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Just a walk in the park

Summary: Diablo makes his first appearance after his screaming match with Devi in a previous scene as Caliga arrives to 'check' on him after hearing about the events himself. Surprisingly enough Oblivion makes an appearance with much the same idea in mind. It's a first for the muck… Demonic Fluff. In other words the trio don't fight but talk, and talk they do at great lengths. Now, what's this about another seat on the Hell Council??

Who: Caliga, Oblivion, Senior_Diablo
When: February 5th, 2010
Where: The Waiting Room(#2262R)

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The Waiting Room(#2262R)

As you enter the building you are instantly assaulted with offensive waiting room music. The kind that makes you wonder if it wasn't created specifically for the purpose of sucking out one's will to live. An appropriate thing for a place like this. There are no signs describing what the room is a waiting room for. The receptionist is always busy, and the only door that's not the exit seems to be locked at all times. Occasionally someone will come in from outside and walk through that door letting out a disturbing red light and a destinct uncomfortable presence. Along the walls of this room are several long benches with some horrible magazines stacked atop them. Articles about what color socks are popular in Cuba and things you can cook with salt seem to make up the headlines. There are always people randomly scattered about here, some reading magazines, some looking blankly into space. None of them will speak to you. In fact, most will 'shhh' you if you start making too much noise. There's a purpose for this room, right?

Sitting alone in the waiting room is one of the rarer 'guests' Hell generally receives. Thumbing through an old magazine in his lap, Caliga yawns softly. He tears a page out from the book, balling it up, only to fling it at high speeds towards the Receptionist's window. He grins slightly as the window slides open, causing the 'nurse' behind the glass to twitch slightly. "Your patience is greatly appreciated. Please continue to wait.." The glass is slammed shut with irritation, as Caliga continues his reign of 'terror' upon the poor staff of this integral part of hell.

Minutes seem to go on like hours, but of course Caliga would already realize that. Eventually once the staff become annoyed enough, a nurse behind the window makes her way to an old broken payphone in the corner of the door less room they inhabit. Picking up the receiver forces an audible series of clicks and hisses from the line until something finally answers.

"WHAT??!?" The voice on the line demands.

"We have a… guesssst. Making a disssturbance." Apparently this nurse has issues speaking. The conversation's level of volume drops below an easily overheard level for another minute or two, the nurse then slams the phone down and scurries up to the window, pushing the former nurse out of the way and stealing her seat. "Your nnnname?" What? Is she asking Caliga?

A mischiveious grin errupts upon Caliga's face as he suddenly leaps up onto the chair, thrusting his chest out proudly. "I AM... QUEEN SHEBA SHANIQUA JANET JONES!" He then leaps off the chair, quickly making his way over to the window, only to start waving around frantically. "IT'S IMPARITIVE I SEE THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATLY! I'VE GOT THIS REALLY STRANGE RASH, AND IT JUST ISN'T GOING AWAY NO MATTER HOW MUCH I ITCH! IT'S REALLY STARTING TO MAKE ME WORRIED!" He then comes to a stop, only to scratch his chin. "Just tell your boss' it's Caliga. I'm sure they may find the time to squeeze in an emergency visit for me."

The creature stares at Caliga with it's eyeless face for a long, loooooooong, moment. Abruptly it breaks this 'stare' by clicking it's head to the side. Wait, wait… is it showing annoyance? It makes the noise again before it begins to speak once more. "Tch. Caliga…" It turns around to look at it's cellmate which responds by doing nothing for a minute and then jerking it's arms back in some form of twisted shrug. "Tch." The badly speaking nurse twitches her head back to stare at it's guest… "Ssssssit down." Apparently asking his name had nothing to do with the instructions given on the phone. Maybe they're simply verifying who they thought it was.

"But I don't waaaaaana! I want to..." Caliga suddenly does a piroet, leaping gracefully through the air and landing on the ground doing a perfect split. "I want to... Sing...." He falls backwards dramatically, his right hand fluttering up over his forehead as he starts to sing rather loudly, and rather off-key, making one wonder if he was doing all of this just to be as annoying as possible…

"Tch." The window slams shut angrily. It's amazing they don't brake the glass doing that. Then again, they don't get this annoyed often. After another full few minutes the doorway to Hell begins to glow red. Eventually it swings open and a rather annoyed Diablo steps out, shaking his head at Caliga. "Why do you have to annoy the staff? Getting promoted to the waiting room is an honor few are able to receive. Those two had to work their way up from lawyers to make it this far." He grins that wicked grin that hides how honest he's really being. He certainly looks to be in better health than the last time he made an appearance on Twisted, although Caliga may not notice much of a difference himself.

The demon makes his way over to the fallen comedian, offering a taloned hand to help him up. "To what do we owe the honor of this visit?" His eyes glance around the waiting room at the souls eternally here. Strange, there seems to be less than usual…

"OOoo, if thats the case, then I really could use their help.. I've got this outstanding ticket that really could use some legal work, 'ya know.. Pro Bono kinda stuff." Caliga leaps up to his feet and holds his hand out to Diablo in greeting. He coughs loudly, before speaking once again. "I heard about your 'discussion' with Devi not to long ago..." He even goes as far to make airquotes with his fingers as he speaks, his grin slowly starting to fade from his face. "Its not like you to get so worked up. To be honest, it has me quite interested in just what has you so wound tight, Mister Devil. Also, I must thank you for not giving the girl what she wanted. Though I'm sure you would have stopped yourself at the last moment before droppin' her in the hole."

Senior Diablo nods his head slowly after giving Caliga a chance to finish talking. "Yes… well, as much as I hate theatrics, sometimes it's the only way to get a point across." The demon looks down at the floor in a combination of shame and contemplation. It's obvious the whole event bothers him. Rather than explaining himself just yet, the demon plucks a glass from the ether and takes a drink. What is it he's always drinking anyways? Gesturing towards the doorway back out to Twisted the devil asks, "Care to go for a walk?" The demon's eyes glance at the closed window hiding the two nurses and scowls. It's clear from the distorted silhouettes that the two are hanging on every word. At least until they realize Diablo is watching them. Suddenly the nurses begin to act very busy. Funny, that.

"Sure." Caliga glances back at the window, before yelling out loudly. "DON'T WORRY LADIES! I'LL BE BACK AGAIN TO MAKE SURE YOU TWO GET ALL THE ATTENTION YOU NEED!" The mischivious grin slowly starts to creep back upon his face as the two nurses grumble behind the glass, keeping themselves quite busy indeed. He moves towards the door leading back to the park and opens it, bowing slightly towards Diablo. "Well, shall we? It's obvious to the trained eye that even omnipotent beings need the time to rant and rave when the occasion arrises."

Annoyance creeps over Diablo's face as Caliga once more makes reference to his outburst. He doesn't bother denying anything, but it's clear it's not something he wants to be reminded of. As the two make their way outside, the demon directs them towards the park. Probably better to head somewhere neutral after all.

Nowhereto Park - Entrance(#2913R)

In what used to be an alley is now a cobblestone path leading into Nowhereto Park. The two buildings beside the path seem to have been literally carved open to make way for it. If this where anywhere but Twisted such a thing would be strange. As you walk further into the park, a fog seems to drift in, clearing once you get inside. Why the wall of fog is there is anyone's guess but it does do a good job of hiding the bulidings or the park depending on what side of the entrance you find yourself standing on.

It should be noted that on the side of one of the buildings is now a single door with a glass window on it which looks into a small waiting room. How long has this been here?

Senior Diablo says, "I would apologize for my outburst but it would likely negate the point I was trying to make. Your 'ward' was ready to charge into the mouth of the beast with nothing but a stick to protect herself. I trust she's calmed considerably since I spoke with her? Of course she and her little playmates should know nothing of what's to come, save for what effects their own short lives, but I imagine I've given them what they consider to be quite an earful. I would have loved to have stayed behind and watched their expressions as they pondered my wording, but alas I had… matters to attend to."

"Pssh. I'm surprised you just didn't give her a good spankin'. All in all, you were well within your rights to react how you did. My 'ward' has a bit of a temper problem, as is quite apparent. Its something I had hoped the training she just received would assist her with. Of course, she's still sorting it all out." Caliga reaches into his jacket and pulls out a lone cigarette which he then places between his lips. The tip of the cigarette suddenly starts to glow a bright red as he takes a long drag from it. "All in all, I'm rather thankful for you not allowing her to plunge into the madness going on downstairs. While I do wish to recover the Maniac, I'm quite positive that it'd be a knock down drag out fight which would result in all sorts of losses. Myself being one of them... And I'm rather fond of being 'alive', 'ya know?"

Senior Diablo thoughtfully drinks while the man speaks, finally smiling wickedly at Caliga's last question. "Life is overrated." His glass now empty, the demon releases it back into the air to which it promptly vanishes in a blur of smoke. "...and yet we're forced to pay it such heed. Have you given any thought to my offer? The two of us have never seen eye to eye, but I've noticed recent events have forced us to be more civil. I think we'd do well to work on the same side for a change. At the very least our goals seem to more alike than different."

Ahh, Nowhereto Park. Taking a moment to take it all in, Diablo sighs briefly. "One thing that's always bothered me about this place is the name. As if none could find a better name than a childish word play. I think the first thing I would do if gained control of the Twisted Street would be to rename it before finally creating some form of police system. One would do wise to make the people respect the place that becomes a cage to so many visitors rather than mock their intelligence with such tiring pranks..."

"Hmmm...." Caliga mulls Diablo's words over for a few moments in his head, before shrugging his shoulders slightly. "Once again, you tempt me so. However, for now.. I'll still have to respectfully decline. Though, I do agree that Twisted as a whole needs to be restructured. I've believed that from the start. However, there is a peaceful tranquility as of late that makes me wish it could last. While some view it as boring.. Peace is something that I truly respect. I'm sure you do as well.."

Senior Diablo nods his head. "Of course, of course. Without that peaceful balance we have nothing. I'd rather not abuse the Sisters in this way, least of all upon the streets of Twisted, but we can hardly search for an alternative with Concordance demanding a war to be held for her benefit. I still find myself surprised that Herr Major has yet to make an appearance. I told him he had the go ahead to bring his little toys to Twisted as long as he kept them in check but the Major seems to be too focused on fine tuning his pets to actually stir up any trouble. A shame as I still see this as the one and only opportunity he will have to do more than annoy the demons of Hell with his daily antics." Didn't he just contradict himself?

The demon glances at Caliga, pausing once more during his walk. "What of the citizens of your domain, Caliga Satanas? While I know that your world is structured differently than most, I'm sure you've had to deal with your fair share of enforced injustice due to the often petty rules mortality thrusts upon those such as us. Does it not infuriate you, or have you just simply grown to ignore such things and live peacefully with your child?"

"My son killed me when I told him I loved him, and I was sorry for all the hardships I put him through." Caliga grins slightly as he takes another drag from his cigarette, before scratching his head. "Generally, When I ruled Hell, the souls were merely sent down for clensing, and then be released back up into Heaven. It was only the truly troublesome ones that had a permenant residence. I merely conquered Hell on a whim to piss off the guys in charge. They were afraid of me, so I figured 'Why not take over Hell, then taunt them with it?' It worked, so I then turned my attention to 'assisting' those who still lived in ensuring they had a chance at peace, as Fate so often conspired against them. Oh, the pettiness of it all truly annoyed me. The entire mortal plane was on the verge of being wiped out by an angry race that had just grown to big for their britches, and the Dai-Kaioshin's just stood about, lollygagging on wether or not to offer direct assistance. Its generally 'taboo' for those who reside in the after life to go and aid the living. I ignored it, and did what I pleased. I mean, what would they do to me of all people?"

Senior Diablo smirks at his words, "I'd imagine you'd have done much the same in my domain. Unfortunately we where not blessed with the ability to allow souls to be freed after such time as they'd cleansed themselves. Although it could be argued that the type of soul we most often received was already corrupted beyond redemption. The ones that did seem to justify themselves where allowed to exist peacefully though, which is what caused the first of the cities of Hell to be forged. Of course, building was easy. The scum from Devi and Johnny's world was always so petty that a simple eye in the sky was enough to keep them in check. They've built grand cities all over the Endless Planes, all of them abandoned. For some ridiculous reason they are always striving to build bigger and better places, while ignoring the ones they've already created for themselves. As I've said, our 'staff' started out as lawyers. Alessa and the Major seem fond of chasing them down and turning them into pets. Ample supply of course…"

Diablo takes a moment to pause and take a breath. How long has it been since he just simply talked to someone without any plans or plotting lurking amongst every word? It almost seems to trouble him once the idea is formed but the demon quickly turns his thoughts to other matters. "This is also where the innocents trapped in Hell have come from. We have no need of that 'sins of the father' crap one sees in the so-called Good Book. One should not be condemned for the actions of those that came before them. Such a thing stagnates growth. Further proof that our gracious creator is an idiot if one where to take his words as gospel."

"Mmm.. 'Then the Lord passed by in front of him and proclaimed, 'The Lord, the Lord God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth; Who keeps lovingkindness for thousands, who forgives iniquity, transgression and sin; yet He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations.' The Book of Exodus, verses 6 and 7, from your world's 'good book', I do believe." Caliga nods his head before sighing loudly. "That's the problem with a lot of worlds. If a place for the wicked and condemned does exist, then by the laws of its creation, those who don't follow every word to the letter suffer, regardless if they are pure of heart, and as kind as they come. Its why I sped along the process of clensing. I /knew/ those who belonged. I rebelled against 'God' knowing 'God' couldn't stand against me if he really wished. Power in my world is the law. Whoever has the most power is the one who makes the rules. I chose to break the rules laid before me, and go ahead with what I wished. Its a shame Concordance doesn't realize she to, is capable of this..."

"I was always under the impression it was the meaning behind an act that mattered, rather than the act itself..." comes Oblivions voice from nowhere. A moment later, he materializes in close proximity to Cali and Dibby, arms folded, slight smirk adorning his features. "Having a universal 'letter of the law' ruins the entire fun of life: To think, to error, to learn, and to ultimately choose".

As the two continue to circle in and around the park, Diablo nods his head along with the conversation. Somehow the two have been very civil this whole time, letting each have a turn to speak and so far neither have begun the usual process of comparing powers or screaming points. It's amazing that beings from Hell could have such an unprovoked conversation, but perhaps that's one of the grand ironies of Twisted Street.

Senior Diablo nods his head again at the mention of Concordance, pausing once more as his attention is taken by the flow of the discussion. "Yes. But as we've seen there's many things Concordance fails to realize. Where she able to grasp such relatively simple concepts we wouldn't be having the issues we are currently facing. I had actually tried to speak to her before this little 'war' began, as Mr Jordan would tell you if he where here to be asked, they tried to 'escort' us from the building when we arrived. Yet someone like you is allowed to come and go as you please without such restrictions. I can not help but wonder if she fails to realize your own origins as well…"

His voice lowers as Oblivion makes himself known, perhaps enough that most of his words are drowned out by the newcomer's addition to the conversation. Or, perhaps not. Either way once the demon finishes speaking Diablo raises an eyebrow and asks, "Was this some sort of circumvention for my attention? It's rare enough that Caliga should randomly choose to speak with me, more so that you would too arrive shortly there after. Out for a stroll?"

"She gave up long ago trying to restrict me. She defines me as 'arrogance', and is seemingly fascinated by it. So I sincerly doubt my origins would entertain her in the least." Caliga however grins at Oblivion, nodding towards his comments. "I agree entirely. Only those who deserve the punishment should be punished. Its a shame most don't feel that way." He shrugs his shoulders once more, seemingly indifferent on everything right now. "Concordance is a victim of her own design. She views this as her duty, and must make sure she performs her duty to the letter. If the populace of Twisted calls for her death, then her death they shall have. Sadly, I don't wish for that to come about.. But more and more.." He takes one last drag from the cigarette before letting it fall from his mouth, "The Fates conspire. Its like they are trying to ensure this war takes place."

Oblivion nods to Diablo "Thats one way to put it..... all three of us are aware of things coming to a head, from differing angles in some cases, the same angles for others. Contrary to popular belief, i wish to see Twisted and its inhabitants survive the coming storm. I would rather work together than step on toes to achieve that objective". His smirk disappears, replaced by a much more serious expression "If Concordance is so limited by her own rules, all the easier to use them against her, if need be."

Senior Diablo smiles at the word 'fate', but turns his attention to Oblivion giving him a proper chance to speak. "Agreed. Her actions no longer affect only her in these matters. I believe all three of us where willing to simply sit back and let her destroy herself but now she needs a bit of a helping hand it seems. Our inaction may be part of the problem as well, but I believe we all have our own pride on the matter preventing us from allowing it to continue any longer." He smiles again as he pauses briefly. "Well, that or morbid curiosity which I can not deny as being one of my own motivations in these matters. But we do need to stop and think, is there more we should be doing at the moment? Are we doing enough?" He lets his words hang in the air before glancing back and forth between Caliga and Oblivion, curious to see who would respond first.

"I'd rather she wasn't destroyed. I've got a bit of a weakness for those who have so much potential. We all can agree that she does have that, no matter how its squandered." Caliga glances up at the sky, seemingly becoming entranced by a set of clouds before shaking his head. "Duty. Its a bunch of nonsense. Whats the point of even existing, if you waste it away by focusing on some command by an unseen force?" He sticks his hands into the pockets of his jacket, before nodding at Diablo. "There is far more that could be done. It could prevent an oncoming war.. if there were to be an intervention before it escalates even further.."

Oblivion asks, "Unfortunately, law and chaos are forever opposed to each other. She follows her concept of order unto death, it would seem. She, i would imagine, enforces this upon everyone else when and where she can. When order becomes to powerful, stagnation occurs, and the basic allowances of existance are usurped. People are forced to choose what they are told, not what conclusion they come to on their own through experience. This promotes a desire to do so once again, heralding a clash between the order and the chaos". He ponders "Likewise, when chaos becomes to great, order must be established in some way if only to be capable of reason, as such to realize what experience is teaching you, and choose your place and identity". He looks at Caliga "The war is inevitable, because when order is SO heavily established, its source is too stiff and stagnant to want to change. To them, the rules are the rules, even to the end". He looks to Diablo "I believe we must do what we can to ensure Twisted remains, and its inhabitants not part of the problem left to choose. It is ultimately they, not we, who will determine the fate of this dimension. All we can do is provide them an alternative to choose from, for without an opposing choice, what else is there than whats always been?"

Senior Diablo raises an eyebrow as Oblivion speaks. A smirk grows over his features. "I had no idea you had such insight lurking behind that helmet of yours. While your right, I'm not quite sure this situation can be fully placed into that frame of mind. While war probably could be avoided even with the heavy set feel of 'order' we can't forget that Concordance has asked for these events herself, threatening to unleash the very forces she commands into Hell itself if we do not bring such acts to the streets." His smirk grows once more into a smile. "However, as much as I'd love to see her try it would upset the balance unnaturally. Something I can not allow. Things need to play off slowly and we need to be sure the outcome benefits us all." He pauses with a contemplative vacant stare. "Speaking of.. I've made this offer to Caliga, I should likely make it to you too. If we can force Concordance out of her chambers and claim them as a domain of Hell we would have an empty seat on our own Council. While I have made this offer to Caliga he seems rather set in refusing my offer. I would be happy to extend that offer to you as well." As his words hang in the air that wicked grin of his returns, full force. "Of course you could also claim Herr Major's seat on the Council if you would go against him. I'm sure his position creating such abominations would suit you just as nicely..."

Oblivion hhmms, the familar twisted smirk returning to his face, and a hand goes to his chin in thought "A most interesting off, Senior. Most interesting, indeed......". He gives no answer, however.

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