2010-02-12 (PreU) The horrors of Hell unleashed...

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The horrors of Hell unleashed...

Summary: A dense fog hangs ominiously over the Northern part of the world anchored to Twisted Street obsucring the church and most of the park within it's grasp. Abrputly the screams of an army of monsters sewn from the flesh of hundreds of people are set forth to wreck havoc on the communities of Twisted.

A similar event suddenly occurs in the Wastelands as razorwire errupts forth and nearby buildings are smashed and destroyed as a similar horde of monsters set forth to battle the first gathering and sending Twisted Street into a chaotic battle ground.

These are the events going on around you all over the course of the next few nights as creatures from Silent Hill begin to battle one another. Participate or ignore them if you will. With luck a large scene should occur over the course of tomorow for anyone wanting to do more than stand on the sidelines. But if you do particpate, what is heard over the sound of the battling monsters is this, the voice of the Goddess Alessa screaming, "DESTROY HER! RUIN HER FOREVER!"

Who: Alessa, Christabella, Johnny_C, Senior_Diablo
When: February 12, 2010
Where: Akira Institute - Courtyard, The Endless Wasteland, The Wastelands

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This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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Akira Institute - Courtyard(#4491R)

A place that hosts eternal darkness. The skies here are never clear. The daylight never shines. Perhaps it's native world was too unstable, or perhaps the building is simply that corrupt. In this desolate courtyard there is no life. Dead trees hang dead barren branches overtop lifeless soil. Pieces of broken glass are scattered here and there from the dozens of windows vandals have come and destroyed. Sometimes storms passby over head, heavy rain and thunder are common. Even still, here in the shadow of the ominus structure it seems like standing in the rain would be better than going inside. The cool air reeks of death and decay. The only mysteries here concern the strange lights that come on inside the building and the shadows that seem to move on their own. No one in their right mind would possibly want to live here ...so what does that say about yourself?

The doors of the old asylum are thrown open by the solid black Pyramid Head that Johnny C. has become. It scans the courtyard with it's piercing red eyes glowing beneath the slits in the front of the helmet and drags it's massive Great Knife into the air with a scream. Monsters from every nightmare imaginable come flooding out of the open doors of the asylum and scattering out into the dense fog which holds itself tightly to Alessa's presence. The girl herself comes out of the doors to stand close to her newly claimed protector as she surveys the destruction her creatures have begun to ensue.

The girl smiles wickedly as she places a hand on Johnny's arm. "So… their little cub scout troop wants to lock the doors to Hell so that I can't have my reunion? We'll just have to make our own Hell here and see if Sister-dear will come out and play…"

Pyramid Heads, Nurses, Split-headed dogs, people wrapped in their own flesh and crawling around huge massive 'things' all of which where once living beings … all of them wielding weapons ranging from old pipes to spears and swords begin attacking anything that moves. Smashing in windows and kicking in doors as they progress like a horrible plague. Hopefully the people of Twisted are prepared…

The Endless Wasteland(#4094R)

You find yourself staring into the horizon of a burning wasteland. However you got here, the path to return from whence you came is gone replaced with more and more of this nothingness. Only rocks and carcasses seem to break up the monotony. The ground and the sky have a reddish tint that seems to stain anything it touches. Even the clouds have this ugly red, like mountains of rusted wool, floating above. Should you attempt to transverse in any direction you may see bits of randomness which float like ghosts just out of your field of vision. Sometimes a massive shadow will pass overhead, a mountain of some kind, which seems poised to fall from the sky destroying everything around you. Sometimes crumbled buildings fade in and out of view and on rare occasion you may be able to explore one or two of them, but your attempts to explore will go unrewarded. Everything here is dead and in ruins. Nothing moves, not even time…

Across the River Styx, Senior Diablo comes with a sense of urgency. His eyes searching for Hell's Alessa in the one place he knows to look for her. In the time since the arrival of this new Alessa he's kept the doors of Hell at bay to prevent the too-early wrath of the Goddess and now it seems that time to free her is at hand. The demon sighs. If only there where still more time…

Alessa paces across the shore of the river, the Oarsmen looking highly uncomfortable as a variable army waits at his waters. Back and forth Alessa walks, looking irate and nigh infuriated. She stops as she sees Diablo, her tiny fists clenching and unclenching. "Is it time? Can I go?" The rage that floats through her voice is something that her shuffling army has had to deal with for too long. The sound of her voice causes them to move uneasily. They don't enjoy hearing their Mistress agitated. "Well, Diablo? Am I -allowed- to go up and take that abomination out yet?"

Senior Diablo's eyes narrow at the tone of her voice, but irritation is to be expected after all. He's hidden many things from her, as well as the rest of the Hell Council and sooner or later he'll likely have to pay for his actions somehow. But until then…

Senior Diablo smiles and bows before the Goddess as the Ferryman pushes the small craft up against the shore. With barely a pause, Diablo steps off the boat to face Alessa directly. "As my own personal way of apologizing… let us go forth in style shall we?" Plucking his well polished walking cane from the air, the demon taps the end of it onto the ground with enough force that a hole is formed… a hole that begins to spread.

In a matter of seconds the hole becomes a line which begins to snake it's way around Alessa and her army of minions until the two ends collide like an ouroborus. The second the circle is complete the lines begin to glow with a deep red light. The ground itself beginning to lift as the gathering fades in and out of view…

Alessa says, "About time." She grins, her eyes vanishing behind her bangs as her teeth transform into needlelike spikes in her mouth. Her army roars as it feels the pleasure flowing from her. Great knives are slammed in the ground in time with the echos of screams and various noises that some of the odder creatures make. Alessa giggles, that high creepy laugh as her standard barbedwire fluid ball gathers under and around her, the razors sliding into her pale skin. Her arms extend out, partly for show, her palms to the sky.

The Wastelands(#870R)

Further out from the center of Twisted street and the wavering stablity lie the Wastelands. Dry and overcast, the Wastelands are a maelstrom of chaos. Sane people won't venture out this far from the axis of the world, due to the unstability equating to suicide. A desert and a dead land, they mirror the Wastelands of Hell, broken trees and expired brush lightly specking the view.

The Wastelands do indeed mirror the Wastelands of Hell, but never more so than now. Razor wire suddenly erupts from the soil, snaking out in every direction as a rarely seen spectacle fades into view. The solid rock and dirt which had begun to rise in Hell begins to shimmer in and out of existence above the ground here and upon it the forms of Diablo, Alessa, and her army. In much the same way as the lost Deimos base hangs impossibly over the endless wastelands of Hell, this chunk of Hell itself hovers over Twisted's Wastelands defying logic itself.

Senior Diablo smiles as Twisted Street seems to fade into view in the distance, replacing the nightmarish landscape they've come from. He knows that soon the same landscape would be recreated here… as per Concordance's desires. He turns and bows again to Alessa, his smile extending beyond what would seem physically possible for the old demon. "Well my dear… after you…"

Alessa giggles, the sound echoing over the space that is Twisted. The land nearly vibrateing as Alessa urges her minions on, her hatered contorting the landscape, the buildings unlucky enough to be on the outer rim of Twisted disolving under Alessa's influence. "DESTROY HER! RUIN HER FOREVER!" Barebed wire beings running over the ground, tangling up and warping as it starts to melt, to only be replaced by new wire.

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