."

The room grows thick with fog and with the sound of a distant siren the girl and the beast both vanish within the growing grey. Soon after the fog begins to lift as the siren fades farther and father away. As it fades only the nearly destroyed 'blood room' remains.

The apparition means little to Samantha; an unfamiliar face, in unfamiliar clothing. Only the aura holds some element of interest, similar as the taint is to that she has so recently tasted at some length. But her experience has also taught her how deep and labyrinthine are the planes of Hell, that what exists in one place, in one form, can exist in a thousand others. As descriptions go, 'vast' does not begin to cover the breadth of that realm. And so the woman glances between beast and mistress, her ears twitching in faint acknowledgement of the words she hears, though her expression does not change until...

"Johnny!" Her eyes widen, flashing with passion she is too slow to suppress. She has told herself that he is dead, and hearing it from this dark being should confirm that; but to die, and to become a puppet... there is a huge difference. Her fingers uncurl and retighten, oozing a little blue light. As Alessa continues to speak, Samantha starts to move forward, quickening her pace as the fog spreads throughout the room. "Don't you /dare/ leave now," she hisses, breaking into a dash.

Her outflung hand, aiming to grasp at Alessa's neck and drive her backward regardless of the creature beside her, meets nothingness. She halts in a two-step stumble lacking grace, turning to look back at Devi. There are no tears in her own eyes, but she swallows tightly. "If you know anything about what just happened," she says softly, "You need to tell me." Devi watches Alessa, her tears drying. She'll not cry in front of that one. She'll not crumble the rest of the way in front of that.. that thing. The Pyramid Head doesn't bother her, though, and part of her is both relievd and outraged by the lowering of it's weapon. "I'll find him. He's not yours forever." Her chin rises a bit at that, hoping that Alessa knows that Devi will come for Nny sooner or later. As the sirens sound and the beast and Beastest vanish, Devi lets her power vanish slowly back into her stores. Her voice is soft as she adresses the neko-girl. "Not here." She shakes her head and starts up the stairs, towards the ladder and the streets of Twisted. "Not here." Her feet feel heavy, her soul feels gone and a smoldering hole is left in its wake. Her eyes throb and her arms feel like their disconnected from the rest of her. "Not enough power," she mutters to herself, presumably about what little power she's got left that she's willing to use. Any more and... Either way, she drudges up Johnny's house, uncaring if Samantha is behind or not.

Samantha, in turn, watches Devi, a thousand leagues of empathy within her gaze. Without fully understanding the situation, she can comprehend the human element, can see the effect upon the other woman even without the power she used to possess. "Okay," she whispers, staring at Devi's retreating back. Making no effort to pursue, she slowly exhales, shoulders relaxing and posture sinking, releasing tension from body and mind alike. Becoming aware of just how much she was feeling.

A few moments later she begins toward the stairs, looking about the house as she moves, wondering where 'here' is, exactly. It feels familiar. Palpably so, as though the name to this feeling lay upon the tip of her tongue. Even a name to the place, and the person who dwelled here. Could it be...? Her breath catches in mid-step, and a glance goes back past her shoulder that is almost fearful, almost panicked. Her lips part, and she draws a shrill breath, rolling her neck as she turns to the fore and quickens her pace.

Not here, but somewhere. No matter what Devi has been through, she needs to know...

What happened here, and what has happened to Johnny?

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