2010-02-06 (PreU) Prelude to future events?

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Prelude to future events?

Summary: Felina loses to her hunger, and sends out a spell to charm people to come to her for draining. However, as was quaintly stated, she drew a few predators as well.....

Who: Caliga, Devi, Felina, The_Inquisitor, Xue
When: February 6th, 2010
Where: Nowhereto Park - Entrance, The Usual Restaurant

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Nowhereto Park - Entrance

In what used to be an alley is now a cobblestone path leading into Nowhereto Park. The two buildings beside the path seem to have been literally carved open to make way for it. If this where anywhere but Twisted such a thing would be strange. As you walk further into the park, a fog seems to drift in, clearing once you get inside. Why the wall of fog is there is anyone's guess but it does do a good job of hiding the bulidings or the park depending on what side of the entrance you find yourself standing on. It should be noted that on the side of one of the buildings is now a single door with a glass window on it which looks into a small waiting room.

How long has this been here?

It is late in the evening, a half-moon shines brightly in the sky, and seated atop the framework of a swing set there is a slender form, that of a young woman with distinctly feline features, the moonlight shimmering off her snow white fur as she sings softly into the night sky, her eyes closed.. o/~Follow Sweet Children, I'll Show Thee The Way......Through All The Pain And The Sorrows.......Weep Not Poor Children.....For Life Is This Way......Murdering Beauty And Passions....o/~

Several dozen people, of differing states of dress and cleanliness, slowly make their way towards the source of the singing. All seem to be unaware of what is going on around them, eyes glazed over.....

The sound of people in screaming agony punctuates the air for just a moment as black flames burst from the ground. The sound stops with almost sharp abruptness as the flames vanish leaving the man calling himself the Inquisitor standing in a small scorch mark. He simply adjusts his gauntlets as he looks at those wander inwards to the song. "Intriguing."

Devi appears from the Lakeside, looking wooden and stiff, almost like the others blindly walking in, her eyes are glazed and her hands limp. She stops a few feet after entering, and whips out.... JAZZ HANDS. o/~"It's not unusal to be loved by anyone!"~\o

Narrow, pale blue eyes watch from hiding, observing silently the events. Devi being there is understandable, but the Inquisitor has her on edge. Hidden via invisibility and a flight spell, Xue stays at a distance for the time being.

The arrival of most is considered a good thing by the cat woman, but when Devi herself starts to sing, interrupting her, her gaze snaps towards her, her eyes gleaming crimson.. she hisses darkly, moonlight starting to pool rapidly around her.. "ssstay out of thiss... Deviiiii..."

The Inquisitor stands where he is, watching the entranced people walk slowly by them. He makes no move to stop them on their headlong course, rather merely acts as a curious observer. The arrival of Devi does get a cursory glance, but any reaction from him is hidden by the mask.

Devi wiggles her fingers. "Ohh, scary. What's with this? My soul not good enough for the likes of you, little Cat?" Devi starts walking up the air in a vertical line, as though she were walking normally. She stops once she's totally inverted. Squating down(or up) she grins lopsidedly at Felina. "So?"

Felina's crimson eyes narrow as she stands neatly atop the narrow bar that is the top of the swing, "Very well Devi.. If you insist, my friend, I shall dvour your soul." she clicks her fingers, and ribbons of light stream from around her towards Devi, trying to latch on to her.. if they succeed, she will find herself pinned, and the magic of her being drained.

A burst of magic occurs in the crowd, as an area-of-effect dispel magic is cast by someone. About a third of the crowd appear to regain their awareness, some looking around in confusion, others in fear, some taking off running. Xue, meanwhile, finally appears, suprisingly near the Inquisitor, as the Dispel magic drops her invisibility. She meanwhile begins casting again, readying another.....

"Ahh.. my dear Grace of Davellia. It's been far too long. I was wondering when you were going to stop floating up there. Let me.. aid you." The Inquisitor places his hand on Xue's shoulder. White mist seeming to engulf his arm then concentrating in his hand to provide a boost of energy for the mage to tap in to.

Devi vanishes to the other side of the Park, standing above a branch. "Hey now, I didn't say anything against you eating people. I just asked a question." She grins again. "Did someone not feed and water you today? You're awfully cranky."

Missing Devi, and then her charm being dispelled from a large portion of the crowd, who start lookiung around in confusion, Felina starts to get andgry, and she glances about for the one who dispelled the charm with a snarl.. her gaze settling upon Xue and the inquisitor, she hisses, before hurling the same ribbons of energy towards them now!

Xue blinks as shes gets a HUUUUUGE boost, and casts her second dispel AoE. Between the two of them, the rest of the crowd is freed. Course, doing this has left her open to incoming ribbons, which manage to intertwine her, despite her struggles.

With a quick movement the Inquisitor goes from behind Xue to infront of her, intercepting the ribbons which curl about him, but kept from him by a thin veil of mist, that seems to tug on the ribbons, almost as if the mist itself is attempting to devour the energy, a similar power at least. "Ah ah ah. No one gets to devour her soul but me. I can't let you have this one, I won't stop any others.. directly. But not this one."

Devi laughs. "Aw, isn't that sweet, little cat? You've been denied." Devi balences on the branch, allowing her weight to go on it fully. She steps across the length of it towards the Trunk. "Now what are you going to do? Come after me again?" At least Xue has a decent way of dispelling Felina's song. "Or should I get the popcorn, and just watch the show?"

Xue blinks, and plops on her butt as the Inquisitor intercepts the ribbons. She blinks a few times, not expecting THAT from her old enemy. His words, however, make her sweatdrop (Everyone seems to want to eat my soul.... who next... Teddy Ruxpin?). She stands up, drawing her sword in case more comes, offering a quick "Thanks" for the time being

Felina hiusses, closing her eyes as her ribbons are blocked from Xue... "Very well, if you want to play hardball." around the park, a series of sigils flare into golden light, a barrier surrounding the area, trapping the people within.. "I'll take you all."

A small grunt is the sum of the Inquisitor's response too Xue. He glances around as the glyph flare to life. "Hmm.. not supposed to directly interfere, but, I find this almost too interesting to resist." His sword remains sheathed at his side, instead he merely tugs up on his gauntlets again. "I think someone actually want to kill me, again."

Devi hops down from her tree. "No thanks, cat, I don't like you like that. But! What I will do! Hey, big guy, can you handle this? I've got better things to do then watch her have a catfight."

A dark smile spreads across Felina's lips as she closes her eyes, "Oh but you are not going anywhere Devi.. None of you are... " An aura of darkness begins to swirl around the cat-woman, streams of what look like black lightning arcing from it towards the panicking civilians.. Her intent is that the glyphs will even prevent teleportation away, but her power is far from perfect..

Xue's eyes flash with light, and begin to glow a soft purple "This could be bad....". She begins casting protective spells on herself, and analyzing the field being generated for a weakness, or a way to bring it down if needed.....

The_Inquisitor doesn't even bother moving to protect the civilians, no, he's not like that. "Truely, inattempting to lure food you seem to have scooped up some predators to go along with it." He hands drop to his side, looking completely relaxed. "I advise you simply drop the barrier and allow all to depart. It is truely simpler that way."

Devi laughs. "I'll take that as a yes Big man!" Her arm extends and her fingers pinch together before slowly pulling apart. The pocket dimention opens, sure, but outside the barrier, completly unuseful to her. "Aw, come on! That would have been awesome!" She stands a the barrier and pouts as she looks at her portal. "Man..."

The field surrounding the park is in fact unstable, surging violently at times, and rays of silver light start streaming from it towards the nearest people, civilians or otherwise, to begin to drain them, while another sigil, dead in the middle of the park begins to glow bright silver. Felina however, is not standing upon the new sigil, in fact, the inquisitor and Xue are between her and it.

Xue finishes her defenses: haste, mind blank, tongues, protection from spells, and moment of prescience, just in case. She then waits and continues to watch the surrounding field, looking at it magicly for where its foci are, and where the cracks in its workings are.

The_Inquisitor avoids the beams of light with what look to be almost casual movements. "I assume my advice while not be taken into consideration? Pity." One hand goes up to his mask, white mist surrounding him and slowly seeping around him to lay close to the ground. "It has been a while since I have been able to.. what's that quaint term? Cut loose?"

Devi turns to Felina, her eyes glinting brightly. "YOU RUINED MY EXIT!" Devi crosses her arms, and seems to blur. The image of Devi fades and Devi is behind Felina, a fist thrusting out, twisting as she approches Felina's lower back, letting the rest of Devi's body do more of the workload of power then her arm. Regardless of if it hits Felina, a strong gust of wind emits from the final place of Devi's fist.

Felina was still, unfortunately for Devi, surrounded by that dark, crackling aura... and her attempt to strike the catgirl instead impacts upon a field of energy almost like molasses... slowing it dramatically and easily allowing the catgirl to jump away.. "You made the mistake, not I, Devi." she leaps towards the Inquisitor and Xue, using her feline agility in an attempt to get past them, to the sigil in the middle of the park.

Xue looks around "The center rune i believe is storage for what the outer runes collect. Best to focus on destroying it!". She then sees Felina heading her way, and tries to beat her to it, striking at the center rune with her sword. After a quickened Bulls Strength, she swings with all her might. If it absorbs energy, raw melee might work better. "Keep her busy!"

The_Inquisitor's grin is visable ever so slightly beneath the mask. He leans forward as if he's about to go into a headlong charge, takes a step and vanishes, reappearing directly infront of Felina, one gauntleted hand already lashing out with a back hand, his grin replaced by a sneer.

Devi says, "See, now, this is why I need to train in higher gravity more. Damnit." She blurs along with Felina, spinning a kick towards the opposite side the Inquisitor strikes with in an attempt to let Felina's momentum increse hitpower.

The Inquisitor and Devi both appearing to block her path, and to attack her, Felina is slammed backwards a good twenty feet, landing in a heap, but she is back onher feet momentarily, and now she is spitting mad.. "I'll take you all. Your Souls.. your lives.. ARE MINE!" the barrier begins to glow even brighter, and the rays from it become a field of energy within the park!

Xue doesnt expect the energy in the central rune to flow into herself. Thinking quickly, sword on the rune, she points her hand in the air, and fires all the energy that comes into her straight up, in an effort to break through the 'barrier', sending it out as it comes in! Her eyes begin to glow a MUCH brighter, almost a solid purple color, and her sword bursts into icy blue flame, as the temperature around her drops dramaticly

"You'll have to fight the Hell council for my soul, and my life has been gone for quite a while now." The Inquisitor stands between Felina and the glyph in the center, tapping one foot slightly on the ground. "Well, what shall it be, child?"

Devi powers up, her hands glowing purple as small balls form in them. She stands at the ready, legs spread out to balence her weight. "Bring it on."

Xue's sending the soul energy blasting at the barrier is enough to cause a violent feedback surge, shattering it with a magical explosion at each external glyph equal in force to about half a ton of TNT. This, above all else has an effect upon Felina, a pulse of magical feedback from it surging through her, causing her to be thrown skywards with a yell of pain, to land in a heap on the gorund, unconscious...

Xue continues firing the energy until it stops coming in, at which point she slumps, shoulders sagging in exhaustion, eyes still a near-solid color, sword awash with icy blue flame, ice forming on the ground around her, breath coming in ragged white puffs. She doesnt move, however, simply stands there.

The_Inquisitor walks slowly towards the prone catgirl. "This one is lucky I'm only allowed to take souls escaped from hell. Those that feed off other are in turn the sweetest souls." He gives a laugh that his half bitter and half insane.

Devi powers down. "I think we should throw her into the waste lands. It'll calm her down I think." She grins, evilly, knowling full well what will happen to her out there.

Felina remains laid on the floor, unconscious, and her breathing coming in short, shallow gasps.. those who can sense magic, her aura is fading, flickering...

Xue turns and glares, her voice having a slight echo to it "If she lives off the energy of others, we should kill her now, outright. Otherwise, shell just do it wherever she ended up, and its much faster than being tossed out there". Appearantly shes still on a power-high

"I know! Let's give her to everyone's favorite hamster demi-god!" Caliga suddenly appears, and stares down at the poor beaten catgirl, then glances at Devi. "Everyone knows that the cat'll come back." He suddenly vanishes, and reappears over Felina, scratching his chin. "Yeah. I claim this one in the name of Yadda Yadda Yadda... Blah blah blah..." A slight grin appears on his face, almost as if he were beckoning someone to challange him. "Sometimes, its not the users fault, if the power is something they don't quite understand, or know how to control, 'ya know?"

"Spoken like the goddess herself. Tell me Grace, would you think the same if your mind was calm?" The Inquisitor's head turns to regard the cat girl. "Though soon we may not have to worry about it. Let her die and I will claim the soul and bring it to hell personally." Though Caliga's appearance draws the masked man's attention. He gives a slight wave and a "Do as you please, I care not."

Devi says, "Oh joy, a voice of non-reason." Devi rolls her eyes. "I agree with Xue. This isn't the first time she's attacked. The first time she just attacked me. I 'fed' her and now look. Why should we do anything but throw her to the wolves, as it were."

Unable right now to speak for herself, the catgirl's body crackles weakly with energy, trying to fond some magic, any magic, it can absorb... She honestly cannot help herself.. in her own world she regularly bathed in a pool of pure magical energy.

"Has anyone thought to send her to Mei's, so she can feed off the energies from the pools there?" Caliga grins slightly, before lowering himself down to pick the catgirl up. "She's not the only creature that feeds off of energy in this realm. Besides..." His face lights up as he suddenly holds her up right. "She could always feed off of /me/."

The_Inquisitor says, "Mei? The gorgon that has too high a need for physical contact? I wouldn't submit anyone to that, but as I stated. Not my problem." He turns as if too walk away. "And Grace, come visit me downstairs sometime if you can, we can have tea and reminisce. I'm thinking of hiring one of those quaint Pit Fiend things as a manservant. Though finding appropriate attire might be challenging."

Xue wavers a bit back and forth, hand holding her head as the Inquisitor speaks. She slowly makes her way over to the unconscious catgirl and lefts one of the crackles touch her and drain the excess shes trying to keep in check. A moment later, she backs off. She nods weakly to the Inquisitor "I will be sure to do so once i have properly recovered. Thank you". No trace of sarcasm is present. shes being sincere.

Devi says, "If you wanna take her under your wing, Caliga, be my guest, but if she goes a bit crazy and comes after people, I'll come after you." Devi folds her arms across her chest and shrugs. "I just don't wanna have to deal with having to watch her to smack her back into sense."

Held up by Caliga, Felina's body shudders, still crackling, up until Xue approaches, and her body latches onto the excess energy from her, draining it quickyly, a split second is all it takes, before her eyes flutter upen with a deep, rasping breath of air.... her eyes however have turned plain silver.. solid metallic orbs.. "Where.. am I?"

"You're in Oz, Dorothy! We're the Lollipop Guild!" Caliga suddenly drops the girl, allowing her to fall onto the ground on her own. "I'll look over her. Maybe break the kitty of her bad and naughty habit. That's what they make volcanos for!" He grins once again, before looking over to Devi. "Just so you know, your new teacher has something else he wants to teach you. When you find time, you may want to go and pay him a visit..."

"Well, I have some more duties to attend to. Farewell for now." There's that screaming and the black flames encircle the Inquisitor before he just vanishes.

Devi shrugs again and vanishes, presumably to go see Vash.

Dropped, and still not in any condition to really fend for herself, Felina lands hard upon her rump, and she yelps.. "Ouch! What do you mean Oz?" frowning, she gets to her feet, arms spread out, as if feeling for anything she can grab on to.. "Something's badly wrong here.. what happened to my eyes? Why can't I SEE? Who Are you... and what do you mean my bad and naughty habit?"

Xue shakes her head "He always did make over-the-top entrances and exits.... least this time there are no corpses.....". He glares tiredly at Felina as she stands and gropes around blindly "You nearly sucked the life out of a lot of people, among.... other things..... going blind is getting off lite compared to what alternatives could have resulted..... and even that may not be perminant". She may be able to cure it, but she DOES have SOME small vindictive side...

"What I mean by nasty habit, I mean, you try and eat souls. That's a bad kitty." Caliga gently baps the top of Felina's head before glancing over at Xue. "She's just blinded by my ever so radiant personality. She'll be fine. It happens to most people anyways."

Felina shivers, and she frowns, indeed, she looks completely aghast.. "Souls????" there is abject horror in her voice.. "But.. I was only hungry, so hungry.. I needed magical energy.. then everything went fuzzy..."

Xue hmphs "Actually, more than likely blinded by the feedback of her arcane barrier being broken with its own power..." she shakes her head "Like i said.... being blinded is minor compared to the suggestions that WERE presented for as to what to do with or to you..... consider yourself lucky... and warned. You might not be next time....". She sounds tired, and as a result, is probably why she sounds angry. Or both.

"Isn't that why I said bad kitty?" Caliga nods his head sagely, moving to grab Felina by her shoulder. "I mean, what kind of kitty goes about sayin' 'I'll eat your soul!'" He rolls his eyes, then snaps his fingers. "I'll make sure she's properly house-broken. Well.. I'll make sure she knows where to go feed from..."

Felina erps at what Caliga says.. "I.. I said that??? But.. I would never hurt anyone.. I just.. need the magic... It's always been there for me.. until I came to this stupid place... What do you mean my arcane barrier? I don't even know how to make an arcane barrier..."

Xue looks at Felina "Anything that can feed on magic can manipulate it as well. Your just untrained in doing so, id wager, but the potential is there. Take it from an Archmage. That was SERIOUSLY powerful magic. You better hope Caliga can help you keep it in check.... or someone might do it for you. With a stab through the heart".

"It's okay kitty-cat. We'll make sure you're properly house-broken, so you never have this nasty kind of thing happen again. Or else I'll just have to give you up to the humane society..." Caliga grins at Xue's words, then nods. "Thanks for volunteering! I mean, I'm no mage. I can show her where to feed, but for you to offer to help her with her magic training... That's so kind of you... so so kind..." A bit of a sadistic grin crosses Caliga's face, as he suddenly vanishes, only to reappear behind Xue. "I'll even say please. Please." He then vanishes once more, seemingly having gone off to figure out just how to deal with Felina.

Xue raises an eyebrow, crossing her arms, not liking it, but seeing the logic in it "If i must.... but i make no promises". Nope. DEFINATELY not pleased....

Felina frowns, going quiet, listening to Xue and Caliga, and then, when Caliga disappears, she hrms.,.. "I can learn.. I know some magic... back home.. I used to use it.. but I always was able to replendish myself at the mana pools..."

Xue leans against a tree wearily, utterly exhausted "Do you have a place to stay?"

Felina lowers her head.. "Before my hunger took over, I was staying at the Usual Restaurant... I'm sorry about this, I really am.."

Xue nods "Good..... i was going to have you go there if not.... means i know where to find you when i need to". She ignores the comment about being sorry. She honestly couldnt care less. Long story. She walks over, and puts a hand on her shoulder "This will be.... a little uncomfortable". She then casts a recall spell, sending both of them back to the UR with a jerking sensation.......

The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluorescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are served and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordinate amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's an exit to the outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Xue and Felina appear suddenly, Xue having one hand on the catgirls shoulder. Xue herself looks reletively exhausted.

Felina appears, teleported by Xue, the young cat-woman spearding her arms wide to make sure she does not bump into anything if she can possibly help it, though she looks very unsteady on her feet, and her eyes look like orbs of solid silver.. she dry retches, lookling like she wants to throw up. She sits down, and rather than ordering anything, simply passes out.

Xue sits the girl down on a chair, and tells the waiter to get her a cup of whatever she asks for, while asking for a mug of ale for herself. Taking this, she retreats to the back, to rest some herself.

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