2010-02-05 (PreU) 3 really is the loneliness number that there ever was

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3 really is the loneliness number that there ever was.

Summary: Devi training alone turns into a convention of voices. Or minds, whatever.

Who: Devi, Johnny_C, Oblivion
When: February 5th, 2010
Where: Grav Chamber

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Grav Chamber

A Standard DBZ Gravity Chamber, white walls with a pillar in the middle. The buttons on the panels light up when activated and are next to a large dial. This controls the gravity in the room. Weights sit tucked away in a courner, and there is a ladder leading down to the living area. The place is clean, but obviously someone lives here.

Devi teleports into her Home, her jacket getting flunk into a courner. She feels out, noticing that there is no one else there, and grins. OFF comes the boots and her socks; Devi grinning widely. She pads over to the console and cranks the gravity up tp 400x, so far the highest that she's trained in and she sighs. Devi lets her knees go fluid, sinking only slightly as her body relaxes. She begins her training. Streching first, she leans back, fliping over herself, cartwheeling around the room. Squating down, she streaches her legs, sitting on one bent knee while her other leg streachs out and she pushes down as far as she can. For someone who acts lazy and non-commital, she limber and if one were to ever see her even in shorts, they'd see she was very well toned. She doesn't have much body fat, though as slender as she was anyway, one isn't sure if that's a point to her being lackin in it anyway. After her streaching, she begins training, striking out in the fashion that Vash tought her. Slide into the L Stance, her right arms stikes out, the fist twisting sharply as it approches full lenght. A gust of wind emits from the area she struck at.

As Devi practices one would assume her mind goes blank, but in the depths of the back of her brain meats, the events of the past week play out over and over again. Her determination, her desires, her anger. Unknowingly these emotions boil together, overlapping one another until finally a blurred figure seems to appear each time Devi strikes out. Nothing about it feels real, and yet that's exactly how it should be. A figment of her imagination is slowly forming and no matter how hard she may try to ignore it one thing is apparent it's Johnny's image.

One would assume correctly, which is the reason Devi should train daily. It allows her mind a break from really functioning. Her eyes narrow as she strikes out, the gusts of wind from her punches growing as she throws more and more of her body into it. Grinding her teeth, she mutters something about this not being enough. Over to the weight cabinet she goes, sliding two wrist waists on and securing them. As she walks back by the console, she kicks gravity up another 2 notches, and goes back to her former postion. Breathing deeply, she half hopes that the image will come back just so she can see Johnny untained again, and that half is also the most forward one in her brain. She begins her strikes again.

Slowly but surely her determination feeds that unconscious figment. With each blow it seems to deepen and gain more strength. Ironically in much the same way Tabitha was created the first time, Devi succeeds her selfish goal and soon Johnny seems to stand before her. His eyes may seem too distant, but the image is there. His form just beyond each strike like he's hovering there before her. When it finally reaches the point where it seems she can actually touch it, the figment blinks - tilting it's head to the side and grinning. "Hey Devi! What's up?" Just like always he stands as though nothing has happened. Only his eyes remain dull as a reminder to the fact he's not real.

Devi knows this isn't real, but also can't help but relaseing her logic to her brain and letting maybe herself pretend to be normal for a few minutes. "Not much, Johnny, just trying to get stronger so I can go after your white ass." She grins as she continues to step-punch around the room. She spins at one point, her heel coming down in front of Nny's head in an axe kick.

The Johnny figment rolls his head to the side again and laughs. "Go get me, huh? And where the fuck am I supposed to be this time?" He leans back against the nearest wall as Devi continues her path to training. "I think your just overworking yourself. Pffft. Next you'll be telling me all about how I was abducted, or turned into a zombie, or some other crap." The figment seems to hang on her word while his soulless eyes simply watch her as she travels around the room. "Fuck.. Wanna just say to hell with this and go get a burrito?" His tongue hangs out comically as he ponders the suggestion himself. "Mmmmm. Burritos"

Devi laughs. "Bah, well, you know, the only way I can hang out with you is if I'm bat shit crazy. And burritos would only go to my hips. I'd hate to waste this lovley figure." She laughs again, neverstopping in her practice, almost afraid that he'd leave if she did. "Besides, you're always in a heap of trouble. In one way or another, right?"

Johnny scowls, "Hey now! That's not fair! You get into as much trouble as I do." He grumbles more under his breath, "'sides, how else am I going to keep you on your toes? If you wheren't often trying to save everyone you'd just stay home and go crazy like me. Could you imagine yourself with voices in your head? Tenna would just have a field day. You'd wake up tomorrow with a thousand Treasure Trolls decorating your apartment with her asking what each one's voice sounded like." He grins wickedly, only his eyes betraying that sense of jest. That lack of shine seems to give him a look of sadness that he shouldn't have. Of course, that could also just be Devi's image reflecting in them.

Devi says, "Pfft, I never get into trouble, and I dont' save that many people, I'll have you know. The only claim I can make is I've killed less people then you. But you took it to a stupid crazy level. Plus, those Trolls are freakin adorable." Punch kick, it's all in the mind! "I'm not that crazy yet."

Johnny smiles evily. "That's true. You've never randomly created someone just to keep you company huh?" Ouch. The figure seems to have shifted slightly. His form a little darker than it was just seconds before. In his free hand he twirls his Dread Dagger playfully. "Then again. You should be careful. Last thing you want to do is give your demons a body and let them roam free. The worst nightmares are the ones that know you personally" Is is it taunting her?

Devi says, "Well maybe, Nny, but I'm not sure that you'll get out of control. It's like drugs. Someone using the first time only goes so far before they back down." She stops to bend over, her hands on her knees, a sheer sheen of sweat covering her body. She walks over to the console, almost literally pausing the gravity to allow her to go get a bottle of water. She pops the caps off and takes a deep swig. "If nothing else, I think maybe I could talk my mind into giving me a suitable partner. Granted, you havn't trained, but maybe that's what I need."

Johnny continues to twirl that dagger. His eyes darken more. "Oh, so we're not going to beat around the bush anymore? Well fine 'mother' maybe we'll just have to see how much faith you have in your own words then." His voice seems to change an octave or two, the influence of Sickness clearly apparent. But is that the figment itself, or is Devi putting those words in it's mouth? Regardless the figment steps forwards holding it's daggers at the ready. "Whenever your ready, 'mother' but if you die you kill us both then I'll have to kill you." At least if it IS acting too much like Sickness it still talks as nonsensical as NNY. Maybe that's a good thing.

Devi Stops as she hears the change in tone. She doesn't move. Time seems to slow as she utters. "Don't make me shut you down and lock you up." Her voice is almost that of one who's about to cry, although we all know that Devi doesn't sucumb to that kinda thing. "Please don't get out of control, I.. I just need.." Her voice drops to a whisper. "Sanity."

The Johnny figment stops dead in it's tracks as that soulless gaze once more crosses it's face. It nods it's head silently before smiling peacefully. "Sure, Devi. Whatever you need." That darkness seems to have passed a moment before it resumes it's stance, beckoning her to begin. "Whenever your ready" Maybe it was all in her head maybe.

Devi quickly spins the cap back on her waterbottle, tossing it back into the 'grav safe' fridge. She drops the weights off her wrists and walks back towards her own personal heaven and hell, returning the console to 402X on her way. She slides down into her stance, and wiggles her eyebrows, her eyes showing how hard she's trying to keep herself in one piece, keeping all the emotions in one old lockbox in her head, and figuring out how to solve her problems.

Johnny's eyes flash red briefly as he charges forwards, not giving her anymore time to think. He tries to plant a dagger between her eyes, steps back, and aims for her stomach. It doesn't matter if she blocks or not, his actions will be the same. "Come on, Devi! Your not even trying!!" It's hard to say if the figment is doing what she wants, or acting on it's own but it's movements so far seem simple. Maybe she is in control...

Devi uses her arms to sweep it to the side, her right hand snapping out and twisting towards the end, a gust of wind forming at the end of her fists from the pwoer she forces her body to use for the punch. Her right leg snaps up to side kick at Johnny's ribs. Her mind starts blanking out more again, as she practices, fully allowing the back of her mind to release control art retristicion 1.

The figment's hands are knocked back, the opening created more than enough to land her kick successfully. Johnny steps back with that darkness creeping over his face again as she slips more and more into 'automatic'. He moves in an out automatically as well. She'll see him move exactly the way she expects, taking a hit or two each time. Finally something about it changes and the figment vanishes from her gaze. It'll be gone for a full minute, giving her time to look around, before appearing again behind her. His body is black, with those soulless white eyes looking back at her with an expression of glee. "Look mother! Your slipping again! Keep feeding me I dare you." The shadow's hands wield hooked weapons instead of Johnny's usual daggers. Taking advantage of an assumed moment of surprise it slashes forwards, trying to leave a gash across the top of her chest that will burn like fire despite being cold to the touch. This is still her creation, right?

Oblivion pages, "Devi hears blivy in her head "Better be careful, Devdev. This opponant comes from your OWN mind and power. Fighting it like this may NOT be the smartest way to fight it. Search your feelings, you know it to be true!". Yes, he adds the star wars line to the end for shits and giggles." to Devi.

Devi whips around and hops back as It slashes, catching the edge of the blade across the top part of her collarbone and chest. She's not sure if she's bleeding, bit stunned all in all. Her mind is wandering. Her eyes beg the creation to stop, to let her have some peace, just to let her have her friend for a minute, the Johnny she knew and misses. She hears something else in her head and she looks back at the figment. "Stop. Stop. And don't call me mother." Her voice remains tired and worn, somewhere between sobbing and screaming, tight and high, but soft.

The figment's form flickers again, resuming it's appearance of Johnny that it had when the creation first appeared. "Pffft. Why the fuck would I call you 'mother'. Who do you think you are? Ms God-damned-Brady?" It smiles happily, it's eyes closing to keep that faint look of being soulless from her. "So I guess that makes me Alice?" It takes out a dagger and begins to twirl it again. "Gee, I dunno. I'm not the type to just sit around baking cookies all day..."

Devi look down, cussing as a slash has indeed formed on her skin. She stomps past Johnny, flicking the gravity off. "This high Grav might be fuckin with my head." She slides into the bathroom to clean the wound. One can hear the clatter as she sifts through shit. "And I don't know, I think you'd make bitchn' cookies. Just... don't, okay?" She comes out a few minutes later, a bandage wrapped over her shoulder and across her chest. Devi watches the dagger twirl. "Maybe I should shut you down. This isn't exactly what some would call mental health." She idly wonders if Oblivion is her version of Nailbunny and sighs.

Johnny raises an eyebrow at the statement, shaking his head as he reads her thoughts. "He might be, but a floating Oblivion head would just be creepy. " It smiles again, but that smile quickly fades as seriousness washes over him. "...it's your opinion that matters. I can't tell you what you don't already know. If you want me gone I'll leave but if your not careful I won't be able to. This is how he made that slutty cat-girl after all." He raises an eyebrow as he watches her reaction, his dagger seemingly vanishing in the process. Briefly it looks down at it's empty hand and sighs. Without anything to fidget with the figment begins to rub it's hands like a junkie looking for a fix.

Speak of the devil! Once THAT is said, sure enough, Oblivions head appears, floating in the air "You should be good, Devi! Don't let yourself be controlled by that thing! It isnt right!" Despite his words and tone, his twisted smile is intact

Devi says, "Creepy maybe, but totally appro... Well, speak of the Devi and he shall appear. Are you another figment to? Well, at least you don't have a nail in your head." She turns back to Johnny/it. "What do you mean if I'm not careful you won't be able to?"

Oblivion abruptly gets a nail in his head as she says that, just cause she thought about it. A figment? Who knows.....

Johnny leans over sideways, reflecting Oblivion's influence now. "You know as well as I do, Dev-Dev. If you put too much soul into your creation it begins to run free. It begins to become real. Didn't you notice that when Johnny's pet was living with us?" It stands up straight again and smiles as Oblivion gives himself a piercing. "It's how he created her. It's how you gave life to Sickness." It's features darken again briefly. "That's why we call you 'mother'. Did you really think all that insanity was just the influence of a few Doughboys? We have to start as part of you, of course. You give us life."

Oblivion says, "Even still, if they get TOO sentient then they take over, just like with our dear Johnny! Stay good, DevDev!"

Devi says, "Then maybe you should go, God knows I don't want to draw any more attention to myself then I already have." She rolls her eyes to show her utter distate of having been the center of Diablo's blow up and Felina's first really large meal on Sun.

Johnny frowns and nods as he begins to vanish into nothingness once again. His features melt away leaving that hollow shadow much like the one Devi saw standing in Johnny's kitchen the night/day she saw him act 'normal' as she ran away. It actually raises a hand to wave as it completely disappears. Interestingly enough, the wound it inflected on her does not fade and will need time to heal just like any wound. Perhaps this is another ability Devi should consider practicing later...

The Oblivion head falls off the nail, to the floor, and melts into a puddle, which vanishes. The nail follows shorlty after in much the same manner.

Devi says, "Great, now I can't even pretend to not be alone anymore. Isn't that just fantastic..." She hauls herself up off the floor and shakes her head, padding into her bedroom and floping on her bed, staring up at her STAIC sign until her mind falls into sleep.

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