2010-02-02 (PreU) b. Insanity isn't just for the week anymore

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Insanity isn't just for the week anymore.

Summary: Devi cracks furthur after an unlogged post with Zel and Felina. Once she gets to the arena, she calls for Diablo. Arctus, Wolfe and Oblivion shows up to check things out.

Who: Arctus, Devi, Oblivion, Senor_Diablo, Wolfe
When: February 2nd, 2010
Where: The Arena

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Devi stumbles into the Arena, her eyes wild, her hands clenching and unclenching as she leaves the Street, away from Zel/Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo. Her hair is wild, looking like she drove her hands into it and ruffled it up. Deep green eyes dilate and shift, rolling in her head as she falls to her knees.

As far as stress, Devi's had her fair share this past 3 days. Johnny, Sammy, Zel. Devi can take a lot but the strain is working her nerves. Zel's push towards her insane latent Mazuko self didn't help either. She quivers on the ground, her hands on her head, head touching the ground. "Why is this happeneing, why, what do I do?" Her mind races. "Diablo. He has the answers. If I could get..." Her voice trails off, leaving the sounds of the night with her.

Arctus seems to flash into existance, kicking up a burst of dust outwards from where his feet came into contact with the ground. He got here by pure speed, and Devi probably felt him coming from quite a distance. "Hey, Devi, I was looking for you....." He tilts his head as he obviously stops mid thought, "You okay?" He walks over to her and bends a bit at the waist, tilting his head in concern and mild confusion, "You don't look so good. I know Vash's training was a bit...unorthodox, even asanine, but...what's happened?"

As the two engage in contact the area outside suddenly grows abruptly dark. Light seems to be swallowed into the inky void. As the effect subsides, Senor Diablo stands in the doorway, watching the goings on with his reflective pupil-less eyes. Arching an eyebrow, the demon leans ageinst the frame of the door letting out a brief sigh before annoucning his pressence. "Devi D... all you needed to do was call my name. I've told you before I'm fairly easy to contact and answers are something I'm more than happy to give." His gaze falls upon Arctus bringing a smile to his thin lips. "The Icer Outcast, Arctus. I believe this is our first encounter." He bows extravagantly, "I am Senor Diablo, founder of the Council of Twisted's Hell, Lord of the depths of the lowest planes, and apparently the bringer of Concordance's scheduled apocalypse. Pleased to meet you."

Devi's image flickers as she looks up. Silver Battle Armor, something that would have been worn in the early parts of her history, intricatly engraved with writing. A spartan style helmet adornes her head, complete with a bitching purple mohawk. Blood stains it, dry and wet alike, but it's darker, looking more like dead blood, or demonic blood. The armor fades after a second, only to flicker back in. It's like a TV channel that refuses to come in and stay in. Her body is fighting against her to solve the issues that she's got on her plate. She hasn't been training, therefore hasn't had the outlet to relive her tension. One good sparing match with Rick is not enough help for her.

Devi says, "To much Arctus, I've got to much. To much anger, to much stress. Hell, I've gotta go to hell to get him back, to win him back, I have to do something." Her voice is drawn taunt and paniced. "I have to tell Diablo. I don't know if I can come back, he could help me." The unraveling that started at Johnny's pulls at her mind, unraveling the girl. "I have to go back to normal, I have to fix this." *TO LONG HAVE I WAITED* Her voice screams at her in her head.

As Diablo appears in the arena, Devi scrambles towards him, reaching out to clutch at his robes. Her body quivers. "I have to go get Johnny. I have to. Help me, help me, help me. I need to save him from -it-." She nearly spits as she says it, not being able to bring herself to actually say Alessa's name.

Arctus opens his eyes wide at his friend's state and to the armor. His attention snaps over to Diablo as soon as he appears and his eyes narrow, "What have you drug her into?" He looks back to Devi, his green eyes flickering slightly between her and Diablo. He tilts his head towards, taking a more stubborn stance, causing light to reflect off of the smooth green dome that takes up most of his head, "What's happening to her and what is it that you want that'll let her be free of whatever it is?" He looks back to Devi, "What can I do to help you?" His tail whips up and around to punctuate his last statement with a sharp crack against the ground, sending striations of stressed ground outwards from the point of impact.

Senor Diablo nearly looses his balance as Devi grabs him. She'll notice if she's sane enough that he seems more frail than usual. Lines of age hang heavily around his eyes as he looks down at her, his eyebrow still raised. Placing a taloned hand on her head comfortingly, Diablo slowly shakes his head. "I've drug her into nothing. Things must happen for reasons that are beyond even me. Much like the fate of the maniac in question..." He takes a second to think, to collect himself. Rather strange to see him not immedately taking advantage of a situation somehow. Biting his lip once more the demon looks down into her eyes, "Child, if feel you must reclaim him then you need to steady yourself. The duplicate of the Goddess Alessa has been brought here for a specific reason, and since his interactions with her predate anything we could have had influence in, he must stay by her side until the matter is resolved."

His hand moves to her shoulder as he tries to push her away. Even his hand seems to be more frail and skeletal than usual. "There will come a time soon when the 'other' Alessa will be brought upon to the Street of Twisted. At that time the two will be too focused on one another to pay much attention to you or the rest of the people you ally yourself with. If you want an opportunity to go after him, that will be the best moment. The moment in which her focus will be most easily broken..."

Senor Diablo grins menacingly, "Or I can take you to where she is now and you can have her worm her way into your skull further than she already has. I trust the nightmares and hallucinations have already started? One of her trademarks, you know. If not, they'll catch up to you soon..." The tone of his voice sounds like he's trying to be reassuring. "An outsider has found her way into plans and now Alessa's more focused on you than she should have been. There isn't much I can do to undo the damage done..." What is that supposed to mean?

If Devi were in a more stable state, she'd be deeply touched by Arctus' concern. She'll remember it once she gets back to normal. Her breakdown in front of Samantha was the crack in her perverbail dam, and her encounters today was the last blow. She tilts her head toward Arctus. "I didn't want it to happen like this, I wanted to be strong and rational, but I can't take it, I can't take it anymore, I have to go help him, get her outta my head, get her in my past before she ruins my future. I have to get him back or get destroyed trying." She stops as she listens to Diablo's answer, her eyes wide and non beliving. "No. No, no that's to long, Satan, to long. NO!" She stikes at him, her hand instantly glowing with power. Regardless of if she hits him or not, she turns away, pacing. "I have to wait?! I have to wait for them to come? Up HERE?!? I CAN'T WAIT. I have to deal with the issues, Johnny is an issue, I have to get this over with, I want to wake up from this Hell. I can't take it."

Arctus looks at Devi, concern clearly in his eyes before he looks back to Diablo, "I'll stand by her. Together we'd be able to take anything. If there's something threatening her, her sanity, and someone important to her then I'd go anywhere and fight anyone necessary." He clenches his fists, his power beginning to hum just beneath the surface, bluring his outline. "Tell me what must be done."

Something is clearly wrong with Diablo. Devi's strike not only hits him, but knocks him flat on his ass. A sickening crunch can be heard as he hits the ground, and it takes a moment before the now wide-eyed devil begins to push himself to his feet. His cane appears as he uses it to help himself up. Placing a free hand on his neck, the demon cracks his head to the side sending another loud sickening crunch into the air. His voice has the obvious hit of anger as he speaks, one eye actually narrowing as he nearly spits out the words which follow. "YOU MUST WAIT. Things would have been simple if that mangy catgirl hadn't been brought out of her own Hell prior to schedule. You have NO idea how much planning has been RUINED by her early appearence! If you go after Alessa now, you will not only die but become one of her PLAYTHINGS! Do you want to see the balance destroyed so early? Do you not care about the other lives on Twisted Street who will be SLAUGHTERED if Alessa destroys her sister because YOU went and threw your soul at her on a silver platter?!?" Diablo's normally cool and calm facade is shattered by his angry outburst. He will try to calm himself as he gives everyone a chance to speak, even going so far as to cling to his walking cane as if he would fall face first onto the ground if not for it.

Devi spits, her eyes wide and angry. She watches as he gets up, her raving replaced by insane confience. "You look a little weak Satan. I will not become her play thing. Help me, or I will go down and I swear I will BLOW A HOLE IN HELL SO LARGE YOU WON'T HAVE A THRONE TO LURK BEHIND!" Her fist shake, and she storms away from him to stand next to Arctus. She faces away from Diablo, her left shoulder almost touching Arctus. Her tone is soft, quivering and afraid. Unsure, she speaks softly to him. "Would you help me? Help me stay out of her grasp and get him back? I... I don't know if I can keep my head together, and I'd rather trust my life to you and Cale then to myself right now." She turns slightly to look at Satan.

Arctus looks over at Devi and nods before looking at Diablo, "You grossly underestimate our abilities. Especially if we can get Cale Satanas to journey with us. The three of us together would be able to take anything. I could grab Kaldrath I'm sure as well. Though if you're worried about the sudden vaccuum in hell and the little game of a war that Cale told me about going on here then I am sure Kaldrath would happily take on the Council here as well." He narrows his eyes, "If someone is messing with those I hold dear, those who accepted me as I am, then I will go anywhere and take on anyone. You've seen nothing of my abilities, nor Devi's true capabilities. We were told to hold back. Someone has taken advantage of that and I WON'T ALLOW IT!" He punctuates his last three words with a sudden rise of his own powerlevel, sending the area shaking violently as bits of the ground tear apart and rise up, breaking into smaller and smaller chuncks.

Senor Diablo glares angrily at Devi as she screams, his sharpened teeth digging into his lips sending a trail of black blood dripping down to the floor. "Even if I where a CHILD I could still crush your soul with a careless GLANCE. Alessa, THIS Alessa, is one of the most powerful demons of any Hell thus EARNING her the right to be called a Goddess. I am trying with all my power to orchestrate this for the best possible outcome for you and the rest of this mutliverse managre called Twisted Street so you will heed my warning before you-" His temper rages as Arctus brings up the name Satanas, fire literally burning in his eyes as his glare moves upon him. His voice seems to echo from every corner of existance as he screams, "YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING!!!!" The very arena seems to tremble with his voice, the evil in his esscence becoming so thick with his rage it's almost physically sufficating to anyone able to sense it. All sources of light begin to dim and in the distance the sound of thousands of teeth chewing on the very fabric of existance can be heard getting louder and louder. Although seemingly frail at the moment, the devil radiates a power of darkness shared by very few being of even the lowest of Hells. "I will repeat this for the LAST TIME. If you interfere before the time is right, NOTHING will be able to save you. Forget about Heaven and Hell. Forget about friends and family or even beings from the deepest pits of whatever world you can ever imagine... ALESSA GILLESPIE CAN NOT BE APPROACHED OR YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!!!" His last words literally sucking the last of the light away leaving the world bathed in darkness, that horrible chewing noise coming to a cresendo as the screams of every soul damned in the depths of Hell echo out for a full horrifying moment before reality comes crashing back like a tidal wave washing away the nightmares and leaving a very shaken demon standing before them grasping for breath in an effort to calm himself.

Devi glares at Diablo as he rages. Her images flickers, the armor comes back, flickers, and fades into solidarlity. She turns to Arctus, a hand clapsing his shoulder. "Thank you, my friend. For eagerly being damned with me." She turns away from him and stalks back towards Diablo. Her voice is quiet. "Then you will not give me aid? You will not help me? You will not allow me the peace of being out of your hair?" She grins, that manic grin that only seems to work for Vasquez charecters. "You won't point me towards Johnny? You won't /let/ me attack? I warn you Diablo, this is your last chance, or all these delicate plans of yours will be utterly demolished in the wake of rage. Help me help you." If Diablo doesn't think that Devi -will- go into hell for what she needs to fix, he is sadly mistaken.

Arctus smirks at Diablo's display, "Cale has shown me a hell where they keep beings capable of ending universes, and I've fought those same beings. I'm not afraid of someone with flashy effects, no matter how impressive." He allows a small smile at Devi, "I've seen alot and been through alot. Piccolo watches over Hell, after he made sure that everyone knew who was boss he gets alot of training done. Doesn't seem that bad of a life to me, as long as I don't end up alone." He eyes Diablo, "So, Mr. Devil, Sir, what's your answer?"

The very fabric of Hell was torn assunder from Diablo's anger, the arena literally bathed in pure concentrated evil as a result of it. Diablo stands, his robes now tattered and frayed from the use of his powers, contributing to his already frail form and making him look like some form of wraith with fire still burning in his eyes. The cane he was clutching to stand with is now splintered from the grip he has upon it. "Capable of ending universes... do you not REALISE how much is at stake here? We're not talking about a being capable of ending one universe, we're talking about the potential to destroy ALL OF THEM. Imagine an infinite amount of worlds burning, raining an endless amount of ash onto the people of those worlds caught in the crossfire and twisted into the most ghoulish evil ever concieved. THERE ARE HELLS SO DARK NOT EVEN LIGHT REACH THEM... The Alessa which sits on the Council of Hell is one of these beings, and the Alessa which now resides on the street is even more powerful. This is why we've had to take measure to lock down all of Hell to prevent things from occuring before their time. If you want to see Hell I will take you there now, but I promise you upon any thing you hold dear, you will not like what you see nor will you be able to do ANYTHING about it."

Coming from the path is the sounds of boots hitting the ground at a good speed, a few moments before Wolfe comes into view. Although it's only him, anyone that can sense it is aware of another presence hovering around him, feeling just like there's a second one of him. He's got his ever present cards gripped in one of his hands, fanned out as if he was just looking at them. He draws himself up short at the feeling of evil pouring from Diablo, his eyes going wide. "Jeeze, you weren't kidding were you?

Devi says, "CAN THE THEATRICS!" Devi of course feels the evil spewing from behind the Devil. "Destroy one member on the council or her sister is no mind of mine. And The banlance of the world will have it's own agenda. That threat doesn't scare me. You're the Lord of Hell, right? Get Johnny for me then, from the depths of your relams and save all this trouble." Devi's head snaps around to stare as Wolfe enters the arena. And here she is, all decked to the 9's and covered in blood. Her battle Armor is fully mounted and solid, a mirror image of what Wolfe saw earlier today. She grins impishly, the insanity crawling behind her eyes in full swing. "Welcome." She turns back to Diablo. "Or are you as weak and lacking power as your facide says your not?"

Arctus crosses his arms, his tail whipping about agitated as he simply waits for Diablo's response to Devi's request. He's obviously not impressed, and remains calm and collected.

Senor Diablo spits out a mouthful of black blood from the wounds he's made chewing on his lip in anger. He's not trying to be theatrical, this is simply how angry he is. The demon is no longer trying to contain his abilities. "JOHNNY C IS NOT WITHIN MY DOMAIN!!!!" As he screams the fire in his eyes becomes that of a blinding light, the demon is suddenly holding Devi by the throat and lifting her into the air. There is no speed involved, it just simply is. HIs form has shifted into that of a twisted skeleton with a thin layer of flesh overtop of it. His robes can barely hang onto his form as the flesh around his mouth is pulled back into a horrible snear. The beast snarls as the floor of the arena behind him drops and falls down into the very depths of Hell itself. A choir of Cenobites line the walls of the hole, all of them looking up at the world above them with teeth chattering. The pit seems to go on forever, the sound of chewing and screaming echoing from it at a deafening level. Diablo turns and holds Devi over the abyss. "I CAN NOT TAKE YOU TO HER BECAUSE SHE WOULD DESTROY EVEN ME! If you want to travel to Hell so baddly, here is your chance..." If it's an illusion there's nothing to prove it. Diablo's rage has finally reached it's limit and his vast powers are the only thing keeping him together anymore. The devil looks into Devi's eyes, his own suddenly reflecting everything the woman had ever done wrong in her life. Suddenly his voice drops to a near whisper. "I could let you go now, but you would gain NOTHING. If you wish to save your friend you need to gather your strength and your allies. Do you really think that someone that matters so much to you that you'd risk your very soul going into the depths of Hell would simply be okay with you wasting your life looking for them in the wrong place? Or throwing your life away in a futile effort that would bring you no closer to them than you are now? Last chance, Devi D. Withdraw before things go too far..."

Wolfe's demon companion becomes momentarily visable, wrapping arms protectively around him before fading, but still the feeling of him being there remains. He edges away from the hole, trying to get closer with out getting to close, resulting in him almost circling around the group slightly. "No.. don't do anything. We'd be crushed." He narrows his eyes, "You'll be the death of us yet, you know." He stops his movement, and simply stands there almost as if some tension has left him, but his eyes remain fixed on Devi and Diablo as he mutters to himself.

Devi hangs from Diablo's grasp, her hands clasping at his wrist as she fights to not get strangled by the Demon. For some reason, Devi can't teleport, or vanish, or any of the other nifty tricks she's learned in the past to get her out of a sticky spot. It seems that Diablo is -not- acting, and his power over rides her own at the moment. She struggles to speak. "Fine, I withdraw my challenge. Johnny is the only reason I have to go back to that place, and you know it." The armor slowly fades, leaving Devi in her shin high combat boots, faded black cargo pants over top of them, her back-low cut tank top, the Kanji on her back pulsating with light as she starts powering up. "You could have said so in the first place, Old Man, saved some of that energy you so desperately need." Yeah, she's lost it. Only the insane would mock the person who holds their life over Hell. She grins sadistically. Holding on to his arm, she lifts herself level, and allows herself some air. Seeming to lean into his grasp, she eyes him. "Then do you know where she is holding him, Old Timer? Eh? How far does your knowledge reach?"

Eyes unseen by mortal beings watch the events from a place neither close, nor far.

Arctus narrows his eyes as Diablo holds Devi over the pits of hell. He hovers himself, but he's far from calm. Without a flashy aura, without any fanfare his eyes are slowly covered in a glowing green energy, covering the pupils and the whites equally. He grits his teeth as his own power begins to cause the very air to shudder and shake. His energy grows rapidly, outlining his body in a thick green line, one that begins to slowly burn off of his form, flickering like a slowly burning fire. His body is tense as his he's obviously barely keeping something in check. THe air stops shaking, but the burst of air that suddenly rockets off of the Icer's form would knock any normal person off their feet and send them a short distance before he regains control. His jaw tightens, just barely holding his cool as the green aura flickers off his lithe white form, "You have exactly two seconds to place her on solid ground or I'll personally begin to dismantle your personal Hell using your limbs as my weapons. I've not had a serious fight in a while, and trust me...I'm itching to show off." His voice has deepened and his form seems to try to shift as a green shell of energy begins to cover him, "I'm just itching to test a new technique...please," His voice drops an octive as the energy that's slowly coating his form with a semi-solid shell reaches his jaw, "Give me an excuse to do so."

As Devi is set on the ground, Wolfe actually breathes a sigh, why should he care, he's only talked to her twice, but for some reason it seems he does. He crosses his arms over his chest, the cards in his hand tapping against his arm in a steady rythm, mouthing to himself the names of the cards. "Yes.. it does make sense. And no, I really don't give a rats ass what you think right now." He's not talking to anyone but himself, but anyone that knows the teen should be used to that by now. "Yes, I feel it, how can I not?"

Devi tilts her head, her eyes glazed. "Give me a clue then, oh Wize one, guide me upon my blind path." She walks over to stand between Wolfe and Arctus, glancing over at Wolfe momentarily. She'd ask if he was ok, but she guesses he probably is. "I know Johnny's sins. I know what he's done to others, what he's done to ME. Diablo, I know. And I still wanna go after him." She takes a step towards him. "Why is waiting so damned important? Why?? Why should I wait for you to place your pawns and Concorandce to place hers? I've got more then 1 soul to save here, my time is precious and the clock is ticking. I don't care about the War anymore. If I have to, I'll collect those that I want to save more then anyone else, and I'll eject them into a better world. I just want Johnny back." Her voice lowers slightly at the last bit, her head lowering in time, her eyes shadowing. "And I will get him back."

Arctus clenches his fist so tight that the joints pop, "Do you want me to kill him, Devi?" The solid green shell almost covers his entire form, his body practically humming with the power he's barely containing, "It'd mean one less puppet master to bite us in our ass later." His eyes never blink or look away from Diablo, "I'm growing tired of his type walking around pretending to know what's best for people when he keeps...things...like what was just in that pit. When they make their entire existance suffering. He's just like my old family, just like those who cast me out." He bares his teeth at Diablo, "Making their way on the backs of others. I don't care what people have done in the past, they can always change. Hells like his sicken me." Another burst of power radiates off of his form, more pieces of the landscape drifting off the ground, rocks nearly filling the air.

Senor Diablo's rage boils up again as Arctus rants forcing him to send an angry glare at him this time. "MY PRIORITY IS BALANCE! THERE ARE INNOCENT SOULS I'M TRYING TO -PROTECT- AMIDST ALL OF THIS!! People in this multiverse are BORN in Hell, they don't choose to be. Innocent souls like the ones here on Twisted didn't ask to be put in the middle of Concordance's self-gratifying war! Do not just ASSUME because the words 'HELL' and 'DEMON' are involved that my only purpose is to cause suffering. I am a force of this universe created to force those who do wrong to suffer for their actions. I would rather cast my own soul to the fires before I do the same for someone who DOESN'T DESERVE IT! Your just as arrogant as those idiots Concordance calls her Council. I expected better of you..." Closing his eyes for a moment to try and keep focused, he takes a deep breath and turns his attention fully to Devi again. "I keep asking you to wait because, to put it as simple as I can, when the two Sisters begin to fight, Alessa will be at her weakest. Her focus will be thiniest. That means the only demons you'll have to contend with are the ones in Johnny's head. If you go after him now her ENTIRE focus will be you. She's already gotten into your head twice now. You do not have the means to prevent it a third time..."

Wolfe's muttering is still low, but parts of it can be made out, "Judgement sits in preeminance, Tower and Devil stand opposed to Empress and Heirophant, World bears the gaze of Fool. Beneath all Temperence stands inverted flanked by Death inverted." His frown is more than noticeable, but it turns into a small barely noticeable smile at the mention of demon's in the head, something he's intimately familiar with, but his frown is back all to quickly. "I don't like it, not one bit. Pah.." He looks over to Devi, raising a brow and then shrugging.

Devi says, "No, Arctus, he's right. As Twisted as he goes about in his ways, he's right." She turns away from him her arms crossed. "I'll wait Diablo, but I'll also attack when I'm ready. Regardless of the timing. I have Arctus if nothing else to help secure my sanity." She starts walking towards the exit when she stops by Wolfe. "And the cards? What do they have to say about all this?"

"In other words, if her forces don't hang together, they'll hang seperately. A simple Misdirection, played by one sister against another.....". Oblivions words fill the air, and he materializes moments later, within proximity of the group, looking sane and serious for once! "An interesting plan, and one that should work well, i think....."

The Icer's eyes flicker over to the newcomer and then back to Diablo as he relaxes his power back a bit, the green shell of power shattering off of his form before it covers him completely. His aura fades as well as the rocks begin to fall back to the ruined ground, "It still seems wrong to punish for eternity. Can't they just cleanse the soul like they do in our reality? I know Cale's demons are a darker lot, but he still keeps them reigned in." He crosses his arms, his tail twitching irritibly. "I don't understand why Caliga likes this place so much. Maybe its because they all play his sort of games." Arctus turns, his odd three toed feet handling the now rough terrain easilly as he walks over to Devi, "Do we stick around? I think we need to talk with teacher a bit..even if he is a little different than he used to be." He sighs, "I'm starting to miss home quite a bit. Things were simpler there." He nods to Wolfe as he pretty much ignores Oblivion and Diablo.

Senor Diablo overhears Arctus speaking to himself and leans his head towards him. "Actually they can, but few seldom try. Souls here are not as strong as the ones where you come from. As for Caliga... well, he's already told he me likely won't oppose Concodrance which leads me to wonder what his role in this will be when it ends." The demon nearly collapses suddenly, barely keeping himself standing as his staff breaks. "I... I need to rest... Stopping time wasn't the best way to have a private conversation..." He refers to what happened before these events, if anyone's wondering. "Devi... I came because you called me, and I will do so if you call me again. For now, I hope you at least see what needs to be done. Don't be too hasty." The demon's shadow spreads out around him and without a sound he vanishes within it, the shadow vanishing just after. The presence of evil here will slowly diminish but not slowly enough that the wise could take advantage of it with the proper actions.

"The cards, it's simple, and pretty much what you already know. There is a war coming, but I did not quite know the severity of it, and it's going to be a doozie, at least if my reading is correct. And the outcome, I don't know what it will be, but I know that either way, there will be a change in things." Wolfe sighs and gives a shrug of his shoulders. "But then again, I could be completely wrong, and my reading is off." Something in his voice though makes it sound like he doesn't really accept that possibility. "That and my card hit the field.. If it comes to it, I know what side I'll be joining, but I hope it doesn't have to come to that. But I digress, and Furfur grows weary of my rambling, and trust me when he decides to complain, it doesn't stop, but it's a personal failing of mine." He gives Arctus a nod by way of greeting before his eyes lock on Oblivion. "Hmm.." And that's all he says on that matter.

Devi nods, both in response to Diablo and his parting, and Wolfe, and his cards. She looks over her shoulder at Oblivion, wondering if he knows about Zel and the evil that's befallen the poor man. After a second, she shrugs, looks at Arctus and walks out of the Areana. "There's no need to stay."

Oblivion watches the goings on, and everyones reactions. He smirks "Things are about to get interesting..... and as anyone familiar with chaos knows, things getting TOO interesting is never a good thing.....". With that, he vanishes.

Wolfe shakes his head and turns to follow Devi out, "No, no need to stay at all..."

Arctus shrugs and walks after Devi, "Good. I wonder if we can't convince Cale to take us home for a while. I'd like to see green grass and a blue sky again after being here for a bit." He stretches as he heads out of the Arena.

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