2010-01-30 (PreU) Science Fiction without the Science

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Science Fiction without the Science

Summary: Well, what can I say that Tenna's opening dialoge doesn't cover? And so, I'll let you read it for yourselves.

Who: Tenna, Vanessa
When: January 30th, 2010
Where: Food District(#2008R)


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Food District(#2008R)

The Food District is neat and clean, the citizens knowing it's better to keep it nice so more people will spend money. Shops of various items line the road. Eat or Die, a nice little Chinese shop, and Pizza Cats (a pizza place, obviously) seem to be the two that you will see more people filing in and out of. Hmm, must have decent food.

"Dunna-dun-da-dununun-dunna-dun-dun-da-da-dunnadun. A long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away... lone Jedi survirer Oboyits Tennadasobe and her trusty companion R2-Squeeks-too search for the Dark Sith Shaft to settle their age-long feud once and for all..."

Her monologe complete, Tenna swings around a purple toy lightsaber making WHOOSH noises as she scans the passersby. The idea was originally to go get some chineses from her favorite establishment but a Star Wars marathon on TV has made her react otherwise. Every so often she swings her toy in the faces of random strangers looking for some kind of reaction, but since no one seems to care she marches on... mumbling the Imperial March as she goes...

One of the passerbys, as she does this, stops and smiiiiiles evily at her. A red glow appears through the sunglesses she wears "Well.... what have we here.... a jedi, it would seem?". The woman seems highly amused, but completely relaxed as she looks at the 'tip' of the 'blade' before her.

Tenna raises an eyebrow as someone finally stops to give her the attention she so totally deserves, right? Holding it so that the tip is in the stranger's face, the girl makes a 'bvvvvvvvvvvt' noise before speaking. "Yoooouuuuu. You wouldn't happen to be an agent of the..." Her eyes go wide, "...supper secret Dark Sith Shaft? Set to bring about the ressurection of Count Dooku and the great Castle Death Star?" She's mixing generes on purpose, mind you. And... what's this? A challenge??

Vanessa holds up her hands in an 'im unarmed dont hurt me' way "Oh, well, i COULD answer you straight, or i COULD lie. ALthough im sure a trained jedi like yourself could figure it out. The question is.....". She flicks her wrist, and a saber hilt appears in her hand. She steps back suddenly, assuming a fencing pose "... What are YOU gonna DO about it?"

Tenna's eyes narrow at the accepted challenge as she steps back into a poor excuse for a combat pose herself. Holding the weapon infront of her she starts mouthing, "BzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzSHIIWSHzzzzzzzzzh" The plastic sheath-looking purple tube on the end of her saber seems like it's going to fall off if she's not careful. But that's not going to stop her! "I shall do what my people have done for generations... A FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!! DUN-DA-DUN! DUN! DUN! DUN! DA-DUNNA-DUN-DUN!!!" Okay, so that Star TREK not WARS, but who's paying attention.

Vanessa does. She smirks "Thats star TREK, not star WARS. Why should i waste my time dealing with someone so.... incapable of even telling them apart?". She smiles evily, seeing where this will go.

Tenna says, "OoOoooOooh, you are wise grasshopper, but that intelligence will not save you THIS time Baron Von Sith... -instein!!" WHAT?!?! Okay, even her typist thinks she's on crack. Charging forwards she swings the blade around "WHOOOOOOSH"ing the whole time only to stop and frown as the fake blade swings off leaving her with the seemingly useless hilt of the toy. Tenna stops and frowns. "Awwww... I was having fuuuuun... No one ever seems to randomly go along with the show 'cept Devi."

Vanessa points and laughs. Simple as that.

Tenna frowns as she's laughed at. "Oh come on! It's not even mine, it's my roommate's. Dangit. I hope she doesn't get mad her toy broke on me." Blushing a little from the torment she stumbles off in search of the lost piece. "The name's Tenna, by the way." Reaching into her pocket she pulls out the beast of squeaking and "SQUEEK"s it. "This is Spooky! >SQUEEKSQUEEK<"

Vanessa raises an eyebrow, weapon at her side "oooohhh... i can definately see how he might be...". She smirks at her own joke, unsure if Tenna gets it or not. Shes sure the readers of the log will, however, if they have ANY familiarity with the character. "Actually, you see that liiiiiiitle black button on the side? I'm curious. What does it do?"

Tenna pauses in her fake-blade search and hmm's at the woman's words. "Button?" Like a kid in a candy store Tenna griiiiiiins and starts mashing at the butto-BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT! "WHOOOOOOAAAA!!!!!" The weapon comes to life buzzing with purple energy and sending a child-like look of pure glee upon Tenna's face. "OOOH! OOOOH! OOOH!! That's just too cool!! This thing must have cost a FORTUNE!!" She waves it around playfully, listening to the noises it makes. "AAAAAAWESOOOOME!!!" VOOOSH!!! ZWOOOOOSH!! This could get ugly fast.

Vanessa sneers "Well whatayaknow.... not like YOU know how to USE it. Or do you? Prove to me i'm not wasting my time..." she flourishes her red blade "... Unless your as much a weakling as Spooky looks". Yes, she did.

Tenna's narrow again. "THAT'S IT!!" Swooshing it around herself angrily she readies the blade, a focused look on her face. "NO ONE INSULTS SPOOKY!!" Screaming in playful rage she tears after the girl swinging the blade like a baseball bat as soon as she's within range.

Vanessa casually deflects the strikes while stepping backwards. When shes JUST out of range, shell attempt a stab at Tennas stomach. It should be just enough timing for Tenna to see it, stop, and deflect it, without actually risking hitting her.

Following into the steps provided for her, Tenna steps back trying to hit the glowing blade of Vanessa's lightsaber with her own just to watch it spark. Assuming it connects Tenna's eyes go wide. An "OooOooooooh" escapes her lips from the resulting light show. Using the opportunity to step back further she screams, "I WILL TAKE REVENGE FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY MOTHER!!!" ...easy opprortunity for a comment here...

Vanessa smirks "Well.... Where did you think YOU came from, cutey?". It makes no sense! At least, to the average viewer, who doesn't know what is going on. However, it sure is funny! "She WAS tasty, too. She liked being on the bottom, anyway, so it was win-win. Hows she doing after all these years?". With this, she steps in, swing a reletively easy to see swing for Tenna to block. Yes, they did connect, and yes, sparks went everywhere, like in the movies.

Tenna pouts briefly at the missed comment opportunity but smirks anyways as her opponent plays along. "That's only because we share the same Father's Brother's Uncle's former roommates!! SHE DIDN'T KNOW ANYBETTER!!!" KERZZZAP!! "And she said you SMELLED LIKE KETCHUP!!" Suddenly Tenna has an odd impulse to wear goggles... damn you Jhonen.... damn youuuuu. KRAAAAZZZZH! "Wait... wait... no.. are you saying? YOU ARE!! YOUR OUR MAILMAN!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Vanessa smiles "Actually, i AM your mother!". She takes off the sunglasses a moment, cleverly while the camera is BEHIND her!

Tenna drops to her knees and screams again, "AGAIN, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~" Gasp "~OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Laughing she pushes herself back to her feet almost slicing her foot off in the proccess. Someone's going to loose a limb at this rate.

Vanessa puts her sunglasses back on, just before the camera can see what she looks like WITHOUT them, as well as the audience and log readers, and comes in with an overhead swing, telegraphed horridly.

Tenna says, "My Jedi powers will never be enough to stop you... I must defeat you with...." She abruptly turns off the lightsaber, brandishing Spooky in the process, "SONIC SQUEEK ATTACK!!!" >SQUEEKSQUEEKSQUEEKSQUEEKSQUEEKSQUEEKSQUEEKSQUEEK<

Vanessa looks at the spooky. Looks at Tenna. Smiles evily. With a single highly-skilled swing, she goes right for the squeeky-toys neck with the tip.

Tenna fails, yanking Spooky out of the way with enough force to fall flat on her ass sending the lightsaber clunking across the sidewalk. "NOT COOL, YO! Not cool... None shall take the life of R2-Squee-owww.. That really kinda hurt..." Tenna drops Spooky into her lap and starts rubbing her thighs. Some heroic Jedi, huh?

Vanessa's shadow looms over Tenna, saber ready for a killing blow. Then, the blade shuts off. She smirks "NEXT time, don't use a 'sonic attack' against someone who can't hear...". She turns her head to the side, revealing a small grey metal disk just behind her ear. Appearently, a hearing aid of some kind? She smirks, covering it with her hair again "Train hard, young one, and maybe one day, you shall have your 'revenge'". She puts away the handle "In the meantime, there is food to be had. Want some?". She points to the Eat or Die.

Tenna laughs, pushing herself to her feet in the as her new friend speaks. "Good point. Heh." As vanessa points her eyes light up. "Ooooh. Your Dark Jedi powers are strong, 'Mom'. I was thinking about grabbing a fight when our destiny's collided so violently. Heck, I'll even pay since I lost the fight. Shall we?"

Vanessa motions with her hand "Lead on, 'young jedi'. Sounds good to me". She doesn't mention she was gonna tell the server to put it on Tennas tab anyway, for the very reason of 'she lost', but so much for her bein evil this time.

Eat or Die.png

Eat or DIE(#2079R)

Formerly known as Eat or Don't, this fully automated 24 hour Chinese restaurant changed it's name to simplify the choice and invite more customers. The room is a very cold unfriendly sort of place where the DIE theme seems to run a bit too rampant... The room is full of tables with small electronic boxes on them for you to place your order with a simple button press. Before you ask to see the drink list, this place only serves Poop brand cola. Poop, Diet Poop, Dr Poop, Cherry Poop, etc... How 'bout a nice bottle of Poop?

Tenna throws open the doors of the establishment with a cackle. "SERVE ME, OH ROBOTIC SERVICE DROID!!!" The voice echoes out over the door proclaiming the name of the establishment. "TODAY I CHOOSE... eat." Glancing around, Tenna looks for a familar face before claiming a seat...

Vanessa walks in behind Tenna "I'd say 'die', but im not entirely convinced anyone or anything here could try and pull it off, so ill say 'eat' instead". She peers around for a menu, not seeing anyone recognizable

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