2010-02-16 (PreU) A Struggle For a Seat…

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A Struggle For a Seat…

Summary: While the big LiveJournal breaking scene went on Saturday, across town forces gathered to decide the final fate of Johnny_C at the hands of the Alessa who -didn't- die. However, going on at the same time, the scenes overlap as Valtiel arrives and well… there's a lot of things about this scene I didn't expect from the start or ponder in advance. Especially the ending.

Who: Arctus, Cale_Satanas, Christabella, Devi, Johnny_C, Mr Eff, Valtiel
When: February 16th, 2010
Where: Akira Institute - Courtyard(#4491R)

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Akira Institute - Courtyard(#4491R) A place that hosts eternal darkness. The skies here are never clear. The daylight never shines. Perhaps it's native world was too unstable, or perhaps the building is simply that corrupt. In this desolate courtyard there is no life. Dead trees hang dead barren branches overtop lifeless soil. Pieces of broken glass are scattered here and there from the dozens of windows vandals have come and destroyed. Sometimes storms passby over head, heavy rain and thunder are common. Even still, here in the shadow of the ominus structure it seems like standing in the rain would be better than going inside. The cool air reeks of death and decay. The only mysteries here concern the strange lights that come on inside the building and the shadows that seem to move on their own. No one in their right mind would possibly want to live here ...so what does that say about yourself?

The dense fog hangs heavily over the Defective Meat Institute. Here the Monsters seem to constantly appear, rushing from the doors of the asylum and out onto the streets of Twisted. Beside the doors a pair of Pyramid Heads stand guard with spears, watching and waiting for anything to try to gain entrance. In the distance the battle of the monsters seems to be just beginning. Even from here the sounds of biting and clawing keep getting louder and louder despite the lack of general movement from the battlefield. Strange that there's no general watching over this army...

Devi strides down the street, focused and determined. She's powered up and ready for a fight. Hopefully Cale and Arctus will feel her ki rising over everything else. Garbed in her silver battle armor, she doesn't pay any mind to the cretures as a few turn to attack her. A quick slice with her katana deals with them in a swift manner. Never breaking her stride, she moves closer to the Asylum not close enough in the distance.

Cale_Satanas comes slowly floating down from the sky, wearing his old leather hooded trenchcoat, but instead of all black he's wearing solely white. He looks over at Devi, "You sure you want to do this? There's quite a build up over in the distance. Twisted could get pretty messed up." He glances off over Twisted with his brilliant yellow eyes, "But I'm with you as long as you need me." He glances at the Asylum, "I think Arctus is on his way. I definitely feel a strong Ki." He frowns, "I think Kaldrath is getting stirred up, too."

A lithe white and green form drops down infront of the pair, "Oh yeah, Kal is definitely getting ansy. He's been itching for a fight. I've felt his Ki flare up several times over the past few days. Lets hope he doesn't nuke the town." Arctus gives a smile towards Devi as he falls in step next to her, "We about to kick some ass?"

Devi nods, her step not faultering at all. "Twisted will be fine. Samantha's over there, and she won't be alone, I'm sure." Devi grins impishly. "Thank you both. I don't really trust myself to go in there alone. She caught me twice already and this is not the time to let her do it again." She keeps going. "If he wants a fight, the center of town is where he should head. Yeah. Let's go kick some ass. I'm not letting another friend get taken away." Her steps carry her to the two Pyramid Heads, and that's where she stops. "Let us pass."

Cale_Satanas crosses his arms as they reach the Pyramid Heads, "THey always look impressive at least...and don't worry about us helping you. It's what we're here for." His power level stays steady, no need to start a light show until necessary.

Arctus nods at Devi's statements and then to Cale's assurance of help, "What kind of friends would we be if we let you go into this sort of thing by yourself? I'm sure no matter what this leads to we're more than capable of handling what comes." His tail flexes and slams into the ground menacingly as he glares at the Pyramid heads.

The two Pyramid Heads cross their spears over the doorway, blocking anyone from passing. In unison they turn to stare at Devi, breathing heavily. These things aren't known for their conversational skills, after all. Slowly one turns and inspects the others in Devi's group. It's only response is to raise an arm and point in the distance. From behind them a small gaggle of Nurses begin to pile up, all of them twitching and turning their heads sideways in confusion. The one at the back of the gathering seems to get annoyed and slashes at the one in front of it. Within seconds the entire flock is shoving it's way past the two Pyramid Heads who simply move the spears and let them come flooding past in Devi's face. Don't think about running back inside, they'll have the doorway blocked off again as soon as they can.

Devi grins and places her hand on one another, palms outstreached. As she pulls them apart to the side, a sheet of power is created. Devi turns her hands so that her left is at 12 o'clock, and her right at 6, expanding the sheet. She pushes, and it should envelope the hodre, burning away at those that touch it. Just to be safe, she kicks off the ground and gets some height after she send it.

Cale_Satanas smirks as he watches the nurses burn, "Interesting move, but it lacks the clearing capacity of a good solid blast." He raises his palm towards the group as a light yellow energy pops into existance, letting out a high pitched hum as Cale's internal energy is pumped into it. The ball of power the size of a softball launches into the center of the group and suddenly expands, enveloping the whole area in a sphere of energy that disintegrates all that are inside. "I figured a move that doesn't cause an explosion might be better for city fighting...also don't think I want to bring the factory down."

Arctus's tail knocks the head off of a nurse that stumbled towards the group before Cale's attack. The Icer frowns as the flaming skull disappears into the distance, "I hope they get at least a little tougher..."

As the nurses burn away, leaving charred skeletons and the horrible sent of burning flesh into the air, the Pyramid Heads take their time to strike. Charging out the door way with spears at the ready, one goes forwards while the other leaps - both seemingly blindly attacking until something decides to attack back. At which point they'll 'lock on' to their newest target. The beasts are strong, tough as tanks, but they're slow…

Devi bows slightly at Cale's display of power. "I'll work on making it more effective." She begins to sing... "You take the high road, I'll take the low road...." She drops down and blurs around the ground Pyramid Head to it's back. Whipping her katana back out, she thrusts it towards the upper center of it's back, and if she impales it, she'll pull the sword down, in hopes of slicing it in twain.

Cale_Satanas leaps back a bit, "You can have this one, Arctus. I know you'll feel left out." He closes his eyes as Arctus steps up. Cale's trying to feel for any strong spirits close by, "From what I've been told Johnny should have a relatively powerful spirit. If I can lock on I might be able to just teleport us to his location."

Arctus disappears from the spot he was standing, his image slowly fading out as he appears with a bang of green ki energy, his fist ripping one of the Pyramid heads in half. He turns quickly, one hand under his arm as he unleashes a wave of emerald energy, enveloping the two halves of the pyramid head and wasting it away into nothing. He turns the beam upwards into the sky and detonates it to avoid damaging the area around them. "Tougher...but not tough enough." He looks back towards Cale, "Where's the fun in teleporting straight to this guy? Won't we miss out on the excercise getting to him? Unless he is in immediate danger that is..." He touches down and watches Devi.

Devi's strike hits true and in seconds the blade is exploding out of the creature's chest. However, it reaches up and grabs the blade with a free hand, trying to pull it out of itself before Devi can try to slash further. The other beast suffers the blunt of Arctus's attack and it's headless corpse falls to dust. The first Pyramid Head is currently struggling to prevent Devi from doing more damage, even spinning around trying to smash her into the side of the building. From inside the building a childish giggle can be heard as unseen creatures watch patiently. The nurses still shamble out one after another, but as we've seen they hardly do much to slow the trio…

It's a contest of wills, and the pair is evening out. But Devi cheats. A ball of ki forms in her hands, and she launches it towards it's back. The ball hits, the Pyramid head exploding. Devi follows Johnny's picture and picks up the discarded Great Knife, using it to slaughter the nurses still pouring out of the building. "I tire of playing with nurses. WHERE'S THE MAIN FIGHT?" She leans forward as she screams at the laughter coming from within.

Cale_Satanas frowns, "Devi...you know you're only as strong as you allow yourself to be. These guys are nothing compared to what you can do as long as you focus and use your Ki. Remember your training. Even these 'pyramid heads' should be destroyed without a thought." He sends a burst of light yellow energy through the crowd, thinning it.

Arctus gathers his ki as he suddenly bursts through the nurses and inside the building, surrounded in an orb of emerald ki. He stops inside, surveying what's around him with all of his senses, his aura burning slowly about his form.

The inside of the Asylum is probably exactly what one would expect given the circumstances. It's run down and old. Rust hangs everywhere and debris covers the floors. A few more nurses begin to shamble out of the main hallway behind the remains of the reception desk, but the numbers are definitely dwindling. Expectantly the source of the earlier giggling seems to be nowhere to be found.

As the remaining members of the group make their way inside, heavy shutters slam down around the doors and windows, locking them inside. The lights dim, and in seconds the trio are standing in an endless darkness. The sound of an air raid siren can be heard coming from the roof of the building and as light slowly filters into the room again one can see that the dense fog from outside now surrounds them. What isn't expected is that the scene isn't some nightmarish version of the lobby. Infact it's almost a peaceful scene of a beach with rolling hills in the distance… and a green-tinted sky?

All three of them would instantly recognize this place as Planet Namek, home to the race that created the Dragonballs. Of course, it was also the site of one of the more bloody battles from the history of Cale and Arctus' realm. A large circular spaceship can be noticed off in the distance, however, whats more disconcearning is what is currently infront of the trio after they enter the Asylum. A being who seems to be quite similar to Arctus with a long white tail slams into the ground, causing a small crater to appear behind it. It grins slightly at the group, only to slowly start floating into the air. "Oh? So these are the trouble makers I've been warned about? And.. one of my own warriors even chooses to side with..with... /humans/? Well.. I suppose its better with them then monkies.." Of course, both Cale and Arctus would immediatly recognize their current foe. Prince of the Icer race, the tyrant that held the entire galaxy underneath his thumb... Lord Freeza.

Devi laughs as Arctus blows his way in following him with glee. Once they get inside, Devi doesn't look suprized to hear the shutters slam home, nor that they've been 'trapped' within. The Planet of Namek is beautiful as always, but one eyebrow shoots up as she sees the second Icer. "Hey Arctus, is that like... a deformed cousin of yours or something? YOU... MIGHT... WANNA.... GO... HOME... NOW... LASSIE!" She speaks loudly and with much epahsis, as though she were a stupid american, trying to get someone from another country to understand English. Maybe it doesn't register that it /spoke/ english.

Cale_Satanas blinks and looks over towards Arctus and Devi, "Uh....Thats....interesting. You want him, Arctus?"

Arctus glares at Furiza, his eyes never leaving the Icer, "Oh hell yes I do. This bastard embodies everything I hate most about my kind." His tail whips about in agitation, "I am NOT one of your warriors, and the humans have more honor and power than you ever dreamed of you pompous ass." He doesn't bother to hide his power, though it's not flexed too high at the moment, just enough to cause the dust beneath his feet to slowly slide away from him. "You two go on, Furiza is /MINE!/"

"Oh? The runt thinks he can actually do something? I guess times sure have changed... I'd have had you destroyed. Weaklings and runts are such an eyesore." Freeza seems to scoff at Arctus, before pointing his right hand at him. He extends his left index finger, causing a thin red beam of energy to suddenly launch forward towards Arctus. "Die runt. Its time the true achievement of our race shines once again.. I will bring the galaxy back to where it needs to be. Under my rule."

Devi looks up at Cale. "So, we just leave him and hope little ugly here has nothing up his sleeve?"

As Arctus focus on the challenge at hand the room seems to slowly fall faintly back into focus. Part of the tiled floor seems to be shimmering under the grass like a badly made illusion, and perhaps that's all this is. But one things for certain, they definitely haven't found themselves on another world, no matter how convincing the fog-illusion is. As if to solidify this concept, a single lone light bulb hangs in the distance, lighting up what seems like part of a hallway. Yet, this world is so open and vast without even a wall to touch if one where to reach out for them. A shadow falls briefly over the exposed portion of a hall wall, beckoning the remaining group to continue.

Cale_Satanas nods and looks to Devi, "Well, lets get going. I don't think we have a choice now...though Arctus will be fine. Furiza was frightening back in the day, but Arctus outclasses him." He looks at the room, "We're here because of you, pick the way."

However, as Cale speaks, and the hallway appears, a child in a black jacket wearing a white mask suddenly appears. It lowers the mask from its face only enough to reveal its forehead, where a purple crystal in its forehead can easily be seen. A rather demonic laugh comes from the child as it takes off into the fog, as if it were beckoning Cale. From within the fog, screams can be heard, and in the direction the child ran off to, the temperture drastically drops. "What's the matter? You surprised to see me?" The voice of a small child echoes out from within the fog. "Come on, 'Big Brother'. Or else I'll be free. I mean, that is why our father created us right? To destroy."

Devi shrugs, and walks towards the hallway, her hands in her pocket, a worried glance thrown over her shoulder towards Arctus. "If you say so Cale." She keeps moving forwards though, stopping as the little boy appears and runs off. "What's that all about?" She looks over to Cale for the answer.

Cale_Satanas is paler than usual, "I...I think that was me as a child....I don't remember that." He frowns, "I...I have to go study that child. If the evil that was pulled out of me gets loose then shit has just hit the fan." He looks to Devi, "If you need me....call for me. I'll blast through hell if need be to get to you." He pulls her into a hug, "You're strong enough to take anything they throw at you. Arctus and I will be with you always if you need us, though. Remember that." He runs off down the hallway after the voice. ~~Don't forget telepathy. I'll be in contact with you, don't worry.~~

Once again, Devi is alone. As she reaches the hallway the fog vanishes leaving her standing in a long solid corridor with cells along one side of the walls. Each cell has a single bed and some rusted lab equipment, not that such a thing should be surprising here. Nurses stand quietly in each locked cell, twitching only as Devi looks in on them. At the farthest end of the hall what seems like Valtiel stands, scalpel in hand, cutting the legs off of a screaming mannequin creature. Blood pools at it's feet as the beast bleeds from each cut and scrape. Valtiel stops as Devi approaches and turns it's head towards her… only, that's not Valtiel… Johnny grins, "HI DEVI!! Like my new art exhibit? These things are more fun than -any- sculpture I tried to make outta papier-mâché."

Devi reaches towards Cale. "That's not real, Cale! That's how she got me before, I promise!" She mutters as he runs off. "Telepathy. Heh." She continues on however, stopping as Johnny speaks. Her sword comes out, glinting in the mere light the Asylum gives to it's hallways... "Where is she?" Simple questions demand simple answers.

~~Calm down, I'll try to keep her out of your head. I'm a little distracted though, but maybe she'll get too distracted with all of us. Just focus, and listen to the white noise I put in your head.~~ Cale's voice sounds calm in her head.

The clockwork beasts are literally trying to climb atop her, their blades reaching out for purchase in her soft flesh, all of them chanting 'Mother'. The Johnny-beast simply cackles, both eyes now blank spirals as the colors begin to wash out of him. "Oh, this is great. This is WONDERFUL… and to think for so many years I rejected our dear creator's ideas but this one IS a doozy! Come in with an army… TAKE what we want. Brains and reality for all." It leans towards Devi and smiles with a set of razor teeth of his own. "It's all the same thing, after all. You, Me, D-Boy and Sickness.. We're all just fragments of a warped imagination and it's time for all of us to finally go home..."

Devi floats to the celing, her back against the roof. ~Yeah, well, that won't help manifestations.~ She growls under her breath. Powering up, she recreates the sheet she used on the nurses and chooses a diffrent path. The power will effectivly run through 100% of the enemy, burning it along the way. She pushes it onto the mass below her, not caring anymore, just wanting the creatures away from her.

Cale_Satanas sends into Devi's mind again ~~Speak to him, and manafestations won't be able to hurt you if you don't let them. No blade exists that is sharp enough to cut you. No bullet can harm you.~~

In a blinding flash the illusions come tumbling down. The bodies melt and the beast screams. For a brief moment all three - Devi, Arctus, and Cale - are standing together in the center of the lobby, each with their backs to each other, as the demons they confront stand opposite them. The Johnny-beast is the only one standing and blocking the hallway. As he stands, lumps of flesh fall from his plastine body giving him a morbid, zombie-esque appearance. It screams as the illusion shatters for the briefest of moments and then as quickly as it vanished, the illusions come washing back like a tidal wave. Once more the trio stands in separate rooms with separate foes. The Johnny-no… the Eff-Beast screams as a Sickness-like blade rips from the meaty flesh of his arm. "Always have to have that last trick up your sleeve, don't you? Can't just sit back and FUCKING LET US TAKE WHAT WE NEED!! That's the problem with little sluts like you, BITCHES JUST NEED TO BE SMACKED LIKE THE HO'S THEY ARE!" The creature comes running towards her, it's bladed-arm cutting through the walls and bars around them as it looks to burry it into Devi's chest.

Devi bears her teeth, her hands weaving as she builds her power back up, balls start to appear, splitting and rotating on each palm. One hand throws out, the balls flying towards the beast with crazy speed. The walls on their air path begin charing, the tile cracking from heat, Devi's hair fluttering under her armor. Before the Beast has a chance to react, she flings the rest of it, her second hand already retracting and re fueling.

Cale_Satanas smirks and then sends the thought into Devi's head, ~~I wonder what happens if all three of us unleash our Ki as if we'd meld our power with eachother, one giant explosion of energy?~~

Arctus looks up from the battered form of Furiza, ~~Hmmm....want to try it?~~

The funny thing about illusions - particularly strong illusions - is the effect they have on time. As the trio ponder their options the ground lurches beneath each of them. The Eff-beast falls to the floor as Devi's attack plows through him unblocked. It only takes moments before the zombie-like clockwork beast is reduced to a pile of bloody meat. A chunk of the creature's body is thrown to the side once Devi inevitably halts her attack revealing the too familiar tiny-form of the styrofoam Mr Eff, his limbs crushed and mangled. "That… that explosion… that wasn't from you…?" The abused pastry stand collapses on the floor as the illusion shimmers somewhat again. The skies over Twisted appear to be burning red with flame. How long have they been in this illusion?? What's happening outside??

~I say we try. worse we do is blast this place of the fucking map.~ She eyes the mangled form of Eff. She starts building her power for their 'Delta Attack', her body glowing neatly as she builds it. ~Where shall we aim? Every Direction?~

Cale_Satanas nods and begins to build his power, reaching for where he feels Devi and trying to add his power to hers. ~~Do you feel Johnny anywhere? I don't want to blast him when we do this...~~

Arctus closes his eyes and begins to add his own emerald green power to the other two companions. ~~I'll release as soon as you do, Dev.~~

~He's here somewhere, but I'm sure he'll be fine.~ She continues building. finally letting her massive power go only after it threatens her ability to stand. To hell with the walls and the building and even their lives inside it. Her agenda is almost clear. Johnny is the last on her list of crap to fix before she's done, and she won't just let it go. To much has she dealt with for this to go unfinished. "It ends now." She lets it go, bracing herself against Arctus and Cale's back as she's pushed backwards from the recoil.

Cale_Satanas releases his own power outwards from him, turning the combined ki of all three into a swiftly growing orb of power rapidly expanding outwards.

In the resulting light show the illusion shatters. In each instance the world seems to be ripped apart violently leaving only the remaining structure of the Asylum behind in it's wake. Of course, the blast does it's intended job on the building as well. Windows explode, the desk is turned to ash, doors are ripped from their hinges. Luckily the building seems somehow well made or it'd be caving in on them. From above on a second floor balcony, the form of Alessa giggles profusely. "WONDERFUL!! Wonderful!! Even better than Caliga predicted!! And from the look of the sky, you three stayed out of the way in time for everything to come together PERFECTLY!" Wait… Alessa doesn't talk like that? Beside her stands Johnny in his newly acquired black Pyramid Head form. The difference this time is the Zealion symbol for 'Slave' is now burning atop the red slit in the helmet where the glow from his eyes ebb out, someone is certainly opening old wounds. As some may finally look around through the blasted holes in the building, the skies are like they briefly appeared moments before, scorched and burning with fire. The ground lurches again as the side of the building cracks open. "Well, well… THAT certainly wasn't part of the plan..."

Without fail, Devi starts re-building her power. Layering it on and compress makes for a bigger boom. "Release Johnny to me." Her eyes start glowing on the rims as she draws further on her Mazuko powers. She'll compound and blow and destroy Twisted if she has to to finish her task. "Release him to me, /NOW/."

Cale_Satanas seems to hum with gathering power, "I'd do as she says. Anything she doesn't do to you I certainly will." He crosses his arms as he eyes Alessa dangerously.

Arctus clenches his fist, emerald energy gathering rapidly in the closed palm, "And anything Cale doesn't do I won't hesitate to finish." The green eyes narrow, his power raising slowly as he gathers energy.

'Alessa' begins to laugh deeply, a scary sound coming from such a young looking girl. "Release him? Hah! Do you really think it's that simple? Do you even care what's going on around us? Your precious Twisted Street is being DESTROYED outside and all you can think about is your ~dear wittle Johnny~." The tone of her last words filled with spiteful mockery. She looks at Johnny smacks him in the arm. "Yes, well. Go to it! Give them what they want, my butcher. Show them the error of their ways." Johnny lifts the Great Knife into the air and smashes his way over the balchony, coming to a crash just before the trio. The fall cracks the remaining tile into a small crater around him. He marches up to Devi directly, looking down at her beneath his massive helmet. "Well, Johnny. Do you want to go back to your horrible little life of confusion and lawfulness, or stay on as my obeidiant servant for all eternity and SLAUGHTER those that stand in my way?" Johnny lifts his Great Knife up and tries to bring it down over Devi's throat stopping just inches from the killing blow. "Well... looks like he's made his choice."

Devi bares her teeth. "Then I'll destroy the both of you." With a pained scream, she flings her energy at his chest, the levels burning her hand, and shoving her into the floor. If she's not careful, she'll blast whatever earth Twisted is on, and destroy everything. Her armor begins to warp slightly, not protected by any magic or enchantment, the edges turning black, then fading into a hot red. She's got the power to destroy, and the will to use it.

Cale_Satanas watches Devi, "Careful with what power you use and how much you use. It can cause more harm than good if you aren't careful." He flicks his eyes towards Alessa and then to Arctus, to make sure the Icer is watching. His eyes finally come back to rest on Devi.

Arctus keeps careful watch on Alessa, his power continuing to pour into his hand. Sparks of electricity begin to arc about his form, the emerald ki covering his fist beginning to crackle and jump. "GIve me a reason....come on."

Johnny is knocked backwards. Somehow he manages to remain standing, but his chest has been torn open. Instead of blood and gore, however, the maniac's normal clothing is revealed beneath the blackness. Alessa seems to strain as that blackness reknits itself around Johnny, and once the damage is repaired her smile returns. "A good try, but you'll only kill him at this rate. Still, if you want a dead playmate so badly I'm sure we can dig one up for you…" As if summoned by her words, a shadow falls over the doorway, cast by the destruction over Twisted. There before the group stands the real Valtiel. The rags he wears covered in blood. He steps forwards with a different air about him. A powerful aura hangs tightly to the creature reminiscent of that of the members of the Hell Council. He 'eyes' the crowd with a look of indifference before pushing his way past the trio to bow beneath the shadow of Alessa. "My Goddessssssssss… I have sssslaaaain the ssssissster…" Valtiel's voice is noticeably full of sorrow. Mud and blood seem encased around his hands as if he'd recently been digging. "...I have brought with me your prizzzze…." Alessa smiles happily, leaping over the top of the balcony to land silently before her servant, the rest of the gathering blatantly ignored for the moment. She puts a hand under Valtiel's chin, lifting his mangled face to greet her. "Excellent, Valtiel… I didn't think you could actually do it!" The girl plucks a dagger from behind her back and holds it in the air above her. "Now to fulfill your destiny..."

Devi looks at Johnny, then to the Sister.. Wait, isn't that Alessa's pet servent? What's he doing.... wait, slain the sister? Oh no. Realization floods over Devi as she watches the Sister lift the dagger. "STOP HER!" Devi cries out, relizing what's about to take place. She lunges herself towards the pair, leaving Johnny in the background, her fists filled with rage and sorrow and every emotion Devi's had to go through in this whole ordeal. She understands the transfer of power, having dealt with Alessa before, and no matter what, does not want someone like the Sister on the Council. Her fist strikes out towards the girls head, with the same power she unleashed on Johnny.

Cale_Satanas curses and lets out a small blast towards the two, hoping it's enough.

Arctus blurs to the side as his fist goes above his head, two fingers pointing skyward as all of the energy he gathered suddenly becomes a massive emerald green sphere of condensed energy. He brings both fingers to bear towards the new comer and Alessa the ball shrinking as it compresses to the size of a large beachball and begins to spin, "NOVA MAKANKOSAPPO!" THe ball suddenly rockets foward, spinning so rapidly that a drill like energy frill grows off the front end as the entire thing is driven by a spiral blast of energy. "GET OUT OF THE WAY DEVI! THIS ENDS HERE!"

As Devi's attack hits the girl's head is literally blown apart. A chunk of brain matter flies back as blood sprays out against the wall behind her. Wait… that shouldn't have done that? Valtiel reacts by leaping to his feet to shove the girl out of the way as Arctus's attack obliterates the lower half of his body. The servant hits the floor and rolls towards Johnny's feet pitifully. Screaming at the top of her lungs in anger, not pain, Alessa's form seems to change. Her clothes seem to bleach themselves fading into a childish white dress. Her hair becomes thin and hangs off her head in thin strips. The wound recedes back into what seems to be a head wound from a gun. Even her face seems to shift… this is NOT Alessa. The girl crawls forwards towards Valtiel, frantically trying to lunge at him with her dagger. "I HAVE TO MAKE THE KILLING BLOW, GET AWAAAAAY!!!!" Valtiel drags his head up towards the sound of Alessa's new voice. "C-Christabella?!?!?" Even behind his mask of flesh, one can hear the emotions in his voice. Rage and Terror mixed into a horrible mournful tone made worse by his escaping life. "N-NO!!! NOOO!!!" He digs at the floor with his claw-like hands trying to distance himself from the crazed girl. "YOU ARE NOT MY GODESSSSS!!!" The girl cackles gleefully, eyes wide, as she nears him with her dagger. "OF COURSE NOT!!! HAHAHAHAH!!! That fucking BITCH would never have been this cleaver!!!" Valtiel's life is spreading across the floor and Christabella is seconds away. Now would be the time to stop her if it's going to happen...

Devi blurs and pins the girl down, coating her hand in power and slamming it into her head, in attempts to literally slice Christabells' brain in half. If she doesn't have some freaky dodge power, Devi will grab a fist full of brain and pull.

Cale_Satanas turns to Johnny, "What are you going to do? Devi came here to save you. How will you repay her?" His arms cross, the white leather creaking every so slightly, seems he hasn't worked it in as well as his old coat.

Johnny watches silently as Devi grabs Christabella's head, jamming her fingers into the wound. The girl screams in rage and pain. Christabella tries to slash at Devi's arm with the dagger in her hand as it's blown away by Arctus. It's in that moment, that brief moment, that Valtiel is killed but not by Arctus's blow… But by the man who was standing overtop him first! The maniac's Great Knife comes down into Valtiel's back with a crunch. With another sickening crunch the blade is turned, finishing the job. Christabella screams a deafening roar of rage as the maniac's form shifts. The helmet falls to pieces around him, the darkness absorbing into his clothes, reshaping into a black coat overtop his usual garb. His body seems to become younger as he reclaims the years lost to him by watching over Chronos and even the age in his eyes seems to fade. Johnny's body becomes solid again. Alive. He throws his head back and begins to cackle, yanking the Great Knife out of the floor and swinging it casually as he comes to Devi's side. Knealing down, the maniac grabs at Christabella's neck, and assuming Devi lets him, lifts her up into the air. "What was that about being a mindless slave…?"

Christabella's eyes narrow as she spits on her former pawn. "FUCK YOU!" Johnny simply grins back, "That's my line…" Swinging the blood dripping blade around he goes to cut off her head, but his eyes narrow as the girl simply fades into dust. The sound of her laughing can be heard echoing out of the shadows. "SHIT!" Johnny looks around in confusion, realizing that he's not standing over Devi after all, but rather a foot or so over. Looks like she still had some power left in her after all… The skies outside seem to fade revealing a multitude of stars and planets hanging overhead. It's as if the very atmosphere of Twisted is slowly ebbing away. The sudden shift draws Johnny's attention for a moment before he looks back at Devi and smiles. "I kinda feel like hugging you." He backs away though, nervously. "...kinda." It takes him a moment before he breaks his stare at his friend and takes a look at the group around him. "Um… hi! Who're you guys?"

Devi asks, "Well considering that I know about how you feel about physical contact, I'm going to blatently ignore you. I've suffered for your ass." She grins impishly, her armor faded and gone. She blurs, hugging his shoulders before blurring back to her former position. "At least it was brief! These are the two that came to help me stay sane. Cale Satanas and Arctus...well, I don't suppose he has a last name. Gentlemen, meet Johnny C, residant Maniac and NEWEST SEAT ON THE HELL COUNCIL!" She seems overly happy that he's there. Maybe it's because she has something to stay topside for?

Cale_Satanas bows his head slightly, "I knew you'd make a good decision, though I'm still not sure what the Hell Council plans...though the mention of my father doesn't make me overly pleased." He smiles at Devi and then nods to Arctus and Johnny, "And that is why I have to go and find some things out. It's a pleasure meeting you, and don't hesitate to call for me, Devi." Cale_Satanas turns and fades from sight with a wave over his shoulder.

Arctus raises an eyebrow and then grins, "Yeah, no last name. We generally don't need them where I'm from." His tail seems to twitch slightly, showing a bit of discomfort with being in a new situation, "I think I'm going to head back to the gravity chamber. Let you two talk and all that." He smiles at Devi, "Catch up and all that jazz. You know how to reach me." He lifts off the ground and looks back at Twisted, "Well damn, Twisted is busted up...I hope the chamber still stands." He flies off to find out.

Devi settles back on the ground and gets comfortable. "Eh, don't worry about them, it's just how they are. As far as Twisted goes well. Chris here was the second half of the set. Alessa is off on Twisted, fighting against Concordence for control of her troops. Connie's trying to look like Jesus, and I'm guessing that Diablo and Alessa put their plans in to stop her."

Johnny blinks as he takes all of it in. The names seem to have faces simply at the uttering of them. Weird. "Well, I guess that means I should go meet my new co-workers, eh?" He grins but that grin only lasts a second. "Know what I'd rather do? Burritos. Right now. Wanna go see if there's enough of the UR left to get some?" Of course he doesn't -know- anything's happened to the UR. He just expects it. This is Twisted after all. "I don't feel like I've eaten in weeks…"

Devi says, "Hell yes. I need to eat, or your going to be carring me home." She hops up and heads out the building, whistling a happy tune on her way.

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