2010-02-12 (PreU) So much for casual conversation

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So much for casual conversation.

Summary: In a long line of Logs that I havn't posted... >.> Shut up. Here's one

Who: Devi, Skeeve, Zelgadis
When: February 12th, 2010
Where: Twisted Street


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

Zelgadis will begin, then. He currently in one of his 'usual' positions. (I'm going to make that joke forever, damn you! Forever!) His arms folded, leaning against the wall of the UR, staring down the road. The only noticible might be...that he has a small but definitely present smile on his face. For Zel, this might be cheerfulness. Noticible DIFFERENCE, stupid client.

Devi walks in from One way, her eyes a mix between happy and preoccupied. She smiles as she sees Zel, going over to lean against the wall next to him. "Howdy."

Sarah pushes open the door from the Integra's Arm with one hand and meanders through, idly rubbing at her neck with the other. Noticing familiar faces over by the Usual, she heads on over in the direction of Devi and Zelgadis. "Evening."

Sarah chuckles lightly. "Don't worry, Zel - it's just a curse, and it's not catching." She taps her rather trademark hat, then adds to Devi, "Yeah, she's doing much better, actually. Still having some problems with her eyesight."

Zelgadis blinks again as he heres Felina mentioned. He looks confused. "...Skeeve?" He looks her up and down for a moment. Managing to blush yet again he finds the time to look back over at Devi instead. His flushing doesn't get ANY better at that, lemme tell ya. He stares at the sky instead *@.@*;

Devi grins at Zel, chuckling under her breath. She slips her arms through his, unsure about how to go about that whole deal. "Well, that's good. I'm sure her eyesight will recover after a few treatments in the mana pools. Seeing as she's a magical creature, it makes sense." She shrugs. "At least to me."

Sarah nods a little at that. "Please, call me Sarah - it's easier on the reputation." Sighing a little, and rubbing idly at her neck, she adds. "We can hope. Felina seemed pretty unconcerned about it."

Zelgadis jumps as Devi does so, just a bit. He settles down when he see's what she's done and merely smiles again. He hugs her arm gently with his and places his other hand over hers. He nods at Skeeve and looks apologetic. "I'm sorry. I was....not aware and it took me by surprise..."

Devi nods, squeezeing Zel's arm back slightly. "That's good. At least there will be no more crazy. I've had enough crazy to last me an eon."

Sarah grins a little, replying sardonically, "Yeah, I tend to have that effect on people." She raises an eyebrow at Devi's choice of words, clearly a little amused. "Oh, I'm sure there will be some kind of insanity popping up soon enough."

Zelgadis sighs softly, looking down at his feet. "Hopefully I'm not the cause of it this time." It DOES seem like he hasn't been sleeping, his eyes partially lided.

Devi pats him arm, absentmindedly. "No, love, I don't think you're going to be the cause of the next insanity to come around." Sarah is right though. Something always pops up in Twisted, the Council wars not being the least of the worries to be laid upon the citizens of Twisted.

Sarah smirks just a little. "Don't worry, Zelgadis. We'll get whatever the hell that thing is out of you soon." She grins a little at Devi's statement. "So you two have worked things out, then , yes?"

[!]A dense fog hangs ominiously over the Northern part of the world anchored to Twisted Street obsucring the church and most of the park within it's grasp. Abrputly the screams of an army of monsters sewn from the flesh of hundreds of people are set forth to wreck havoc on the communities of Twisted.
[!]A similar event suddenly occurs in the Wastelands as razorwire errupts forth and nearby buildings are smashed and destroyed as a similar horde of monsters set forth to battle the first gathering and sending Twisted Street into a chaotic battle ground.
[!]These are the events going on around you all over the course of the next few nights as creatures from Silent Hill begin to battle one another. Participate or ignore them if you will. With luck a large scene should occur over the course of tomorow for anyone wanting to do more than stand on the sidelines. But if you do particpate, what is heard over the sound of the battling monsters is this, the voice of the Goddess Alessa screaming, "DESTROY HER! RUIN HER FOREVER!"

Devi stiffens as she hears Alessa's voice echo over the city, her eyes flashing. Devi's arm disconnecting from Zel's. Her clothes shimmer, and she's back into her full Battle armor, purple mohawk and all. She looks at Skeeve and Zel. "Get off the streets." She vanishes in a shimmer, her voice whispering behind her. "Johnny.."

Sarah turns and swears at the scream. "What the sweet twisted fuck is going on?" She turns to look at Devi just as the girl disappears. "Damnit!"

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