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Just another day.

Summary: Devi goes into the park to relax a little and runs into Wolfe, conversation ensures.

Who: Devi, Wolfe
When: February 2nd, 2010
Where: Park, Fountian


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Nowhereto Park - Fountain

You find yourself standing around a small fountain, surrounded by a small concrete courtyard with paths leading off in each of the compass directions. Spaced around the fountain evenly are benches and lamps, nothing really too elaborate. To the north, kids can be heard playing on the playground equipment. A cool breeze flows in from the east, and the trees to the west provide plenty of shade. Not a bad place to visit really.

Devi walks in from The Entrance, after having stared at the Waiting room door for a an hour. Her long tenchcoat is still slightly wet from yesterday, and once she gets to the bench in front of the Fountian, she shrugs it off, tossing it down. She rolls her shoulders, her kanji squishing slightly on her back. Wearing a backless tank top, purple of course, she looks like she's relaxed and a little loose for once.

There's one easy way to notice the approach of Wolfe. Namely, the sound of someone arguing with himself, then in Twisted, that might not be such an odd occurance. "Of course I don't think so, you should know that. But I don't like the thought of that thing being around here." He's got out his deck of cards, shuffling and spreading them between his hands in patterns that might be a bit hard to follow. "No I don't think you can either, but you already knew that."

Devi turns and smirks as she hears the one sided conversation. "You should have remembered what I said about talking to yourself." She grins and fully turns to watch him approch. She may only have met him once, but he's got an air around him that she likes. He's humorus if nothing else, and that's an achivment. Seeing how as most people rave at her, or just whine. "How's things hangin?"

"I'll go blind? No wait, that's that other thing.." Wolfe smiles, slightly, cards still flying with a steady click of cards hitting eachother. "Either I should say good, or low and to the left." He heads over to the fountain and jumps up on the edge. "Yourself?"

Devi laughs. "Well, I'm not seeing clockwork people, or bearing my broken soul to a chinese neko shojo." She smiles brightly. "Anything is better then yesterday!" She slips her hands into her pants pockets. "What are you doing around here? Not to often I see people coming through the park anymore, they usually stop at the Waitin room..."

Wolfe sighs. "Trying to find residual power. Just something stange happened near here the other day, trying to figure out what this one thing I ran into was." He tilts his head as if listening to something. "So far, no go. But it's not like it's dire, just me being horribly curious, which will most likely end in me as a bloody smear on a rock somewhere."

Devi says, "What happened?" She leans back slightly, her head tilted to one side.

Wolfe shrugs. "An odd guy in black armor summoned two very strange unicorns. The one guy, Rick or whatever his name is, tried attacking him. Ended up with both of us on our asses, it still hurts a bit."

Devi says, "Well, Rick's not a bad fighter. Needs some brushing up though. I need to spar with him again." The black armour reminds her of Oblivion, but as long as no one was really hurt, she doesn't have to go and bust his face.

Wolfe hmms. "Ca.. Ca..." He blinks a few times. "Frikken know it all. Caliga." He drops back down to the ground, sitting himself on the fountain's edge. The fact the same comment was directed at him remains unsaid by the teen however.

Devi snerks. "Eh, watch out for that one. Stupid and smartassed to boot. He's not a bad guy, I guess. So long as you stay on the proper side of him. I avoid him myself. To much of a headache." Her face darkens for a moment as she remembers the meeting with him and Happy... Bastards. "Well, so long as no one actaully got hurt, that's all."

"Yet.. I don't like that thing or that Caliga guy. They made the other's.. restless. And almost nothing does that. You were too, and don't bother denying it." Wolfe glares upwards, as if trying to glare at the back of his own skull. "Well, no use whining about it now."

Devi says, "Yeah, he does that to people. He did that to me for a while. Once you learn how to handle him, it'll get better." She kicks off the ground, floating in the air to fold her legs under her. "So, how many people you got in your head?"

"Aware? Just Furufur.. there are others. But it's as if they're asleep, two maybe three.. I'm not sure." Wolfe frowns down at the cards in his hands before shoving them in a pocket.

Devi says, "And how does a, what, 17 year old?, get extra people in there?" She grins and leans forward, supporting her weight on her palms, laid flat on the air. Her eyebrows wriggle in a interested manner. "Bad gene pool?"

Wolfe shrugs, "It's hard to explain. There's only me in there, it's just pieces of me.. representations of my personality my mind. They just... I don't know how to explain it." He scratches the back of his head as he shrugs again.

Devi says, "Does that mean there is an (ANGRY) Wolfe and a (SAD) Wolfe?" She laughs softly. "I split once... not the most plesant thing in the world." She rotates 90 degrees to the left, staring at his head like she might try and pop off the top half to dig around. "So, how'd it happen?"

"Maybe.. probably. They stir sometimes, I can feel them, but that's it." He returns they stare with not quite the same intensity, more just a mild curiousity. "That's a rather uh..." His brow furrows. "You're very lucky she can't hear you, or I'd strangle you. Oh no? Try me." Shaking his head his gaze returns to Devi. "Acceptance oddly enough. I accepted it was a part of me, and.. there he was."

Devi perks slightly. "What'd he say? Curious minds wanna know. Considering that you're.... well.... unusual. For someone who's insane, you act... I don't know. Maybe it's just because I've been around to many people.. Hm. I wonder if you could hear me if I projected?" She taps a finger against her chin as she thinks about it.

Wolfe sighs. "It might work, I can't tell you what would happen if you did though.."

Devi grins. "There is nothing in your head that I think could really fuck with me, joys of joys." She rotates around him again, stareing intently at him. She slows her breathing, focuses and pushes her thoughts outward. *Testing testing, one two three. Roger roger, do you copy, over?* If things go alright, he should hear this in his head without Devi having to speak it. It's worked with everyone else, although, it might have to do with mindset. It's not something Devi has really sat down to reserch. It's helped her out loads of times though, especially with people who don't or won't speak.

IT sounds like storm in his head, complete with rumbling thunder and crashing waves, and the distant sound of perhaps.. fire mixed with a low growl. *Ah, slightly different from Furfur, but similar in an odd sort of way.* He closes his eyes slightly. *Oh he doesn't like that...* The sound of the fire starts getting a bit louder.

Devi giggles and claps her hands, severing the connection. Her intention wasn't to rub anyone the wrong way, but to see if it worked with a dual inhabited mind. "He'll get over it, I'm sure." A very happy smile graces her face. "Oh, I've gotta play around with this more. See what all I can do with it." She sits back up, her arms folded like a bad 60's geine. "Thank you."

Wolfe still has his eyes closed, pushing the palm of his hand against his forehead. "Shhhh......." He breathes a heavy sigh and seems to relax. "That's... never happened before. That one.. he might wake up.. I don't think that'd be a good thing either."

The grin remains on Devi's face as she watches him. "No, I won't try it again with you, you've got to much that might happen.. I should try it on Zel. He'd be ok, I think."

Wolfe laughs. "Whatever that thing was it scared the crap out of Furfur.." He looks a little pale, as if that revelation scares him more than a little. "Hmm.. perhaps, I wouldn't know."

Devi says, "Perhaps. But still. There's a lot that's going to happen to you, I think before your time here in Twisted is done."

Wolfe nods, "This place makes the shadow world seem almost normal in comparrison.. almost." He is about to lean back before he realizes he's on the edge of a fountain and starts whirling arms to regain his balance.

Devi laughs, as she leans down and offers an arm to grab onto so he doesn't fall into the water. "Careful there, cowboy!"

Wolfe coughs slightly as he rights himself. "Careful? I am the epitome of poise and grace."

Devi says, "Yes, just as I am the epitome of Goodness and Light!" Her clothes flash for the briefest of seconds, showing her in silver Battle Armor, Spartan style helm with a pimp purple mohawk, and covered in dark red blood. She continues giggling as she reverts back to normal, not having noticed it.

One of Wolfe's eyebrows goes up and up. "Um.. you were that armor a lot? It's really quite becoming. The blood stains really set off the color of your eyes."

Devi eh's. "What armor? I havn't worn armor in... well, ever I think." She frowns, ignoring his compliment totally, as she doesn't know how to react to things like that. But his mention of armor... Could it be that her body is working to say that it's ready to go into hell? No, that's not possible.

"Right.. and I'm the crazy one." Wolfe just shrugs, "So.. I have a question for you, and I think I might need an answer. Rick mentioned you telling him something, I just remembered."

Devi says, "I never said I wasn't. In fact, it's taken pains to show itself.... Alright, hit me with it."

"A coming war?" Wolfe pulls out his cards, "I was going to try getting a reading, but without knowing more.. touching on it might be dangerous."

Devi sighs, the humor in her posture gone. "The War. The War is a big up and coming thing. I have my suspisions that Diablo will come after me for telling people about it. Do you know of the two Councils? The one here, topside, and the Hell Council. Well, the head of Twisted's Council is Concordance. Concorance doesn't like that the Hell Council is trying to let innocent souls back up here to live. So, as far as I understand, Concordance has thrown the gaunlet, and is starting to move forces to attack Hell. I'm not sure about the details." Her lips seal at that point, turning white with the pressure of keeping her raving from breaking out. Her eyes harden and she shrugs.

"Sorry for asking, but I was told I'd need to pick a side, and.. I don't like being in the dark." Wolfe tries a grin, but it's a paltry one. "I think it might just be better to wait until it blows over. No chance in that though, is there?"

Devi says, "I don't know. It depends on how they collide. The War may not happen, but at the same time. You don't need to pick a side. I'm not. And even if I was, I'd side with Hell. Twisted Council is here for no purpose other then to higher their opinon about themselves. If the fight comes up here, there will be people helping the residents of Twisted get out of the line of fire, or get out of Twisted all together. If I'm not busy then, I'll be one of them."

Wolfe says, "That sounds more my style. I'm no hero after all." He laughs softly, lookg at the water in the fountain. "After all, it's that attitude that got my butt trapped in this lunatic dimension in the first place." Devi says, "You'll find you become a lot of things that you weren't before here. But that's 90% of the forginers here." She drops her legs, standing upright. Picking up her Jacket, she slings it over her shoulder.

"Sorry, didn't mean to be such a mood killer. It's a failing of mine I guess." Wolfe offers a loose shrug. "That damn curiousity showing itself again."

Devi says, "Ha, bullshit. Curiosity is one of the best things to have here. And I'm the same way. It helps you be prepared for some of the crap that comes around." She turns and starts heading towards the UR. "I'm going for a drink, you want one?"

"And the other great thing about this place, they seem to ignore that whole drinking age thing." Wolfe stands, adjusting the chain around his waist before moving to follow. "I could definately use one."

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